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连江县切双眼皮多少钱福州面部吸脂多少钱For his bookshop and website One Grand Books, the editor Aaron Hicklin asked people to name the 10 books they’d take with them if they were marooned on a desert island. The next in the series is Bill Gates, who shares his list exclusively with T. (Through May 22, One Grand is hosting a pop-up shop at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.) As Gates says: “If you’re going to get marooned on a desert island, I guess you can’t exactly choose when it happens to you. But if I’m shipwrecked this summer, I hope I’ll have these five terrific books I recently — which I just shared on my blog — as well as five all-time favorites with me.”为了他的书店和网站One Grand Books,编辑阿伦·希克林(Aaron Hicklin)向人们提出一个问题:如果被困荒岛上,他们会带哪10本书。在这一系列中,即将出场的是比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates),他向T独家分享了自己的书单(One Grand在布鲁克林日落公园[Sunset Park]的工业城[Industry City]开设了一家游击店,持续至5月22日)。就像盖茨说的:“如果你会被困荒岛,我猜在那一刻你不可能选择。但是,如果今年夏天我乘船失事,我希望手上有我最近读的五本很棒的书——我已经在自己的客上分享了这几本书——还有我一直钟爱的五本书。”“Seveneves,” Neal Stephenson《启示录七夕》(Seveneves),尼尔·斯蒂芬森(Neal Stephenson)This novel about how the human race responds to the end of life on Earth rekindled my love for sci-fi. Some ers will lose patience with all the technical details about orbits and spaceflight, but for me, it’s an engrossing and thought-provoking story.这本讲述人类如何应对地球生物末日的小说重新点燃了我对科幻的热爱。有些读者可能会对书中的轨道和航天飞行等技术细节失去耐心,但是对我来说,这是一个扣人心弦、引人深思的故事。“How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking,” Jordan Ellenberg《魔鬼数学:大数据时代,数学思维的力量》(How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking),乔丹·艾伦伯格(Jordan Ellenberg)A mathematician explains how math plays into our daily lives without our even knowing it. The writing is funny, smooth and accessible — not what you might expect from a book on this subject. Ellenberg’s larger point is that there are ways in which we’re all doing math, all the time.一位数学家向我们解释,数学如何在我们日常生活中悄无声息地发挥作用。本书行文有趣、流畅、易懂——跟你想象中此类主题的书不同。艾伦伯格更宏大的观点是,我们所有人,每时每刻,都在做数学题,通过某些方式。“Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” Yuval Noah Harari《人类简史:从动物到上帝》(Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind),尤瓦尔·诺亚·赫拉利(Yuval Noah Harari)This look at the entire history of the human race sparked lots of great conversations at our family’s dinner table. Harari also writes about our species today and how artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other technologies will change us in the future.这本关于人类历史的书在我家餐桌上引发了很多精的对话。赫拉利也谈到人类的现状,以及人工智能和基因工程等技术在未来会如何改变我们。“The Power to Compete,” Ryoichi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mikitani《竞争的力量》(The Power to Compete),良一谷浩史(Ryoichi Mikitani)和三木谷浩史(Hiroshi Mikitani)Why was Japan, the juggernaut of the 1980s, eclipsed by South Korea and China? And can its economy come back? A smart look at the future of a fascinating country.为什么20世纪80年代的世界强国日本会被韩国和中国赶超?它的经济能东山再起吗?这本书对这个迷人国度的未来给出了一些睿智的洞察。“The Vital Question,” Nick Lane《至关重要的问题》(The Vital Question),尼克·莱恩(Nick Lane)I wish more people knew about this British biologist’s work. He is trying to get people to fully appreciate the role energy plays in the evolution of life on Earth (and, maybe, other places). Even if he turns out to be wrong about certain details, I suspect his ideas will be seen as an important contribution to our understanding of where we come from, and where are we going.我希望有更多人了解这位英国生物学家的工作。他努力让人们充分认识到能量在地球(可能也包括其他地方)生命进化过程中发挥的作用。虽然书中的一些细节被明是错误的,但我认为,他的观点可能将对我们理解人类的起源和未来具有重要贡献。“Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street,” John Brooks《商业冒险:华尔街的12个经典故事》(Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street),约翰·布鲁克斯(John Brooks)Warren Buffett gave me this fantastic collection of articles that Brooks wrote for The New Yorker. Although Brooks was writing in the 1960s, his insights are timeless and a reminder that the rules for running a great company don’t change. I it more than two decades ago, and it’s still my pick for the best business book ever.沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffett)向我推荐了布鲁克斯为《纽约客》(The New Yorker)撰写的这一系列精文章。虽然它们写于20世纪60年代,但布鲁克斯的深刻见解永不过时,时刻提醒我们,管理伟大公司的原则不会改变。我20多年前读了这本书,但它今天仍是我的最佳商业书籍之选。“The Great Gatsby,” F. Scott Fitzgerald《了不起的盖茨比》(The Great Gatsby),F·斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F. Scott Fitzgerald)The novel that I re the most. Melinda and I love one line so much that we had it painted on a wall in our house: “His dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.”它是我重读遍数最多的小说。我和梅琳达(Melinda)很喜欢书中的一句话,我们把它涂到了家里的墙上:“他的梦一定就像是近在眼前,他几乎不可能抓不住的。”“Parenting With Love and Logic,” Foster Cline and Jim Fay《培养小孩的责任感》(Parenting With Love and Logic),福斯特·克林(Foster Cline)和吉姆·费(Jim Fay)As the parents of three children, Melinda and I have spent a lot of time ing and discussing this book. It has been an invaluable guide for both of us, especially when it comes to de-escalating those inevitable conflicts between parents and kids.作为三个孩子的父母,我和梅琳达花了很多时间阅读和讨论这本书。它对我俩都有宝贵的指导作用,尤其是在缓解父母和孩子之间不可避免的冲突之时。“Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air,” David JC MacKay《可持续能源:事实与真相》(Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air),戴维·JC·麦凯(David JC MacKay)A fantastic guide to thinking more numerically about clean energy, and the most accessible explanation of this subject that I’ve seen. I still refer to it myself, which is a bittersweet experience now — David died in April, at the age of 48.这是一本从数字的角度思考清洁能源的精指南,也是我见过的对这一主题比较容易理解的阐释。我依然经常参考它,现在这成了苦乐参半的体验——戴维今年4月过世,年仅48岁。“The Better Angels of Our Nature,” Steven Pinker《人性中的善良天使:暴力为什么会减少》(The Better Angels of Our Nature),斯蒂芬·平克(Steven Pinker)Proof that the world is becoming more peaceful. It’s not just a question for historians, but a profound statement about human nature and the possibility for a better future. This book may have shaped my outlook more than any other.这本书明,世界正变得更和平。它不仅是史学家们思考的一个问题,而且是对人性以及更美好未来可能性的深刻宣言。这本书对我世界观的塑造可能超过其他任何一本书。 /201605/445522福建福州背部脱毛 Relationship between Haven and Man“天”与“人”的关系The discussion about the relationship between the universe and man focused on whether “Heaven” was regarded as a supreme god with its own will,or whether it was simply nature with neither will nor purpose. If man regarded “Heaven” as a supreme conscious god, he would be destined to worship andobey it with no possibility of changing it. In face of nature, man would havebeen reduced to nothing, except as appendices and slaves to nature,inevitably leading man toward religious beliefs and supernaturalism. If mantook “Heaven” simply as nature, with a close relationship with himself, he wouldtry his best to understand it and its laws, and act accordingly, protecting it andmaking good use of it, ceasing to be passive in the relationship and graduallybecome the master of nature.关于宇宙和人的关系的讨论集中在“天”是否被认为是至高无上的神有自己的意志,还是它只是自然而已,没有其他意思。如果人认为“天人合一”作为一个至高无上的意识的神,他将被注定崇拜和从它而没有其他选择。面对大自然,人会一无所有除了成为自然的附属物和奴隶,这必然也导致人朝着宗教信仰和超自然主义发展。如果人把“天”只是视为自然,与自己关系密切,他会想尽办法去了解它和它的规律,并采取相应的行动,保护它,用好它,不再是与它被动的关系,并逐渐成为自然的主人。 /201607/445754松溪县中医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

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