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Bamp;B Bank 'To Be Nationalised' Bradford and Bingley is to be nationalised and an announcement will be made before the markets open, Sky News has learned. Savers have been told their money is safe - but what about staff, shareholders and taxpayers? Joel Hills reports. It’s a High Street name in need of rescuing, but talks to find a private buyer have run out of time. Santander was interested in some of Bradford amp; Bingley’s assets, but wouldn’t be rushed into a weekend deal. The government has decided, the taxpayer has to step in.Bradfordamp;Bingley has been in trouble for some time, just look at how its share price collapsed in the last 12 months. On Friday, shares were being bought and sold for just 20 pence.A crisis of confidence was brewing but the opposition insists nationalization is not the answer.We should have a situation in Britain, where we have the ability for the Bank of England to take over failing bank and to reconstruct it, safeguarding the depositors and then making sure that those bits of the businesses can be sold are sold. And in the end, the bill affectively is picked up…Not by the tax payers who I want to protect. Thank you for the..., So a bank is sold for…The government maintains it will act in the best interests of savers and taxpayers.This is not simply a problem for the ed Kingdom, this is a global crisis. We have taken tough decisive action to sort out the situation and I am confident that in due course, there will be a statement from the Treasury about Bradfordamp;Bingley, I am not going to add to the speculation.The message for Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 2.5 million savers is your money (is) safe, although you may find yourselve suddenly banking with someone else, retail deposits are likely to be sold on to the likes of Santander, HS and Barclays.What happens next to Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 3000 staff isn’t clear. 370 redundancies were announced earlier in the week with the branch network also said to be flogged off. More job losses look likely.For the rest of us, the news is not that encouraging. Bradfordamp;Bingley has written 41 billon pounds of mortgages; those loans are now turning bad at twice the average industry rate. In a falling housing market, no bank is likely to be interested, the really toxic stuff is likely to left with the taxpayer.The result of this breakup is that yet another mortgage provider has disappeared from the market, and less competition could well make mortgages scarcer and more expensive.Until now, banks and building societies have either been nationalized or taken over when they run into trouble. But some feel the government shouldn’t be bailing out individual banks, it’s the banking system that needs saving.We have a business models and our banking system that don’t work anymore. You know, unless we do something comprehensive, unless we really look this in the eye that the Americans have done, I really fear for what’s gonna happen in the next kind of two, three, four, five months.There're reports that the British banks have asked government to arrange a rescue package similar to the one that’s being flushed out in the ed States. The suggestion is that Bradfordamp;Bingley isn’t the only British bank in trouble.参考中文翻译:据Sky News了解,英国房贷巨头Bradford and Bingley将要实行国有化,开市之前将会进行宣布。储户被告知他们的钱是安全的——但是员工,股东和纳税人呢?Joel Hills 报道。该房贷巨头亟需救助,但是寻找私人买主时间不足。Santander有意于Bradfordamp;Bingley 的部分资产,但是不可能周末马上进行交易。政府决定:纳税人必须采取行动。Bradfordamp;Bingley陷入困境已有一段时间,从过去12个月股价狂跌可以看出。周五,股票成交价格只有20便士。政府正在酿造挽回人民对危机的信心,但是在野党坚持,国有化并不能解决问题。我们需要了解一下英国的形势。英国有能力接管破产进行重建,保卫储蓄者,确保能够售出的企业成功出售。最后,由谁买单呢?不是由我们想保护的纳税人。感谢……,出售是为了……政府坚持他们会为了储户和纳税人的最大利益而采取行动。这不仅仅是英国的问题,这是全球经济危机。我们已经采取了果断措施对形势进行控制,我相信通过这些措施,财务部关于Bradfordamp;Bingley会发表声明,我不想再进行更多的推测。传达给Bradfordamp;Bingley250万储户的信息是,你们的钱是安全的,虽然你会发现你的钱到了其他,存款可能会被转到Santander, HS和Barclays。Bradfordamp;Bingley3000名员工前途未卜。Bradfordamp;Bingley贷出410亿抵押贷款,而坏账率是市场平均值的两倍。由于房地产市场的崩溃,没有会有兴趣接受新的员工,所以这些深受其害的员工可能和纳税人处于相同境地。该破产的结果是另一个贷款巨头从市场上消失,贷款行业竞争减少,贷款资源稀缺,价格更高。目前为止,和建筑公司一旦遭遇问题,都被收归国有或者被接管。但是有人说,政府不应该对单独的某个进行救市,需要拯救的是系统。我们的商业模式和体系都不再运转。你知道,除非我们采取一些综合的措施,除非我们我们像美国人所做的那样,我真的担心接下去的几个月内形势会怎样。有报告说,英国的向政府提出申请类似美国所采取的一揽子救市方案,暗示Bradfordamp;Bingley并非唯一陷入困境的英国。200811/57470But Steven Jobs was increasingly gone and getting sicker.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯却逐渐淡出了人们的视野,他的病越来越严重。But he remained firmly at the head of his company.但他仍然是公司的决策者。We got really exciting staff to share with you.我们将和你们一起分享非常刺激的东西。Ah, before we do, I just want to mention this.啊,但在此之前,我首先想请各位注意一下这个。New fear set in, could apple be apple without him?新的恐惧即将来临,没有他的苹果还会是苹果吗?Occasionally the stock fell, prove positive that he and his company were one.有时股票下跌,这明他和他的公司已经融为一体。But Steve Jobs continue to plan for the future.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯仍然为将来作着打算。You works gonna fill a large part of you life and the only way be truely satisfy it is do what you believe its great work.你的工作占据了生活的很大一部分,唯一的办法就是相信你在从事着伟大的工作。The only way to do great work is to love what you do.做伟大的事情的唯一途径就是爱你所做的。词语解释:1. excite v. 激动2. occasional a. 偶然的164469World Economic Forum on Africa Focusing on Global Economic Downturn非洲讨论全球经济危机对非洲影响  Hundreds of political leaders, businessmen and economists have gathered in South Africa for the World Economic Forum on Africa. The three days of discussions in Cape Town this year are focused primarily on the world economic downturn and how to lessen its effect on African economies.在南非,数以百计的政治领导人、企业界人士和经济学家聚集一堂,参加非洲世界经济论坛。今年在开普敦举行的三天论坛重点讨论世界经济下滑和如何减轻世界经济下滑对非洲的影响。South Africa's President Jacob Zuma Wednesday opened the World Economic Forum on Africa telling delegates that they were meeting in difficult times.南非总统祖马星期三在非洲世界经济论坛开幕式上讲话,告诉各代表团他们是在艰难的时刻开会。He noted that industrialized economies have responded to the world recession and its related job losses with stimulus programs and widened social safety nets. But he said developing nations do not have these resources.他表示,工业化经济体以刺激计划和扩大社会安全网络的方式对世界经济衰退及其相关的失业问题作出回应。不过他说,发展中国家没有这些资源。"For most African countries, that are still highly indebted and dependent on aid for their revenues, the continuation of the current crisis will mean increased starvation, poverty and child mortality," said Mr. Zuma.他说:“对于多数非洲国家而言,它们仍然债台高筑,依赖援助作为收入,当前危机的持续将意味着更多饥饿、贫困和儿童的夭折。”He said African governments should try to cushion African people against the impact of the crisis but added that they should also respond by planning for a recovery.他说,非洲各国政府应该设法减弱这场危机对非洲人民的冲击。他还说,非洲各国政府也应该为复苏进行筹划。Mr. Zuma said the global economic crisis highlighted the need to reform the international financial system and multilateral lending groups like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.祖马说,这场全球经济危机显出,有必要改革国际金融体系和世界和国际货币基金组织这样的多边借贷机构。But he warned against overreacting by raising protectionist barriers and called for renewed efforts to conclude the Doha round of trade talks.不过,他告诫各方不要以增加保护主义壁垒来作出过度反应。他呼吁重新努力,完成多哈回合贸易谈判。Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan also warned of the harmful effects of the global recession on Africa during the launch of the annual report of the Africa Progress Panel.联合国前秘书长安南在非洲进步小组发表报告期间,也针对全球衰退对非洲所产生的有害作用发出警告。But he said the downturn also provided an opportunity to forge a new relationship whereby Africa drives its own development agenda in partnership with the world community.不过他说,经济下滑也提供了打造新关系的契机,非洲借此机会以跟国际社会合作的关系来推动非洲自己的发展日程。The head of the South African Planning Commission, former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, welcomed the report.南非计划委员会主任、前财政部长曼纽尔对这份报告表示欢迎。"In the global economy there has to be that inter-mediation," said Manuel. "And indeed with that inter-mediation between wealth and poverty in the world you need to ensure that there are rules that are applied and you need to ensure that there is accountability."他说:“在全球经济中,必须有那种内部调停。的确,由于有了世界上贫富之间的内部调停,你需要确保有必需实行的规则,你需要确保规则要落实,确保有责必究。”The World Economic Forum also released its Africa Competitiveness Report which said that African competitiveness in global markets was hindered by under-developed infrastructure, healthcare, education and financial institutions. The Forum continues with discussions on improving the investment climate in African countries, adapting training for the unemployed to changing job markets and diversifying the exploitation of natural resources in order to ease cyclical downswings.论坛与会者继续讨论改进非洲各国投资环境的问题,为失业人员提供培训,以适应就业市场,以多样化形式利用自然资源,以避免环境的循环恶化。06/73870

Cisco slows down The company known as a bellwether for the technology sector beats analysts' expectations but warns of tough times ahead. Everyone looks to Cisco to get a gage how the technology sector is doing. But even mighty Cisco can’t predict the future. On the company’s recent earnings call, CEO John Chambers told investors that he doesn’t know how long this economic downturn will last, through or into 2010. He also said that while he is pretty confident the company is going to be able to avoid major layoffs. Should the economy continue to deteriorate, they may have to cut as much as 10 percent of the workforce. So he kind of left the door open to layoffs should that be necessary. A lot of other companies have avoided giving any guidance in light of the shaky economy and a lot of unknown conditions, but Cisco at least tried to give some indication of what’s to come. It’s not looking so pretty though, they did say that in their current quarter they expect revenue to be down as much as 20 percent. It wasn’t quite as bad as investors expected in this most recent quarter though. Cisco managed to beat analysts’ estimates on both revenue and earnings. But at the same time, Chambers told investors that he’s going to have to cut about a billion dollars from the company’s expenses by limiting travel budgets, putting a hiring-freeze in place and cutting back on other special projects. One thing is totally clear here, while last year when Chambers was describing market demand for the company’s products, he used words like “soft and lumpy”, this year he is using much stronger language. He told investors on this earnings call that it is now clear that we are in a global economic downturn.GLOSSARY1. gage vt.以...为担保, 以...为赌注n.(gauge) 标准度量, 计量器 2. Earnings Calls: ~are a teleconference in which a public company discusses the financial results of a reporting period. These companies will announce earnings quarterly and generally hold an earnings call quarterly. 3. in light of adv.按照, 根据 考虑到4. beat sb’s estimate/expectation 超出某人预期 5. hiring-freeze 招聘中止/冻结 6. lumpy adj.多块状物的, 粗笨的 不容乐观的 02/63301

British PM Calls for Return of Traditional, Conservative Banking英首相吁恢复保守的管理方式 Writing in Britain's Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for a return to old-fashioned, conservative banking practices. It is a change for Mr. Brown who as Treasury Secretary for a decade was a proponent of the light regulatory atmosphere in Britain's financial sector. 英国首相布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,呼吁重新恢复老式的、保守的管理方式。布朗曾经担任英国财政大臣达10年之久,他以往一直推崇减少对金融界的监管。呼吁恢复以前的做法,对布朗来说,是一个变化。Back when he was Treasury Secretary, Gordon Brown maintained that lighter financial regulation created jobs and wealth in the economy. 在布朗担任财政大臣时,他坚持认为减少对金融界的监管能创造就业,为经济增加财富。But that economic climate has changed dramatically during the past six months, and the global downturn seems to have changed his view. 但这种经济气候在过去的六个月中已经发生了翻天覆地的变化,全球经济衰退似乎改变了他的看法。Writing in the Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Brown says Britain needs a more responsible banking system. 布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,指出英国需要一个更加负责任的系统。What he would like to see is a return of more conservative, old-fashioned banking practices. 他希望看到的是恢复老式的、保守的做法。Interviewed on Britain's Sky News, Brown's Finance Minister in the Treasury Department, Stephen Timms says because of the recent global economic turmoil, the prime minister wants to see a number of changes brought in, including increased internal oversight at the banks. 布朗的金融大臣蒂姆斯在接受英国天空新闻电视台采访时说,由于最近的全球经济动荡,布朗首相希望能看到一些变革,包括增加对内部的监管。"One is around bonuses, to make sure that those are focused in the future on long-term good performance with claw backs if the good performance is not maintained," he said. "Second, on strengthening the boards of banks so they can really understand the risks that banks are taking on and can challenge the management of the banks if that is needed because that has not always happened in the period we have just been through." “其一是关于奖金,确保这些奖金着眼于未来长期的良好业绩,并在无法保持良好业绩时收回。第二,强化董事会的作用,确保他们真正了解承担的风险,并在必要时质疑的管理层,因为这种监管在我们刚经历过的时期里并没有这样作。”The prime minister also believes that worldwide cooperation is essential to minimize the effects of this downturn. 布朗首相还认为,世界范围的合作对于减低经济衰退的影响必不可少。And Finance Minister Timms says specifics must be worked out in the coming weeks. 金融大臣蒂姆斯说,具体的细节将在未来几个星期内制定。"We need to learn the lessons of what has happened for how we regulate banks in the future, including internationally because one of the problems that has emerged over the last year or so is gaps in regulation between different country jurisdictions," said Timms. "And at the G-20 summit coming up in London on the 2nd of April, we need to be looking at how we do a better job internationally with countries cooperating on regulating the banks." “我们应汲取过去的教训,确定我们将来如何监管,包括在国际上这样作,因为过去一年左右出现的问题之一是不同国家管辖范围内监管的差别。在即将于4月2日在伦敦举行的G-20国首脑会议上,我们需要探讨如何在的监管问题上,在国际间同各国更好地合作。”Many observers agree that more coordination is required. On Saturday, nearly 100,000 marched through the streets of Dublin to protest against government cutbacks as the recession deepens there and unemployment heads up. 很多观察人士同意应加强各国间的协调。星期六,大约10万民众走上都柏林街头游行,抗议政府在经济衰退恶化、失业率上升时减少各项经费。On Sunday, Mr. Brown attended a gathering in Berlin where leaders worked on forging a European consensus before the upcoming London summit. 星期天,布朗出席了柏林的一个会议。欧洲各国领导人设法为即将在伦敦举行的首脑会议达成欧洲的共识。The prime minister will also be meeting U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on March 3, where economic discussions will take center stage. 布朗首相还将于3月3日在华盛顿会晤美国总统奥巴马。经济问题预期是两国领导人会谈的中心议题。02/62955

First quarter to be calmer The backdrop will be a massive stimulus package as long-term investors focus on long-term bargains What about early , the first quarter of ? What are your expectations for that? what it looks like? how are you advising your clients? Because it seems like we have been really sort of testing the lowest lately. we haven't seen the 700 points swings and in recent weeks like we saw just a few months ago. I mean it seems like a bit of calming. what is the bringing? Is that really a new chapter for the market?It will be a new chapter for the market. I think when we / come to January, we typically see a January effect meaning that you get a fresh batch of / 401K money, that gets largely put into marketplace that would probably happen again. We will probablly see a stabilizing of energy prices that gonna be a positive. you know, precipitated oil and energy prices have been tied to the global economic slowdown, and probably very overdown / . So I think that is gonna be another key theme as we're come to the first quarter of next year. In large part we are here a whole lot more in the February March time plan about physical stimulus. What’s gonna look like and who is gonna impact and how quickly we get that move forwardm, that's gonna be very important for the first quarter of next year, but in terms of what to tell / the investors. this is the time that you start looking at your profolio, January is always a time sort of reset. Look at your exposure every markets to see if it is appropriate, what is your the risk level is. a long-term investor is gonna see a great bargain as first step for the next year for getting any sort of recovering in this economy / the first quarter of next year. Yeh,it is gonna be time to start looking at stocks again with fresh view towards an improving economy.where do you think those good bargains are right now in early ? where should people be looking in? where should they not be looking? where you should not be looking in is consumer discretionary it is too soon for that. Maybe it’s too soon for a while. the auto industries is going to get rescue but the auto stocks are not, stay away from that. Certainly, stay away things tied/ ever/ to advertising business model. That’s gonna have a very difficult . Energy stocks will probably be a bargain lows at first half of this year. I think it's time to start looking at those and I think you gonna see a snap back rally and commodity prices , you know, these stabilizing is close to 50 dollars and it ends at 30 dollars. So probably a lot of money will be made there. Technology is gonna continue to see on-going consolidations, so continue to look at these large cap tax stocks that have a pile of cash. Certainly,look at these names that they maybe buying ./which/ We're gonna see more and more that sort of work with first quarter of next year. so your know technology honestly is not for a sight. And energy through the whole come-up plex to avoid the consumer discretionary and avoid the advertising model certainly, avoid anything that sort of related to the auto industry in any way she'll perform. All right, we're leave it there. Well thank you and appreciate your time.200812/59837

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