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日照人民医院妇科预约青岛市第四医院门诊WikiLeaks released 29 audio recordings Wednesday that it said were taken from Democratic National Committee servers.维基解密星期三公布了据它所称从民主党全国委员会的务器上获取的29条录音。The voicemails, apparently copied from email accounts of seven DNC members, included party associates upset by Bernie Sanders#39; influence on the Democratic Party.这些语音邮件显然是从七位民主党全国委员会成员的电邮账号中拷贝下来的,其中有些同僚对桑德斯在民主党中的影响感到不满。Reports say one caller did not want the Vermont senator to speak at the Democratic National Convention and was against Sanders#39; choices for the party#39;s 2016 platform.报道称,一位留言者不希望这位来自佛蒙特州的联邦参议员在民主党全国代表大会上发言,并且反对桑德斯提出的该党2016年竞选纲领。The latest release is the second in the last few days. The release of 20,000 emails just before the opening of the Democratic convention prompted the organization#39;s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to step down.这是维基解密在过去几天里第二次公布泄露的文件。第一次恰好在民主党全国代表大会开幕之前,维基解密公布的2万份邮件,导致民主党全国代表发挥主席黛比·舒尔茨辞职。WikiLeaks, a group that publishes original documents from anonymous sources and leakers, released the data without indicating its source. The emails were sent during a 17-month period between January 2015 and May of this year. The DNC announced in June that its systems had been hacked.维基解密是一个公布匿名消息人士和泄密者提供的原始文件的组织,它在公布这些文件时没有说明其消息来源。这些邮件是2015年1月到今年5月这17个月之间发送的。民主党全国代表大会6月时宣布,它的系统被黑客入侵。Democratic officials said at that time that hackers based in Russia were responsible for the intrusion.民主党官员当时说,俄罗斯的黑客对这一入侵负责。The party organization has not commented on the emails released by WikiLeaks, but neither has it disputed their authenticity.民主党全国代表大会没有就维基解密公布的电邮发表,但也没有质疑其真实性。The manager of Sanders#39; political campaign, Jeff Weaver, said the emails confirmed ;what many of us have known for some time,; that DNC members were ;actively helping the Clinton effort and trying to hurt Bernie Sanders#39; campaign.#39;#39;桑德斯竞选团队经理维弗尔说,电邮实了“我们很多人已经知道一段时间的事情”,那就是,民主党全国委员会成员“积极地为克林顿助选,并试图损害桑德斯的竞选。” /201608/457592青岛市市南区妇幼保健院怎么样 Cities aren#39;t for everyone. And even fans of exciting, bustling metropoles can find some urban sprawls too extreme to enjoy when they visit.并非所有人都喜欢城市。但即使是热爱大都会繁华刺激的人,也会在游览时对一些过度的城市扩张接受不能。Travellers have been sharing details of the cities they would never go back to, and some of their choices are surprising.旅行者们分享了他们绝不会再去的那些城市的细节。其中某些城市选择让人颇感意外。While many feature places such as Las Vegas and Dubai high on their bucket lists, those who have trodden the path instead describe bland or ugly destinations that are best avoided.尽管许多特色城市,比如和迪拜,总会高挂在人生清单上,而去过之后,人们反而将它们描述为乏味或丑陋的旅游目的地,表示最好不要去。In a Reddit post, hundreds of disgruntled travellers named and shamed the vacation spots that they regretted wasting valuable holiday time on.在美国新闻社交网站Reddit的一个帖子里,数百名心有不满的旅行者点名批评了一些度假地点。他们后悔将自己的宝贵假期浪费在了这些地方。One of the biggest criticisms seemed to centre around newer cities, which were built in the last 100 years as magnets for holidaymakers.受批评最多的旅游地似乎集中于近百年来建成的较新的度假城市。This included the popular tourist hotspot Las Vegas, which was criticised for its ugly architecture.大热的旅游胜地就名列其中,被批建筑丑陋。A user called SuperDude said: #39;It was amazing how ugly the place was! So many run-down buildings right next to tacky new structures and none of them match each other. Hideous city.#39;网友SuperDuede说:“这地方真是丑到拍案惊奇啊!如此多的破败楼房就紧挨着俗气的新建筑,建筑风格还互不搭调。可怕的城市。”A similar criticism was levelled at Dubai by Thokeshwar, who said: #39;Looking past its glitz and glamour, it#39;s just feels fake.网友Thokeshwar对迪拜提出了类似的批评:“看透它的浮华魅影,只觉得太假。”#39;Also the discrimination, if you#39;re an Arab the service you receive will be on a whole new level than compared to a westerner or Asians.#39;“还有歧视问题。如果你是个阿拉伯人,比起西方人或亚洲人,你得到的务将是一个全然不同的级别。”For other cities, the attitudes of the locals was the feature that made the area so unpleasant to visit.对于其他城市,旅游者感到不快的主要原因是当地人的态度。Naples in Italy is famous for its beautiful buildings and inventing pizza, but it has stuck in other visitors#39; minds for its aggressive drivers.意大利的那不勒斯以美丽的建筑和发明了披萨而闻名,可留给一些游客深刻印象的,却是当地蛮横的司机。A user called Usa-is said: #39;Italian drivers are aly aggressive, which is fine, but Naples takes this to a whole new level.名为Usa-is的用户说:“意大利司机已经挺蛮横了,这倒也罢了。但那不勒斯司机的蛮横简直是登峰造极。”#39;Taxis will take two parties to the same hotel [sharing a cab] and charge each party full price [and I came across a] pizzeria with a wood fire oven, using wood from old coffins.#39;“出租车会拉两个人去同一家旅馆(拼车),每个人都要付全价。(我还遇到)一家烧柴火炉的披萨店,使用的木头是旧棺材板儿。”The same was said of San Francisco in California, except the city#39;s homeless population was criticised instead of the local cabbies.加州的旧金山也同样被批,只不过说的是城市流浪人口而非当地出租车司机。One user called MyNervesHurt said: #39;I hate the fact that homeless people there EXPECT people to just give them a handout, [they will] aggressively get in your face and ask for your money.#39;网名MyNervesHurt的用户表示:“那里无家可归的人就指望着人们给予施舍。(他们会)气势汹汹地冲上来跟你要钱。我很讨厌这一点。”These issues seem to pale in comparison to Nessie7#39;s experience of the living in Cali, Columbia though.而以上这些似乎都比不上网友Nessie7在哥伦比亚城市卡利的生活体验。She said of her time in the city: #39;Spent two months there, and experienced eight-nine attempted robberies, and an armed robbery of the hostel I was staying at.#39;她讲述了自己在卡利的日子:“我在那儿待了俩月,经历了八九次抢劫未遂,所在的旅馆还遭遇过一次持械抢劫。”Elsewhere, some cities became victims of their own success.还有一些城市成为自己盛名在外的受害者。For example in Florence, Italy, most of the blame was directed at fellow visitors by B00mgoesthedynamit3, who said: #39;It#39;s not a bad place by any means [apart from the] hordes of tourists, lines for every attraction, people peddling stuff every two feet/people also trying to rob you..比如意大利的佛罗伦萨,网友B00mgoesthedynamit3对它的大部分批评都指向游客:“无论如何,这不是个糟糕的地方。(除了)成群的游客,景点的长队,每隔两英尺就有叫卖东西的人,还有人想抢劫你……”#39;Just go to Siena about 30ish miles away and have an immensely better experience with a fraction of the hassle.#39;“只要去30多英里外的锡耶纳,旅游体验就能得到极大提升,麻烦会少得多。”Florence isn#39;t alone - a town or city#39;s popularity can often be its downfall it seems, with Corfu in Greece also criticised for being a tourist trap.一个小镇或城市大受欢迎,似乎常常会带来声名的衰落。佛罗伦萨并非唯一,希腊的科孚岛同样被批为旅游陷阱。JoeyBulgaria said of the place: #39;It was the most generic touristy city I#39;ve ever been to.网友JoeyBulgaria评价科孚岛:“这是我去过的最一般的旅游城市。”#39;It didn#39;t seem like there was anything that city had which you couldn#39;t find a better version of in another Greek city.“这地方的所有东西,你似乎都可以在希腊其他城市找到同类更好的。”#39;It#39;s just salespeople selling expensive gift type things, and markets and shopping.#39;“就是些推销员卖着昂贵礼物一类的东西,还有市场啊购物什么的。” /201606/451161青岛哪家医院看不孕不育专业

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