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Famous Songs-“Mack the Knife”; Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods; stem versus stalk versus shoot; using one middle name as one first name; indeedWords:gangstermoritatup-tempojackknifebillowto oozecementserial killerreservationpetroglyphprehistoricstemstalkshootindeed 66。

时常坚强地面对这个世界的每一天,并虚心地告诉自己一个人的力量是有限的时常明智地提醒自己并非知晓一切,并可爱的相信奇迹的出现总之,时常做一个真实的你Always BeAlways be understanding to your enemies,Loyal to your friends.Always be strong enough to face the world each day,Weak enough to know that you cannot do everything alone.Always be generous to those who need your help,Frugal with that you need yourself.Always be wise enough to know that you do not know everything,Foolish enough to believe in miracles.Always be willing to share your joys,Willing to share the sorrows of others.Always be a leader when you see a path that others have missed,A follower when you are shrouded by the mists of uncertainty.Always be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds,The last to criticize a colleague who fails.Always be sure where your next step will fall, so that you will not tumble,Sure of your final destination, in case you are going the wrong way.Always be loving to those who love you,Loving to those who do not love you; they may change.You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Above all, always be yourself. 1。

过完惬意的夏日假期,回归繁忙生活和工作的人们时常会莫名地感到疲惫、压抑、脾气暴躁,这就是典型的“假期后综合征”该如何克呢? Remember these? Sunshine, waves, lazy days, lounging in lazy rivers. It wasn't that long ago but now you are back to this. If you are feeling run down, cranky, a little bit depressed these days, you may be suffering from something called PVS, Post Vacation Syndrome. PVS isn't found in any reputable medical journals, but it's gaining attention among psychologists who say they really do see a spike in people in need of help every year around this time. You start having people complain almost immediately right around this time of the year, right after the Labor Day, people are anticipating a change in the weather. Just a few weeks ago you are boogie boarding with the kids, now those kids are back in school, which means parents are busy helping with homework and after school activities. Temperatures are starting to dip and the sun is setting earlier. The lack of sunshine seems to help us produce melatonin, makes us feel sluggish, more lethargic. We start to eat a little bit more...Dr. Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic says one way to beat post vacation syndrome is to get moving. A doctor recent study found exercise may work as well as anti-depressant some people. And just because the big summer vaca is over, doesn't mean you can't work in a few mini breaks. Have a movie night, get a board game night,going little ways that you can take breaks, and maybe even schedule in days off. Change can be good, even if you go from walking the dunes to pounding the pavement. 61。

qnO,mkjMX%s.J0wB89AwZntY;0E@ha5cb+1-ZQ|EO9lBrent was at the stop light. His car radio was on. The music was very loud. Brent liked to listen to loud music in his car. A police car pulled up next to Brent. The policeman looked at Brent. He shouted, “Pull over to the side of the road.” Brent said, “What?” The policeman said, “Pull over to the side of the road.” Brent pulled over to the side of the road. The policeman said, “Do you know why I am giving you a ticket?” Brent said, “You are giving me a ticket? Why are you giving me a ticket?” The policeman said, “Because your radio is too loud.”jd1cEh6enXfP#tm!-)5UPE*ujcv#*IBMC*Xgw~(uvc351v8D7q3My8.%F 3855。

The Boston Tea Party; American Authors-Edna St. Vincent Millay; biological parent versus birth parent versus real parent; existing versus existent; That going to do it todayWords:harborcolonistto take revengetaxto be representedpatriotintolerablepoemto be publishedliberalpen nameisolatedbiological parent birth parentreal parentexistingexistentThat going to do it today 360。

pilot飞行员,license许可,vessel船Can Pilots Fly?The Great Lakes Laboratory employed a licensed boat captain its research vessel. It was common knowledge that the captain couldn’t swim.When newcomers learned of this, they would often approach him about it. “Is it true? You, a boat captain, can’t swim?”“No, I can’t! ” he replied. “Can pilots fly?”飞行员会飞吗?五大湖实验室雇用一位有执照的船长开研究用的船大家都知道这个船长不会游泳当新来的人知道这事以后,他们常常会去问他:“这是真的吗?你一个船长不会游泳?”他回答说:“我是不会游泳那飞行员就一定会飞吗?”1.pilot飞行员pilot可以作动词用,可以指“带领”:pilot ab. out into the street把某人领出屋子带到街上;也有“试用”的意思:Practically all these devices saving time and labour have been piloted in the fifties.这些节约时间和劳动力的策略在50年代差不多都试验过了.Great Lakes 北美洲中东部的五大湖,包括密歇根、苏必利尔、休伦、伊利、安大略湖3.license许可a licensing examination 驾驶执照考试 They’re only licensed beer and expensive wine.他们仅获准出售啤酒和名酒. vessel船a fishing vessel 渔船;a vessel in distress遇险船5. newcomer新来的人/新近出现的事物a newcomer to that city 新到那个城市的人A newcomer to many schools is close-circuit television.不少学校新装了闭路电视6.captain船长captain可以指很多种职位,总结一下:领袖,战略家/副将,海军上校/空军上尉,第一飞行员/列车长,工头,老板,班长 19。

A:I am the kind-of person that if I was struggling financially, luckily I have been lucky and I am not struggling financially, but if I was the kind-of person struggling financially and I saw somebody who wasn't, I would be more than happy to sail them doing their fair share. I would say wait a minute, look at me, I am struggling, why aren't you guys who aren't struggling. I'm always looking to blame somebody. So that's... Why? is it automatic, is that human nature?我是那种在赚钱方面很努力的人,型号我很幸运,钱方面我并不用拼命去挣但是如果我是那种拼命赚钱的人,而且我看到有人不努力,我会更愿意让他们去努力,我会说等等,看看我,我很努力,你们这些小伙子为什么不努力我看上去总是在责备某人所以那就是……为什么?那是惯性?还是人的本性?B:Not really, I mean, one of the best things about American is we don't really resent other people's success, but there is two issues...并不是那样,我的意思是,美国人的优点之一是我们不憎恨他国的成功,但是有有个争论的是?A:What about Llano?那Llano(加利福尼奇的管辖区)呢?B:There is an exception to every rule.每条规则都有例外A:Yeah, I would say what you said.是的,我会说你刚才所说的【词汇注释】financially adv. 财政上; 金融上sail v.驾驶blame v. 责备automatic adj.必然的; 习惯性的resent v.憎恨exception n.例外 777。