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A lossmaking Chinese miner is snapping up a British computer games developer in a 0m deal that encapsulates the spirit of China’s frenzied, and often incongruous, debt-fuelled shopping spree. 中国一家亏损矿商将要买下英国一家电脑游戏开发商,这笔3亿美元的交易堪称中国疯狂而往往不协调的、债务助燃的收购热潮的典型代表。 The deal, which will see a fantasy games developer bed down with an iron ore miner, comes as insurer Anbang gatecrashes a bn deal for Starwood Hotels and Resorts; itself barely 24 hours after sewing up a .5bn bid for Strategic Hotels amp; Resorts. 该交易将意味着一家奇幻游戏开发商与一家铁矿石生产商联姻。交易宣布之际,中国保险商安邦(Anbang)刚向喜达屋酒店及度假村国际集团(Starwood Hotels and Resorts)发出130亿美元收购要约,而在这条消息传出的24小时前,安邦刚刚达成65亿美元收购Strategic Hotels amp; Resorts的交易。 A total 2bn of outbound dealmaking has been announced from China so far this year, according to Dealogic, aly almost as much as the record 6bn spent in 2015. Dealogic的数据显示,今年以来中国已宣布总计1020亿美元的境外收购交易,逼近2015年全年1060亿美元的纪录。 Shandong Hongda, the iron ore miner, may be putting down less cash, but the 0m price tag is six times its forecast net loss for last year. 身为铁矿石生产商的山东宏达矿业股份有限公司(Shandong Hongda)也许砸下的资金略少一些,但3亿美元的价码已是其去年预测净亏损的6倍。 After beginning life as a village-owned iron ore mine in the early 1990s, it is bolting on Jagex, UK developer of online role-playing game RuneScape. 上世纪90年代初作为村办铁矿诞生的宏达,将要收购在线角色扮演游戏《江湖》(RuneScape)的英国开发商Jagex。 Incongruous diversification is also part of the Zeitgeist. 不协调的业务多元化也是“时代精神”的一部分。 Old industry, such as steel mills and miners, is weighed down by overcapacity and debts and is turning to new areas of business — from pig farming to property to finance. 受到产能过剩和债务拖累的老工业企业,如炼钢厂和矿商,正在转向新的业务领域,从养猪、房地产,到金融。 For two decades investment surged into China, initially capitalising on cheap labour, and then in an effort to tap the flourishing Chinese market that was growing at near double-digit rates annually. 在长达20年的时间里,大量投资涌入中国,最初是为了利用廉价劳动力,后来是为了挖掘蓬勃发展的中国市场,当时中国经济以年均接近两位数的速度增长。 But China’s slowing growth and the mounting pressure of debts accumulated during the boom has turned the tide, and Chinese corporations are seeking the lower but relatively more stable returns of investments abroad. 但是,中国经济增长放缓、繁荣时期积累的债务所带来的越来越大的压力已经使这股潮流发生了逆转,中国企业正纷纷在境外物色较低、但相对比较稳定的投资回报。 Just as RuneScape players battle monsters in the realm of Gielinor, Shandong Hongda has found itself at the mercy of forces beyond its control. 正如《江湖》玩家在Gielinor奇幻世界对战怪兽,山东宏达也受到自己无法控制的力量的摆布。 Flush with cash during the commodities boom, Chinese miners expanded aggressively, then saw margins shrink as a slowdown in growth pummelled ore prices. 在大宗商品繁荣时期赚得盆满钵满的中国矿商,曾经大举扩张,结果却看到经济增长放缓重创矿石价格,导致它们的利润大幅下降。 /201603/432077

LONDON — Zurich Insurance Group said on Monday that it was abandoning its pursuit of RSA Insurance Group, a smaller British rival, after a deterioration in its business performance, particularly in Zurich’s general insurance unit.伦敦——苏黎世保险集团(Zurich Insurance Group)周一宣布,将放弃收购RSA保险集团(RSA Insurance Group),后者是一个规模较小的英国竞争对手。苏黎世的此次声明发生在其业绩出现下滑之后,业绩下滑尤以普通保险业务最为显著。Zurich also said that it was conducting an in-depth review of those general insurance operations and that it expected losses of about 5 million on insurance claims related to a series of explosions that rocked the port city of Tianjin, China, in August.苏黎世还透露,该公司正在对那些普通保险业务的经营状况进行深入的审核。今年8月,一系列爆炸冲击了中国港口城市天津,苏黎世预计与此相关的保险索赔会给公司带来2.75亿美元的损失。The company, one of the largest insurers in Europe, had said in July that it was considering making an unsolicited bid for RSA. Last month, it indicated that it was willing to offer 5.6 billion pounds, or about .7 billion, for RSA.苏黎世是欧洲最大的保险公司之一,它于今年7月声称,考虑对RSA保险集团主动发起收购。上个月,苏黎世表示,愿意出价56亿英镑——约合87亿美元,555亿元人民币——收购RSA。On Monday, Zurich said that its discussions with RSA had been terminated and that weaker-than-expected profit in its general insurance business in the first half of this year was expected to continue in the third quarter.苏黎世于周一称已经终止与RSA集团的磋商,又称今年上半年其普通保险业务盈利不及预期的状况,预计会延续至第三季度。Given the claims related to the Tianjin explosions and the outcome of a recent review of its reserves, Zurich said that it expected its general insurance business to post an operating loss of about 0 million in the third quarter. The operating profit in the general insurance business declined 31 percent to .2 billion in the first half of the year.根据与天津爆炸相关的索赔和最近的准备金审核结果,苏黎世集团预计,其普通保险业务将在第三季度出现约两亿美元的营业亏损。今年上半年,其普通保险业务的营业利润减少了31%,降至12亿美元。“In light of the above recent deterioration in the trading performance in the group’s general insurance business, Zurich announced this morning that it has terminated its discussions in connection with a possible offer for RSA,” Zurich said in a news release.苏黎世在新闻稿中称:“鉴于近期公司普通保险业务的业绩恶化,苏黎世于今天早晨宣布,已终止与RSA集团就可能的收购出价而进行的磋商。”The news sent shares of RSA down 21.7 percent to 399 pence in early trading in London.这一消息使RSA在伦敦交易所的股价跌至399便士,降幅21.7%。RSA, which is based in London, offers insurance to consumers and businesses, including home, automobile, liability and marine insurance. The company is worth about 5 billion, based on its market capitalization.RSA集团总部位于伦敦,为个人和企业客户提供保险,其险种包括房屋保险、车辆保险、责任保险和海上保险。RSA集团市值约为50亿英镑。The insurer employs about 19,000 people worldwide and wrote 7.47 billion in net premiums in 2014.该公司在全球雇佣有1.9万名员工,2014年的净保费收入为74.7亿英镑。Zurich, founded in 1872, offers general and life insurance across several product lines. It has about 55,000 employees in more than 170 countries and had net written premiums of .7 billion in 2014.苏黎世于1872年成立,提供横跨多条产品线的普通险和人寿险。它在超过170个国家拥有5.5万名雇员,其2014年的净保费收入达487亿美元。In August, Zurich said it was willing to offer to pay 550 pence a share for RSA, a bid that was conditioned on completing a due diligence review of the insurer and receiving a recommendation from RSA’s board of directors that shareholders accept the offer.今年8月,苏黎世称,愿意以每股550便士的价格收购RSA,但条件是完成对该保险公司的尽职调查,且RSA董事会建议股东接受出价。RSA had indicated its board was willing to recommend the offer if other terms were met.RSA集团曾表示,如果其他条款能够得到满足,董事会愿意推荐这一出价。In a news release on Monday, RSA confirmed that its discussions with Zurich had ended, but that Zurich’s due diligence review “had not found anything that would have prevented them from proceeding with the transaction.”在周一的新闻稿中,RSA实其与苏黎世之间的讨论已经终止,但称苏黎世的尽职调查“没有发现任何妨碍交易继续进行的因素”。“Since that time, RSA has continued to make good progress in the delivery of its action plans, as evidenced by our half-year results,” RSA said.“自那以后,RSA在工作计划的实施上,保持着卓越的进展,这已为我们的半年业绩所明,”RSA称。RSA brought in Stephen Hester, a former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, as chief executive in February 2014. He had taken the helm of R.B.S. after a government bailout in 2008. In December 2013, Simon Lee, RSA’s top executive, quit after a capital shortfall in its Irish operations.RSA于2014年2月聘请斯蒂芬·赫斯特(Stephen Hester)担任首席执行官,他曾于苏格兰皇家(RBS)担任相同职位。在2008年的政府救市行动之后,他掌管了RBS的大权。2013年12月,在RSA的爱尔兰业务出现资本缺口之后,RSA首席执行官西蒙·李(Simon Lee)辞去职位。Since joining RSA, Mr. Hester has sold businesses and raised capital in order to bolster its balance sheet.赫斯特加入RSA以来,为了筹集资本、巩固资产负债表,出手了一些业务。RSA was created in 1996 by the merger of two of the largest British insurers, Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance.1996年,英国最大的两家保险公司皇家保险(Royal Insurance)与太阳联合(Sun Alliance)合并,形成了RSA。 /201509/400629

A robotic hand — which can beat any human challenger at rock, paper, scissors — has thrust Tokyo university into one of its biggest ethical dilemmas since the second world war: should Japanese academics lift a 70-year ban and exploit such technology to build weapons? 一个能在“包剪锤”游戏上横扫人类挑战者的机械手臂,令东京大学(Tokyo university)陷入二战以来最大的道德困境之一:日本学者应解除70年的禁令,利用这类技术来研发武器吗? The debate within Tokyo University is set to resonate across Japan as an increasingly vocal general public unhappy at what it sees as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to rewrite the country’s constitution and unravel nearly 70 years of pacifism. 东京大学内部的这场辩论将引发全日本的共鸣。眼下日本民众不满的呼声渐渐高涨,他们认为首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)企图改写日本宪法,破坏近70年的和平主义。 For some, the robot hand’s unerring ability to win a simple child’s game is an ingenious but harmless scientific breakthrough. Others envisage the technology being employed in anti-missile systems, armed battlefield droids and bullet-dodging drones. 在有些人看来,机械手臂能够万无一失地赢得一个简单的儿童游戏,只是一项新颖且无害的科学突破。但其他人则想到这项技术可以应用到反导系统,武装战斗机器人或避弹无人机。 Tokyo university, broadly joined by most other Japanese academic institutions, has for seven decades banned its staff from lines of research that could serve military purposes. The effect, according to Japanese defence ministry officials, has been to starve the country’s military of one of the most fertile engineering and scientific research bases in the world. 70年来,东京大学一直禁止校内科研人员从事有可能用于军事目的的研究,日本其他学术机构大都秉持这一原则。据日本防务省官员表示,结果导致日本的军事产业一直无法得益于全世界最多产的工程和科研基地之一。 The government of Mr Abe, which has aly lifted Japan’s convention against military exports and reinterpreted the pacifist constitution, is now pushing to overturn the academic taboo. 安倍政府已经解除了日本禁止军事出口的惯例,并重新解释了和平宪法,现在正推动废除这一学术禁忌。 China’s relentless efforts to bolster is military presence in the region, along with rising concerns about the future of the US defence umbrella, have allowed universities to argue that their academics could engage in military-related projects if the ultimate purpose is “security and peace”. 中国在该地区加强自己军事力量的不断努力,加上日益上升的对美国防御保护伞前景的忧虑,让日本各大学争论他们的学者可以参与军事相关项目,只要最终目的是“安全与和平”。 This has increased the pressure on Masatoshi Ishikawa, the Tokyo university professor who invented the robot hand, and other Japanese academics to change their stance. While Tokyo university has continued to waver on the issue, Prof Ishikawa’s breakthrough has refined the debate. 这加大了机械手臂的发明人、东京大学教授石川正俊(Masatoshi Ishikawa),以及其他日本学者改变立场的压力。虽然东京大学在该问题上仍犹豫不决,但石川教授的突破性研究让这场辩论变得更加清晰。 “Every time I attend an international conference, there’s a line of people representing military manufacturers or governments who want to talk about my robot hand and what it could be used for,” said Prof Ishikawa. 石川教授表示:“每次我参加国际会议时,总是不断有军工制造商或政府代表想跟我讨论我的机械手臂,以及它能做什么。” “There are certainly people within Tokyo university who would like the rules to change, but I am not one of them.” “当然,东京大学内部也不乏有人想改变原来的规则,但我不是其中之一。” In the case of the robot hand, its military potential is clear. The device is able to win every time because it cheats. It combines the world’s fastest imaging sensors with the world’s fastest mechanical movement: it can see what move its opponent has made and instruct the hand to play one that beats it long before the human eye can register. 在机械手臂的例子上,其军事潜力显而易见。这个装置之所以每次都能赢得游戏是因为它作弊了,它结合了全球最快的成像传感器和机械运动,它能看到对手做出的动作,然后在人眼来不及注意之前,指示机械手臂做出致胜动作。 The financial inducements are also obvious. State funding for Japan’s universities is falling steadily and the government, via programmes launched over the past 18 months, has produced financial incentives for scientists and engineers to engage in military-related projects. 财政诱因也很明显。日本各大学的国家拨款正逐步下降,在过去一年半时间里,日本政府通过推出多个项目,用财政激励吸引科学家和工程师参与军事有关的项目。 Last year, Japan’s defence ministry issued an open invitation to researchers to join its in-house military research projects. It has received 109 applications: 58 from universities and 22 from public research institutions that had historically sworn themselves off military research. 去年,日本防务省公开邀请研究人员加入其内部的军事研究项目,迄今已收到109份申请,其中58份来自大学,22份来自公共研究机构,这些机构以前都曾发誓远离军事研究。 One of them, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, was able to apply after it reinterpreted its founding policy of operating to allow it to do research “for the purpose of peace and welfare” to encompass “activities contributing to national security”. 日本海洋研究开发机构(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)是申请机构之一。该机构之所以能提出申请,是因为它重新解释了自己运营的创建原则,允许其从事“以和平与福利为目的”的研究,以完成“有利于国家安全的活动”。 /201603/430500

I’ll start with one of my favorite thoughts, by Alex Haley in his essay “The Shadowland of Dreams”:我想用我最喜欢的一个人的想法作为开头,这段话来自亚历克斯o哈里的文章《梦想的阴暗之面》(Shadowland of Dreams):Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there’s a big difference between “being a writer” and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours alone at the typewriter. “You’ve got to want to write,” I say to them, “not want to be a writer.”“许多年轻人对我说他们想当一名作家。我经常给予他们鼓励,同时也告诫他们‘当一名作家’与写作完全是两码事。大多数怀抱作家梦的年轻人其实只为追名逐利,殊不知那打字机前的写作过程是如此漫长而孤独。‘你要有写作的欲望。’我告诉他们,‘而不是只想着当一名作家。’”The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune, there are thousands more whose longing is never requited. Even those who succeed often know long periods of neglect and poverty. I did.“其实,写作是一项需要孤军奋战,报酬甚微的工作。受到幸运之神眷顾、一举成名的作家仅是少数,更多的人壮志难酬。即便最成功的作家也会经历一段默默无闻和生活窘困的时期。我便是其中一位。”When the startup economy booms, like it did in 1999 and like it is again in 2014, many people suddenly discover they want to “be an entrepreneur.” Newly-minted MBAs who otherwise would have joined Goldman Sachs or McKinsey instead head west to San Francisco. Big company lifers from Oracle or HP abruptly jump ship, not wanting to “miss out” on the next gold rush.1999年和2014年,我们经历过两次创业潮,许多人突然发现他们“想做一名创业者”。刚毕业的MBA学生本可以加入高盛或麦肯锡,但他们却选择前往旧金山。甲骨文或惠普等大公司里的元老突然跳槽,原因是他们不希望与下一次淘金热“失之交臂”。Too often, these folks quickly find a like-minded co-founder who also wants to join the “startup scene”, brainstorm a few ideas, pick one that seems plausible, hack up a product, then buy a wheelbarrow they can use to take their money to the bank when the acquisition offers start to roll in.这些人往往很快就能找到志同道合的人,他们都怀揣创业梦想,一番头脑风暴之后产生一些想法,从中选出看起来合理的创意,据此设计一款产品,然后买一辆手推车,静等着收购要约蜂拥而至的时候,将大把的钱运到。They almost never need that wheelbarrow. Starting a company is as Alex Haley described writing: the best companies are usually not started by people who want to “be an entrepreneur.” They are started by people who are knowledgable and passionate about a specific problem, are driven to solve it, and then get busy building a company to bring it to life. They rarely go to tech conferences, can’t be found at launch parties, and they certainly don’t have a quick acquisition as their primary goal.但许多人的希望都会落空。创业就像亚历克斯o哈里描述的写作一样:由一心想“成为创业者”的人创立的公司往往做不到最好。最好的创业者通常对某个具体问题有见地并充满,有解决这个问题的动力,他们会全身心投入到公司建设,只想着让其发展壮大。他们很少会参加技术会议,公司成立派对上也看不到他们的身影,迅速被收购也不是他们的主要目标。In contrast, those who want to get rich by “being an entrepreneur” often come up with ideas that don’t really reflect any proprietary insight or interest. They’ll launch an undifferentiated e-commerce site with few barriers to entry, or they’ll a Gartner report about a new enterprise market predicted to be worth billions, and they’ll jump into it with a me-too product. When they hit the inevitable bumps in the road, they may not have the drive to power over them, or they may not have the proprietary insight to outsmart competitors.恰恰相反,那些希望“成为创业者”而一夜暴富的人,所提出的想法没有真正反映出独有的洞察力或兴趣。他们成立的电子商务网站大同小异,几乎没有准入门槛,或者他们在高德纳公司的报告中读到,一个新的市场预计会达到数十亿的规模,然后便拿一款山寨产品一头扎进去。他们一定会遭遇无力越过的障碍,或者没有独到的洞察力去打败竞争对手。The best entrepreneurs work on ideas that grow out of their personal experiences and aptitudes. Their ideas often are counter-intuitive and don’t seem likely to work at first. I highly recommend this essay by Paul Graham: How to Get Startup Ideas. One of Paul’s best thoughts is:最优秀的创业者,其创业灵感都源自个人的经历和天资。他们的想法往往有违直觉,最初看来似乎不可能实现。建议大家一定要读读保罗o格雷厄姆的经典之作——《如何获得创业灵感》。他最好的一个看法就是:The verb you want to be using with respect to startup ideas is not “think up” but “notice.” At YC we call ideas that grow naturally out of the founders’ own experiences “organic” startup ideas. The most successful startups almost all begin this way.”“创业的点子是被‘发现’的,而不是被‘发明’的。在 YC创业营,我们会把从创始人自身经历当中自然产生的灵感叫做‘内生的’创业灵感。最成功的创业公司几乎都是这样发展起来的。”Now, many of these “organic” founders also want to get rich, as do their investors and the employees who join them, but they also expect to spend years toiling away with lots of setbacks and trial and error. They know that if they get rich it will be because they are working on an idea where they have an edge in terms of knowledge and enthusiasm, not because they have joined a lucrative profession called “being an entrepreneur.”现在,许多内生型创始人也希望获得财富,他们的投资者和员工同样想获得回报,但他们也会用数年时间应付可能遇到的挫折,进行反复尝试。他们知道自己能够获得财富,这是因为他们在知识与热情方面具有优势,而不是因为从事了一种有利可图的职业——“创业者”。All that being said, I would never discourage someone who truly is interested in startups from pursuing one – I’d certainly rather have them here in Silicon Valley rather than send them back to Wall Street. Startup life can provide a career full of accelerated learning, great camaraderie and teamwork, and it will at least leave you with some great stories. If you really want to enter the startup world, and not only for a quick acquisition, you could try:尽管如此,对于真正有兴趣创业的人,我从来不会泼冷水——而且我宁愿他们来到硅谷,而不是回到华尔街。在创业过程中,你会加速学习,收获深厚的友谊和团队精神,你至少能积累一些了不起的经历。如果你真的希望创业,而不是单纯为了迅速被收购,你可以做以下尝试:o Get awesome at something. Become a great engineer. Designer. Product manager. Marketer. Sales rep. Growth hacker. It is hard to start or join a great company if you aren’t great at a job that most startups need done.o 在某件事上做到极好。成为一名伟大的工程师、设计师、产品经理、营销专家、销售代表或所谓的增长黑客(Growth hacker)。如果大多数初创公司都需要的工作,你做不到出类拔萃的话,不论是创业还是加入一家出色的公司都很难。o Go deep in an industry. Many of the best companies are started by founds with proprietary knowledge in a specific field, like ad technology, insurance, supply chain management, information security, or many others.o 深入研究一个行业。许多最好的公司最初都掌握了某个特定领域的专有知识,如广告技术、保险、供应链管理、信息安全等。o Join a great startup. If you don’t have an idea where you have proprietary knowledge or passion, follow founders who do. Join the team early, contribute however you can, learn as much as you can, and it may lead to your founding your own company in the future as you get exposed to more people and ideas.o 加入一家出色的初创公司。如果你还不知道自己在哪方面拥有专项知识或,那就追随一位已经确立自身专长的公司创始人。尽早加入团队,做出尽可能多的贡献,不断学习,等你接触到更多的人和想法的时候,你未来或许便能创立自己的公司。Good luck!祝你好运! /201502/361275

Stephen Hawking comes right out and says it. He is an atheist.史蒂芬霍金宣称他是无神论者。If I were a scientist, I#39;d stick to the Goldman Sachs principle: bet on both sides.我要是科学家,就坚持高盛的信条:两边下注。;Believe in science, believe in God; seems to cover all the possibilities and gives you the best chance for a cheery afterlife.“既相信科学,也相信上帝”,这就囊括了所有可能,也是对身后事的最佳选择。For a time, it was thought that astrophysicist Stephen Hawking had also left a tiny gap in his credo window for a magical deity. However, he has now come out and declared that there is no God.我们曾一度以为,天体物理学家 史蒂芬霍金 也在他的信仰体系里给神留了一条窗缝。然而,现在他站出来宣称:没有上帝。He gave an interview to Spain#39;s El Mundo in which he expressed his firm belief that el mundo was the work of scientifically explainable phenomena, not of a supreme being.在西班牙世界报的采访中他 斩钉截铁地说,世界是可以用科学解释的现象,而非至高存在的造物。Hawking said: ;Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation.;霍金说,在了解科学之前,我们自然会认为是神创万物。可现在科学给出了更有说力的解释。I#39;m not sure whether there was a specific moment in which science overtook the deistic explanation of existence. However, El Mundo pressed him on the suggestion in ;A Brief History of Time; that a unifying theory of science would help mankind ;know the mind of God.;我不知道这是否是科学压倒自然神论的特殊时刻。然而,在世界报出版的《时间简史》中,霍金说,科学上的大一统理论,有助于人类了解“上帝的想法”。Hawking now explained: ;What I meant by #39;we would know the mind of God#39; is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God. Which there isn#39;t. I#39;m an atheist.;现在,霍金解释说:“我所说‘我们要了解上帝的想法#39;是指,我们要知道上帝知道的每件事,如果祂存在的话。可是没有上帝。我是无神论者。”He added: ;Religion believes in miracles, but these aren#39;t compatible with science.;他补充道:“信仰相信奇迹,可奇迹和科学不相容。”Perhaps. But some look at, for example, the human eye and wonder how that exciting ball of jelly could have come about scientifically.或许吧,不过让我们看着人类的眼睛,然后,去惊奇它是怎么在科学演算中长成球形果冻的吧。Hawking#39;s been tending toward such an absolute pronouncement for a while. In a speech last year, he offered an explanation of how the world came to being without God. He mused: ;What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing hell for people who asked such questions?;霍金会做这种绝对论断的倾向,早就显露出来了。在去年的一次演讲中,他给出一个世界不靠上帝也能存在的解释。他沉吟道:“创世之前,上帝在忙什么?他是在给提这种问题的人准备地狱吗?”I do worry, though, about Hawking#39;s sweetly divine faith in humanity. He told El Mundo: ;In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind.;霍金对于人类的神圣又美好的信仰,着实让我担忧。他告诉《世界报》:“在我看来,没有什么东西能超越于人类的思维而存在。”If that#39;s true, the human mind still has to develop exponentially to explain everyday phenomena, such as social networking. And then there#39;s Hawking#39;s insistence that his speech synthesizer, which gives him a curiously American accent, has had this consequence: ;With the American accent, I#39;ve had far more success with women.;如果这话所言非虚,那么人类的思维,不得不出现几何式地发展,以便能解释人际关系之类的日常现象才行。那样的话,霍金会坚决要求把他的发声器换成个怪异的美国口音:“用美国口音,我就会泡妞了。”We definitely need some serious research to explain that.我们绝壁需要严肃的研究来解释这个。 /201412/345476

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