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Giant salamanders, the worlds largest amphibian, almost two metres long.大鲵——世界上最大的两栖动物,几乎能长到2米长Theyre the only large predator in these icy waters. They begin their hunt at night.它们是这些冰水中唯一的大型掠食动物。夜幕降临,它们开始捕猎These salamanders have an exceptionally slow metabolism.大鲵的新陈代谢十分缓慢Living up to 80 years, they grow into giants.它们能活80多年,因此长得十分巨大The fish they hunt are scarce and salamanders have poor eyesight.可供大鲵捕食的鱼非常稀少,而且它们的视力也很差But sensory nodes on their head and body detect the slightest changes in water pressure.可是它们头上和身上的感官突起能觉察出最轻微的水压变化Free from competition, these giants can dine alone.由于没有竞争,这些大家伙得以独自享用美食Pickings are usually thin for the salamanders,大鲵的收获通常都比较少but every year some of the worlds high rivers are crowded by millions of visitors.而世界上的高山河流每年都将迎接成千上万的来访者The salmon have arrived. This is the worlds largest freshwater fish migration.鲑鱼来了。这是世界上规模最大的淡水鱼洄游Across the northern hemisphere, salmon, returning from the ocean to their spawning grounds,鲑鱼穿越整个北半球,从海洋回到它们的产卵地battle their way for hundreds of miles upstream.奋力逆流而上数百英里Up here there are fewer predators to eat their eggs and fry.只因上游很少有捕食鱼卵和鱼苗的掠食者。201705/508272Progress through this swamp has slowed to a snails pace.穿过这片沼泽地的速度简直慢得不像话It might be a haven for frogs,but if Im honest, they can keep it.这大概是青蛙梦想的天堂 老实说 还是让它们来享受好了Hang on. This is crazy, crazy, crazy.等等 这实在让人抓狂 抓狂啊The rivers just here. Its just there is no bank to it.只有河 周围没有岸Though what there is a lot of are these reeds.但是周围有很多芦苇Lets just see if theyre.我看看它们是不是No, these ones arent hollow.You cant blow through these.不是 不是空心的 气吹不过去These are little compartments that are airtight.这一节一节的都是不透气的And that means these reeds are gonna be really buoyant.这意味着这些芦苇的浮力很大Im just wondering whether it might be actually more efficient我在想 是不是用大捆大捆的芦苇to try and build a raft out of loads and loads of these and try and float down the river.做个竹筏顺流而下 从而加快我的行进速度To be honest, anythings got to be better than this.老实说 随便怎样都比现在好Okay. Come on. Lets commit to this.走吧 做竹筏去Lets gather a load of reeds.先收集一大堆芦苇Reeds flourish in freshwater marshes like this all around the world.全世界 芦苇在淡水沼泽里 都长得非常茂盛For years, theyve been used to make boats,多年来 它们都是做船的好材料some capable of traveling huge distances across oceans.有些甚至可以远渡横洋You know, civilizations have used reeds like this人类利用芦苇的历史for literally thousands of years.可以追溯到几千年之前Okay, what I want to do is split them, turn it around我先把它们分开 掉个头and look what you end up with.The thin, tapered end here.然后你可以看到 这里是最细的地方201705/508145Here you go. Look at that.Do not want to mess with this.Highly venomous.Big front claws there.快瞧瞧这个 可不要惹毛了这东西 剧毒 超大的前爪And if that bites you,so let somebody sing a red-hot poker into you.如果那东西咬你一口 就像有人用滚烫的火钳捅你一下Let him down here.Were gonna give him a very wide berth.Okay. Its getting down.慢慢放他放下 我们要对他敬而远之 好了 放下了During our travels, the crew and I have encountered all sorts of dangerous animals.在路途中 工作组和我会遇到各种危险的动物Sometimes we take them on.Other times, we keep our distance.有时我们与它们正面交锋 有时 我们躲得远远的Just see over there.Ok. Come down. Come down.Thats a brown bear.Look, we are very close here.Probably, about 50 metres.快看那边 低点 低点 那是一只棕熊 看 我们离得很近 大概有五十米吧I do find that when we doing animal encounter,what in the view fine is not actually happening infront of you.我觉得我们遭遇野生动物时 取景器里面的画面并非你眼前的真实情况And you do feel complete removed from that,and if you look another eye.你感觉置身事外 但是如果你张开另只眼睛You actually see that it is actually happening in front of you.But he hasnt spoted us, I think.你就能感觉到这就在眼前发生 我觉得 它还没发现我们 Sometimes these encounters can be dangers.So I force to keep the crew back, and going alone.有时候 遭遇野生动物是很危险的 所以我必须让摄制组待在后方 独身行动Steady and stay there.Its a good size probably 50 or 60 punds.别慌张 就呆在那 大小不错 五十或六十磅Well, you can see hes caught around the back leg here.Stay back. Dont get that close.你看它的后腿被扯住了 退后 别靠这么近 You got to stay at the limit of its rope.These are powerhouses.This thing was seriously mad.你得站在它的够不着的地方 它们总是精力旺盛 这只野猪被激怒了I think he got at one point he sort of know how to attack his leg它还一度占上风 像是要咬他的腿They look small but it is definitely a little tank for four leg,它们看起来体形不大 但是实际上确是有四条腿的坦克very low center of gravity, makes them really really strong.And they will just fight for their lives.由于重心低 使得它们非常强壮 为了生存 它们要殊死一搏201606/448446

For those of us who might wish to resist surveillance,对那些想要抵抗监控的人来说the hunt for that technology is now on寻找这项技术的行动已经开始了and it is to cryptographers that we must look for answers.如密码学家所说我们必须寻找If you want a demonstration如果你想知道of their importance to todays internet,他们对当今互联网的重要性you only have to come to this bunker in Virginia.你只需要来弗吉尼亚州的这个地堡Today, an unusual ceremony is taking place.今天 正在举行一场特殊的仪式Please centre your eyes in the mirror.;请将双眼对准镜子中心;The internet is being upgraded.互联网正在升级Thank you, your identity has been verified.;谢谢 你的身份已被验;Right, were in.好了 我们进来了This is the biggest security upgrade to the internet这是近二十年中互联网界最大的in over 20 years.安全升级A group of tech specialists have been summoned by Steve Crocker,史蒂夫·克罗克召集了一群技术专家one of the godfathers of the internet.他是互联网教父之一We discovered that there were some vulnerabilities我们发现在域名系统的基础结构中in the basic domain name system structure存在一些漏洞that can lead to having a domain name hijacked这些漏洞能使域名被劫持or having someone directed to a false site and, from there,或者让某人进入一个虚假网站 而假网站passwords can be detected and accounts can be cleaned out.能够窃取用户密码并清空账号重点解释:1.now on 从现在开始例句:Take heart! It will be easier from now on.打起精神来!从现在起情况就会好转的。2.look for 寻找例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。3.take place 发生例句:The meeting will take place soon.会议即将举行。201704/505376

Charles went on the run, hidden by royalist sympathisers until he could get smuggled out of the country.查理在保皇派持者的掩护下 一直逃出了国境So when Oliver Cromwell returned to London in the autumn of 1651,所以当克伦威尔1651年秋 回到伦敦时it was as an English Caesar,the like of whom had not been seen since the days of Edward I.他成了英格兰的凯撒 这样的人物 自爱德华一世后还不曾出现If Cromwell was Gods Englishman,如果克伦威尔真是上帝选中的it was because he felt in his marrow that England was Gods true promised land那也是因为他根深蒂固地认为 英格兰才是上帝的应许之地and the best thing for Britain was that it become as English as possible.因而对整个不列颠而言 就是要越英格兰化越好The Stuart dream of the united Britain, of course,had been what had started the civil wars.建立统一的不列颠 本是斯图尔特王朝 导致内战的痴人说梦Now Cromwell had ended them by making that dream a reality.克伦威尔终结了王朝 却让他们的梦想成真Not as a united kingdom,but as a united republic of Great Britain.但并不作为统一的王国 而是统一的大不列颠共和国But what kind of republic was it supposed to be?但这共和国该是怎样的呢Cromwell knew the county was exhausted from almost 15 years of war.克伦威尔深知 经历了十五年的战争 国内百业待兴It was time, as he said, ;To heal and settle;.他说要休养生息 使百姓安居乐业But this didnt mean business as usual.对于商业 却不是如此Surely God didnt mean for so much blood and treasure to have been spilled上帝一定不想 用无数鲜血和财富换来的胜利only so that ungodly lawyers and money brokers could get richer?不过让漠视神明的律师和经纪人一夜暴富 /201704/502752

Theres an elevator.Its not gonna have power to it, this, though.那里有部电梯 肯定没有通电 If we get into the shaft,you can actually use this to get down.如果我们可以进入竖井 就可以利用这里下楼Elevators usually have a firemens emergency access point.电梯通常有个给消防员使用的紧急开关Its probably this. Lets see.应该是这里 试试And they have this point just so firemen can get into lifts when theres no power to it.有了这个紧急开关 消防员 可以在断电的情况下进入竖井 Lets see if we can trigger the catch on this.Steady, steady, steady.看看是不是能扳得动它 当心 当心 当心Theres definitely no lift on this floor.there must be at least seven floors down there.These elevator cables could be one option.电梯肯定不在这楼 电梯离这里至少有七层楼 需要想办法下楼These elevator cables could be one option.The problem is that its just grease city on there.可以利用电梯的缆绳 问题是这上面涂了许多润滑油 Its gonna be so slippy.Need something just to give a bit of friction on that.会非常滑 需要别的东西增加擦力and Ive found just the thing.Use this fire hose.这里我找到了好东西 用这个消防软管The tough material of this fire hose will protect my hands and forearms and create friction on the greasy cables.软管粗糙的布料可以保护我的手和前臂 还能增加油乎乎的电缆的擦力Okay.Gee whiz. Not the time to look down.Im 80 foot up and need to get a grip.好了 天呐 这时就不该往下看 这有24米多高 一定得抓牢了201609/469203

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