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青岛哪个医院外阴肿痛最好青岛市医院大全感人一幕!不只救人 消防员火场氧气罩救仓鼠 -- :5: 来源:   U.S. firemen completed a rescue with a difference last week - by saving four trapped hamsters using tiny oxygen masks.  上周美国消防队员执行了一次与众不同的救援——用氧气面罩拯救只被困的仓鼠  The stricken pets were caught in a mobile home fire in Lacey, Washington and faced suffocating in the blaze bee fire crews stepped in.  它们被困在华盛顿州莱西市一辆着火的房车中,在消防队员进来前,它们面临在火中窒息的危险  Heroic firefighters got into the blazing home and pulled out five trapped rodents, bee treating them with miniscule hamster oxygen masks to bring them back to life.  勇敢的救火队员们冲进着火的房间救出5只被困仓鼠,并用仓鼠用微型氧气面罩救活了它们  They used oxygen and first aid to treat Oreo, Madonna and her three unnamed hamster babies, having brought the fire under control.  救火队员们用氧气和急救箱治疗了Oreo、Madonna和它们的三只仓鼠宝宝,并控制住火势  Sadly, one of the babies didn’t survive - but the other four critters made it through thanks to the fire crew’s unlikely rescue operation.  令人悲伤的是,一只小仓鼠没能挺住,但其它只都在救火队员令人惊讶的救治下活了下来  According to KOMO News in Seattle, there were no people inside the mobile home during the fire, which is thought to have been caused by a faulty clothes dryer.  西雅图KOMO新闻报道,着火时没有人在房车里,估计是烘干机问题导致了火灾  Lacey Fire Department later tweeted: ‘Yes. Our crews are trained and specially equipped to care animals that have been rescued from a house fire.  ’莱西市消防局稍后在推特上写道:“没错我们的队员们受过训练,也拥有特殊装备来照料从火灾中救出的动物”青岛那里人流最好 每个女人都应该记住的句名言 --18 3::3 来源: 1. Muhhamad Ali Jinah:穆罕默德·阿里·吉娜There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.世界上最强大的两种东西一种是剑,一种是笔这两者之间有很大的竞争性世界上还有比这两种东西更强大的第三种,那就是女人. Margaret Sanger:玛格丽特·桑格Woman must have her freedom, the fundamental freedom of choosing whether or not she will be a mother and how many children she will have. Regardless of what man's attitude may be, that problem is hers — and bee it can be his, it is hers alone.女人必须得有她的自由,最基本的自由是选择是否成为一位母亲以及将生几个孩子不管男人的态度如何,那都是她自己的事情——也许最后男人也会参与进来,但首先将由她自己作出决定3. Marilyn Monroe:玛丽莲·梦露A wise woman likes but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leaves bee she is left.聪明的女人会喜欢但不会深爱,会倾听但不会相信,会在被抛弃以前离开. Dick Van Dyke:迪克·范·戴克Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.女性绝不会有和男人一样的成功,因为她们没有妻子给她们建议5. Whitney Houston:惠特尼·休斯顿I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.即使是生活在男人的世界里我也喜欢做女人毕竟,男人不能穿裙子,但是我们能穿裤子6. Cameron Diaz:卡梅隆·迪亚兹What we women need to do, instead of worrying about what we don't have, is just love what we do have.我们女人需要做的就是,与其担心我们没有的东西,还不如爱我们已经有的东西7. Farrah Fawcett:法拉·弗西God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met.上帝给了女人直觉和女人味儿使用合理的话,这两者结合就能很容易迷倒我曾遇到过的所有男性8. Yul Brynner:尤尔·伯连纳Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.女孩儿有男孩儿没有的优势:如果她们不能通过变聪明得到她们想要的,那么她们可以通过变得愚笨得到9. Joseph Conrad:约瑟夫·康拉德Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.做女人难,因为主要是和男人打交道. Oscar Wilde:奥斯卡·王尔德Women are made to be loved, not understood.女人生来是被爱旳,而不是被理解的冰桶挑战为“渐冻症”致病基因的发现筹集资金 --9 :56:01 来源: 或许还记得那年的冰桶挑战,那时过两年,你是否还在关注“渐冻症”这一需要关爱的群体? Scientists have identified a new gene contributing to the disease, NEK1.科学家们实,已经发现了一种导致肌萎缩型侧索硬化症这一疾病的新的基因NEK1The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised m from people pouring cold water over themselves and posting the on social media.“冰桶挑战”项目已从参与冰水浇遍全身并将该视频上传至社交媒体的人们那儿筹集了1.亿美元It was criticised as a stunt, but has funded six research projects.虽然有人批评冰桶挑战是逢场作戏,但是它已经资助了六个研究项目Research by Project MinE, published in Nature Genetics, is the largest-ever study of inherited ALS, also known as motor neurone disease (MND).MinE项目的研究是迄今为止对通过遗传而得的肌萎缩型侧索硬化症(ASL),也称运动神经元症(MND),规模最大的一次研究,目前已发表在《自然遗传学上了More than 80 researchers in countries searched ALS risk genes in families affected by the disease.来自个国家的80余名研究人员对受肌萎缩型侧索硬化症影响的家庭的风险基因展开了研究The identification of gene NEK1 means scientists can now develop a gene therapy treating it.基因NEK1的发现意味着科学家们现在能够发明一种基因疗法来治疗这一疾病Although only % of ALS patients have the inherited m, researchers believe that genetics contribute to a much larger percentage of cases.虽然只有%的肌萎缩型侧索硬化症病人是通过遗传患上此病,但是研究人员们相信:更高比例的病例均与遗传因素有关Social media was awash with s of people pouring cold water over their heads to raise money ALS in the summer of .在年夏季,社交媒体被那些往自己头上浇冷水来为肌萎缩型侧索硬化症筹集资金的视频给刷屏了More than million people uploaded s to Facebook, including many celebrities who rose to the challenge, which were then watched by 0 million people worldwide.超过00万人将视频上传到了脸书上,其中还包括很多参与挑战的名人,这些视频而后得到了全世界.亿人的观看What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease (MND)?什么是肌萎缩型侧索硬化症(ALS),也称运动神经元症(MND)?fatal, rapidly progressive disease that affects the brain and spinal cord一种致命、快速发展的影响大脑和脊髓的疾病attacks nerves that control movement so muscles refuse to work (sensory nerves are not usually affected)攻击控制运动的神经,从而导致肌肉无法运动(感觉神经通常不受影响)can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually, breathe能够导致人体瘫痪、无法行动、不能说话并最终呼吸衰竭scientist Stephen Hawking is best-known person with the disease科学家史蒂芬·霍金便是最知名的“渐冻症”患者kills around a third of people within a year of diagnosis and more than half within two years三分之一的患者在确诊一年左右死亡,过半数患者两年内死亡there is no cure尚无疗方青岛做无痛人流是怎么引起的

青岛顺产需要花多少钱一图告诉你:钱都花哪儿啦 --3 :35: 来源: According to a new survey, a lot of Americans are blowing their budgets by eating out too often. Surveying 00 US residents and using data from the USDArsquo;s Cost of Food at Home reports, Hloom;a company that makes templates resumes, invoices, and the like;dug into what people feel theyrsquo;re wasting their money on.最新调查显示,许多美国人过于频繁地将金钱;挥霍;在外出就餐上一家制作简历、发票等模板的公司Hloom调查了00位美国居民并使用了美国农业部《家庭食品开报告的数据,探究人们认为自己把钱都浪费到哪儿去了While the answers varied based on age and gender, across the board, people listed eating out as their top money-waster (of the expenditures they'd be willing to cut back on). Almost 69 percent of all respondents said they spent too much money on restaurants.尽管不同年龄和性别的人群回答有所不同,总体看来,人们把外出就餐列为自己最愿意削减的第一大浪费性出约有69%的调查对象表示他们在餐馆花了太多钱A quarter of respondents admitted to wasting their cash on alcohol, and almost a fifth admitted to throwing money away on credit card interest. More than 30 percent said they wasted money by letting food expire or otherwise go uneaten, though few were willing to try to change that.四分之一的受访者承认把钱浪费在饮酒上,约五分之一承认花费在信用卡利息上超过30%的人称自己将食品放到过期或是剩下不吃而浪费了钱,尽管几乎没有人愿意试着改变However, more than percent of respondents said they werenrsquo;t wasteful with their money, to which we say, who are you, and do you know about online shopping?然而,有超过%的受访者说他们并没有浪费钱对此我们表示:你是谁啊,你知道网购不?More women admitted to wasting money than men: Almost percent of men consider themselves nonwasteful, the study found, compared to percent of women. But that may have a lot more to do with societal pressures to spend money on beauty and personal care (one study found women who wore makeup to work got paid more) and the higher prices women face purchases like hair cuts and dry cleaning;not to mention cultural stereotypes that women are bad with money and love to shop til they drop;than the reality of people's budgets.比起男性,有更多女性承认自己浪费金钱:研究发现,近%的男性认为自己并不浪费,而持此观点的女性只有%但这很可能与社会压力迫使女性在美容和个人护理上花费更多有关(一项研究显示化妆的职场女性薪水更高)并且较之实际预算,女性在理发和衣物干洗等项目上要承受更高的价格,更不必说;女性总管不好钱,热爱lsquo;买买买rsquo;;的文化成见了What you think of as a waste of money also varies by generation. Most Millennials aren't worried about wasting money on cable bills, but do say they're spending too much on streaming services.不同年代出生的人对;浪费钱;的理解也不相同千禧一代中的大多数不担心有线电视费钱,却表示自己在流媒体务上花了太多Itrsquo;s important to note that this is a self-reported survey, meaning that itrsquo;s not about what people are actually wasting their money on, but rather what they perceive as a waste of money. One person may think 0 a month spent on restaurants and bars is a huge waste of money, while another may consider it a normal part of life. Just because Millennials don't list cigarettes as one of their money-wasters doesn't mean they're not smoking, necessarily;just that they don't think it's a waste of their cash.需要注意的是,此研究是一项自陈报告,这意味着结果显示的不是实际花费情况,而是人们自己认为的浪费有人可能觉得每月在餐馆酒吧花上500美元非常浪费,而另一个人或许将其看作是正常生活的一部分千禧一代没把香烟列为浪费金钱的项目并不见得他们不抽烟,他们只是觉得买烟算不得浪费罢了Letrsquo;s not get, though, that going your daily latte will never make you rich. As financial experts and sociologists have pointed out, most people in America arenrsquo;t bankrupting themselves buying luxuries like fancy coffee or meals out. Over the past few decades, while the prices of education, housing, healthcare, and gas have risen significantly, salaries have gone down. So yes, paying your credit card bill off in full every month should be a big priority, but living like a hermit and never buying a meal out is a poor substitute meaningful public policy that makes necessary purchases like health care and rent afdable.尽管如此,别忘了,放弃每日的拿铁咖啡永远不会使你富有金融专家和社会学家已经指出,美国的大多数人并不会因为买些昂贵的咖啡和外出吃饭而破产在过去几十年,教育、住房、医疗保健和汽油的价格显著提高,薪水却降低了所以是的,每月全额付清你的信用卡账单应当是头等大事,但也不要像隐士一样生活,从不在外吃饭有效的公共政策应能确保人们能够付医疗保健和租房等必需开青岛齐鲁医院青岛分院的权威医生 外国人眼中的百味小龙虾 -- :33: 来源: 你知道外国人眼中的中式小龙虾是怎样的吗?让我们一睹为快吧! Matthew Rea has eaten crawfish in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and many other places in China.Matthew Rea在北京,上海,重庆,成都,四川和许多中国的其他The first time he tried the Chinese version of his favorite seafood, the hot and spicy crawfish, he immediately loved the dish.第一次他尝试这种中国版的最爱海鲜—热腾腾地麻辣小龙虾,他就立即爱上了这道菜"I like the spice," he said, adding that there was a big difference in taste from what he is used to in the US.他说:“我喜欢这种口味”,他补充道,这和美国的口味很不同In China, the crawfish is usually first laid out in the restaurant, pre-cooked, and then cooked again more flavor, Rea said.在中国,龙虾通常先被摆放在餐厅里,预煮一下,然后再煮一下增加口味,Rea说Coming from Louisiana in the US, a place known its long celebrated history of crawfish delicacies, Rea thinks it’s great that Chinese foodies have made crawfish the latest star of their snack culture.Rea来自美国路易斯安那,这是一个因为虾这种美味佳肴的悠久历史而闻名的地方,他认为中国美食家将小龙虾变成小食文化的新星很棒"While more flavor, it also makes the meat chewier. In Louisiana, we just cook them once, and the meat is tender," he said.他说:“尽管口味比较重,但是这让肉更有嚼劲在路易斯安那,我们只烹饪它一次,肉质比较柔软”"So, there’s a trade-off between spice and texture; I like both."“所以,在口味和质地之间需要权衡,我两个都喜欢”Rea has been living in China since . In , he co-founded Ruijin Cajun restaurant in Shanghai, which serves authentic Cajun and Creole food. He is opening a new location right next door to a Chinese place that does Chinese-style crawfish.自年以来,Rea就一直生活在中国年,他合伙在上海创办了瑞金卡津餐厅,提供地道的卡里奥和卡津食物他在做中式小龙虾的旁边开了一家新店Rea hopes that the two crawfish cooking styles and two businesses could be complementary.Rea希望两种龙虾烹调方式和两种商业可以互补Crawfish is a freshwater shellfish that resembles a small lobster. It is considered a delicacy by many and has become increasingly popular in China over the last decade, especially as a nighttime snack.小龙虾是类似于龙虾的淡水贝类它被很多人视为美食佳肴,在过去的十年里,在中国变得越来越流行,尤其是作为午夜小食Every summer, the crawfish becomes a hot topic, with lots of media reports and posts discussing its popularity, its rising prices every year, and whether the shellfish is an internationally shared delicacy. So, the Metropolitan invited eigners to discuss the beloved food.每个夏天,小龙虾都会成为热门话题,很多媒体报道都在讨论它的盛行,它每年上涨的价格,以及贝类是否是一种国际共享的美食佳肴,首都邀请外国人讨论这种钟爱的食物"One of the major differences is that we eat it as a kind of afternoon barbecue. The Chinese almost exclusively eat crawfish after dinner as a late night snack," said Rea.Rea. 说:“最大的不同就是,我们把它作为下午野餐吃,中国人毫无例外的在晚饭后把它作为午夜零食吃”青岛市立医院属于几级

青岛市市立医院怎么样好吗金曲奖林俊杰获歌王苏打绿包揽5奖 -- 1:50: 来源:chinadaily 6月5日,第7届金曲奖颁奖典礼在台北举行新加坡歌手林俊杰获得最佳华语男歌手奖,台湾歌手彭佳慧获得最佳华语女歌手奖 The 7th Golden Melody Awards has concluded with the awarding ceremony held in Taipei, Taiwan, on June 5th, . Singaporean singer JJ Lin won the Best Male Mandarin Singer and Julia Peng was awarded the Best Female Mandarin Singer. 苏打绿获得5个奖项,包括最佳专辑奖、最佳编曲人奖、最佳乐团奖、最佳专辑制作人奖,以及主唱吴青峰获得最佳作词人奖 Sodagreen picked five awards, including Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Band, Best Album Producer with Wu Tsing-Fong, the lead singer, winning Best Lyricist. 著名歌手莫文蔚、张惠、萧敬腾、蔡依林也出席了颁奖典礼 Famous stars such as Karen Mok, A-mei, Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai also attended the awarding ceremony. 巨富们的新宠:未来主义风格的超级游艇 -- :9:33 来源:   Will this futuristic design signal the wave of the future superyachts the super-rich? Shaped like the top half of a star, the concept vessel measures feet in length and more than 60 metres in height, and has over 3,500 square metres of luxury interior space guests. Aptly named Star, the private yacht contains a central cluster of four lifts that provide access across eight decks.  这一未来主义风格设计是否预示着未来超级游艇将成为巨富们的新宠?这一概念产品形似星星上半部,英尺长,60多米高,为顾客提供3500平方米的豪华内部空间这款产品的名字为“星星”,可谓名副其实这艘私人游艇内含四个电梯使八个甲板各自相连,方便人们通行  With enough space a helipad, sub-marine viewing deck and viewing platm at the top of its pointed tip, the yacht was designed 36 overnight guests but can hold over 0 people parties or other events. The vessel would have a maximum speed of 18 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at knots, and it would have the capability of rotating within its own length. The innovative superyacht was the brainchild of Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee, and it began as a rough sketch on a napkin.  有足够空间供直升机起落,潜艇观景台,并在游艇顶端设有瞭望平台虽然游艇设计能使36人进行通宵活动,但实际上能够允许0多人举办派对或其他活动这艘游艇最大时速为18海里以海里小时行驶时,该游艇可驶出5000海里虽然该游艇有英尺长,但能够自行旋转这艘富有创意的超级游艇是设计师洛阿诺和奈吉尔·吉智慧的结晶它一开始只是印在餐巾上的粗糙的双桅纵帆船  Designer Igor Lobanov said the initial idea was proposed by Alex Malybaev of FIRMA branding agency after the pair came to the conclusion that all yachts look the same to people outside the marine industry. He said: ‘It seems that modern architecture, product design and car design have no influence on yachts. Malybaev penned an idea “on a napkin”and asked me if a yacht could be like that.  设计师洛阿诺表示他们发现虽然对人们而言除了海军舰队外所有游艇的设计都没什么差别,但这一设计起初是由冷杉公司品牌宣传部的亚历克斯·麦尔巴福提出的他说:“无论是现代建筑、产品设计还是汽车设计都似乎对游艇设计有所启发麦尔巴福在一块餐巾纸上画下了他的设计,并询问我它看起来像不像游艇  ‘I looked at the sketch and set to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht.’ Igor collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee naval architecture and to assess technical feasibility, and the result was a wildly unusual design a vessel that could be used as a billionaire’s at-sea playground or an exclusive floating hotel.  我看着草图开始制作这个设计实在是太棒了,我想明它能变成一艘游艇”伊戈尔与合作测试该潜艇的技术可行性,奈吉尔·吉是海军建筑师这一与众不同的游艇设计可以作为亿万富翁的海上游玩平台或是独一无二的私人海上酒店  James Roy, yacht design director of BMT Nigel Gee, said: ‘Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science.'Star is a tangible view of a 1st century interpretation of art and science. ‘We are tunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible – clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible.’  詹姆斯·罗伊是基本军事训练部的设计主任,他说:“‘星星’是二十一世纪科技与艺术完美结合的最好体现我们很幸运生活在一个可以让大胆的设计也能成为现实的时代,对于富有冒险精神和创新精神的顾客来说,一切皆有可能”青岛市八一医院网上挂号青岛市中哪个妇科医院好



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