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吉安市人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱吉水县微创丰胸的价格美国广播公司:一项调查显示,每7个美国人中,就有一个人愿意为了手机而对朋友置之不理.现在来看美国广播公司的这篇报道.N News: A recent survey found that one in seven Americans would rather give up their best friends a week than part with their smartphones.An even greater number — 0 percent of respondents — said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to surrender their phones a day, even if offered 今天【你的英语·你的故事】带来一篇Grace的读书心得某日她读到一则寓言,故事讲述了一名农人去森林捕野鸡,万事俱备,本应满载而归,却最终一无所获“机不可失,失不再来; 这条颠扑不破的真理,在实践中早已屡试不爽没有卓越的市场眼光以及对形势有成竹在胸的把握,天真妄想一网打尽,必定竹篮打水一场空,End up with nothing.听力文本如下:小漫:最近我在书里读到了一个小故事,很受启发小祺:什么故事?说说看小漫:这个浅显易懂的故事叫做《不要等到比原来更少,讲了一个农民到森林里去捕野鸡的经历,他在地上洒满米粒,当作诱饵,用绳子系着篮筐放在地上,然后牵着长线在远处等着野鸡落入圈套小祺:那他一定满载而归吧?小漫:恰恰相反,一天下来他竟然一无所获!小祺:让人难以置信啊,发生了什么事?小漫:刚开始,有6只饥饿的野鸡走入圈套吃米,不过农民看见篮筐外还有只,心想:等它们也进去吃吧,我能抓只呢!小祺:他开始有点贪心了小漫:过了一会儿,果然又进去了只,农民非常高兴,心想:再等会儿,等它们全都进去没想到,有些野鸡吃饱了,渐渐走出了圈套,最后一只野鸡也没留下小祺:那位农民一定很伤心吧?不知道他有没有仔细思考这件事为什么发生小漫:遇到机会时,如果不能好好把握,被欲望和贪婪控制,恐怕什么都得不到小漫:有道理,俗话说得好——机不可失,失不再来我就是一个见好就收的人,从来不贪多,也过得很快乐呢听力中英对照文本敬请期待下期内容! 3599 to shed their cellular handcuffs.The 518 people surveyed said they keep their devices within reach, day and night. The desire to remain in constant contact is so great, they frequently dont turn off their phones. 3江西吉安去除黑眼圈多少钱 Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.Cross the RoadDo you know why the chicken crossed the road?Either to escape Kentucky Fried Chicken or just to get to the other side.Notes:1. Do you know why the chicken crossed the road?你知道为什么鸡要过马路吗?这是-个美国很典型的冷笑话(Stupid Joke).很简单,很荒谬,有出人意料的这个问题的有成千上万个,且还在不断增加To get to the other side.(到另一边去) 是最原始的. Either to escape Kentucky Fried Chicken or just to get to the other side.或是为了逃离肯德基,或只是为了到另一边去;A escape B;表示A已经预见B会追来,于是先逃离、躲避;;A escape from B;则表示B正在追捕A,而A正在逃离B的追捕所以这个句子表示桑德斯上校(KFC的创办人)可能还没发现这只鸡,但鸡已经看见了他,所以先跑为快;如果是;To escape from Colonel Sanders.;’则表示这只鸡正在逃离桑德斯上校的追杀either... or...不是…就是…;…或…Kentucky [kent#65;k#618;] n.(美国)肯塔基州colonel [#7;k#6;:nl] n.上校Sanders [#7;s#30;nd#601;s] n.桑德斯(男子名)本节目可可原创节目, 365A Whiter Shade of Pale是英国前卫摇滚团体Procol Harum在1967年发行的同名专辑中的主打歌“A Whiter Shade of Pale开头如神启、空灵般的管风琴旋律(据称是借鉴了巴赫“G弦上的咏叹调”之样式)是最令人永难忘怀的,三十多年来有关它的传说不断,同时也是后代试图探讨或诠释六十年代精神的最佳曲目”虽然Procol Harum在60年代摇滚鼎盛时期只能算是一个影响力有限的小团体,但是这首代表作可以说是影响了一代又一代歌者后人比较著名的翻唱是莎拉·布莱曼(Sarah Brighman)的拔尖高音版A Whiter Shade of PaleWe skipped the light Fandango Turned cartwheels across the floor I was feeling kind of seasick But the crowd called out more The room was humming harder As the ceiling flew away When we called out another drink The waiter brought a tray And so it was that later As the miller told his tale That her face, at first just ghostly Turned a whiter shade of pale She said there is no reason And the truth is plain to see But I wandered through my playing cards And would not let her be One of sixteen vestal virgins Who were leaving the coast And although my eyes were open They might just as well've been closed And so it was that later As the miller told his tale That her face, at first just ghostly Turned a whiter shade of pale And so it was that later...... 978吉安做溶脂的医院

吉安县妇幼保健人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱XH: Hello, welcome to RoundTable Word of the Week. This week we are talking about some commonly used workplace idioms, especially in the US, right? John: Yeah, most definitely in the US. It funny because when we are coming up with this list, at first I was like what exactly Im looking , and then I found a whole bunch, I said “oh, yeah, all right, these words and phrases are used all the day and time.” So were just going to go in a bit of random order, but keep up and youre gotta learn a lot today. The first one is “green light”, basically it just means to approve a project. XH: green light就是允许为一件事情开绿灯 John: Right, “The director wants to green light your scented wallpaper idea.” The next one is one of my favorites, and you can use it outside the workplace. It called “brownie points”: to curry favor or get favor with someone, especially a boss. example, “He earned brownie points by getting the boss coffee.” XH: Brownie是一种小甜点,但是brownie points的意思就是得到加分,印象分 John: Climb the ladder or climb the corporate ladder: to advance in one career through promotions. “Earning brownie points is one way to climb the ladder.” XH: Climb the ladder也经常用,指事业上进步、得到晋升的意思 John: “Team player” is pretty obvious: A committed employee who works well with other colleagues. “A team player often sees his proposals green lighted.” XH:Team player就是有团队精神的人 John: A “yes man”: an employee who always agrees with the boss. “He was a yes man, a team player and a chaser of brownie points.” XH:Yes man也很形象,指唯唯诺诺的人、应声虫 John: Then next one is “touch base”. Actually, my mother was a manager pretty much her entire career, and whenever I went to office with her, or she had to take a call at home, she would always use this phrase “touch base” or “touch base with someone”. It took me a long time to figure out. But basically, it just to confer about the progress of a project. So just to talk about the progress of what is currently being worked on. XH:Touch base就是碰个头,把事情进展知会给大家、互通情况 John: example, “Let touch base tomorrow about the flea spray .” Moving on to “crunch time”: When a project needs completed quickly. “It crunch time – we need to touch base as soon as possible.” XH:Crunch Time就是关键时刻 John: Right. And then “plug or plug a product”: To promote or market a product. “I was on TV this morning to plug our new flea spray.” And actually you know shen we have guests on Round Table, one of the reasons we have them on sometimes, is so they can plug something they are doing. XH:Plug有推广、销售的意思 John: Cash cow: The product that generates the most revenue a company. “This scented wallpaper will be the company cash cow.” XH:会挤出钱来的奶牛,叫做Cash cow,中文就是摇钱树的意思 John: Then “On the ball”, “to stay on the ball” or “keep the ball rolling” is another one that is seen quite often outside the office, but is used especially in the office, meaning to ensure that a project is progressing efficiently and on time. So you have to “Keep the ball rolling on our green lighted projects.” XH:Keep the ball rolling就是要继续做某件事情,某个项目 John: Down to the wire: Said of something whose outcome or completion takes you to always the deadline. So you are working on a project and it will due on Monday at 9 oclock. You are working at weekend. 8:55 on Monday you finish it. It called “come down to the wire”. XH: When something is down to the wire, that means 这件事情已经到了最后关头,最后期限了 John: “Glass ceiling” is used quite often when we talk about women and minorities, so the perceived struggle of women and minorities to achieve promotions. “She knew it would be hard to break through the glass ceiling and climb the corporate ladder.” XH: 玻璃屋顶,也就是隐形的升职障碍” John: Pull the plug: To terminate a project or . “He pulled the plug on the flea spray bee we even got to plug it.” XH: Pull the plug是把插头拔掉,指终止业务或项目 John: Belt-tightening: To reduce expenses. “After we lost our cash cow, the HR department tightened its belt.” XH:就是“勒紧裤腰带”的意思 John: Work out the kinks: To revise, edit or otherwise improve a flawed product or service. “If you dont work out the kinks, theyre going to pull the plug.” XH: Kinks有扭曲、打结的意思Work out kinks指解决问题 John: Pull your weight: To share in the workload. “Since weve tightened our belts, everybody has to pull his weight.” XH: Pull your weight指尽力的意思 John: Axed: To be terminated; synonymous with being fired. “The yes man was axed when he came down with lockjaw.” XH: Axed被砍掉被开除的意思 John: Now, we are axed. That all the time we have this week RoundTable Word of the Week. 38355吉安最好的整容医院 吉安县妇幼保健人民医院激光去胎记多少钱

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