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吐鲁番市去痘坑多少钱哈密市提眉手术多少钱Meet Rowdy, the Inspiring Labrador Retriever With Vitiligo患病的白眼圈成网红Rowdy, a 13-year-old black lab from Canby, Oregon, achieved Internet fame when his photo appeared on The Dogist, a wildly popular photo blog featuring striking portraits of canines.Rowdy来自俄勒冈州坎比市,是只13岁大的拉布拉多犬。自从有人把他的照片发布到知名犬类照片客The Dogist上后,他一夜之间成了网红。Rowdy is no ordinary pup. He has vitiligo, and works as a therapy dog with the American Vitiligo Research Foundation.Rowdy可不是一般的,他患有白癜风,现在在美国白癜风研究基金会做治疗犬。Vitiligo is a disorder that causes loss of pigmentation in patches of skin—and in Rowdy#39;s case, fur. The cause of the incurable condition, which affects between 0.5% and 1% of the human population, is unknown, though many experts believe it is an autoimmune disease.白癜风是一种皮肤色素失调导致局部皮肤脱色的病,Rowdy则在毛上产生了病变。According to the website Rowdy#39;s owners, Tim and Niki Umbenhower, created for him, Rowdy started to develop white fur around his eyes at age 12. Within a year, the patches grew into bigger circles (his fans have described him as a ;reverse panda;), and his belly and toenails also turned white. Rowdy was eventually diagnosed with vitiligo by a vet dermatologist, who confirmed his condition through a biopsy.大约有0.5%-1%的人罹患这种难以治愈的病症,病因至今未知,虽然很多专家认为是患者自身免疫力出了问题。;He#39;s our own little celebrity around town,; Tim said in a 2015 interview with Fox 12 Oregon. ;Everybody loves to stop us and ask us what we did to him and if we painted it on there.;“他可是我们市的名人,”2015年,Tim在俄勒冈州Fox 12频道的采访中说,“看到他的人经常会跑过来,问我们是否故意把他的眼圈染成了白色。”As an ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Rowdy visits children affected by the same pigmentation disorder that#39;s made him so famous (@white-eyed-rowdy has more than 55,000 followers on Instagram). According to his owners, he has ;built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have also been bullied because of it.;作为美国白癜风研究基金会的大使,Rowdy经常去看望同样患有此病的小朋友,这让他非常出名(@white-eyed-rowdy在Ins上有5.5万粉丝)。据他的主人讲,“他给很多因患白癜风而遭到歧视和欺凌的小朋友带来安慰。”Even before he began his work raising awareness about vitiligo, Rowdy led a remarkable life. According to his website, he was once accidentally shot in the leg by a police officer in a case of mistaken identity. But that wasn#39;t his only near brush with death: After drinking contaminated pond water, he needed to have his stomach pumped. Rowdy has also had surgery on both ears, a toe removed, treatment for a torn ACL, and more.Rowdy在成为白癜风宣传大使出名之前,也有不凡的经历。他的网站上写道,他曾因为身份不明,腿部意外被警察击中。但这并不是他第一次与死神擦肩而过:还有次他不小心喝了有毒的水,洗胃后才脱离险境。他的双耳都做过手术,还曾因为韧带撕裂被截去一个脚趾。。。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/488496阿图什鼻翼整形多少钱 This little piggy is the first known airport therapy pig in the US, according to the San Francisco International Airport. Her name is LiLou.据美国旧金山国际机场称,一头名为LiLou的小猪是美国首只机场辅助治疗猪。She ;promises to surprise and delight guests with her winning personality, charming costumes and painted nails,; the airport said in a statement.该机场在一份声明中称,“LiLou保凭借她讨喜的性格、迷人的衣着和上了色的指甲为乘客带去惊喜和欢乐。And she#39;s no stick in the mud. ;LiLou loves performing tricks for her audience,; the airport added.LiLou不是一头落后古板的小猪。机场称,“她喜欢为观众表演魔术。”The Juliana-breed pig was officially welcomed into the airport#39;s team of trained animals, called the Wag Brigade this Monday.12日,该机场的动物训练队“诙谐一族”正式迎来了这只朱莉安娜猪。The Wag Brigade is a team of trained animals certified by the San Francisco SPCA#39;s animal assisted therapy program to ;make passenger travel more enjoyable,; the airport said.“诙谐一族”是一由训练有素的动物组成的团队,他们都获得了旧金山动物保护协会动物辅助治疗项目的认,可以“使乘客在旅途中更加愉快”。The airport said that the brigade#39;s animals are carefully selected ;for their temperament and airport suitability; and that the animals ;wear vests that #39;Pet me!#39; to encourage interaction with airport guests.;该机场表示,这个团队的动物都是在脾性和机场适应性方面经过精挑细选的。他们都身穿写着“拍拍我”的背心,以此鼓励机场客人和自己互动。;We have more than 300 dog, cat and rabbit volunteer teams, but LiLou is the first pig in our program,; Dr. Jennifer Henley, the SFSPCA#39;s animal assisted therapy manager, said in the statement.旧金山动物保护协会动物辅助治疗项目经理詹妮弗.亨里士在声明中称,“我们的志愿务队伍有、猫和兔子等300多只动物,但LiLou是该项目的第一头猪。”;With the addition of LiLou, we can look forward to more moments of surprise and delight for guests at our airport,; said Christopher Birch, the director of guest experience at the airport.该机场顾客体验部主管克里斯托弗.尔思表示,“LiLou加入后,我们期待机场的客人获得更多惊喜和快乐的时刻。”The therapy pig ;also visits several other facilities in San Francisco, including senior centers and hospitals,; the airport noted.机场称,治疗猪LiLou“还到访了旧金山的其他几所机构,其中包括老年中心和医院。”LiLou#39;s ;mom; chronicles her adventures on the Instagram account @lilou_sfpig.LiLou的“妈妈”在Ins账号@lilou_sfpig上纪录了她的神奇经历。 /201612/484321吐鲁番市开个眼角多少钱

新疆医科大学附属医院脱毛手术多少钱新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州友谊医院隆鼻多少钱 Scientists have found a hidden weak spot shared by all five known types of the deadly Ebola virus and successfully targeted it with two antibodies that blocked its ability to invade human cells.日前,科学家发现了五种已知的致死性埃拉病毒所共有的一个隐藏弱点,并成功地利用两种抗体来封锁其入侵人体细胞的能力。In early stage laboratory experiments published in the journal Science, the researchers developed a ;Trojan horse; strategy that allows engineered antibodies to hitch a ride on Ebola to where the virus is most vulnerable before hitting it.早期实验室试验阶段的进展刊登在了《科学》杂志上。研究人员发明了一种“特洛伊木马”策略,让经过改造的抗体在埃拉病毒最脆弱的时候“搭顺风车”并予以打击。;The success in co-opting the virus itself to dispatch a lethal weapon marks a turning point in development of smart therapeutics against infectious diseases,; said M. Javad Aman, a scientist and president at the U.S. biotech firm Integrated BioTherapeutics who worked on the team.美国生物技术公司“生物治疗”的科学家兼总裁、在团队中工作的科学家M·贾维德·亚曼表示:“成功让病毒本身变成致命武器,标志着传染病智能治疗学发展的一个转折点。”Although years of testing lie ahead before any fully approved treatment might be developed for Ebola patients, Aman said similar strategies could also be devised against several other viral and bacterial pathogens.虽然前面还要经过数年的试验,针对埃拉病毒患者的疗法也要完全得到批准,但亚曼表示,相似的策略经过改造,可以用来治疗其他几种病毒和细菌性病原体感染。Ebola is an extremely deadly and contagious disease for which there are currently no regulator-approved vaccines or treatments.埃拉是一种极度致命的传染病,现在没有正式批准的疫苗或者疗法。A vast outbreak of the Zaire strain of the virus, which causes hemorrhagic fever, killed more than 11,000 people and infected around 29,000 in West Africa in 2014-15.该病毒的扎伊尔分能够引起出血热,于2014年至2015年在非洲西部大爆发,造成超过11000人死亡,约29000人感染。Monoclonal antibodies, which bind to and neutralize specific pathogens and toxins, have emerged as the most promising treatments for Ebola.与特定病原体和毒素绑定并削弱其毒性的单克隆抗体,是最有希望治愈埃拉病毒的疗法。But a critical problem is that most antibody therapies — including the most promising experimental therapy, ZMapp — target only one specific Ebola virus.但是大多数抗体疗法有一个严重的问题--包括最有希望的实验性疗法ZMapp--那就是只能针对某种特定的埃拉病毒。In this work, the research team found a way around this by targeting a weak spot — in the so-called lysosome of the cell — to where antibodies could hitch a ride on Ebola and deliver a punch that blocked the virus#39; exit and ability to replicate.在这项研究中,研究团队围绕这一点,通过针对病毒的弱点发现了一种方法--在细胞溶酶体中--“搭顺风车”并予以狠狠一击,这样就能封锁病毒的退路并抑制其再生的能力。The strategy could eventually be developed for use in a range of other viruses, the scientists said, including cousins of Ebola such as Marburg, and other viral diseases such as dengue or Lassa.科学家们表示,这种方法最终可以发展为其他一系列病毒的疗法,包括埃拉病毒的兄弟马堡病毒以及其他病毒性疾病,如登革热和拉沙热病。;It#39;s impossible to predict where the next Ebola virus outbreak will occur or which virus will cause it,; said Jon Lai of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, who co-led the work.团队的共同负责人、纽约阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦医学院的黎世豪表示:“我们还没有办法预测下一次埃拉病毒在哪里爆发、是由什么引发的。”;We hope that further testing in nonhuman primates will establish our antibodies as safe and effective for treating those exposed to any Ebola virus.;“我们希望我们的抗体未来在非人灵长类动物身上的试验,对治疗那些感染任何一种埃拉病毒的人来说是安全有效的。” /201609/467427阿图什市自体脂肪移植隆胸价格

乌鲁木齐天山区韩式安全隆胸手术价格Bizarro centaur world异超人半人马的世界 /201609/463978 1. ;Did you eat? Are you hungry?Did you want two bagels stacked with sps on sps on sps,; my mom will ask you when you visit. And twenty minutes after you#39;ve walked in. And again an hour later. The correct answer is always ;yes; and the correct follow-up question is ;This must be your mother#39;s recipe, right?;1. “你吃了吗?你饿吗?你想要吃堆在一起的百吉饼吗,”我妈会在你来我家的时候这样问你。来我家20分钟后我妈还会问一遍。再一小时后也会如此。正确的总是“我饿了”,随后应该问的问题就是“这一定是阿姨的独家秘方吧?”2. You call that thing from the supermarket a bagel? More like a nay-gel. A bagel is an experience. A privilege. Your scooped-out b ball with low-fat cream cheese is offensive to me. Please know I#39;m going to bitch my way through anything that#39;s not large and smelly in the best way possible.2. 你把超市里的那个东西称作百吉饼?更像是个不吉饼吧。一个百吉饼就是一种体验。一种荣幸。你所说的是低脂奶酪面包球,我觉得我受到了冒犯。请先了解:我一定会一路上都对不大又难闻的任何东西叨叨不休的。3. There#39;s a big difference between cheap and frugal, bro. And if you want to make jokes about how Jews are cheap, (1) I#39;m going to assume you#39;re kind of an asshat who laughs at all kinds of rude things and (2) you#39;re not the kind of person I want to date anyway.3. 兄弟,便宜和节俭是有很大区别的好嘛!如果你打算对犹太人如何购买便宜的东西做文章讲笑话,那我猜你要么就是那种笑话所有粗鲁无礼之事的人,要么就是那种我不愿意与之约会的对象。4. She wants to talk to her mom that much. You might not want to talk to my mom that much, but if you want to ride with me, you#39;re going to have to. Jewish girls love their mothers. Mothers are their families. Families are really important to Jewish people, they just are.4. 她就是喜欢和她妈妈说那么多话。也许你不想和我妈说那么多话,但如果你想和我在一起,那么你就必须要忍受我这一点。犹太女孩儿很爱自己的母亲。母亲是她们的家人啊!而家人对犹太人是非常重要的,没有理由,就是很重要。5. Even if you never met before you started dating, she probably knows at least two people in your life. It#39;s called Jewish geography and it#39;s the world#39;s greatest ice breaker. It#39;s a result of years of killing it on the bar mitzvah, camp, and college. You wanna party but won#39;t know anyone there? Worried about your potentially awkward upcoming work dinner? Bring me along. I gotchu.5. 即使约会前你们从没见过,但她可能已至少了解与你相关的两个人了。这就叫做犹太地理,这也是世界上最棒的破冰者。这是因为多年来实行的犹太成年礼、训练营和大学的缘故。你想参加派对,却不认识参加派对的人?为下班后可能尴尬的晚餐而担忧?带上我吧,我罩着你。6. Your camp was probably great and all but it wasn#39;t nearly as great as her camp. Seriously, there was never a better summer on the planet than Lake Year #39;07 with my 36 best friends. Though you may be astounded by how many ways things that happened this year can be related back to the summer of 2007, remember my fondness for camp is rooted in my unbreakable fondness for tradition and my love of all things family.6. 你的露营之旅很棒,但却不如她的。说真的,没有什么夏令营能好过我与36个闺蜜在07年参加的湖边夏令营了。也许你会感到很惊讶:今年发生的这些事情怎么能让她联想到07年发生的事情呢?切记:我对夏令营的喜爱根植于我对传统牢不可破的喜爱,也根植于我对家庭的喜爱。译文属 /201609/467579乌鲁木齐隆鼻整形医院阿克苏市无痕丰胸手术费用



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