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Self-help 自助 My big fat career 我的远大前程How individuals can survive in the new world of work 新职业世界生存法则Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition“I REWROTE MY entire book after my experience of Spain and seeing what is happening in America, to recast it in terms of survival job-hunting,” says Richard Bolles. His book, “What Colour is Your Parachute?”, was first published in 1970 as a guide to finding a fulfilling job and has sold millions of copies. When Mr Bolles went to Spain in March to give advice on dealing with its indignant army of unemployed, he found that nobody had much idea how to get people back to work.“由于西班牙的经历和当今美国的见闻,我重写了整本书,并用生存性求职的观点重塑了这本书,”理查德.鲍尔斯如是说。他的书《你的降落伞是什么颜色?》作为一本求职指南首次发表于1970年并获得了几百万的销量。今年三月他去西班牙为怨气冲天的失业人群提供指导时,才发现大家对如何帮助失业者重返工作岗位一无所知。Even in tough times there are jobs to be had, but applicants have to work far harder to get an employer’s attention, says Mr Bolles. The main thing is to give them hope and teach them the latest techniques for looking for work, of which he lists no fewer than 18. They need to market themselves better and consider a broader range of employers than they might have thought of. Not least, they must “clean up their act on the internet”. Facebook is now routinely scrutinised by human-resources departments, which will be instantly put off if they find anything negative or embarrassing.鲍尔斯提到,即使在很糟的情况下仍然会有工作可做,但此时应聘者需要付出很多努力才能获得雇主的青睐。关键是要给求职者以信心,并且教给他们最新的求职技巧,鲍尔斯列出了不超过18条这样的技巧。求职者需要更好地推销自己且应该扩大原来设想的求职范围;尤为重要的是,他们应该清理其在网络上的痕迹,现在公司的人力部门经常定期检查Facebook,一旦发现任何负面或者不妥的迹象,求职就会被耽搁。Better the devil you know恶魔之上The good thing about the internet is that it offers a vast amount of information to jobhunters, especially once they have secured an interview. Glassdoor.com, a website launched in 2008 that now covers more than 120,000 companies worldwide, lets employees (anonymously) share information about firms, ranging from what people think about the boss to salary levels and details about the interview process. Last year’s annual Glassdoor list of oddball interview questions was topped by Goldman Sachs, which asked a candidate for an analyst’s job, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” One Glassdoor contributor’s suggested answer was, “Ask the government to bail me out,” which would probably not have secured the job.网络很好的一点就是它为求职者提供了海量的讯息,这一优点在获得面试后尤其明显。网站Glassdoor.com成立于2008年,现在覆盖了全球120,000家公司,雇员们可以在这个网站上匿名分享关于公司的信息,从对老板的看法、薪资水平到面试细节都有。去年高盛位列该网站的年度怪问题清单之首,高盛问一个求职分析员的人“如果你被缩到铅笔那么小并被放进了一个搅拌机,该怎么逃出来?”,网站上有人给出的参考是“让政府救援我”,当然这个不一定能保你获得这份工作。201109/154048New research reinforces the importance of prenatal iron supplementation for good birth outcomes and continued good health for growing children.最近一些新的研究强调产前补铁对安全分娩和成长中孩子的健康非常重要。Studies over the past 20 years have pointed to the importance of micronutrients - substances found in small amounts in foods that make a big difference. One of the most important micronutrients for pregnant women is iron. Iron is vital to the development of a fetus' central nervous system, says Parul Christian, a nutritionist working at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.过去20年来的研究指出了微量营养素的重要性。存在于食物中的这些微量元素对身体健康至关重要。对妇非常重要的一种微量元素就是铁。约翰霍普金斯大学公共卫生学院营养专家帕鲁尔·克里斯琴指出,铁对于胚胎的中枢神经系统发育非常重要。"Early iron deficiency can change the neuro-anatomy of the brain, and impact the neuro-chemistry of the central nervous system and brain metabolism, that are important for cognitive development, for sensory-motor development."她说:“早期缺铁,会使脑部组织发生变化,影响中枢神经系统的神经化学以及脑部的新陈代谢。这些部分对认知能力以及感觉运动能力的发展等都很重要。”But providing vitamin and micronutrient supplements to all pregnant women can be a significant financial burden in low income countries. Some experts argue that it's enough to give infants iron supplements after they're born. That was part of the reason Christian and her colleagues decided to study poor women in Nepal a decade ago. Some of the women got supplements without iron and folic acid, another important micronutrient, while others got supplements with both micronutrients.但是在低收入国家里,为所有妇补充维生素和微量元素、以便使婴儿在出生前就受益的做法,是一个沉重的经济负担。有些专家说,婴儿出生以后再补铁,就足够了。这个说法促使克里斯琴10年前开始对尼泊尔的贫穷妇女进行研究。有些妇女得到的营养剂不含铁和另外一种重要微量元素叶酸,有些得到含有这两种重要微量元素的补剂。201101/122808

Regulating the internet监管互联网Google's enemies谷歌的敌人The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger搜索巨头的反垄断之困日渐增大Jun 30th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionSINCE the start of this year, Google’s share price has fallen steadily as investors have begun to fret about its longer-term prospects. Now they have another reason to worry. On June 24th the company revealed that America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had opened a broad investigation into its online-search and online-advertising businesses to see if it has abused its dominant position. Some pundits predict that the trustbusters’ tussle with Google could turn as bloody as their battle with Microsoft in the 1990s.自今年初以来,由于投资者开始对谷歌发展远景感到担忧,其股价稳步下跌。如今他们又有了新的担忧理由,该公司在6月24日透露,美国联邦贸易委员会为确定谷歌是否滥用了主导地位,对其在线搜索和在线广告业务展开了广泛调查。一些专家预测,联邦反托拉斯检察官与谷歌的角力可能会变得非常残酷,其激烈程度可能与1990年代对决微软不相上下。The regulators’ move comes at an awkward time for Google, which faces a growing threat from Facebook, the world’s biggest social network. Facebook aims to supplant Google as the main conduit via which people access the web. On June 28th Google hit back, unveiling Google+, a social-network platform to rival Facebook.世界最大的社交网络Facebook意欲取代谷歌成为人们上网的主要媒介,对谷歌的威胁与日俱增,可是恰在此时监管者又对谷歌展开了行动。在6月28日,谷歌还以颜色,发布了社交网路平台Google+,以与Facebook一争高下。Google’s new offering, which is still in trial form, boasts some handy features. It makes it easy to set up separate groups, thus sparing your boss from seeing your semi-clothed and inebriated party snaps. It also lets up to ten people hold a chat together. But this will probably not be enough to get people to abandon Facebook, which benefits from a powerful network effect: people join it because most of their friends aly have.谷歌的新产品(仍处在测试阶段)具有一些方便的功能。它让创建不同的群变得容易,因此不会让你的老板看到你的半裸和醉态熏熏的派对快照,同时它最多还能容纳十个人在一起视频聊天。但Facebook从强大的网络效应受益良多,这可能也不足以让人们割舍它:人们加入Facebook是因为他们大多数的朋友已经加入。Still, Google’s determination to keep innovating has served it well in its core business of search, where it commands nearly two-thirds of the market in America and an even higher share elsewhere (see chart). It is this dominance that has attracted regulators’ attention in America and abroad. Last November the European Commission announced a similarly sweeping review of Google’s operations.然而,谷歌不断创新的决心对其核心搜索业务帮助很大,在这项业务上谷歌几乎占据美国市场的三分之二,而在其他地区甚至拥有更高份额(见图表)。正是这种优势地位吸引了美国和海外监管者的注意。去年十一月,欧盟委员会宣布对谷歌的业务展开类似的全面调查。201107/144255

Winter strikes Chicago暴风雪袭击芝加哥Shovel y准备就绪Mr Emanuelrsquo;s feeling for snow伊曼纽尔先生对暴雪的反应Ready, steady, snowTHE city of Chicago is proud of its ability to keep going, with gritty determination, through the worst of the nationrsquo;s weather. Snow that would bring London or Washington, DC, to a halt is laughed off as little more than a light dusting. This year some are expecting particularly bad weather, a test for the new mayor, Rahm Emanuel. He must keep the city moving throughout the winter, or face the wrath of the locals.芝加哥市以坚毅的决心使整个城市即使在这个国家最恶劣的天气下也能保持正常运转,芝加哥人以此为傲。那些能让伦敦或华盛顿瘫痪的暴雪在芝加哥人眼里就像一层薄灰。而今年,一些人还特别希望会出现坏天气,因为这是对新市长拉姆bull;伊曼纽尔的考验。他必须使这座城市撑过冬天,要不然就要忍受到市民的怒气。Fortunately, Chicago is well prepared for snowfall which, for the past four winters, has been over 50 inches (127cm). A secure facility on West Madison Street known as ;Snow Command; houses some impressive toys. On one wall vast display-screens reveal everything you might need to know about the cityrsquo;s weather conditions: the whereabouts of the fleet of up to 500 GPS-equipped snow-moving trucks; views from some of the cityrsquo;s 1,000 cameras; the ings from a dozen road sensors (which pick up icy conditions); and a live feed of the regional weather system.幸运的是,芝加哥现在已经做好准备应对过去四年里出现过的最厚50英寸(127厘米)的降雪量。在西麦迪逊街上一个名叫;暴风雪指挥部;的安全机构收藏了一些令人印象深刻的小玩意。在一面墙上挂着巨大的展示屏,揭示你所需要了解的关于这座城市的天气情况:500个装载着GPS导航仪的运雪车队行至哪里了;全市1000部摄像机中的一些所照的照片;十二个路况传感器的读数(他们能监测到冷空气的来临);还有地区天气系统的即时信息。After a storm warning comes in from the National Weather Service, Tom Byrne, the commissioner of the cityrsquo;s Streets and Sanitation Department, watches it move in on cameras in nearby states and at the four outermost corners of Chicago. This tells him exactly when and where the storm will hit. Getting it wrong means chaos on the roads and possibly accidents. But sending teams out needlessly or too early costs the city ,000 an hour.当国家气象局的风暴警报来临时,市街道和卫生部的长官汤姆bull;贝恩在屏幕上看到它从邻市向芝加哥逼近,就在芝加哥的最边缘。这样会使他准确掌握风暴会什么时间在什么地点降临。误读意味着引起骚乱,甚至会出现事故。但是不必要地或过早的派出行动小组会令这个城市每个小时浪费四万美元。The planning started in the humid heat of summer. Mr Emanuel badly wants to avoid a repeat of the previous mayorrsquo;s ;Snowmaggedon; earlier this year. During the big national blizzard in February, hundreds of drivers had to abandon their vehicles. Although plans have been made to avoid this happening again, in extreme weather there are limits to what any city;even Chicago;is able to deal with. Three inches of snow an hour during rush hour and ;wersquo;re cooked,; says Mr Byrne.这项计划从夏天的湿比热着手。伊曼纽尔先生迫切的想避免今年早些时候前任市长遇到过的;雪魔;。二月份遭遇的全国大风雪使数百人不得不中途放弃他们的车辆。虽然已经制定方案来避免这种情况再度发生,但是在极端天气情况下,即使是芝加哥这样的城市也有束手无策的时候。在交通高峰时间,每小时会积累三英寸厚的雪,而按贝恩先生的话说;我们竭尽全力了。;One innovation this year is an internet snow portal. It will allow citizens to organise themselves around snow-clearing activities, adopt a stretch of pavement to clear, offer to share shovels and snowblowers, or even volunteer to clear snow for people who cannot do so themselves. Traditionalists may not be keen to brag on Facebook about how many pavements they have cleared, but plenty of others are;thus helping to sp the cityrsquo;s message that everyone has to do their bit.今年的特别之处在于网上有个暴风雪门户。市民可以利用它来安排清理积雪的活动,选取一大片的人行路来清理,与他人共用铁锹和吹雪机,甚至替不能做的人去清理积雪。传统主义者也许不会热衷于在Facebook上炫耀他们清理了几条马路,但是其他很多人会这么做;;从而帮助宣扬在这个城市里,每个人都要做好自己的本分。More comforting for those feeling abandoned by the city during a storm is that it will soon be possible to see, via the web, exactly where Mr Emanuelrsquo;s snowploughs are and what they are doing. This is precisely the view available back in Snow Command. With snowploughs, shovels and smartphones to hand, the city is y for the stormy blast.对于那些觉得在暴风雪中被这个城市抛弃的人来说,让他们觉得安慰的是,很快就可以通过网络知道伊曼纽尔先生的扫雪车的精确位置以及他们正在做什么。这正是;暴风雪指挥部;发出的图像。有了扫雪机,铁锹和智能手机在身边,这座城市准备好迎接暴风雪了。164950

  Europeans Wrapping Up Parliament Elections欧盟议会选举 选民投票率低 Europeans voted in the last day of European Union parliamentary elections Sunday, with conservative and far-right parties expected to score over the left. Conservatives are expected to control the largest number of seats after election that saw a record low voter turnout.欧洲人星期天在欧盟议会选举的最后一天投票,预计保守派和极右派政党的得票率将超过左派政党。很多欧洲人对这次选举并不热衷。The vote is taking place amid the larger backdrop of the economic crisis, and experts predict this dour atmosphere will generally favor conservative parties across the 27-member European Union. Eight EU countries finished voting in the first three days of the elections, with the rest casting their ballots on Sunday.这次欧盟议会选举是在经济危机的大背景下举行的。有关专家预计,这种令人忧心的气氛一般会对保守派政党有利。在由27个国家组成的欧盟中,8个国家在选举的头三天已经结束投票,其余的国家在星期天进行投票。Britain's Conservative Party is expected to score major gains against Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labor Party. Conservatives in Poland are also expected to fare well in the vote, as is Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Freedom People's Party in Italy.英国保守党预计将在同布朗首相的工党的较量中获得较大领先。波兰的保守派预计也会在投票中表现良好,意大利总理贝卢斯科尼的自由人民党也是一样。In France, too, President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative Union for a Popular Movement party is expected to emerge the winner in the E.U. parliament polls. But here and elsewhere in Europe, the larger sentiment is indifference.在法国,总统萨科齐的保守派“人民运动联盟”预计将在欧盟议会选举中获胜。但是在欧洲的其他地方,选民们总的来说是漠不关心。In the Paris suburb of Le Perreux, residents like Lucille Svay and her husband Chan Phal said they had not voted for their EU parliament representatives.在巴黎的一个郊区,斯威和她的丈夫法尔等当地居民说,他们从来没有为欧盟议会代表投票。Svay said she likes the idea of a European Union, because individual European countries are too small to wield much clout in world affairs. But she says politicians generally fail to live up to their promises, and the European Union overall seems unable to agree on anything.斯威说,她喜欢欧盟的构想,因为单个的欧盟国家都太小,不能在世界事务中发挥重大影响。但是她说,政治家通常都不能兑现他们的诺言,而且整个欧盟似乎都无法就任何事情达成一致。Opinion polls show the Svays are not alone. Fewer than half the European electorate is expected to cast ballots. Many criticize the European Union for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis, and for either meddling too much or too little in their daily lives.民调显示,和斯威有同样看法的人并不少。预计不足一半的欧洲选民将参加投票。很多人批评欧盟在应对经济危机的过程中做的不够,在他们日常生活中不是管得太多,就是照顾的不够。But Ludivine Kedziora, 29, is an EU supporter.但是29岁的凯季奇拉是欧盟的持者。Kedziora says the European Union has granted lots of subsidies to her home region in northern France. This election, she voted for a leftist party because she believes it will do a better job than conservatives to help people cope with the economic crisis.她说,欧盟向她所在的法国北部地区的家乡提供了很多补贴。她在这次选举中投了一个左派政党的票,因为她相信,左派政党在帮助人民应对经济危机方面会比保守派做得更好。But analysts predict that far-right parties, many of them running on anti-immigration platforms, will score gains in this vote.但是分析人士预计,极右派政党会在选举中得到较多的选票。其中很多人都把反移民作为他们的竞选纲领。06/73371

  India is well known for its legions of computer programmers, but the country also has another face as the last bastion of the typewriter. Manual typewriters stayed popular in India long after developed nations had entirely switched to the keyboard and mouse. As recently as the 1990s, the Mumbai plant of a company named Godrej and Boyce was turning out 50,000 typewriters a year. They were popular in a nation where reliable electricity supplies - essential for computers - are still by no means guaranteed.But even in India, typewriter sales have slumped in the last ten years. Gradually, every manufacturer stopped making them, leaving only Godrej's Mumbai plant - and that switched to making fridges two years ago. And now the firm says it only has 500 typewriters left in stock. It's a far cry from the heyday of the 1950s, when India's then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru held up the humble typewriter as a symbol of the nation's independence and industrialisation. The first commercial typewriters were produced in the ed States in the 1860s. The machine was then the dominant office technology for more than a century until the computer came along.【词汇注释】legions of 很多another face 不同的方面the last bastion:最后的供应商manual adj. 手工的turn out 生产 slump v.下滑 in stock: 存货a far cry from: 与……截然不同 the heyday of: the most popular and successful time ofhumble adj.简陋的201110/157544。

  Small Business Report: Safe toys There will be tougher toy safety standards, as Headline News' Jennifer Westhoven reports.Every year they have the annual toy fair, it's happening right now in New York City and safety is the big issue this year, Jennifer Westhoven, Toys R Us says that it's making the toys safer, what else do we know?Well, we know, Robin, that they want stricter standards right, so they are talking about lower amounts of lead in any of the toys, they are talking about phasing out some dangerous chemicals including phthalate, that's a vinyl additive, it's been linked to solve problems in rats. They, obviously, all these companies that sell toys, they do not want any more of these awful headlines about recalls of millions of dangerous toys that are kids' favorite, and that of course frightens parents right out of the toy aisle. Now, Toys R Us is actually, uh, you know, Walmart did this last week, and what's happening is, most of these companies are trying to get out ahead of, they know what's coming next week, next week the Federal Government is going to announce some national standards and all the toy companies, right, they don't wanna look like they're, they don't meet federal standards, they wanna get out ahead of that.All right, here's a sign when it comes to the housing market, and some of the conditions that led up to the mortgage meltdown that we have, that they may be going the way of the dodo. I'm talking about the things like the Ninja loan, when you could get a mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets. A company called MGIC, a major mortgage company, according to San Francisco Chronicle says from now on, no more reduced paper work loans, no mortgages with less than a 5% down payment and no loans for flippers, the owner has to live in that house, and this is at, in major cities across the country. Robin.That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people on that business are flipping houses but now they are saying no loans for the flippers, interesting. (Yeah) Hey, thank you.03/63577

  耶路撒冷市政府的官员说,以色列总理内塔尼亚胡已经悄然冻结了在有争议的东耶路撒冷进行的新的建设项目。自从以色列宣布在东耶路撒冷扩建犹太人社区的计划激怒了美国之后,在七个星期内一直没有新的建设项目获得批准。以色列的声明破坏了一项有关以巴之间展开新和平谈判的协议,并引发了美以关系的深重危机。Israel Said to Be Curbing East Jerusalem ConstructionIsrael could be making a concession aimed at breaking the deadlock in the Middle East peace process.Officials in the Jerusalem Municipality say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has quietly frozen new Israeli construction in the disputed eastern half of the city. No new building projects have been approved in seven weeks, since Israel angered the ed States by announcing plans to expand a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The announcement scuttled an agreement for new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and sparked a deep crisis in U.S.-Israel relations.The ed States backs the Palestinian demand that East Jerusalem should be the capital of a future Palestinian state. But Israel sees East Jerusalem as part of its capital and Mr. Netanyahu has said Israel will not stop building there. Publicly, Mr. Netanyahu must appease his coalition partners who oppose any curbs on construction in Jerusalem. But privately, he is trying to mend fences with Washington and pull the Palestinians back to the negotiating table. Israeli analyst Ra'anan Gissin says the prime minister has no choice, but to make concessions through quiet diplomacy. "Benjamin Netanyahu faces a very tough moment," said Gissin. "I mean he is learning the hard way what many other prime ministers in about 30 years have understood, that you first have to negotiate and strike a deal with the ed States before you can even start any contacts with the Palestinian or with the Arab side."The Palestinian response appears positive. In an interview on Israeli television, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he is y to start indirect peace talks.Mr. Abbas said he will meet with Arab League representatives this Saturday to seek approval for resuming negotiations, and he said he hopes to get a green light. So there is cautious optimism on both sides that peace talks will resume next month after a 16-month stalemate.201004/102613Thai Prime Minister Promises to End Country's Political Conflicts泰总理将和解及复苏列为首要要务   Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva placed national reconciliation and economic recovery at the top of the government's program to end years of political discord on Wednesday. Mr. Abhisit also called for restoration of the rule of law. 泰国总理阿披实星期三表示,他决定将全国和解和经济复苏列为政府计划的首位,以结束多年来的政治纷乱。阿披实同时也呼吁恢复法治。The Thai prime minister said the new government's policies are aimed at ending what he called "artificial divisions" in the country between rural and urban areas, by proposing a plan for a grand reconciliation. 这位泰国总理表示,新政府的政策是通过提出一项广泛的和解计划,致力终止他所说泰国农村和城市地区之间“人为的分隔”。Speaking at a formal dinner for foreign correspondents, Mr. Abhisit said the political divisions have been about different perspectives people hold on the value of democracy. "On one side, they believe that democracy should be about majority rule so that voters, the average voters, concerned should count. But on the other side, they expect democracy to return a government that practices good governance that is transparent and that is accountable. I will prove that you can have both," he said.  在一次为外国记者举行的正式晚餐会上,阿披实表示,政治的分歧是由于人们对民主价值有不同的展望。他说:“在一方面,他们相信民主应该是多数统治,所以选民,也就是一般选民能够发挥作用。但是在另一方面,他们也期待民主可以使政府做出良好的管理,不但透明,而且可靠。我将明可以二者兼得。”Thailand has been wracked by political tensions over the past four years, during the term in office of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Elected in 2001, Mr. Thaksin's built political support with populist economic programs in the country's rural areas through low cost health care and low cost loans to villages for rural development. 泰国在前总理他信过去4年在任期间受困于政治紧张。于2001年当选总理的他信,通过提供低廉医疗照顾和为农村地区提供低息贷款等在泰国农村地区广受欢迎的经济计划,建立起他的政治持基础。After five years in office, Mr. Thaksin faced increasing street protests from Thailand's urban middle class that accused him of corruption and abuse of power. He was ousted from government in a coup in September 2006.  但是在任5年后,他信面临了越来越多泰国城市中产阶层的街头示威,他们指控他腐败和滥用权力。在2006年9月的一次政变中他信被推翻。But politicians aligned with Mr. Thaksin won elections in December 2007. While Mr. Thaksin returned to Thailand in early 2008, he later fled the country in the face of corruption charges. He now lives abroad. 但是和他信结盟的政治人物在2007年的选举中获胜。虽然他信于2008年初返回泰国,但是不久又因面临腐败控罪而再度逃亡。他信现在外国居住。Thailand suffered political unrest throughout 2008, including street protests, and the occupation of a government administrative building and the two main airports in Bangkok. Last month, after a court found that the pro-Thaksin party had violated electoral laws, coalition partners gave their support to Mr. Abhisit - leader of the Democrat Party. Speaking on Wednesday, Mr. Abhisit said he hoped to heal Thailand's political divisions. 上个月,在法院发现持他信的政党违反选举法后,他信的政治盟友转而持民主党领袖阿披实。阿披实星期三表示,他希望弥合泰国的政治分歧。"You can have a government that responds to ordinary people's needs without getting involved with corruption, without abusing power, without violating the rights of the people or your opponents. And if we can prove that, that would truly be a grand reconciliation of the diverse people that make up this great country of Thailand," he said.  他说:“你可以有一个回应一般人民需要但是又不贪污、不滥权、不违反人民或政治对手权利的政府。如果你能够明这点,就能够在泰国这个伟大国家中实现多元人民的巨大和解。”Pro-Thaksin groups had vowed to maintain protests against the government. But recent bi-elections over the weekend indicate a possible swing in support for Mr. Abhisit's coalition. 但是在过去这个周末的双选举显示,他们可能转向持阿披实的政治联盟。Mr. Abhisit also spoke of the government's economic recovery program aimed at the recession now sweeping global markets.The government's stimulus package, worth more than billion, is intended to boost domestic consumption as well as bolster programs for the rural sector, subsidies for basic services and education, and support for vulnerable groups such as the elderly.01/61106不知道大家听说过电鱼没有...它们往往生活在浑浊的水域当中,依靠发射电流探测出障碍物以及猎物的位置...原理和蝙蝠发出的超声波差不多...在今天的大千世界中,我们就来关注下这类不同寻常的鱼。07/77674

  苹果公司近期发布了一款革命性的无键盘的苹果笔记本电脑MacBook Wheel,其最大的卖点就是那个Wheel,传统的键盘被1个巨大触控圆盘(貌似iPod)代替了,但输入速度却可以用飞快来形容。This world is buzzing over Apple’s latest must-have gadget, the MacBook Wheel, a revolutionary new laptop that does away without keyboard.Tech Trends reporter Jeff Tate has more.Thanks Andrea. Say goodbye to the keyboard and hello to the future of laptop computers. With the MacBook Wheel, Apple has replaced the traditional keyboard with the slick touch-sensitive click wheel. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the product yesterday at the annual Mac expo.Senior Product innovator Brian Gilman says the MacBook Wheel will make typing a thing of the past. Apple’s philosophy is to create products that are simple to use, and nothing is more simple than a single giant button. Gilman showed me how the revolutionary new computer works.Just open the intuitive alphabet here, scroll to the letter you need, see, and center-click to select it. Then click again to capitalize, and repeat this process with new letter. It couldn’t be simpler. Uh… You can also let the predicative sentence technology complete the sentence for you.04/67518But Jobs and his team stick to their vision. In 1991, Pixar gets it break, signing a deal with Disney to produce 3 full-length computer animated films.但是乔布斯和他的团队依旧坚持他们的观点。在1991年皮克斯公司会彻底决裂,和迪斯尼签署一项用计算机制作3部动画电影的协议。I love the Toy Story series, I just do.我喜欢《玩具总动员》系列,我就是喜欢。Toy Story is followed by one hit after another.《玩具总动员》一集接着一集,势头迅猛。We are all proved wrong, yet again by Steve Jobs. He had figured out this was going to be a big thing and he was gonna help make a big thing.史蒂夫?乔布斯再次明我们是错误的。他已经预料到这将会是一次重大事件,他也使它成为重大事件。I dont just love the incredibles. I love Pixar. I love what they are about, what they do, what they stand for the product they put out the product respects the audience.我不只喜欢《超人特工队》。我爱皮克斯公司。我喜欢他们所做的,他们的精良制作让观众为之敬佩。Its bigger than even Steve Jobs could have imagined. In 2006, Disney buys Pixar for 7.4 billion dollars. This mouse proves to be more lucrative for Jobs than this one.事实远超过史蒂夫;乔布斯的想象。在2006年,迪斯尼公司以74亿美元购买皮克斯公司。这只老鼠在乔布斯看起来更加唯利是图。词语解释:1. vision n. 洞察力,眼光2. incredible a. 难以置信的3. audience n. 观众201111/161919

  Israeli Settlers Disrupt Palestinian Olive Harvest以定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄 An annual Palestinian harvest means trouble in the occupied territories. 巴勒斯坦人一年一度的橄榄收获季节到来了,然而,这却意味著约旦河被占领土上麻烦的开始。Jewish settlers attacked two news photographers covering the Palestinian olive harvest in the West Bank. Video showed four Israelis move into a grove near their settlement where Palestinians were picking olives with the help of Israeli and foreign supporters. The settlers punched and kicked the Palestinian photographers and grabbed one of their cameras. They also assaulted a British activist. One of the photographers threw stones at the settlers. 以色列定居者袭击了两名前来报导约旦河西岸巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄情况的新闻摄影记者。录像显示,四名以色列人进入了定居点附近的一个树丛,当时,巴勒斯坦人正在那里采摘橄榄,另外还有一些以色列人和外国持者在给他们帮忙。四名定居者对巴勒斯坦摄影记者拳打脚踢,并抢走了其中一人的照相机。他们还袭击了一名英国活动分子。录像上,一名摄影记者向定居者投掷石块。It was the latest in a series of attempts by militant settlers to disrupt the annual olive harvest which is vital to the Palestinian economy. Israeli police intervened and broke up the brawl. There were no serious injuries and the settlers were allowed to walk away. 这是激进的以色列定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人一年一度收获橄榄的最新一次企图。橄榄是巴勒斯坦经济的重要组成部分。以色列警察前来干预,驱散了吵闹的人群。没有人在冲突中受重伤,定居者后来被放走了。Palestinian parliamentarian Moustafa Barghouti was there. 巴勒斯坦议员巴尔古提当时也在冲突现场。"Palestinian villagers are encountering a terrible war by the Israeli illegal settlers and the Israeli army against their trees, against their land," he said. "We are here to help them in a peaceful, non-violent resistance to maintain their land." 他说:“巴勒斯坦村民正在经历一场可怕的战争,以色列的非法定居者,以色列军队针对他们的树林、他们的土地发起的战争。我们到这里来帮助他们,以和平和非暴力的方式来抵抗,来保护他们自己的土地。”The settlers say disrupting the olive harvest is a legitimate response to repeated Palestinian vandalism and attacks. 以色列定居者说,干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄是对巴勒斯坦人一再发动破坏和袭击的最合理的还击。200810/53322

  Air France to Replace Speed Sensors on Airbus Jets法航换空客仪器搜索队又找到尸体 As search crews continued to look for more bodies and wreckage from last week's Air France plane crash, the French carrier has decided to immediately replace suspect speed sensors with new ones on all its long-haul Airbus carriers.法国航空公司决定立即用新仪器来更换空中客车飞机上怀疑有问题的速度传感器。在此同时,搜救人员继续在寻找上星期法航坠毁班机的乘客尸体以及残骸。The speed sensors are suspected in playing a part in last week's air crash over the Atlantic Ocean. An investigation into the incident has found the devices appeared to have provided inconsistent data to the pilots. One French pilots union, ALER, has urged its pilots not to fly the Airbus planes in question until these sensors are replaced.速度传感器被怀疑是造成上星期大西洋海域上飞机坠毁事件的一部分原因。对这一空难进行的调查发现,这一设备似乎给飞行员提供了前后不一致的数据。法国飞行员联盟欧特,敦促它的飞行员们在更换传感器前不要驾驶有问题的空中客车飞机。But on Tuesday, the main French pilots union SPNL announced Air France had agreed to immediately equip all of its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft with new speed sensors. SPNL spokesman Eric Derivry told French media that Air France was replacing the sensors as of Tuesday, and that all the long-haul craft would have at least two of the new devices. Air France had earlier announced it would put in the new sensors but had offered no calendar. Airbus had also advised its customers to replace the sensors.然而,星期二,法国主要的飞行员联盟全国航班飞行员工会的发言人德里夫里说,法航同意立即在所有空中客车A330型以及A340型飞机上装设新的速度传感器。德里夫里告诉法国媒体,法航星期二更换了传感器,并且每架长途飞机都会有至少两个新仪器。法航稍早前宣布,他们将装上新传感器,但是没有提出日程表。空中客车也建议它的客户更换传感器。Derivry said properly functioning speed sensors were critical for pilots to navigate planes. He said there appeared a strong possibility that faulty sensors could have caused the crash even if there was no direct link.德里夫里表示,正常运作的速度传感器对飞行员操纵飞机起着关键作用。他表示,有问题的传感器看来有很大的可能导致了这次坠机事件,尽管没有直接的联系。Meanwhile, search crews working off Brazil returned the first of more than two dozen recovered bodies to land. According to news reports, they have also recovered a large tail section of the plane. Nearly 228 passengers and crew were aboard the Air France airliner when it disappeared over the Atlantic last week. The crash was the airline industry's deadliest in years, and the worst in Air France's history.与此同时,在巴西海岸工作的搜索队伍已经找到20多具尸体,并将其中的第一具尸体送回陆地。根据最新报导,他们同时也找到了飞机的一大块尾翼。上星期,当法航447班机在大西洋上空消失时,有228名乘客以及机组人员在飞机上。这次坠机是航空业多年来最致命的一次,也是法航史上最严重的一次。06/73717。


  Sex job ads banned at employment officesBritain is to ban employers looking for lap dancers, strippers, topless barmaids or sexy web-cam performers from placing adverts at Jobcentres.Such a ban had previously been in place at the taxpayer-funded employment exchanges but that changed seven years ago when Ann Summers, a sex toys and suggestive lingerie retailer, successfully argued at the High Court that it was unlawful.Now the government plans to legislate to protect vulnerable jobseekers who are keen to get back to work from feeling they have to consider jobs that they are not comfortable with, Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said in a statement."We shouldn't put vulnerable people in an environment where they're exposed to these types of jobs and could feel under pressure to work in the sex industry."The statement specified that Jobcentres would no longer advertise jobs "that involve the direct sexual stimulation of others" because public money should not be a conduit to such work.However, Jobcentres will continue to advertise other types of vacancies in the adult entertainment sector, such as cleaning jobs in striptease clubs.Vocabulary:employment exchange: (Brit) a former name for employment office(职业介绍所)conduit: an agency or means of access, communication, etc.(中转机构)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110550

  The iPhone in some sense also changed the world. It changed everything.iPhone在某种程度上也改变了世界。它甚至改变了一切。This is about blogging protests in realtime.它能实时的让你在客中畅所欲言。This is about getting news about your grandmother in realtime.它能实时的让你得到你的祖母的消息。Its about seeing people you havent seen in years through a device that youre holding on to and thats whats powerful about having something so connected in such a really meaningful way at all times.它能实时的让你通过手中的设备和自己很多年没见过的人联系,这种设备如此强大以致于它能无时无刻让你的生活锦上添花。Jobs micromanages every step of the iPhones development, rejecting several prototypes.乔布斯见了iPhone每一步的发展,他当初也曾拒绝过几个最初的原型。词语解释:1. device n. 设备2. powerful a. 强力的 163289

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