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深圳玻尿酸注射丰太阳穴价格深圳哪里隆胸好TUGUEGARAO CITY Philippines—Ten Chinese poachers who were caught last month sailing with an inverted Philippine flag had paid P9 million as a settlement fine in exchange for their liberty.菲律宾土格加劳市----上月,十名中国偷猎者倒挂了菲律宾国旗航行后被捕,在缴纳了900万比索的和解罚金后获释。The Chinese vessel was caught on May 25 sailing through Babuyan Claro in the Calayan Group of Islands in Cagayan province. 中国船只是于5月25日驶过卡加延省加拉鄢群岛的巴布鄢克拉洛岛时被抓的。A Philippine flag flown with its red field on top signifies that the country is at war.如果船只悬挂的菲律宾国旗红色部分在上面,那意味着该国处于战争状态。 /201607/452468深圳市肿瘤医院整形 Cities can implode, especially when they face a catastrophic shift in the environment to which they cannot respond.城市会败落,特别是当它们遭遇灾难性的环境变化而无力应对时。Petra, in Jordan, was once one of the richest cities in the world because of the Nabateans’ technological prowess in building dams and conduits to make the most of scarce water supplies. Yet when trade routes shifted to go through competing cities like Palmyra, Petra was cut off from the flows of people, goods, spices and gold that made it wealthy. Its classically inspired buildings carved out of the rock became monuments to a lost civilisation.约旦的佩特拉(Petra)曾是世界上最富裕的城市之一,原因是凭借纳巴泰人(Nabatean)修建水坝和沟渠的非凡技艺,这个城市能够最大化地利用稀缺的水资源。然而,随着商道改从巴尔米拉(Palmyra)等与之竞争的城市穿过,人员、商品、香料和黄金的流动绕开了佩特拉——这些是使佩特拉富裕的因素。佩特拉那些受古典文化启发在岩石上凿成的建筑,变成了一个失落文明的遗迹。Perhaps that will be the fate of the Walkie-Talkie and the Cheesegrater. Built at the height of London’s financial and property boom, they might one day be seen as reminders of a lost world. Such a thought would have seemed far-fetched a month ago, when London was basking in its own success. But since June 23, when the rest of England voted to turn its back on the EU, the city’s outlook has taken a turn for the worse.这样的命运或许也会降临到“对讲机”(Walkie-Talkie)和“奶酪刨”(Cheesegrater)的头上。这两座建于伦敦金融和地产行业鼎盛时期的大厦,有一天也可能会被视为一个失落世界的遗迹。不久前当伦敦还沉浸在自己的成功之中时,这样的想法可能显得像是无稽之谈。但是在今年6月23日,英国其他地区在公投中选择了退出欧盟(EU),这让伦敦的前景骤然变得糟糕起来。London and its leaders now face five scenarios for the city’s future, each informed by a model loosely drawn from other cities that have faced similar shocks. Which route will London follow?伦敦和其领导者现在面临着5种可能的前景。从其他遭受过类似冲击的城市中随意抽取的模型预示了这5种前景,伦敦会走上哪条道路呢?The collapsed city衰落The most telling modern examples of collapsed cities are one-industry towns that failed to respond to change. A classical example is Youngstown, Ohio, which became the fastest-shrinking city in the US in the late 1970s, when its steel industry fell to bits and its population plunged from 170,000 to only 65,000. Youngstown’s civic leadership — organised around its exclusive Garden Club — compounded the original economic shock by turning on each other. Not surprisingly, it failed to attract inward investment and new talent. By contrast, co-operative and outward-looking Allentown, a steel town of similar size in Pennsylvania, revived and prospered.关于衰落的城市,现代最有代表性的例子就是那些跟不上变化的单一工业城镇。美国俄亥俄州的扬斯敦(Youngstown)就是一个经典的例子。上世纪70年代末,扬斯敦成为美国萎缩速度最快的城市,钢铁业分崩离析,人口从17万骤降至6.5万。以排外的园艺俱乐部为核心组成的市政领导层相互攻击,导致原本的经济冲击进一步恶化。毫不奇怪,扬斯敦吸引不到外来投资和新的人才。相比之下,位于宾夕法尼亚州,规模相当,但具有协作精神的外向型钢铁城镇阿伦敦(Allentown)则实现了复兴和繁荣。The most famous example of a city imploding, however, is Detroit. Since 1950 it has lost more than 1m people and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Much of the real estate in midtown is still empty, standing like silent witnesses to the city’s implosion and leading every visitor from a more prosperous city to wonder: how could so much go so wrong so fast? What killed Detroit was not just economics — the rise of Japanese competition in car manufacturing — but corruption in city hall and the flight of the middle classes, white and black, to the suburbs. On a Saturday morning at the Eastern Market, the hub of midtown Detroit, it is not the colours and the smells that strike one so much as the noise of the people. That’s because Midtown’s deserted streets often sound more like those of a quiet hamlet. It does not sound like a city.不过,城市衰落最著名的例子是底特律。自1950年以来,这座城市失去了超过100万人口以及数十万个工作岗位。市中心大量房产依然空置,它们伫立在那里,静默地见了这座城市的衰败,并让每一个从更繁荣的城市来到这里的旅客惊叹:为什么在这么短的时间里,就发生了这么多糟糕的事。杀死底特律的不仅仅是经济——日企在汽车制造业的崛起——还有市政府的腐败,以及白人和黑人中产阶级从市中心迁往郊区。周六早上在底特律市中心的东部市场(Eastern Market)走一走,颜色和气味都没有这里的喧闹让人印象深刻。因为底特律市中心荒芜的街道常常就像是静谧的小村庄一样。听起来不像是一座城市。If London suffers a flight of European talent, driven out by an uncertainty over whether they are welcome, and by dimming economic prospects, then the city could be in trouble. The overpriced warehouses of Shoreditch, which in the past 10 years has become a tech cluster, could within another decade once again be poor but sexy.如果在伦敦工作的欧洲人才因为怕自身受到排挤或者因为经济前景黯淡而逃离,那么伦敦就会陷入困境。过去10年成为科技企业聚集地、由仓库改造的房子如今价格高企的肖尔迪奇区(Shoreditch)再过一个十年可能重新变得“贫穷但性感”。At first sight, that kind of flight does not seem likely. An analysis by Deloitte earlier this year found that London had 1.7m highly skilled workers, an increase of 235,000 in the past three years alone thanks to the growth of the technology sector. London has 550,000 more highly skilled jobs than New York. Many of the people filling these roles are from outside the UK. One in three Londoners was born overseas and one in 10 come from elsewhere in the EU.乍看之下,伦敦发生人才逃离的可能性不大。德勤(Deloitte)年初发布了一项分析结果:伦敦拥有170万高技能人才。得益于科技业的发展,这类人才仅在过去3年中就增加了23.5万人。伦敦的高技能工作岗位比纽约多55万。许多高技能人才来自海外。每3个伦敦人就有一个是在海外出生的,每10个伦敦人里就有1个来自欧盟其他国家。Walk around the city: it has huge momentum, propelled by its young, exuberant population on a scale that Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam combined cannot match. Yet there are no grounds for complacency. If there is a churn of about 30,000 highly skilled migrants a year, it would only take a decade of strict immigration controls for the highly skilled population of London to be substantially depleted by Brexit. And what would London do if it lost people who would not make it through a points-based immigration system: its 88,000 construction workers; its 78,000 food and hospitality staff; and the 57,000 admin staff who come from elsewhere in the greater European Economic Area? In an economy driven by innovation, knowledge and culture, money follows talent. London, at all costs, has to hang on to the talent.在伦敦四处看看就会发现:这座城市拥有着充沛的活力。年轻、精力旺盛、数量比巴黎、法兰克福和阿姆斯特丹三个城市加起来还多的人口推动着这座城市运转。但是伦敦不能自满。如果1年流失3万名高技术移民,只需严格控制移民10年,伦敦的高技能人口就会因为英国退欧而大幅减少。如果失去那些无法通过积分制移民体制的人,伦敦会怎样呢:比如来自欧洲经济区(EEA)其他地方的8.8万名建筑工人、7.8万名餐饮务业从业人员,以及5.7万名行政人员?在一个依靠创新、知识和文化驱动的经济中,金钱是随着人才走的。伦敦必须不计一切代价留住人才。An inward turn向内转A slightly less scary scenario is that London could go back to where it has come from. It could become once more a British city, rather than a cosmopolitan one. Brexit could lead to London being renationalised.另一种前景稍微没那么可怕,那就是伦敦可能会回到过去:从一个国际化的大都市,再次变回一个英国的城市。英国退欧可能会导致伦敦再度“本国化”。This would return the city to the role it played in the 1950s, when it hosted the Festival of Britain, introducing the rest of the country to the modern world, when the Finsbury Health Centre offered a vision of Britain with an NHS that people up and down the country could identify with. London is after all still home to most British institutions: the British Museum, British Library, British Broadcasting Corporation and so on.伦敦可能会回归其在上世纪50年代扮演的角色,当时伦敦举办了“英国节”(Festival of Britain),将这个国家的其他地方介绍给当代世界,当时该市芬斯伯里区的健康中心展现了关于英国的一个构想,即建立一种全国上下都能认同的国家医疗务体系(NHS)。现在伦敦终归还是大多数英国机构的所在地:大英物馆(British Museum)、大英图书馆(British Library)、英国广播公司(B)等等。The Leave vote was intended to rein London in, to close the yawning gap between the city and the rest of the country. Perhaps this could be the moment when the provinces and suburbs take back their capital, in the process forcing it to share more of its prosperity with the rest of the UK. Jobs might not just go to mainland Europe but also to Stoke and Sunderland. London might go slower but perhaps that would be no bad thing, as the architecture critic Rowan Moore puts it in his book on London, Slow Burn City: “The ideal is that cities burn slowly. Their social ecologies and physical forms should renew through change, not be devastated by it.”英国投票退欧意在抑制伦敦,缩小其和英国其他地区间日益扩大的差距。其他地区从此或许可以重新获得它们的首都,迫使伦敦与英国其他地区共享繁荣。工作机会不再只流向欧洲大陆,还会流向斯托克城(Stoke)和桑德兰(Sunderland)。伦敦可能会发展得更慢,但或许这并不是一件坏事,就如建筑家罗恩#8226;穆尔(Rowan Moore)在有关伦敦(London)的著作《慢火城市》(Slow Burn City)中写道:“理想的情况是城市会慢慢的燃烧。它们的社会生态和物理形态应该通过变化而得到更新,而不是被变化摧毁。”Would it be so bad for London to have a few fallow years? New life would emerge in the cracks of a city that would be more affordable and more British in its orientation.对伦敦来说,休眠几年真的那么糟糕么?物价更合理,定位更英国化,会让伦敦焕发新生。One of the most striking — and tragic — examples of a cosmopolitan city that was nationalised is Salonica, the extraordinarily diverse Ottoman city that was ruled by Muslims between 1430 and 1912, in which Jewish industrialists lived next to Turkish army officers, Greek merchants, Bulgarian traders, and many more. A shoeshine boy in Salonica needed mastery of eight or nine languages. Salonica was a multifaith city until the early 20th century, when a combination of war, depression, nationalism and ideology led to its ethnic cleansing. By 1950 it was Thessaloniki, 95 per cent Greek and almost entirely Christian.在从国际大都市重新国家化的城市中,萨洛尼卡(Salonica)的例子最具悲剧色也最惊人。这座极其多元化的奥斯曼(Ottoman)城市在1430年到1912年间由穆斯林统治。在这座城市里,犹太实业家、土耳其军官、希腊商人、保加利亚贸易商等各色人比邻而居,萨洛尼卡的擦鞋童需要掌握八、九种语言。萨洛尼卡曾经是一座多元信仰的城市,直到20世纪初,在战争、经济萧条、民族主义和意识形态的共同作用下,这座城市遭到了种族清洗。到1950年,这座城市的名字变成了塞萨洛尼基(Thessaloniki),城中95%的人口都是希腊人,几乎全部都是基督徒。London will not suffer that fate but it is being brought to heel by a political instruction to take greater heed of national identity. A slightly different model for its future, as Tyler Br#251;lé pointed out in this newspaper, is Montreal. As the capital of French-speaking Quebec, Montreal in the 1980s turned its back on the English-speaking, international business world, which was anyway aly migrating to Toronto, in the name of greater equality for French speakers. Critics say the result is a melancholy city with lots of lovely old streets with boarded-up houses and shops. Defenders would say Montreal is happy with its lot, home to much cross-cultural creativity, symbolised by Cirque du Soleil, and busy promoting homegrown social innovation.伦敦不会遭遇那样的命运,但它正受制于一种认为应该更多着眼于国家认同的政治观点。就如泰勒#8226;布鲁勒(Tyler Br#251;lé)在英国《金融时报》中撰文指出的,对于伦敦的未来,一个略微不同的模型是蒙特利尔(Montreal)。上世纪80年代,作为加拿大法语区魁北克省最大的城市,蒙特利尔借着给予法语人群更大平等的名义,疏远了说英语的国际商业界——不过那个时候商业已经在向多伦多迁移了。批评者说,这样的结果是让蒙特利尔成为了一个忧郁的城市,纵使其有很多迷人的老街,但是那里的房屋和商店都被木板封上了。捍卫者则说,蒙特利尔满意于自己的境况,它是跨文化创新之乡,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)就是代表,它还忙于推动本土社会创新。This renationalisation assumes, of course, that there is a coherent Britain for London to represent. That, too, is far from certain.当然,“再国家化”需要前提,那就是要有个浑然一体的英国,这样伦敦才能够代表英国。这同样一点都不能确定。 /201608/459576深圳市肿瘤医院治疗青春痘多少钱

深圳宝安人民妇幼保健医院隆鼻多少钱Zaro Bates operates and lives on a 5,000-square-foot farm on Staten Island, which may make her the city’s only commercial farmer-in-residence. But instead of a shingled farmhouse surrounded by acres of fields, Ms. Bates lives in a second-floor studio in a midrise apartment complex built on the site of a former naval base overlooking New York Bay.扎罗·贝茨(Zaro Bates)在斯塔滕岛经营着一个面积5000平方英尺(约合465平方米)的农场,并在那里居住,这使她成为也许是这个城市里唯一的商业农场经营者。但贝茨不是生活在被数英亩农田环绕的木瓦农舍,而是在一个中高层住宅小区的一间二楼工作室内,这个俯瞰纽约湾的地方原本是一座海军基地。The farm itself sits in a courtyard between two buildings at Urby, a development with 571 rental apartments that opened in Stapleton last year. Ms. Bates draws a modest salary and gets free housing, which sounds like a good deal until you discover how much work she has to put in.农场则是尔比(Urby)的两栋建筑之间的庭院,这是斯泰普尔顿去年开盘的地产项目,共有571座出租公寓。贝茨领着一份中等的薪水,有免费住房,这听起来挺划算,但如果你知道她为此付出多少劳动,就不那么想了。The 26-year-old oversees a weekly farmstand on the complex premises from May through November and donates to food banks. In her repertory? Some 50 types of produce — greens, summer vegetables, flowers, herbs and roots. She does this with help from her business partner and husband, Asher Landes, 29.从5月一直到11月,26岁的贝茨在这个小区里每周举办一次农贸市集,同时也给食物慈善机构捐赠食物。她的产出?大约有50种农产品——绿叶蔬菜、夏季蔬菜、花、草本香料和根茎蔬菜。她在自己的丈夫兼生意伙伴、29岁的阿舍·兰德斯(Asher Landes)的帮助下完成这些工作。Let the doubters doubt.信不信由你。“A lot of people instinctively call it a garden, but we really try to manage it for a commercial market,” Ms. Bates said. “It’s funny that people have different kinds of notions of what a farm is. Some people think it needs to have animals, that it needs to have acreage. We intensively crop this space so that we can produce for market, and that’s why we call it a farm.”“很多人习惯性地把它称作花园,但我们的确是在为满足一个商业市场的需求来管理它,”贝茨说。“人们对一个农场应该是什么样有不同看法,这挺有意思。有些人觉得应该有动物,应该有数英亩的土地。我们在这片空间里密集地种植,以便能满足市场所需,这是我们称它为农场的原因。”Farming, of course, is a New York tradition. In the late 1800s, loam and livestock were predominant north of Central Park and in what is now the East 50s. In “Win-Win Ecology,” Michael L. Rosenzweig argues that ecological science has rooted itself in the common ground of development and conservation: the use of rich natural resources in places where we work and live.当然,种植是纽约的一项传统。在19世纪末,中央公园北部和现在被称为“东50s”的地方主要是农田和家畜。在《双赢生态》(Win-Win Ecology)一书中,迈克尔·L·罗森茨魏格(Michael L. Rosenzweig)指出,生态科学植根于共同的开发与保护:把我们工作和生活的地方的丰富自然资源利用起来。Farms like Ms. Bates’s, in addition to more traditional farmland, have been around for quite some time. Thomas Whitlow, an associate professor of horticulture who specializes in urban plants at Cornell University, Ms. Bates’s alma mater, said that in the 1940s some 40 percent of fresh market produce in New York was grown in victory gardens.除了较传统的农田之外,像贝茨经营的这种农场早就已经有了。在贝茨的母校康奈尔大学(Cornell University)专门研究都市植物的园艺学副教授汤马斯·惠特洛(Thomas Whitlow)表示,在1940年代,纽约生鲜市场上有大约40%的农产品来自“胜利园”(战争期间在私人宅院和公园里开辟的蔬菜种植地。——译注)。“Certainly, urban populations in general are very adaptable as conditions change,” Dr. Whitlow said. “They can change within the space of a year. Just a hundred years ago we were almost a hunter-gatherer society and did indeed have farming in major metropolitan areas.”“当然,城市人口整体上十分适应环境变化,”惠特洛说。“在不到一年的时间里,他们就可以实现改变。仅仅100年前,我们几乎还称得上一个狩猎采集社会,而且的确在大都会地区进行农业种植。”Ms. Bates had hardly seen farmland as a child. Her parents, who moved to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, in the early 1990s, rarely took the family upstate. They had the backyard of their home, but no green thumbs between them. The yard was a play space.贝茨小时候基本没看见过农田。她的父母在1990年代初移居布鲁克林的卡罗尔花园,很少带家人到纽约州北部去。家有个后院,但没人懂农业种植。那个院子就是个玩耍的地方。After graduating from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell, where she studied developmental sociology, Ms. Bates volunteered as a groundskeeper at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Mass.贝茨在康奈尔大学农业和生命科学学院(College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell)学发展社会学。毕业后,她自告奋勇地到马萨诸塞州斯托克布里奇市的克里帕鲁瑜伽及健康中心(Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health)当了一名园地管理员。“That was the first time that I drove a tractor, did wood chipping, shoveled heaps of snow in the Berkshires winter, then planted in the springtime and just worked outside with a team of people through the seasons,” she said. “That was my first experience with that type of work and really falling in love with that.”“那是我第一次用拖拉机、碎木机,第一次在斯托克布里奇的冬天铲成堆的雪,然后在春季种植,跟一群人一年四季在户外忙活,”她说。“那是我第一次做这类工作,并真正爱上了它。”Afterward she intended to travel, maybe visit South America. Her plans were postponed by an apprenticeship at Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop and urban farming consultancy group, where Ms. Bates farmed under the tutelage of the chief operating officer, Gwen Schantz.她原本打算之后出去旅行,或许到南美看看。因为接到屋顶和都市农业咨询机构布鲁克林农庄(Brooklyn Grange)的学徒工作,那项计划推迟了。在农庄里,贝茨在首席运营官格温·尚茨(Gwen Schantz)的指导下进行种植。“We love designing and installing green spaces for clients, but it’s equally exciting to see others taking this work up, especially young, savvy farmers like Zaro,” Ms. Schantz said.“我们喜欢为客户设计和布置绿色空间,但看到其他人开始从事这项工作也同样让人兴奋,尤其是像扎罗这样年轻能干的农场主,”尚茨说。“What we did was similar to other farmers’ markets in the city,” Ms. Bates said. “But because it was enclosed in a space that invites hanging out for a while, we really invited people to make it more of a Saturday afternoon activity. That was not just for Urby residents, but also anyone from the general public.”“我们所做的和市里其他农贸市场是差不多的,”贝茨说。“但因为它是设在一个让人想在里面闲逛的封闭空间里,我们就真的邀请人们过来,让它变得更像一个周六下午的活动。它不仅仅针对尔比的住户,也向公众开放。”Ms. Bates and Mr. Landes try to plant according to requests from local residents. The proceeds go to the couple’s company, supplementing the annual salary they each receive from Urby. (Urby and Ms. Bates declined to disclose the amount.) They also host workshops and a book club.贝茨和兰德斯尽力按照当地居民的要求种植。农场的收益归这对夫妇的公司,此外还有他们从尔比获得的年薪。(尔比和贝茨拒绝透露薪资的数额。)他们还会举办工作坊和读书俱乐部活动。“The priority is to residents,” Ms. Bates said, “but also to build community.”“最重要的不仅是满足居民的需求,”贝茨说,“还有营造一个社区。” /201703/498475深圳市立医院玻尿酸多少钱 深圳大鹏新人民妇幼保健医院整形中心

深圳龙岗激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱When Toyota launched a quirky Twitter campaign depicting the car parts of its new Prius hybrid using anime girls earlier this year, the digital advertising impact was instant. 丰田(Toyota)今年早些时候在Twitter上发布一个古怪的广告——用动漫少女描绘其新款普锐斯(Prius)混合动力车的部件,该数字广告的影响立竿见影。The oddity and boldness attracted young Japanese users of social media that had not been effectively targeted by Toyota’s traditional, celebrity-heavy TV commercials. 这种怪异和大胆吸引了日本年轻的社交媒体用户,而他们正是丰田传统上依赖名人效应的电视广告从未有效触及过的群体。As with almost all of Toyota’s ads, the campaign’s creator was Dentsu.和丰田几乎所有广告一样,这则广告的设计公司是电通(Dentsu)。The Prius tweets were not part of the overcharging scandal that shook Japan’s most powerful advertising agency last week. 普锐斯在Twitter上的广告与最近撼动这家日本最强大的广告公司的收费过高丑闻无关。But it was not coincidental that Toyota was the company that discovered the irregularities.但是丰田发现电通的违规行为并非巧合。The revelation followed a meticulous analysis of digital ad impact by a company grappling to connect with a home market that has shown declining interest in owning cars. 正在艰难试图与表现出购车意愿下滑的本土市场沟通的丰田,对数字广告的影响进行了细致分析,结果发现上述问题。The analysis was disappointing, prompting the automaker to question if whether Dentsu was placing the digital ads properly.分析结果令人失望,使得这家汽车制造商质疑电通是否妥善投放了数字广告。Since that first complaint from Toyota in July, Dentsu has identified 633 suspected cases of overcharging, amounting to at least .3m and affecting 111 clients. 自从丰田于7月提交首份投诉以来,电通确认了633例疑似收费过高的情况,涉及金额至少230万美元,影响111家客户。Among them were 14 incidents where ads were not placed at all and other cases of incorrect placement periods and falsified reporting of ad performance.其中有14例的广告根本没有投放,其他情况涉及不正确的投放时间和广告效果报告作假。The scandal involves performance-based ads — a popular tool that allows advertisers to target specific types of consumers and pay fees depending on how much business was generated. 此次丑闻涉及基于效果的广告——这是一种较为流行的广告类型,可以让广告商针对特定类型消费者,并根据商业效果付费用。These ads were supposed to offer advertisers greater transparency and make it easier to measure effectiveness. 这些广告本应该为广告商提供更高的透明度,并且更容易衡量广告效果。In practice, companies have struggled to judge whether these ads on websites and mobile devices have the desired impact.但在实践中,公司很难判断这些在网站和移动设备上投放的广告是否产生了预期效果。The story is not uniquely Japanese. 这种情况不只出现在日本。The Dentsu discovery came days after Facebook admitted a mistake in measuring the time users spent viewing ads on its social network.在电通事件曝出前数日,Facebook承认在测算用户在其社交网站上观看视频广告的时间上存在错误。The US ad industry is addressing concerns that ad agencies had been accepting cash rebates from media companies without informing their clients. 美国广告业正在应对广告公司在不通知客户的情况下收取媒体公司现金回扣的问题。There are also cases of online advertising slots that are never seen by consumers due to fraud.同时还存在在线广告根本没有被消费者看到的欺诈行为。But in Japan, concerns about opaqueness are heightened by the close ties among ad agencies, TV broadcasters and other media companies, which makes price negotiations less transparent.但是在日本,人们对于广告业不透明的担忧因广告公司、电视广播公司和其他媒体公司之间的紧密联系而加剧,这种格局使得价格谈判更加不透明。Dentsu controls one-quarter of Japan’s annual bn advertising market, and its domination of lucrative sponsorship slots such as the Olympics has made it difficult for dissatisfied clients to publicly voice their concerns.日本广告市场的规模达到每年610亿美元,而电通控制着其中的四分之一。同时,它主导着奥运会等利润丰厚的赞助时段,这使得对其不满的客户很难公开表示担忧。That puts the onus on companies to toughen their scrutiny of agency management of digital ads, says Yumi Tanaka, JPMorgan analyst. 根大通(JPMorgan)的分析师田中由美(Yumi Tanaka)称,该问题促使企业加强审查代理商对数字广告的管理。Dentsu has promised that a more independent division inside the company will monitor the performance data of digital ads in question. 电通承诺,公司内部一个比较独立的部门将监测受到质疑的数字广告的效果数据。But that still lacks third-party verification, which may prompt clients to pressure Dentsu to disclose more real-time data rather than a summary version.但这仍然缺乏第三方核实,可能会促使客户施压电通公开更多实时数据而不是简单的总结性数据。It remains unclear whether the discrepancies in online ads were restricted to Dentsu or whether they plague the broader Japanese market. 尚不清楚在线广告的问题仅限于电通还是影响了整个日本市场。Shinsuke Iwasa, Mizuho analyst, warns that rivals should not treat it as a Dentsu only problem, citing the complexity of the performance-based ads. 瑞穗(Mizuho)分析师岩佐新助(Shinsuke Iwasa)警告称,竞争对手不应该把它当做唯独电通存在的问题,并指出了效果广告的复杂性。Dentsu has blamed lack of personnel and pressure to meet client demand for this new online advertising. 电通将问题归咎于缺乏人力,同时受到满足客户对这种新型在线广告需求的压力。Performance ads posted 22 per cent year-on-year growth in 2015 versus a 0.3 increase for Japan’s total ad spending.2015年,效果广告出同比增长了22%,而日本整体广告出仅增长了0.3%。For now, the amount of overcharging is unlikely to have any significant impact on Dentsu’s earnings. 目前,收费过高的问题不太可能会对电通的盈利产生显著影响。Its chief financial officer has stressed that none of its clients have cut ties with the company, saying such outright rejections don’t normally happen in Japan.电通首席财务官强调没有任何一家客户切断了与电通的联系,称诸如此类的绝交在日本并不常见。Regardless of financial fallout, analysts and companies hope that Dentsu will pursue international standards of transparency with the rigour it has shown in its ambitions to expand globally. 不管在财务上会带来多大影响,分析师和其他公司希望电通可以严格追求国际上对透明度的标准,正如它在全球扩张的野心中展现的严谨态度一样。In addition to the £3.2bn acquisition of the UK’s Aegis in 2013, the agency has bought six companies in US, France, India, Australia and Brazil for undisclosed prices in September alone.除了2013年以32亿英镑收购英国安吉斯(Aegis)外,电通还在今年9月以未公开价格收购了分别位于美国、法国、印度、澳大利亚和巴西的6家公司。The reputational damage from the revelations should not be underestimated. 此次事件对电通的声誉造成的损害不应该被低估。As a Dentsu client said: It’s not the sums involved, but a question of credibility.正如电通一家客户所言:这与涉及金额无关,而是信誉问题。 /201609/468969 北京大学深圳医院纹眉多少钱深圳大学第一附属医院做去疤手术多少钱



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