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深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院腿部吸脂怎么样广东深圳微整形整型整容整容医院哪家便宜价格深圳罗湖区人民医院激光祛痘多少钱 The British government has promised to pay the French utility company up to 92.50 per megawatt hour (three times the current wholesale price) for its output.英国政府答应付法国电力集团高达92.5英镑/兆瓦小时的电力价格(这是现有电力批发价格的三倍)。Despite this generous ocer EDF could still lose out as it is liable for cost overruns.尽管英国政府开出如此优厚的条件,但是法国电力集团仍可能亏本,因为该公司还得承担超出预算部分的造价。A vigorous campaign by officials in China to slow the flow of money leaving the country seems to be working.一项由中国政府发起、旨在减缓人民币流失速率的行动似乎已取得初步成效。Foreign-exchange reserves dropped by billion in February to .2 trillion, a sharply lower monthly amount than the 0 billion that has been the norm recently.2月,中国外汇储备降至3.2万亿美元,减少了290亿美元。月降低数额明显低于近期设定的1000亿美元。Meanwhile, new figures showed that Chinas exports plunged by 25% in February compared with the same month last year and imports fell by 14%.同时,新数据显示,2月中国出口量同比下降25%,进口量下降14%。News that an investor had accumulated a 5% stake in Burberry prompted speculation that the British luxury-goods company may become a takeover target.巴宝莉(Burberry )5%的股份被一匿名投资者收购,这一新闻引发了大众对该英国奢侈品公司面临收购的猜测。The identity of the investor was not known, but Burberry asked HS, which is the custodian of the stake, who it was.目前,买主身份尚不清楚,但巴宝莉公司已要求其股权托管查清持股人士。The bank was reportedly said to be holding it on behalf of multiple investors.据称,汇丰(HS)代表多位投资者共同持有巴宝莉股份。Three years after the country was bailed out, euro-zone officials confirmed that Cyprus will conclude its 10 billion (11 billion) rescue programme at the end of this month.三年前塞浦路斯(Cyprus)接受欧盟救助摆脱困境,如今欧盟官方实,塞浦路斯将于本月底退出为期三年的100亿欧元(约合110亿美元)经济救助计划。Supercell, the Finnish mobile-gaming firm behind Clash of Clans and three other blockbuster games, reported a 37% rise in sales last year to 2.1 billion (.3 billion).手机网游部落冲突及其他三款重磅游戏的芬兰研发公司Supercell日前发布的2015财报数据显示,其营业收入上涨37%,达21亿欧元(约合23亿美元)。Owned by Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate, Supercell also announced that for the first time 100m users were playing its games on a daily basis.Supercell是日本企业软银旗下企业,同时宣布在线玩家首次过亿。Its games are played in every country of the world, bar Tuvalu.除图瓦卢外,世界各国都在使用该公司的游戏产品。Corporate sponsors reacted swiftly to the revelation that Maria Sharapova, a five-time Grand Slam tennis champion, had failed a doping test earlier this year.五次蝉联网球大满贯的玛利亚·莎拉波娃被曝今年年初未能通过兴奋剂检测。对此,赞助公司迅速作出回应。At least three sponsors either cut or suspended their ties with the worlds highest-paid female athlete.至少有三家赞助商已削减或延迟对这位全球广告收入第一女运动员的赞助。Ms Sharapova tested positive for meldonium, which she said was prescribed to her for medical conditions.莎拉波娃的米屈肼检测呈阳性,但据她称这是因伤药的缘故。It was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency only at the start of the year.米屈肼今年年初才被世界反兴奋剂机构列入禁止药物类型。In another crack at shedding its cheap image in order to appeal to business travellers,Ryanair, Europes biggest low-cost airline, started hiring out a customised Boeing 737 with 60 business-class seats for flights.为了吸引商务旅行者的光顾,欧洲最大的廉价航空瑞安航空公司一直努力摆脱廉航的形象,日前居然将波音737客机转变为公务机,配置60个商务座。The chartered corporate jet will provide fine dining, a far cry from the hot chips, chicken nuggets, hot dogs…snack boxes and more! offered in economy class (if passengers can get a meal at all).同时,瑞安航空还将为(含餐)经济舱提供美味飞行餐,一改先前只有热薯条、鸡块、热…小吃盒等飞行餐的面貌。 译文属译生译世201603/432674龙岗区第三人民医院祛疤多少钱

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深圳第一人民医院激光祛斑手术多少钱The girlfriend of one of the 14 people killed in the San Bernadino shooting said when President Barack Obama came to speak with her, he immediately asked her for a hug.圣贝纳迪诺击事件遇难者之一的女朋友说,当奥巴马总统走过来和她说话时候,他立刻要求拥抱一下。On Friday Obama and his wife, Michelle, met members of each of the 14 families in the library of Indian Springs High School.星期五,奥巴马和他的妻子米歇尔在印第安泉中学图书馆与十四名遇难者家属见面。The stop happened before the first family headed to Hawaii for their annual holiday.这一站发生在奥巴马家庭前往夏威夷进行年度假期前。A separate table was set up for each family, and the Obamas moved from one to the next, spending about 10 minutes with each victim’s relatives.每个家庭安排单独的桌子,奥巴马一个个走过去,与每个遇难者家属交谈了约十分钟。When Obama approached the table where Mandy Pifer was sitting, he said: “Words aren’t enough. How about a hug?”当奥巴马走近曼迪·皮弗的桌子时,他说道:“语言难以言表,拥抱一下怎么样?”Pifer’s boyfriend Shannon Johnson, 45, was killed in the attack皮弗的男友约翰逊45岁,在袭击中丧生。译文属。201512/416796 Urban beekeeping乡村饲蜜Honey monsters蜜怪City dwellers cultivate a taste of the country城市居民培养出乡村嗜好A new kind of pinstripe新型细条纹WHEN Camilla Goddard first started to keep bees in London, it was difficult to find places away from anxious neighbours or teenage vandals. Nine years later she has hives all over the city: in parks, churchyards, primary schools and on the roofs of hotels. She collects swarms from peoples attics and sells honey at her local shop. A hobby has become a thriving business.起初,卡米拉.高达(Camilla Goddard)着手在伦敦饲养蜜蜂时,很难找到合适的驻点,因为附近要么是颇有戒备心理的邻居,要么就是淘气爱搞破坏的青少年。如今九年过去了,而她的蜂箱已经遍布整个城市:公园里、教堂里、小学校园里及旅馆屋顶上都随处可见。她通过收集隐匿在居民阁楼中的蜂巢,然后在自家经营的小超市中出售蜂蜜。而现在,这已俨然成为一种新兴商业模式。Apiculture is fashionable. Since 2008 membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has almost doubled, to 24,000 people. Around 1,500 are in London. Courses in the capital are always buzzing, says Angela Woods, an enthusiast. Despite the stereotype of beekeepers as luxuriantly bearded eccentrics, many newbies are young—women are particularly keen.The boom was partly a by-product of worries about bees and awareness of the huge benefits they bring. Colonies in many countries have been suffering mysterious sudden collapses since 2006. Urban eco-warriors found beekeeping an appealing practical outlet for their angst. Businesses, keen for green plaudits, also leapt on the trend. Fortnum amp; Mason, Londons poshest department store, has hives on its roof (this newspaper, a neighbour, does not—yet).眼下,养蜂业十分火热。2008年至今,英国养蜂协会(BBKA)会员已增加一倍,达到24000人。且有1500会员来自伦敦。安吉拉.伍兹(Angela Woods)是蜜蜂爱好者,他曾调侃道:首都的大道常常嗡嗡作响。尽管人们对传统养蜂人的印象还停留在是满脸胡子的怪大叔上,许多,但实际上许多新会员都是年轻一代,且女性尤为钟情。养蜂潮的兴起,在某种程度上正是由人们对蜜蜂的担忧和意识到蜜蜂巨大经济利益的双重作用下而促成的。自2006年起,英联邦国家一直受莫名的坍塌事故所困扰。城市生态卫士发现,养蜂恰是解决当下困扰的好对策,且可行性强。商业界渴望得到世界对其绿色行为的褒奖,同样也抓住时下潮流。伦敦顶级百货商店——福特纳姆和梅森,就在屋顶设有蜂巢(但它的邻居,报社集团却未如此)Hives fit snugly in London gardens and bees seem to like city life. In the concrete jungle pesticides are rare. Nectar surprisingly abounds, and not just in gardens: parks have waterlilies and other exotic plants. Brambles and wild flowers line railway tracks. Chestnut trees give honey from Greenwich a heavy, nutty taste; bees that feed on rose bushes in Regents Park produce an almost inedibly aromatic gloop.蜂巢舒适地安于伦敦花园,蜜蜂似乎很享受城市生活。在钢筋丛林中,极少会出现昆虫。但蜂蜜却出奇得多,不但是花园中有,其它地方也有:公园植有睡莲和其它奇花异草。荆棘与野花铺满铁轨外延。因为板栗树,格林威治产的蜂蜜更浓稠,并带着丝丝坚果味儿;而在摄政公园,以采玫瑰为主的蜜蜂却产出不宜使用的芳香浆糖。London is not yet flowing with honey. Membership growth has slowed at the BBKA. The cost of hives has risen. Green types are planting bee-friendly gardens instead of hosting apiaries of their own. And the harsh winter of 2012, which killed around a third of all the colonies in Britain, has put some beginners off. Busy Londoners want to connect with nature, says Ms Woods. But without the sting of disappointment.伦敦现在还没到蜂蜜泛滥的程度。养蜂协会新入会员增速也已有所下降。筑巢成本上升。绿色一族如今选择建造利于蜜蜂的花园,而非建设私人养蜂厂。2012的严冬导致英联邦近1/3的蜂巢毁于一旦,这让一些新手望而却步了。伍兹夫人说,繁忙的伦敦人想与自然亲近。繁忙的伦敦人希望与大自然亲近,但可不希望被蜇的满头包而扫兴而归。译者:徐珍 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201509/400147深圳光明新减肥医院哪家好深圳妇保医院隆胸多少钱



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