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One of the biggest problems at this hugeenvironmental summit here in Rio de Janeiro has been accommodation. Now luckily a few hotels and hotels like S and C have pitched in to help.里约热内卢大型国际环境峰会期间出现的一个最大的问题就是住宿。现在,好在几家诸如S和C这样的酒店和汽车旅馆也贡献了自己的一份力量。Now the entrance is a little unusually herethats because each apartment has its own garage slot basically because most ofthe clients here dont want their cars to be seen from the street.现在各酒店的入口还是有些异常,因为每套房间都要有独立的停车位。这主要是因为大多数客人都不愿意别人从大街上看到他们的车。Most of clients for this room usually payby the hour, you can see why, there are these mirrors on the ceiling, rightover here you have own private heated pool, just around the corner, there is anarea for pole dancing. But these days a good thirds ofthe clients in this hotel or motel are actually attending the Rio+20 environmental summit and thats because most of the city hotels are eitheroverbooked or overcharging. Now for the people staying they are getting a goodprice even a derate. And thats because the owners see a segment that has anopportunity for growth.大部分客户通常按小时付这种房间的房费,你能明白这是为什么...天花板上镶着几面镜子,下面正对着你正在享受的热气腾腾的私人泳池,房间一角是跳钢管舞的地方。这几天以来,近三分之一本分的酒店及汽车旅馆的客人确实参加了“里约+20”峰会,这也是由于里约市大部分酒店要么客满,要么开出了天价。不过,现在这些想要住宿的人发现房间价格还不错,甚至还有折扣。这是因为酒店老板们发现,将房间隔成数间这一模式极具市场潜力。With the world cup and the Olympicsattendance will be for people to use these quick turnover hotels even more. 对于将要观看世界杯和奥林匹克观众来说,会有更多人成为这种能够快速创造营业额的酒店的客人。You know likely to find one of the Rio +20 delegates in these dramatic rooms , like thisone, the evil room. But you could not end up staying right next door.你很可能会在这些戏剧性的房间里看到某位“里约+20”峰会的代表,就象这一间,一间邪恶屋子。但是你可能无法一直呆在隔壁房间。201210/205377

And finally Campbell announces his results.最后坎贝尔宣布他的结果。He said Einstein is wrong and Lick Observatory says Einstein was wrong.他称爱因斯坦的结论错误而且里克天文台也称爱因斯坦的理论是错误的。But the session takes a dramatic turn with the ring of a cable from Eddington.但随着爱丁顿的研究发生了戏剧性的大转折。His preliminary findings show just the opposite.他的初步研究结果显示正好相反。The British was going to say Einstein is right.英国正准备公布爱因斯坦是正确的。Eddington still had more calculations to do and they wouldnt be y for a couple of months.艾丁顿仍有更多的计算要做,他们也不准备好几个月的时间。Here we have the special meeting of Royal Astronomical Society,这里我们有专门的皇家天文协会会议,everyone was watching, Campbell says Einstein is wrong,每个人都在关注,坎贝尔表示爱因斯坦是错误的,the British say, we dont know yet, but it looks like it might be right.英国人称,我们还不知道,但看起来可能是正确的。They just delivered a death ball to Einstein.他们只是针对爱因斯坦发表了最后通告。Campbell started to really get nervous sitting in that room.坎贝尔坐在房间里开始真正感到紧张。Campbell sends an urgent message to his colleague back to America who were about to release their negative report on the eclipse photos.坎贝尔发送紧急消息给他回到美国即将发布关于他们日食照片负面报告的同事。It was a stop cable of five words, delay publishing Einstein results, Campbell.这是用五个单词组成的一条信息,延迟公布爱因斯坦的结果,坎贝尔。注:听力文本来源于普特 201205/184373Obituary;David Kato;讣告;大卫·卡多;David Kato Kisule, a gay campaigner in Uganda, died on January 26th, aged 46. 乌干达同性恋者大卫·卡多1月26日被害,现年46岁。To the 935 pupils at St Herman Nkoni primary school, on the Masaka-Mbarara road, the slight, bookish-looking, soft-voiced man with the thick-lensed glasses was a pretty good head teacher. But to Ugandas tabloid magazines, such as Red Pepper and Rolling Stone, he was a monster: a “bum-driller”, ever seeking “shaftmates” for “romping sessions”. To the sponsors of Ugandas anti-homosexuality bill of , which required witnesses to report homosexual activity within 24 hours, and which proposed the death sentence for repeat offending, he was a deviant and a corrupter of innocent boys. In the sermons of the evangelical Christian pastors who toured round Ugandas towns, he was a dog, a pig, possessed by devils. Even the Anglican priest who conducted his funeral broke off to shout that he was worse than a beast, because animals at least knew the difference between a male and a female.圣赫尔曼尼日尔小学位于马萨卡-马巴拉路上,对于这里的935名小学生来说,这个身体瘦小,书生气十足,和声细气,并戴着一副厚厚眼镜的人曾是一名非常非常好的老师。但是对于像红辣椒和滚石这样的乌干达小报杂志来说,他就是一个怪物:一个为了消遣一直在寻找姘头的同性恋。年通过的乌干达反同性恋法案,要求目击者必须在24小时内报告自己所看到的同性恋行为,此法案还建议对屡教不改者实行死刑。对该法案的持者来说,他藐视法案而且还会教坏孩子们。福音派基督教牧师在乌干达各地的巡讲中称他是魔鬼的走。甚至为他主持葬礼的英国圣公会牧师也称他还不如一个畜生,畜生至少还能分清楚公母。David Kato was one of a group so tiny, hated and hounded—indeed, illegal—that most Ugandans had never knowingly met one. Gays like him called themselves kuchus, meaning “same”, as in “same-sex”. He was not the same in any way ordinary Ugandans cared to recognise.大卫·卡多所属的组织很小,且招人厌恶,有不断的麻烦,事实上,它还是非法的。因此,大多数乌干达人刻意的躲开它。像他那样的人都自称“kuchus”,意思是“相同”,因为他们都有相同的性别。他和普通乌干达人一点都不一样。His neighbours in Nansana and Mukono, the districts near Kampala where he lived at various times, admitted that he could be generous and kind. He paid for electricity wires to be put up locally, settled peoples hospital bills, took drifters in when they were homeless. But this, they told the tabloids, was because he was “filthy loaded” with foreign dime, most of it donated to him for sping a Western evil in Uganda, and a lot of the money was used as bribes for sexual favours. It was dangerous to get too close to him, because of his love for bums. His cleaning woman (who observed which young men came and went, and who stayed the night) noticed that he was tired on the day he was killed, and put it down to AIDS. A doctor took the false story on: Mr Kato was HIV-positive, and sping it around, despite the governments campaign to keep AIDS in check. An ex-homosexual called Paul Kagaba claimed that he had been irreparably seduced into evil in Mr Katos white house with the columns along Villa Road, after a couple of Guinnesses and a takeaway meal. He implied he was one of many.大卫·卡多曾于不同时期在坎帕拉附近的南萨那和木叩诺居住过,那里的邻居承认他非常友好,大方。他为架设当地的电线付款,解决人们的医疗费用,为无家可归的流浪者提供住宿。但是,他们告诉小报,他做的所有这些都是因为他有很多外资,而其中大部分捐给他是让其在乌干达宣扬西方的邪恶文化,还有很多被他用来当做性取乐的资本。跟他走的太近非常危险,因为他对屁股又特殊的喜爱。他的女清洁工(负责观察记录哪个年轻男子来了,哪个走了,哪个留下过夜了)注意到被杀害那天,他很疲惫,她把这归咎于艾滋病。一位医生继续了这个错误的故事:卡多先生是HIV病毒携带者,并且还到处传播,置政府的控制艾滋病政策于不顾。一位叫保罗·卡嘎巴的前同性恋者声称,在卡多先生别墅路旁带有大圆柱的“白宫”里,他喝了几杯啤酒,吃了外卖,之后就被引诱做了无法弥补的邪恶事情。他暗示他只是众多被引诱者之一。In Mr Katos mind there were only two ways to deal with being gay in Uganda. The first was to hide, to seek the dark. This was how he had first encountered the gay scene in Kampala in the late 1990s, after hearing rumours of a night party in some gardens outside the city and deciding he had to gatecrash. The party hosts, suspicious of his eagerness, gave him the wrong address; they did not want him to find this secret, illegal gathering among the trees. When he gave interviews to Western media it was often in dark alleys or deserted bars, face shadowy and close to the camera, or on some red-dirt road out of town, while he kept nervously walking.在卡多先生看来,在乌干达作为一名同性恋,你只可能有两种生活。第一种生活就是躲藏,去寻找黑暗。他听到了一些关于在城外的花园里举行深夜聚会的传言,并且决定一定要去,就这样他于19世纪90年代末在坎帕拉第一次见到了同性恋场景。然而,聚会的组织者对他的如此主动和渴望产生了怀疑,给了他一个错误的地址,他们不希望他找到这个秘密——暗中进行了非法集会。他在接受西方媒体采访时总是喜欢选在黑暗的街道或人烟稀少的酒吧,坐的离摄影机很近并且把脸部遮起来,再或者选在城外的土路上,他一边紧张的踱着步子,一边接受采访。The second way of being gay, however, was to be out and proud. This was what he preferred, despite the risks. In 1998, just back from a few years of teaching in South Africa—where he had seen apartheid fall, and the old anti-sodomy laws with it, and had decided at last to admit his homosexuality—he held a televised press conference to start the push for gay rights in his own country. The police beat him up afterwards, the first of several beatings (he would show the scars on his head, where bottles had been broken on him), and arrested him, the first of three arrests. Not deterred, in 2004 he co-founded Sexual Minorities Uganda to campaign against the anti-homosexuality bill and general prejudice. He was the groups litigation officer, partly because he knew his way round the mazes of the law, but mostly because he was loud, impatient, demanding, angry (too much so, when the beer got to him), and didnt care that his face was now “Gay Uganda” for the tabloids.作为同性恋的第二种生活方式就是骄傲的走出去。尽管这样做有危险,但卡多先生更喜欢这种生活方式。他在南非教了几年书,在那里他看到了种族隔离制度和陈腐的反同性恋法的消亡,并且最后决定承认自己的同性恋身份,因此,1998年,他刚从南非回来就举行了电视新闻发布会,开始在自己的祖国争取同性恋的权利。随后他就遭到了警察的毒打,这只是第一次(他头上还留着被瓶子砸过后的伤疤),而且被捕了,也是他三次被捕中的第一次。他并没有被吓倒,2004年他联合建立了乌干达性少数派组织来对抗反同性恋法案和大众的偏见。他是这个组织的诉讼官,一部分是因为他了解法律,能够在其中游刃有余,但大部分是因为他很喜欢表达自己,没有耐心,要求很高,容易发怒(喝了啤酒之后更是如此),而且对小报上说他是“乌干达同性恋先生”也毫不在意了。When, last October, Rolling Stone ran a front-page article on “homos” recruiting in the schools, promising to expose 100 of them and calling for them to be hanged, Mr Kato was one of three who sued the magazine. He was the only one who went to court to state his case that homosexuals were born, not made, and therefore could not be recruited. He had known he was different as a child growing up in Nakawala, his ancestral village; his twin brother, John, had noticed it too, and simply laughed when, after years, he came out to him.去年10月份,滚石杂志发表了一篇头版头条文章,细数了在学校中的同性恋者,希望曝光其中的100人并呼吁把他们处以绞刑,有3个人起诉了这家杂志社,卡多先生就是其中之一。卡多先生是唯一一个到法庭陈述案情的人,他称同性恋也是人生出来的并不是造出来的,因此也不能被雇佣。他知道作为一名在他故乡那卡瓦拉村长大的孩子,他是与众不同的;他的双胞胎哥哥,约翰也注意到了这点,几年之后,他们再次见面时,他会心的笑了。The new year looked propitious. On January 3rd a judge ruled against Rolling Stone; Mr Kato received compensation of 1.5m Ugandan shillings, or 0. It was not much, but it was the principle that mattered. Meanwhile, debate was suspended on the anti-homosexuality bill, partly as a result of world pressure that he had helped to stir.新的一年看起来运气还不错。1月3号法官判滚石杂志败诉;卡多先生收到了150万乌干达先令的赔偿,约合640美元。数目并不大,但重要的是这个结果。期间,关于反同性恋法案的争论一直没有停止,部分是他所引起的外部世界施压的结果。Young men continued to mill around his house. One of them was a thief well known in the area: a rough part of town, with 15 iron-bar attacks in two months. Police assumed that when Mr Kato was bludgeoned to death with a hammer, on the afternoon of January 26th, he was just another victim in the series. Gay groups blamed the tabloids for incitement. Neighbours, hanging about, noticed with surprise that his blood on the walls looked much the same as theirs.年轻人继续在他家周围聚集。其中一个是这个地区出名的小偷,这是城中很不平静的一个区域,在两个月内发生了15起铁棒袭击事件。警察推断1月26日下午,卡多先生被用短棒袭击致死事件就是这一系列事件之一。同性恋组织责备那些小报在其中进行了煽动。闲逛的邻居们吃惊的发现墙上卡多先生的鲜血依然清晰可见,就像他们自己的一样。 /201301/220038

Three-one, do you still feel like you guys are the underdogs?3比1,你觉得你们还会遇到上次的事情吗?No, were in the drivers seat right now, and, you know, we just have to come out, y to play next game, and, you know, try to put it away.不会的,我们现在非常安全,你知道,我们跃跃欲试,为下一场比赛准备充分,你知道,我们尝试把它忘记。Before game five, the celebration had aly begun.在第5节比赛前,庆典已经开始了。I said, come on. Baby, dont you want to go, back to the same old place, sweet home Chicago.我说,来吧。宝贝,难道你不想去那里吗?回到老地方,回到甜蜜的家芝加哥。Can I ask you, how big does that look on IMAX? Does that look like a gigantic bucket of popcorn on an IMAX screen? Its a whole mountain of it, folks.我能问你,这么大用IMAX看会是什么效果?这看起来是不是像在IMAX影院巨大桶的那种爆米花?好像整个山多呢,伙计们。Come on, man. Everything on court is all for the heart and lay it out on the basketball court. When we come out of the court, were all celebrating, and Joes going to be happy.来吧,伙计。在篮球场的一切都是为了让自己无怨无悔。当我们走出场,我们开始了庆祝活动,并且乔丹肯定非常开心。Lets go, baby!我们走吧,宝贝!Before there was anything to really celebrate, Karl Malone and the Jazz found an answer to every move the Bulls made.在真正的庆祝开始前,卡尔bull;马龙和爵士队找到公牛队的每一个动作的。In game five, the Bulls came up empty, and Michael walked out of the ed Center for the last time.在第五节,公牛队斗争昂扬,迈克尔最后一次走进了场地。Back in Utah for practice the following day, the defeat was aly forgotten, for here was another secret to the spell Michael had held over the rest of the league ever since his first championship. Even when the Bulls werent superior physically, they had a philosophical edge.在犹他州练习回来的第二天, 已经忘记了那次失败,因为这里是迈克尔自从他第一个总冠军以来的秘密之地。即使当牛队身体状态欠佳时,他们仍有精神上的寄托。I think Phil had a lot to do with that, with his Zen practice, his whole emotional approach to a game of basketball.Ive experienced a lot of different coaches, but he gave me the understanding about life in a whole different frame.I think his teaching toward the understanding of Zen Buddhism is how you view yourself to deal with the realities of life surrounding you, and somehow be able to correlate that to a simple game as basketball.我觉得菲尔应该有很多事情要做,与他的心态有关,他对篮球比赛的个人情感。我已经经历了很多不同的教练,但他给我的是在一个完全不同框架的生活的理解。我认为他对佛教的理解是如何看待自己去处理你周围现实的生活,而且不知何故就能够将一种简单的游戏比如篮球同生命联系起来。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170450Obituary;Garret FitzGerald;讣告;加勒特·菲茨傑拉德;Garret FitzGerald, statesman, philosopher, journalist and lover of numbers, died on May 19th, aged 85;政治家,哲学家,记者,大众情人,于5月19日逝世,享年85岁; If you had the good fortune to sit next to Garret FitzGerald at dinner—wrapped round by his natural warmth and curiosity, as well as numbed by the sheer volume of Dublin-tinctured words that tumbled out of him—you might learn many dozens of mind-bogglingly arcane facts. The quickest way to fly from Reykjavik to Vilnius in 1960, a skill he had honed in his first proper job as an analyst for Aer Lingus; the route of the now-defunct railway from Farranfore to Reenard via Cahersiveen, the fruit of his love of all train timetables; the relative popularity over time of his own Fine Gael party and the rival Fianna Fail in county councils the length and bth of Ireland, derived from an obsession with opinion polls so immense that journalists were cautioned not to mention them; and the precise geographical pattern of the decline in the use of Irish between 1770 and 1870, compiled from old census volumes which he would prop on the car dashboard when being driven, on constituency visits, from place to place.如果你有幸在晚餐时坐在Garret FitzGerald旁边——置身于他天生的热情与好奇中,谈定地听着他都柏林味十足的口音在那里滔滔不绝——你也许能得知很多神秘的事实,开阔了眼界。60年代从Reykjavik飞到Vilnius最快的途径;他首次在一份体面的工作中(爱尔兰航空公司的一名分析员)习得的技能;那条已经不存在的铁路——通过Cahersiveen从Farranfore到Reenard;他最喜欢的列车时刻表;共和党对那段出风头的时光和统一党称霸爱尔兰各乡镇委的时候,民意调查里那些说不清道不明的事,有些就是记者也小心地不去提及;以及根据他拜访各选区时,从各地收集到的旧的人口普查宗卷中所得出的1770到1870间爱尔兰语的使用率,下降趋势,在地图板块上的精确表现。What modesty would restrain him from telling you—even in the 674 small-print pages of his autobiography—was the precise route by which Ireland, while he was cheerfully inhabiting the corridors of the Seanad and the Dail, moved away from sterile, irredentist sectarianism to become a more open and tolerant place; how the sombre dominance of the Catholic church began to recede from the countrys moral life; how Ireland opened itself alike to Europe and to foreign investment, eventually finding it could leap off like a tiger; and, most wonderful and difficult of all, how North and South began to accommodate and make peace with each other, to such a degree that as he lay dying Queen Elizabeth was in Dublin Castle, trying out a line of Gaelic.那些即使是他也不好意思说出来的——在他674页自传中也没提及——是爱尔兰各地的精确路线。那会儿他高高兴兴地游走于上议院和下议院,使统一党宗派主义远离枯燥,成为一个更开放、更有肚量的地方;阴沉的天主教配势力是如何开始退出这个国家的日常生活的;爱尔兰是如何融入欧洲,开展对外投资,最终如龙腾虎跃;以及,最重要的是,如何让南北地区的人民融洽相处。就好像在都柏林的城堡里放倒了衰老的伊丽莎白女王,开拓出了盖尔人的一片天地。His own contribution, because it was the start of these processes, often looked like failure. His referendum to amend slightly the law on abortion was shot down, his referendum to bring in divorce resoundingly defeated; but he had succeeded in broaching the subjects in a civil way. On Northern Ireland, the 1973 Sunningdale power-sharing agreement swiftly collapsed, and his New Ireland Forum, in which constitutional parties from both sides were to meet and talk together of the pluralist, inclusive Ireland he longed for, was ruthlessly scorned by Margaret Thatcher. (“Out, out, out,” she cried, demolishing all its proposals one by one; it wasnt what she said, he reflected later, but the tone in which she said it, so sharp and condescending.) Even the Anglo-Irish agreement of 1985, in which Britain acknowledged for the first time the Republics interest in the North, was pictured by unionists as betrayal and by terrorists as encouragement. In fact it was a small, determined step towards the Good Friday agreement 13 years later.他自身的那些贡献,作为这一系列的开端看起来总像是个失败。他提出的对流产法的小幅度修改,民意惨淡;他提出的关于离婚的法案遭到民众的强烈抵抗;但他成功地带起了民法方面的课题。在北爱尔兰,1973年的Sunningdale,权利分享协议在签署不久后就瓦解了,而他的新爱尔兰论坛又遭到玛格丽特?撒切尔的强烈鄙视(“滚,滚,滚”,她一边喊,一边一个接一个的否定那些题案;后来他补充道这不是她的原话,但就是这种犀利而又“客气”的语气)。该论坛实现了他渴望的一幕——双方的正式代表就教堂等问题沟通交流。即使是1985年的Anglo-Irish协议也被共和党看做背叛,被恐怖分子视为一种鼓励。英国在该条约中首次公认了共和国在北方的利益,不过事实上只是比13年前的Good Friday协议前进了一小步。A mislaid overcoat一件记不起放在哪的大衣He had the ideal background for conciliation, with a Catholic father from the South and a Protestant mother from the North (though it was she who taught him his catechism, forbearing only to instruct him how to sign himself at the gospel). Sectarianism was so foreign to him that when he met rank prejudice, he often burst out laughing. Politics was in his blood, his father having been in independent Irelands first government in 1922; though he himself wandered into it from academia, reluctant to give partisan speeches in the open air or at dance halls, and quite inept at the plotting and manipulation so dazzlingly displayed by his Fianna Fail nemesis, Charles Haughey. Though he was foreign minister from 1973-77 and taoiseach twice, in 1981-82 and 1982-87, he remained somehow an innocent, mislaying as he travelled overcoat, pyjamas, watch; and not realising, so carried away was he with his theories for redistributing wealth in Ireland, that to put value-added tax on childrens shoes might spell suicide at the polls.作为调和主义者,他有个理想的背景,出身天主教的南方父亲和出身新教徒的北方母亲(尽管是母亲教他教义,不过只教了他如何在福音书上签名)。宗派那些对他来说是如此不着边际,以至于当他接触到等级偏见的内容时经常会突然笑起来。政治早已融入他的血液,他的父亲在1922年曾为爱尔兰独立政府效力;尽管他本人犹豫着要不要从学术界转到政界,心不甘情不愿地在公共场所或舞厅里发表党派性演讲,就那相当笨拙地安排和操作,理所当然的败给了他统一党的对手,Charles Haughey。尽管他在1973-77年间任外长,1981-82及1982-87年间担任总理,但仍保持着纯真的心。就像放错了旅行要用的外套,睡衣和手表(而不自知),他就带着他的爱尔兰财富再分配理论各处奔走,宣称买童鞋要付增值税,此举可能在民调中引发自杀。Economics was a relatively late interest. He said he learned it at the Irish Times, where he wrote to the end of his life a Saturday column full of figures under the pen-name “Analyst”. Over 50 years, he reckoned, he produced 2,250,000 words for the Times (besides providing copy, briefly, for The Economist). History and French were his degree subjects, and his verbosity in French a source of pride. He embraced the European Economic Community not just because it let Ireland reach over Britain to the world, but also because it gave him the excuse, before meetings in Brussels, to discuss with Fran?ois Mitterrand some puzzling lacunae in the Catholic intellectual tradition of 19th-century France.《经济学人》是个相对较晚开始的兴趣。他说是在爱尔兰时报上读到里面的文章,他本人直到临终一直以“分析家”这个笔名投稿,周六专栏里那些数据就是他的作品。他估计在50多年里,为时报写了225万字(除了为《经济学人》写的,简短的摘要)。作为历史及法文科班出身,他为自己冗长的法语骄傲。他欢迎欧洲经济体不仅是因为经济体使爱尔兰跨过英国,走向世界,也因为这给了他一个借口——在布鲁塞尔会议前,与Francois Mitterrand讨论一些关于天主教在19世界法国传统教育里出现的那些令人困惑的空白。He was tender and naive, losing his life-savings on an unwise investment in 1992; yet he was also tough. Meeting the families of IRA hunger-strikers in the 1980s, he would be sympathetic as ever, but would never let himself be swayed by terrorists or “crawthumpers”. Though mocked as otherworldly, he stuck to his crusade for a “new Ireland”—reunified or not, as the majority in the North wanted it—in which Catholic and Protestant identities would be equally celebrated. For, when all was said and done, he was a statistician first; and when shown any air-traffic controllers chart he could tell, to a high degree of accuracy, that at such-and-such a time and place the different flightpaths, no matter how divergent, were bound to cross.此人温柔又天真,在1982年的一次不明智的投资中失去了其一生的积蓄。即使如此,他做事还是雷厉风行。80年代会见那些愤怒罢工者的家属时,他仍会抱有有同情心,但再也不会让自己受恐怖分子或“暴徒”的影响。尽管被嘲讽为“不现实”,他仍然卖力地推行他的“新爱尔兰”革命——无论统一与否,介于北方大多数希望如此——以天主教徒和新教徒的身份一样庆祝。因此,当一切尘埃落定时,起初他是个统计员,之后当有提及他所知的空中航线,他都能准确的说出,如什么时间、什么地点,不同的航线,无论怎么分散,都必定能越过。 /201210/205680Science and Technology The fight against AIDS HIVs slow retreat科技 与艾滋病之战 艾滋病的缓慢退却One of the worlds worst plagues is giving ground抗击艾滋病:显现曙光THE timing of the popes much-discussed change of position on the use of condoms to prevent the sp of HIV (he will now allow prostitutes to use them without fear of hellfire) was surely no coincidence. He made it on November 21st—ten days before World AIDS Day and two before UNAIDS, the ed Nations body charged with combating the epidemic, released its latest report on the state of the battle.近期罗马教皇改变了其对于使用避套以防止艾滋病传播的立场(称男妓可以使用避套,而不必惧怕地狱之火的惩罚),引来一片议论。这个时间绝非巧合。他是本月21日向外界宣布的——恰逢世界艾滋病日前十天,也是在两天后,负责抗击艾滋病的联合国机构——联合国艾滋病规划署(UNAIDS)发布了其最新的艾滋病防治工作报告。That report carries good news. Though some 33m people are infected, the rate of new infections is falling—down from 3.1m a year a decade ago to 2.6m in . Moreover, as the map shows, the figure is falling fastest in many of the most heavily infected countries, especially those of sub-Saharan Africa and South and South-East Asia.这份报告带来了好消息。纵使艾滋病毒感染人数已达3300万,但新增感染者的速度正在放慢——从十年前的每年感染310万人降至年的260万人。此外,从这张地图上可以看出,正是那些感染最严重的国家新增感染者的速度下降最快,尤其是撒哈拉以南的非洲国家以及南亚、东南亚国家。The reason is a combination of behavioural change (people are losing their virginity later, are being less promiscuous and are using condoms more), a big reduction in mother-to-child transmission at birth and during breast-feeding, and the roll-out of drug treatment for those aly infected.此中原因是多方面的:包括性行为方式的改变(初次性行为年龄的推迟,滥交的减少以及越来越多地使用安全套),母婴分娩传播与哺乳传播的大幅减少,以及已感染者对毒品的戒除。Besides prolonging life, anti-HIV drugs make those taking them less likely to pass the virus on. More than 5m people in poor and middle-income countries are now on such drugs, though Michel Sidibe, the head of UNAIDS, says another 10m could benefit. (The remainder of those infected are not yet ill enough for drugs to do them good.) The problem, as always, is money. Dr Sidibe reckons the fight needs about billion a year to be fully effective. At the moment, the sum spent is around billion. Not a bad fraction of the desideratum, but one that will be hard to sustain in the face of the worlds economic difficulties.抗艾滋药物除了可以延长生命,还可降低用者将病毒向他人传播的几率。超过500万来自贫困或中等收入国家的艾滋病患者正在用这种药物,即使这样,据联合国艾滋病规划署的负责人Michel?Sidibe说,仍有超过1000万人需要这种药物。(这些人已感染病毒但还未药,因为症状还不足以使药物发挥作用。)资金不足始终是个问题。Sidibe士认为,抗击艾滋病每年大约需250亿美元方可全力维持。但现在最高的年出只有约170亿美元。与总需求相比这还不算太糟,但在全球经济面临困境的当下,想维持这一水平却又是个难题。 /201301/220609

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