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You can’t stop the clock, you can’t turn back the hands of time, blah, blah, blah. But you can age more gracefully.你不能让时钟停止转动,也不能逆转时间之手,但是你可以更优雅地变老。You Will Need你需要Blueberries蓝莓Walnuts核桃Floss牙线Dark chocolate黑巧克力Red wine红酒Brain teasers脑筋急转弯Exercise运动Hobbies爱好Steps步骤STEP 1 Eat blueberries and walnuts1.多吃蓝莓和核桃Eat blueberries and walnuts. Two Tufts University studies found that just a cup of blueberries or an ounce of walnuts a day can protect the body against age-related nerve damage that can affect thinking, motor skills, and coordination.多吃蓝莓和核桃。塔夫斯大学两项研究发现,每天一杯蓝莓或一盎司核桃可以防止身体出现与年龄相关的神经损坏,这种损坏会影响思考,运动技能和协调能力。Blue fruits in general--purple grapes, blackberries, plums, boysenberries, black currants--top the list of anti-aging foods.一般来说,蓝色的水果——紫葡萄,蓝莓,李子,杂交草莓,红醋栗——都高居抗衰老食品列表榜首。STEP 2 Floss without fail2.用牙线剔牙Floss at least once a day. People with clean teeth don’t just look younger, they live up to 46% longer than those who don’t, because healthy gums help prevent strokes and heart disease.每天至少用牙线剔牙一次。牙齿清洁的人不仅看上去更年轻,寿命也比牙齿不清洁的人长46%。因为健康的牙龈可以防止中风和心脏病。STEP 3 Eat dark chocolate3.吃黑巧克力Have some dark chocolate. It contains magnesium and flavonol, which improve the supply of oxygen to the brain.吃一些黑巧克力。其中含有镁和黄酮醇,可以增加向大脑的供氧量。STEP 4 Drink red wine4.喝红酒Enjoy a glass or two of red wine every day. The resveratrol found in red and purple grape skins contains impressive anti-aging properties, according to a Harvard study.每天享用一两杯红酒。哈佛大学一项研究发现,红色和紫色葡萄皮中发现的白藜芦醇含有大量的抗衰老成分。STEP 5 Work your brain5.活动你的大脑Do some crossword puzzles; play Sodoku; join a bridge group; learn to speak Italian. Research shows that doing anything to exercise your brain keeps it sharp and prevents Alzheimer’s.做一些字谜游戏;玩数独;加入桥牌小组;学习说意大利语。调查发现,经常对大脑进行锻炼可以让大脑保持敏捷,防止老年痴呆症。STEP 6 Get moving6.运动起来Get moving. You don’t need to kill yourself with push-ups and jogging. Studies show that doing anything active--gardening, dancing, running around the mall--keeps your muscles in shape, your heart rate elevated, and your neurons firing.运动起来。你不需要做激烈的俯卧撑和慢跑。研究发现,做任何比较积极的运动——花园劳作,跳舞,围着商场跑动——都可以保持肌肉健康,提高心率,神经元活跃。STEP 7 Eat less sugar7.少吃糖Eat less refined sugar. It hardens the fibers and elastin in cells, making skin as tough and dry as an alligator’s.少制糖。糖会导致细胞中的纤维和弹力素硬化,让皮肤像鳄鱼一样粗糙和干燥。STEP 8 Get a life8.培养兴趣爱好Get a life--or, at least, a hobby. People with interests outside of work report less depression, get fewer illnesses, and have a lower rate of Alzheimer’s. In a survey of 600 folks over age 80, 93% credit their hobbies with helping them live longer.过充实的生活——或者至少有一项爱好。在工作之外有兴趣爱好的人更不容易抑郁,更少患病,患老年痴呆的可能性也更低。在对600名80岁以上的老人进行的调查中,93%的人认为他们的兴趣爱好帮他们更加长寿。Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the ed States.在美国,夏威夷的人均寿命是最长的。 /201412/346191For thousands of years western Europeans have been entranced by the spices of the east. Long before curry became the British national dish, we dreamed of transforming our dull island food with exotic flavours from India. For the poet George Herbert, the phrase ;the land of spices; evoked a metaphorical perfection at once unimaginably remote and infinitely desirable. So it#39;s perhaps not surprising that spice has, through the centuries, always been not just high poetry but big business. The spice trade between the Far East and Europe funded the Portuguese and Dutch empires and provoked many bloody wars. Aly at the beginning of the fifth century, it was a trade that embraced the whole of the Roman Empire. When in 408 barbarian Visigoths attacked the city of Rome, they were induced to leave only on the payment of a huge ransom that included gold, silver, large quantities of silk and one further luxury, a ton of pepper. This precious spice had made its lucrative way all over the Roman Empire, from India to East Anglia. And that#39;s where this programme#39;s object was found.数千年前,东方的香料便已传入西欧。在咖喱成为一道英国国菜之前,不列颠人老早就盼望着来自印度的异域风味能对这个岛国闻沉闷的食物有所调剂。对诗人乔治·赫伯特来说,“香料国度”是一个完美的比喻,唤起了人们对远方的无尽想象与无尽渴望。因此,千百年来,香料既是诗歌的主题,也是贸易的主角。远东与欧洲之间的香料贸易让葡萄牙荷兰大获其利,同时也引发了无数场血腥战争。公元5世纪初,香料买卖已遍布罗马全境。公元408年,西哥特人进军罗马,退兵的条件是巨额赔款,包括黄金,白银,大量的丝绸以及一吨胡椒。这种珍贵的香料在整个罗马帝国闻境内都大有市场,从印度一直到本节物品的发现地东安格利亚。 Article/201502/359711

Your skin, soap, and even the air can dull your gold jewelry. Bring the luster back with a few household items.你的皮肤,肥皂,甚至空气都会让黄金珠宝失去光泽。使用下面这些家用物品,让你的珠宝重新散发光。You Will Need你需要Dishwashing liquid洗洁精A soft bristled toothbrush软毛牙刷A soft, lint-free cloth柔软,不含棉绒纸的布A fine mesh strainer精细的滤网Steps步骤STEP 1 Fill bowl1.向碗里装入水和洗洁精Fill a bowl with two cups warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.向一个碗里加入两杯温水,加入几滴洗洁精。STEP 2 Add jewelry and soak2.把珠宝放入碗中浸泡Add all of your jewelry that needs cleaning and let it soak for 15 minutes.把所有需要清洁的珠宝加入溶液中,浸泡15分钟。STEP 3 Brush up3.刷洗Brush gently with the toothbrush around any recessed or detailed areas until each piece is clean.用软毛牙刷轻轻地刷洗比较深入的或细节的部位,直到所有珠宝都清洁如新。STEP 4 Rinse4.清洗Rinse the jewelry in a bowl of clean, warm water to remove any residue.用一碗干净的温水清洗珠宝,直到清除所有洗洁精残余。Use a fine mesh strainer to rinse jewelry under running water.用一个比较精细的滤网装好珠宝在流动的自来水下清洗。STEP 5 Dry and buff5.擦干,抛光Dry and buff your jewelry with the soft, lint-free cloth until its luster returns.用柔软,不含棉绒纸的布擦拭珠宝,直到恢复光泽。Did you know? White gold used in jewelry is usually an alloy of gold and nickel.你知道吗?珠宝中使用的白金通常是金和镍的合金。 Article/201412/350884

By European standards, these ancient Chinese bronze bells are enormous. 按欧洲的标准来看,这些中国铜钟的体型过于巨大。Nothing on this scale would be cast in Europe until the Middle Ages, over fifteen hundred years later.直到一千五百多年后的欧洲中世纪,欧洲人才制造出与其规模相当的物品。But the role of bells in China could go far beyond the musical. 但钟在中国的作用远不只奏乐这么简单。To produce perfect tones they had absolutely standardised shapes, and the consistency of these shapes meant that the bells could also be used to measure volume. 为了校正出完美的音调,钟的形状必须标准化, You had, so to speak, a pint bell or a quart bell. 因而可以用于测量标准容积。And as the amount of bronze in each one was also carefully controlled, they could just as well provide standard weights. 此外,制作铜钟所使用的青铜数量也是固定的,So you could have, as it were, a hundredweight bell, and so on. 于是也可成为重量标准。So there is a sense in which a set of bells in ancient China could also serve as a sort of local weights and measures office, bringing harmony to commerce as well as society.古代中国的一套铜钟,演奏之余还可以充当当地政府的度量衡工具,使商业与社会和谐。Intriguingly, bells also played a major roll in the etiquette of war. 有趣的是,战争礼仪也需要铜钟。The Chinese held that no attack could be considered fair and above board without the sounding of bells or drums, from then on you could honourably fight without restraint. 中国人认为,不奏响钟鼓便发动的攻击不是公平正义的战争,而钟鼓奏响之后便可大战一场。But more commonly, the bells were used for rituals and entertainments at court, played at grand occasions, banquets and sacrificing ceremonies, the complex music of the bells marked the rhythm of court lives.不过,铜钟还是更多地用于宫廷仪式与活动。在重大场合、宴会和宗教仪式上,铜钟奏响的复杂音乐标记了宫廷的生活步调。The bells, and the ancient methods of playing them, travelled well beyond the boundaries of China, and the closest surviving form of this ancient music is today found not in China, but in Korean court music that originated in the twelfth century-and is still played in Korea now.铜钟及其古老的演奏方式也传到了中国境外。如今流传下来的最接近古代的演奏方式不在中国,而在朝鲜半岛:从十二世纪出现起便一直流传至今的朝鲜宫廷音乐。 Article/201410/335470TED此次请来John Legend坐在钢琴前边弹边唱他的"真正的色",令人心醉。"请勇敢地\让它闪耀吧\你那色\很美\美如虹"这首歌的歌词留给孩子和老师们特别的意义。 Article/201412/346782Under here we can actually see the imprint of quite a large creature,在这下方我们能亲自看到 某种相当大生物的痕迹at least the size of your hand.至少有你手那么大This is Dickinsonia and it has got the finer segments that you can actually believe.这是迪克逊水母 您可以看见他更小的细节。Once you get the right angle,一旦调好角度you can actually see the details of its body segments.就会看见它身体各个部分的细节there are about 3 there.There is another one there.那儿还有3只 那儿另外还有1只It was like it was impress there yesterday.彷佛是昨天才印上的Every little detail was preserved.所有微小细节都完好It#39;s beautiful.很漂亮Dickinsonia can grow to over a meter long. 它能够长到超过一米长it is thought that they lived on the sea floor人们认为他们生活在海底soaking up nutrients through their skin.用皮肤吸收养分Here for the first time we#39;re seeing life that#39;s becomes multi-celled large.在这里我们首次见了多细胞生物These are the creatures that gave rise to life that we know today.今日的生物 正是从他们发展演化而来For two billion years,在20亿年的时间里our planet had been dominated by stromatolites我们的世界被微生物统治Now complex, multi-celled life exploded into many new shapes and sizes。复杂的多细胞生命爆发出许多新的生物 他们有不同的体型和尺寸 Article/201508/396099

British PM visits refugees in Lebanon英国首相走访黎巴嫩 视察难民情况UK Prime Minister David Cameron has toured a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon to discuss the migrant crisis gripping the Middle East and Europe.英国首相戴维·卡梅伦走访了位于黎巴嫩的一处叙利亚难民营,商讨中东和欧洲的移民危机。His one-day visit came as Cameron appointed a minister to oversee Britain#39;s resettlement of 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years.在为期1天的访问中,卡梅伦任命了一位部长监督英国未来5年安置2万名叙利亚难民的情况。He met the refugees in a camp outside the town of Terbol in the east of the country.他在这个国家东部特勒波尔镇外的一个营地会见了难民。Lebanon, where one in every four people is a refugee, is hosting the greatest number per capita of any country in the world.黎巴嫩是世界上人均接收难民数量最多的国家—这里每4人中就有一名难民。 译文属 Article/201509/398712

But Professor Wu is finding it然而吴教授发现hard to get the backing of a pharmaceutical company.寻求制药公司的持极为困难It seems times have changed.似乎时代已经不同了We are now more wary of现在的人们与50年前相比meddling with our bodies than 50 years ago.在调理身体方面变得更加谨慎If the female contraceptive pill如果女性避药物was developed from scratch now,也是现在刚刚出现的it would probably come across exactly或许也会遇到the same difficulties as we are at the moment.我们现在面临的这种问题Professor Wu remains undaunted.吴教授依旧很乐观There is definitely a potential market for it,这种药物一定有潜在的市场and I think once a product like this is marketed,我认为 一旦这种产品进入市场it may well lead to changes in attitudes,social changes,就会引起人们观念的变化和社会变化similar to what happened with the female pill就如同女性避药带来的变化一样and then I think it is likely to lead to a much larger market这种药物也许会拥有比制药公司than the companies think there is at the moment.目前预计的更广阔的市场空间There is one problem Professor Wu can#39;t solve.吴教授依然有一个无法解决的问题 Article/201502/360582

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