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Its easy to say that youre going to encourage feedback 当然说鼓励反馈容易but its hard to do 做起来难because unfortunately it doesnt always 因为听到的反馈come in a format we want to hear it 往往不是我们想要的那种When I first started at Google 当我刚开始在Google工作时I had a team of four people 我的团队里面有四个人and it was really important to me 所以对我而言that I interview everyone who was on my team 由我自己来面试团队的每个成员就尤其重要It felt like being part of my team meant I had to know you 要成为我的团队的一份子 我必须了解你When the team had grown to about 100 people 当团队增长到大约有100人的时候I realized it was taking longer to schedule my interviews 我意识到在面试上花的时间越来越多So one day at my meeting of just my direct reports 所以有一天在我的报告会上I said maybe I should stop interviewing 我说也许我应该停止面试fully expecting them to jump in and say 那时我完全预计他们会打断我说no, your interviews are a critical part of the process 不行 你的面试是流程中很重要的一步They applauded 然而他们都对此非常赞赏Then they fell over themselves explaining that 然后他们转过来解释说I was the bottleneck of all time 我一直都是流程中的瓶颈I was embarrassed 我先是觉得羞愧Then I was angry and I spent a few hours just quietly fuming 然后恼怒 我花了几个小时的时间生闷气Why didnt they tell me I was a bottleneck? 他们为什么不告诉我我是瓶颈?Why did they let me go on slowing them down? 为什么他们不阻止我拖大家的后腿?Then I realized that if they hadnt told me 后来我明白了 如果没人告诉我it was my fault 那这就是我的错I hadnt been open enough 我还不够开怀told them that I wanted that feedback 没有告诉他们 我想要他们的反馈and I would have to change that going forward 我决定从此改变这点When youre the leader 当你是领导it is really hard to get good feedback and honest feedback 得到有用的真实的反馈是很难的no many how many times you ask for it 哪怕你反复要求One trick Ive discovered is that 我发现的一个小技巧I try to speak really openly about the things Im bad at 是尝试主动地谈论你的某些缺点because that gives people permission to agree with me 因为这样会让人愿意来认同我which is a lot easier than pointing it out in the first place 这比直接指出我的缺点要容易许多To take one of many possible examples 从众多可能中举个例子来说when things are unresolved I can get a tad anxious 当事情没有搞定时 我会有点焦躁Really, when anythings unresolved 真的 只要有事情没有搞定I get a lot anxious 我会变得非常焦躁Im quite certain no one has accused me of being too calm 我敢肯定没人会说我过于冷静201511/410527。

I strongly believe that the best is yet to come, with universal access to education to feed our collective intelligence, with our commitment to meet and organize in places like this, with students like you--we can be so close to create a network of intellects, an enormous think tank devoted to share the best ideas and inspiring each other to keep learning, keep informing, and keep advancing our world, and finding solutions to our common issues. Wouldnt that be great?我深信最美好的日子还没有来到。通过普及教育来丰富我们集体的知识宝库,通过我们的努力把大家召集到类似今天这种地方,在像你们这样的学生当中——建立起一个知识网络,一个巨大的思想库就近在咫尺,通过知识网络和思想库来分享最好的思想,激励彼此不断学习,不断增长知识,以及让我们的世界不断发展前进,并为我们共同关心的问题找到解决方法。那样该多好啊!We have evolved so far in history with so many technological advances in just the past century, so, how will we evolve in the next ten years, or twenty years, or fifty years--now that we know that the world has shrunk and has become just one big neighborhood.在人类历史的长河中,我们繁衍生息,不断发展进步,走到今天。在过去一个世纪中我们取得了许多科技进步,那么在未来的十年,二十年,或五十年中我们又将如何发展呢?我们知道现在世界已经变小了,演化成了一个大社区。You are the architects of change. So tell me, how many things that seem inconceivable today will be obvious tomorrow? How long will man live? How will society be structured? Will we still be organized in couples, in communities with very nice governance? Sadly, at the current pace of change, we wont have universal access to education in a hundred years, let alone five. That is unacceptable.你们是这些新变化的设计师。那么请告诉我,有多少在今天看来不可思议的事情会在明天成为现实?人类将会活多久?社会将会如何组成?我们还会实行夫妻制吗?我们还会以社区为居住单位吗?悲哀的是,按照目前的速度,我们再用100年也无法普及教育,更别说5年了。这个事实让人难以接受。Especially, when the world has the resources to feed itself several times over, then, why are children starving? Latin America, alone has 3 times the necessary abundance to feed its entire population.尤其是,当这个世界有成倍的资源用来养活自己的时候,为什么孩子们还在挨饿?只拉丁美洲一个洲就拥有能够供给其三倍人口的充裕食物。These children cant wait, they cant wait a hundred more years.这些孩子不能再等100年了。201401/272601。

And to all of the Board of Trustees, I truly thank you我还要由衷地感谢校董会全体成员And I have to send a shout out to the members of the class of 1964我还要为1964届毕业生喝Happy 50th50周年快乐You all know you all are going to have to turn up tonight right?你们都知道今晚会出席对吧Alright now, aint no party like a Diddy party好 没有什么派对能比得过吹牛老爹的派对You all know how you all are doing back in 1964你们都知道1964年你们在干什么dancing跳舞and I have to, I have to give a special thanks我需要给你们特别的感谢I need you guys to understand how blessed you are我希望你们知道自己有多幸运I met your intern president and now we changed that to permanent president我碰到了你们的实习校长 现在则变成了永久校长because I dont like that intern thing, you feel me?我不喜欢实习这种说法 能理解吗Its like being stuck in purgatory这就像就被卡在炼狱之中You know?知道吗I sat down with this man, he came to see me我和这个男人坐在一起 他来看我and he was one of the most intelligent, forward thinking他是和我坐在一起进过餐的contemporary brothers that Ive ever sat down and broke b with最有智慧 最有前瞻性的当代兄弟Dr. Frederick弗雷德里克士Thank you so much for making this day happen谢谢你让这一天成为了现实And to my fellow honorees, I congratulate you我还要祝贺和我一同获得荣誉学位的人Im humbled to be in such a great company我很荣幸能为成为大家中的一员and most importantly最重要的是I want to thank you我要感谢你们the class of 20142014届毕业生for blessing me with this opportunity to speak to you on this monumental day给予我在纪念意义非凡的日子里发表演讲的机会Thank you for sharing this moment with me感谢你们让我一起共享这份喜悦And I want to thank all the students, all the faculty, and alumni我要感谢所有的学生 教职员工和校友who answered my call on social media你们响应了我在社交媒体上的号召See I needed your help with this speech我的演讲需要你们的帮助because I wanted to make you proud因为我要让你们感到自豪I wanted you to know how grateful我希望你们知道and appreciative I am for being honored and recognized my Howard family霍华德这个大家庭对我的认可让我有多感激201412/350695。

MR. MORRISON: Well, thank you. Aloha. I want to welcome everyone. And for our online audience, and also for the Secretary, I’d like to describe who is here in our audience. We have the mayor of Honolulu, Mayor Caldwell. We have our senator, Mazie Hirono. We have our former governor, George Ariyoshi, and our other former governor, John Waihee. We have many members of the business and intellectual and public affairs community here in Honolulu. We have members of the diplomatic corps. We have members of our men and women in uniform. We have the members of the board of governors of the East-West Center. We have the staff of the East-West Center. We have friends of the East-West Center. And most importantly, we have future leaders of the Asia Pacific region. And I was just telling the Secretary, I think yesterday we welcomed 130 new participants from the ed States and 40 other countries. They’re here on a unique program to prepare them for being future regional and global leaders.Now, how do you introduce a man who is so well-known for his own leadership and --SECRETARY KERRY: First thing, you can just tell everybody to sit down.MR. MORRISON: Oh. (Laughter.) Please sit down, yes. (Laughter.) Thank you, Mr. Secretary. Anyway, as you know, he has served in war and peace. He was a senator for 28 years; 59 million Americans voted for him for president, including 54 percent of the voters of Hawaii. (Laughter and applause.) But as a former senate staff person, I thought the way to really check him out was to see how his confirmation hearing went. Now, the issues were controversial but the nominee was not controversial, and what his former colleagues said about him, Republicans and Democrats, I think give the essence of the man: extremely well prepared, born in a Foreign Service family, served all 28 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, four years as the chairman of that committee. He knows the languages – several foreign languages, countries, leaders, and issues. He is a man of incredible moral and intellectual integrity. He brings conviction and compassion to his job and great energy. He has been, I think, on his seventh trip to Asia, coming back and so we want to welcome him back to the ed States. We want to welcome him to our most Asia Pacific state, and we want to welcome him to the East-West Center, an institution that’s building community with this vast region which is so systemically important to the future of the ed States.Mr. Secretary of State. (Applause.)SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you. Well, good afternoon, everybody. Aloha. It’s wonderful to be here in Hawaii, and man, I can’t tell you how I wish I was as relaxed as some of you in your beautiful shirts. (Laughter.) Here I am in my – whatever you call it – uniform. Uniform, some would say. But it is such a pleasure to be here. Mr. Mayor, it’s great to be here with you. And Mazie, thank you. It’s wonderful to see you, Senator. I’m very happy to see you. Thanks for being here. And governors, thank you for being here very much.Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests all, it’s a great, great pleasure for me to be able to be here. And President Morrison, thank you very much for that generous introduction. I appreciate it very much.Charles was way ahead of the curve, folks, in seeing the trend towards regionalism in the Asia Pacific in the early 1990s. And he was calling for community-building within East Asia well before it became a standard topic of discussion on the think tank circuit. So clearly, and to everyone’s benefit, he’s had an ability to focus on the long game. And that is a talent that he actually shares with one of the founding fathers of this institution, a former colleague, beloved to all of you, who became a great friend to me, and that’s Senator Dan Inouye. During my sort of latter years, I actually moved up to about seventh in seniority or something in the ed States Senate, and had I not been appointed to this job, with all of the retirements that are taking place, I don’t know, I might have been third or fourth or something, which is kind of intimidating. But as a result of that, I got to sit beside the great Dan Inouye for four or five years in the Senate. Our desks were beside each other, and we became very good friends. He was one of the early supporters of mine when I decided to run for President in ’04, ’03. But most importantly, Dan Inouye, as all of you know, was a patriot above all who commanded remarkable respect and affection of all of his colleagues. And Hawaii was so wise to keep him in office for so many years.Having just visited yesterday Guadalcanal, having stood up on what was called Bloody Ridge, Edson’s Ridge, and walked into one of the still remaining bunkers that Marines were dug in on against 3,000-plus Japanese who kept coming at them wave after wave in the evening, it’s – it was a remarkable sense of the battle that turned the war. And no place knows the meaning of all of that better than here in Hawaii.Yesterday commemorated really one of the great battles of the Second World War, and so it gave me a chance to reflect with special pride and with humility about Dan’s service to our country. He was a hero in the war, against difficult circumstances which we all understand too well. But he became the first Japanese American to serve in the House of Representatives and the ed States Senate, against all the odds of what was still a prevailing sense in our country of misunderstanding between people. And he just never let that get in the way. He shared a very personal commitment to strengthening ties between the ed States and the Asia Pacific. And that’s why he championed the East-West Center for decades, and I want you to know that President Obama and I strongly support your mission of bringing people together to think creatively about the future of our role in the region and how we overcome the kinds of inherent, visceral differences that sometimes are allowed to get in the way of relationships, and frankly, in the way of common sense.We remember too well in America that slavery was written into our Constitution long before it was written out of it. And we all know the struggle that it took – excuse me – to write it out. So as we look at the world today – complicated, difficult, tumultuous, volatile – for so many of us who have spent decades working on issues central to the Asia Pacific, there’s actually something particularly exciting about this moment. It’s almost exhilarating when you look at Asia’s transformation. And like Dan Inouye, I have had the privilege, as many of you have here I can see, you’ve lived a lot of that transformation firsthand.A number of my – (coughing) – excuse me, it’s the virtue of many hours in an airplane. A number of my ancestors from Boston and from Massachusetts were merchants whose ships dropped anchor in Hong Kong as they plied the lonely trade routes to China. My grandfather, actually, was born in Shanghai and was a businessman who had a partnership with a Chinese businessman. So in our family and in Massachusetts, we’ve had a long sense of the possibilities and of this relationship. Today, East Asia is one of the largest, fastest growing, most dynamic regions in the entire world. And when the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations are complete, about 40 percent of global GDP will be linked by a high-standard trade agreement, a trade agreement that creates a race to the top, not a race to the bottom, where people understand the rules of engagement and there’s accountability and transparency, and business and capital know exactly what the rules of the road will be so they’re attracted to invest each in each other’s countries.After college, I had the privilege of serving in the ed States Navy. And I went through Pearl Harbor. I had a remarkable several days here as a young officer on a frigate before we set sail to cross the Pacific. And I drove all over the island everywhere, in places I probably wasn’t supposed to. But I loved it and then spent a second tour in the rivers of Vietnam. And back then, the word Vietnam – just saying Vietnam – carried with it an ominous meaning. It meant war. It meant huge dissent in America, families torn apart. But today, Vietnam, when you say it, has a whole different meaning to most people. It’s now a dynamic country filled with economic opportunity. It’s a market for our businesses and our investors. It’s a classroom for our children. It has one of the largest Fulbright programs in the world. And it’s a partner in tackling regional economic and security challenges.Such extraordinary transformations have actually become almost the norm in this region. I’ll never forget, 15 years ago, I visited in then Burma – no confusion with Myanmar but now people choose what they want to call it. But I visited with Daw Aung Sung Sui Kyi in the very home in which she was imprisoned for nearly two decades. And this week, I had the privilege of again going back to the very same house – it hadn’t changed, looked the same. She, by the way, 20 years later looks the same. And she is now free to speak her mind as a member of parliament.It’s remarkable. It doesn’t mean all the president are solved. But these transformations are just some of what makes Asia the most exciting and promising places on the planet.I am returning, as President Morrison has said, from actually my sixth trip to the Asia Pacific in 18 months as Secretary of State. And later today, I’ll be meeting with our outstanding Commander of ed States Forces in the Pacific to review a range of America’s formidable military presence issues. I have returned again and again to this region – I can’t tell you how many times I went, Mazie, as a senator to the region. And we are now – we take our enduring interests there, obviously, very, very seriously.201504/367800。

Hi, this is A.G. Lafley. And I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Peter F. Drucker Academy in Hong Kong and Beijing for being chosen among the first Honoary Drucker Fellows. I am honored and I am humbled to be among such distinguished list of fellow honor ace.各位好,我是阿兰·乔治·雷夫利。在此十分感激香港和北京的彼得·德鲁克管理学院。我非常高兴能成为首批彼得·德鲁克管理学院的荣誉院士。能路身这么非凡的荣誉院士名单内,我感到很荣幸也很惭愧。Peter Drucker continues to be a great influence on me. I did not realize it at the time but I grow up with Peter. My father spent 25 years in management at GE and another decade in Chase Manhattan. He met Peter at GE’s Crotonvile management and training facility in the 1950s and always had Drucker’s books and he studied at home. Though I had no interest in business as a high school or undergraduate student I would through Drucker classic such as The Effective Executive and The Practice of Management. Later, when I was in the ed States navy I grew more interested in business, well running service and retail operations at US air base in Japan. And I returned to Drucker.彼得·德鲁克先生一直对我有莫大的影响,当时我并没有意识到,但是我却是在彼得·德鲁克先生的影响下成长起来的。我的父亲在通用电气做了 25年的管理工作,又在美国大通曼哈顿公司工作了10年。他是在20世纪50年代在通用电气的克劳顿管理及培训资源中心认识彼得的。此后我父亲在家经常学习德鲁克先生的著作。尽管我在高中及大学时期对商业并不感兴趣,但我已经拜读过德鲁克先生的经典著作,如《卓有成效的管理 者》及《管理的实践》。之后当我在美国海军工作时开始对商业感兴趣了。因为我当时负责美国海军航空驻日基地的务与零售营运。我重读了德鲁克的著作。I finally meet Peter in person at 1999. We talked for several hours for every question I posed Peter had one or two more things to think about. Persistently he urged me to choose to focus on a few wide strategies and decisions that would make a great difference for Pamp;G. He challenged me to understand the unique leadership challenges of managing and organization of knowledge workers in the 21st century. 我最终在1999年有幸亲自拜会了德鲁克先生。我们交谈了数个小时,我所提出的每一个问题,德鲁克先生都有一个或更多的想法和思考。他不断地激励我选择关注一些宏观的策略和商业决定以使得宝洁(Pamp;G )卓尔不凡。他也让我明白管理21世纪的知识工作者们是当今领袖所面对的独特挑战。201401/271684。

Maybe thats just the world we live in. But graduates, this is your world to change.也许我们生存于此的世界就是这样。但是毕业生们,这个世界将由你们来改变。As I said, I am a proud son of the South. Its my home, and I will always love it.正如我所说的,我是一个骄傲的南方孩子。那里是我的家,我将永远爱它。But for the last 17 years Ive built a life in Silicon Valley; its a special place.但17年来,我已经在硅谷建立了生活,这是一个特别的地方。The kind of place where theres no problem that cant be solved.一个没有不能解决的问题的地方。No matter how difficult or complex, thats part of its essential quality. A very sincere sort of optimism.无论问题有多么困难或复杂,这是这个地方的基本特性之一。一种很真诚的乐观。Back in the 90s, Apple ran an advertising campaign we called “Think Different.”早在90年代,苹果进行了一场广告宣传活动,我们称之为“不同凡想”。It was pretty simple. Every ad was a photograph of one of our heroes.活动非常简单。每个伟人的一张照片就是一个广告。People who had the audacity to challenge and change the way we all live.勇于大胆挑战的人改变了我们生活的方式。People like Gandhi and Jackie Robinson, Martha Graham and Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart and Miles Davis.一些像甘地和杰基·罗宾森,玛莎格雷厄姆和阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦,爱蜜莉亚埃尔哈特和迈尔斯·戴维斯这样的人。These people still inspire us. They remind us to live by our deepest values and reach for our highest aspirations.这些人至今仍激励着我们。他们提醒我们以自己最深信的价值观为生,实现我们最高的目标。They make us believe that anything is possible.他们让我们相信,一切皆有可能。A friend of mine at Apple likes to say the best way to solve a problem is to walk into a room full of Apple engineers and proclaim, “this is impossible.”我一个在苹果公司的朋友总喜欢说,解决问题的最好方法就是走进满是苹果工程师的屋子里宣告:“这是不可能的。”I can tell you, they will not accept that. And neither should you.我可以告诉你,他们不会接受,你也不应该。So thats the one thing Id like to bring to you all the way from Cupertino, California.这就是我从大老远的库比蒂诺,加利福尼亚跑来想与你们分享的一件事。201512/418127。

The other day I went to an amusement park with my soon to be four-year-old son and I watched him play arcade games.有一天我和我快四岁大的儿子去了游乐园,我看着他玩街机游戏。He was incredibly focused, throwing his ball at the target.他非常专注的把球往靶子上扔。Jewish mother that I am, I skipped twenty steps, and was aly imagining him as a major league player.作为一名犹太母亲,我跳过20个步骤,已经开始想象他是一个大联盟的球员。With what is his aim and his arm and his concentration, but then I realized what he want.投球精准,手臂健壮,全神贯注,但是后来我意识到了他想要的是什么。He was playing to trade in his tickets for the crappy plastic toys.他玩这个是为了得到票以换取那些粗劣的塑料玩具。The prize was much more exciting than the game to get it.奖品远比游戏过程令人兴奋。I of course want to urge him to take joy and the challenge of the game, the improvement upon practice, the satisfaction of doing something well, and even feeling the accomplishment when achieving the games goals.我当然想敦促他享受游戏的欢乐和挑战,在练习中进步,表现优越而获得满足感,甚至是在达到游戏目标时的成就感。But all these aspects were shaded by the little ten-cent plastic man, with sticky stretchy blue arms that adhere to the walls.但所有这些方面都被十美分的塑料小人玩具给遮盖了,它有着可以粘在墙壁上的蓝色手臂。That was the prize.这就是所谓奖品。In a childs nature, we see many of our innate tendencies.从一个孩子的天性中,我们看到了我们许多与生俱来的倾向。I saw myself in him and perhaps you do too.我在他身上看到了自己,也许你们也看到了自身。Prizes serve as false idols everywhere, prestige, wealth, fame, power.奖品作为虚假偶像无处不在,声誉,财富,名声,力量。You will be exposed to many of these, if not all.你将会接触到很多,至少也会碰到几个。Of course part of why I was invited to come to speak today beyond my being a proud alumna is that Ive recruited some very coveted toys in my life, including a not so plastic, not so crappy one, an Oscar.当然今天我被邀请来演讲的部分原因除了我是一个骄傲的女校友外,是因为我在人生中收集了一些非常令人垂涎的玩具,不像塑料那么廉价,也不那么蹩脚,一座奥斯卡小金人。So we bump up against the common troll I think of the commencement address people who have achieved a lot telling you that the fruits of the achievement are not are not always to be trusted.我们通常在毕业典礼演讲上碰到的烦心事那就是取得了许多成功的人告诉你成功的果实并不总是值得信任。But I think that contradiction can be reconciled and in fact instructed.但是我认为矛盾实际上是可以协调的,并且具有教导意义。Achievement is wonderful when you know why youre doing it.成就是美好的,当你知道你为什么这么做的时候。And when you dont know, it can be a terrible trap.如果你不知道,它就可能变成可怕的陷阱。201506/381689。