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乌鲁木齐哪个医院脱毛比较好新疆省第一人民医院减肥手术多少钱The author suggests that while walking虽然行走运动可以起到预防结肠癌was protective the activity needs to be的作用,研究人员建议加大行走的运动量at a significant quantity to be effective.以得到更有效的预防效果The American Institute for Cancer Research美国癌症研究协会reviewed the available data from studies评估了调查that were done to investigate the correlation乳腺癌和运动between breast cancer risk and physical activity.之间关系的研究数据Studies were broken down into pre-menopausal研究对象被分为未绝经女性and post-menopausal women. 7 of the 8 studies和绝经女性两类they reviewed for post-menopausal women8个研究中,有7个研究reported decreased risk in breast cancer发现运动多的绝经女性群体for the highest compared to the lowest要比运动少的绝经女性群体activity groups. However, the results有更小的乳腺癌发病率,然而for pre-menopausal women were deemed未绝经女性的研究结果却不是这样的inconsistent. Evidence of frequency, duration运动频率,持续时间or intensity of activity was minimal. Overall和强度的据是最少的there was enough evidence for the AICR to整体上来说conclude that physical activity probably protects充足的据使美国癌症研究所得出结论against post-menopausal breast cancer.运动很可能对绝经女性的乳腺癌有预防作用In 2007 a study was published that assessed2007年发表的研究the relationships between physical activity and评估了运动和乳腺癌风险之间的关系breast cancer risk. The work was part of这项研究是the European Prospective Investigation into欧洲癌症和健康发展调查委员会Cancer and Nutrition Study, EPIC.即EPIC的一部分The same population as described previously该研究与之前提到的结肠癌研究for colon cancer. In this work the authors研究对象数目是相同的examined not only a relationship between在这项研究中,研究人员不仅physical activity and breast cancer risk调查了运动与乳腺癌风险之间的关系but asked specifically if different levels还特别调查了不同程度和类型的运动and types of physical activity could correlate与乳腺癌风险之间的关联with breast cancer risk. This study collected data该研究收集了from over 218,000 women from 9 different来自9个欧洲国家的European countries. The women were recruited218000名女性的数据from the general population, were either研究对象来自于一般人群pre-menopausal or post-menopausal and包括绝经女性和未绝经女性ranging in age from 20 to 80 years.年龄范围是20到80岁The information gathered from the study研究收集的信息包括included the number of breast cancer cases that在研究期间,研究群体内occurred within the population during the study,乳腺癌的发病人数assessment of BMI and physical activity.身体质量指数和运动评估The physical activity assessment was divided into运动评估被分为3类three categories of household, recreational分别是家务,和职业活动and occupational. Breast cancer cases were recorded乳腺癌病例的记录是通过through population, cancer registries人口,癌症登记和主动跟踪随访完成的or by active follow-up. Physical activity data运动数据的获取were obtained by in-person interviews是通过现场采访or from self-administered standardized questionnaires.或者自填标准问卷完成的Data on current occupational activity included当前职业活动数据employment status and level of physical activity包括职位,工作时的运动强度done at work. Information on the frequency上一年调查了非职业运动and durations of non-occupational physical activity的频率,长短信息during the past year included housework, home repair,包括家务,家庭维修gardening and recreational activities.园艺和活动MET values were assigned to each physical activity and每一项运动的MET值都有所记录average weekly METs were recorded.每周的平均MET得以记录201509/397069兰州军区乌鲁木齐总医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/401191In the 17th century,there are around 55 million hunter-gatherers,十七世纪 大约有五千五百万以狩猎采集为生的人living across almost one third of the planet.居住在约占全球三分之一的土地上A way of life dating back to the dawn of mankind,这种自人类之初便开始的生活方式now under threat as newcomers move onto their lands.因新成员的到来 正面临威胁In the new world, native Americans outnumber settlers by nearly 6 to 1.在新大陆 印第安人的数量几乎是 移居者的六倍Its war.The Wabanaki kill nine of the Lewis family.这是一场战争 瓦班纳基族人杀死了刘易斯家的九口人But some of the children survive...including a 3-year-old girl:Mercy Lewis.但他们的几个孩子侥幸活了下来 其中包括三岁的小女孩:默西·刘易斯16 years later, a witness in a trial that marks the passing of an era.十六年后 她亲眼目睹了那场 标志一个时代结束的审判1692, Salem, Massachusetts.A community in meltdown.1692年 在马萨诸塞州的塞勒姆 一群人正处于水深火热之中65-year-old Martha Corey.Devout Christian and churchgoer.Seven times faster than an arrow.六十五岁的玛莎·科里 是一名虔诚的基督教徒 经常做礼拜 她正在接受生命的审判The Puritans of that time lived on the lip of a wilderness,当时的清教徒生活在蛮荒之地they were terrified of the wilderness and wildness, and of the wild men, of the Indians.对那里的一切都感到恐惧害怕 蛮荒之地和印第安人让他们寝食难安So that kind of fear allows for a witch trial to kind of take hold and hysteria to take over.这种恐惧逐渐演变为女巫审判 人们变得歇斯底里 从中得到一定的慰藉201603/430420乌市自治区人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱

新疆修复处女膜手术价格Three Mormon missionaries from the U.S. are among the injured after terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.据耶稣基督后期圣徒教会,三名来自美国的门教传教士在周二布鲁塞尔恐怖袭击中受伤。Richard Norby, Joseph Empey and Mason Wells were reportedly escorting another missionary to the airport when the attack took place. All three men are from Utah and are currently hospitalized. 据报道袭击发生时,理查德、约瑟夫和梅森正护送另一名传教士到机场。三名男子都来自犹他州,目前正在住院治疗。At least 34 people are dead and 198 were wounded in the attacks. Officials say two explosions occurred at Brussels international airport Tuesday morning, which were followed by a single explosion at Maalbeek metro station. 袭击至少造成34人死亡,198人受伤。官员表示,周二早上两起爆炸发生在布鲁塞尔国际机场,紧跟着Maalbeek地铁站的单一爆炸。Officials say at least one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber. 官员表示,至少有一起爆炸是由自杀式炸弹造成的。A media agency ran by ISIS reportedly said the terrorist group was behind the attacks. Government officials have yet to comment on the claim. 一家由ISIS运营的媒体机构表示,其恐怖集团是幕后黑手。政府官员尚未对该说法作出。This also comes less than a week after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the sole surviving suspect of the Paris attacks in November. He was arrested in Brussels. 这也是萨拉赫被捕不到一周后,作为十一月巴黎袭击案的唯一幸存嫌疑人,在布鲁塞尔被捕。译文属。201603/433021新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州友谊医院激光去痣多少钱 Deals signed to buy 300 Boeing planes访美首单 中国购300架波音飞机A group of Chinese companies have just signed a deal with Boeing to order 300 airplanes.中国政府有关部门和企业分别与美国波音公司签署了购买300架波音飞机等系列合作文件。China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, IC Financial Leasing, and China Development Bank Leasing are the firms involved in the deal.签署协议的公司包括中国航空器材控股公司,工商金融租赁及中国国家开发租赁公司。At the same time Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China also signed a cooperative document with Boeing to build a 737 aircraft completion center in China.同时中国商用飞机有限责任公司也同波音公司还签署了一项在中国构建一份737型飞机完工中心的合作文件。The National Development and Reform Commission of China, the countrys economic planner, inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the US plane maker.国家经济计划制定者的中国国家发展和改革委员会与美国飞机制造商签署了一份谅解备忘录。 译文属201509/400681可克达拉自体脂肪隆鼻价格

哈密丰胸医院哪家好ln 1990, l was producing the American Cinema Awards,我在1990年制作美国影剧奖时which honoured legendary stars of the cinema,这典礼不但表扬电影明星as well as great musical entertainers.也表扬杰出音乐表演者And over the years, wed honoured many great legends.我们这些年来表扬了不少巨星There was nobody more qualified to win the award十年最佳艺人的奖for musical Entertainer of the Decade than Michael Jackson.非迈克尔·杰克逊莫属ladies and gentlemen, l would like to express my gratitude各位先生与女士to those responsible for the American Cinema Awards.我想要向美国影剧奖的举办单位致谢l thank David Gest. Youre just fantastic. Thank you so much.我要感谢戴维·格斯特 你太棒了 非常谢谢And finall, ll thank llittlle Christina and Michael.最后我要谢谢小克莉丝丁娜 以及迈克尔I love you all, goodbye.我爱你们 再见ln 1993, Michael Jackson was accused of molestation1993年迈克尔·杰克逊 遭到一名男童乔迪·钱德勒by this kid, whose name was Jordy Chandler,指控性侵and by Jordys father, whose name was Evan Chandler.以及乔迪的父亲 艾文·钱德勒201510/402391 新疆省妇幼保健院吸脂手术多少钱喀什市激光祛痘哪家医院好



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