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6. 小罗伯特·唐尼 18.7美元,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Slacking on exercise.懒于运动You DO have enough time to exercise. If you say otherwise, youre lying to yourself. The truth is you dont have time not to,or sooner or later youll be making time illness.你有足够的时间去锻炼身体如果你说没有,那是在自欺欺人事实上,你现在没有时间去运动,过些日子你就有时间生病了At least 30 minutes of exercise every day has been proven on countless occasions by countless medical studies to increase the strength, happiness and longevity of human lives. 无数的医学研究明,每天至少锻炼30分钟会增强体力、提升幸福感、延长寿命Youre talking about three and a half hours a week.That hardly seems an excessive amount of time considering the tremendous benefits in terms of the impact on the remaining .5 hours of the week.每天30分钟,一周三个半小时 想想你能在一周内剩下的那.5小时获得的大量益处,这点儿时间绝不算多[本节目属] 3上错菜了-31 ::00 A:Waiter, can you come here a moment?务员,能过来一下吗?B:Yes, is there something wrong?好的,有什么问题吗?A:I'm afraid you've made a mistake. This isn't what I ordered.恐怕你搞错了,这不是我点的菜B:So sorry, I must have confused the orders. I'll check it.非常抱歉,一定是我搞混点菜单了,我去查一下A:And also this soup is cold.还有,这碗汤也是凉的B:I'm really sorry, I'll bring you a hot one right away.实在对不起,我马上给您换一碗热汤来【课程教材】 One Good Turn Deserves Another  One good turn deserves another. That's the lesson five store clerks learned recently.  Every day a strange old man came to their supermarket to buy groceries. "Once he came in wearing only one shoe," recalled one of the clerks. And although he grumbled a lot and they often had to stand there listening to him, he was a nice old man. The clerks befriended him and even helped him carry his groceries. One day when he fell ill with cancer, they even visited him in the hospital. The old man turned out to be a retired doctor. And, of course, when he died, he didn't die a pauper. He left US,000 in his will to thank them their kindness. 善有善报 “善有善报”是五名店员最近学到的一课 每天,一位陌生的老先生都会到他们的超级市场来买杂货其中一名店员回想道:“有一次他进来时只穿着一只鞋子”虽然他常发牢骚并且他们得站在那里听他抱怨,但他仍然是个心地不坏的老先生那几个店员待他像朋友一样,甚至还帮他拿他买的杂货有一天他罹患了癌症,他们还到医院探望他那位老先生原来是一名退休的医师当然,他临终时并非是个穷光蛋他在他的遗嘱中留下七万美元来感谢他们的好心【课程笔记 】One good turn deserves another. “善有善报”turn (损害或有益于别人的)行为,举动,举止another You can never tell what’s gonna happen to you. Whatever you do, you should always keep a kind heart - a heart of gold 菩萨心肠gonna abbr. (美)将要(等于going to) abbreviationAre we gonna go soon? 我们很快就走吗?A man who is very kind and probably very generous , thinks of other people and tries to help them .generous 慷慨的 willing to give money, help, kindness, , especially more than is usual or expectedIf he has more than he needs , he gives it to others or share with others deserve + sth. to do 应得到、应受到You deserve a big kiss this beautiful gift. You deserve to be punished. That's the lesson five store clerks learned recently.这是五名店员最近学到的一课That's the lesson【which】five store clerks learned recently.store clerk 店员learn a lesson 吸取教训,经验 teach sb. a lesson 给某人一个教训remind sb of sth 使某人想起 Your word reminds me of my father .Every day a strange old man came to their supermarket to buy groceries. 每天,一位陌生的老先生都会到他们的超级市场来买杂货groceries n. 杂货;食品;生活用品a grocery store 杂货店 87

谈论射击- :3: A:Hey Nick, what are you up to?Nick,忙什么呢?B:Not much, just heading over to the shooting range. You wanna come?不忙,我要去射击场你想一起去吗?A:Seriously? You mean to fire a real weapon? I don’t know man.真的吗?你是说用真射击?我不知道B:Yeah, it will be fun! I have a 9mm pistol that is really easy to shoot. I also have a revolver that’s really fun too! They have big targets at the range that we could use to practice and improve your aim.是的,很有意思我有9毫米口径的手,打很容易我还有连发左轮手,那很好玩射击场有大的靶子,我们可以用来练并提高射击精度A:Yeah that would be cool! Maybe I can also have a try at other weapons like a machine gun or a shotgun! Maybe even a rocket launcher or an anti tank missile! Or what about a flame thrower!那太酷了也许我也该试一试其他武器,比如机或是猎试下火箭发射器或反坦克导弹,玩下火焰喷射器如何?B:Whoa, take it easy there Rambo. Don’t get carried away. These weapons are not toys, and you must first learn how to handle them properly. There are basic rules that you must abide by in order to be safe. example, never handle a weapon that you haven’t inspected yourself. Always make sure there isn’t anything in the chamber, and never put your finger on the trigger unless you are y to shoot!Rambo别那么兴奋,别得意忘形这些武器可不是玩具,你必须首先学会如何准确使用武器这些是你必须遵守的基本规则来确保自身安全,比如从来不要使用你没亲自检查过的武器要确保膛里什么都没有,如果你不准备射击,从不要将手指放在扳机上A:Wow, I didn’t know! It always looks so cool and easy in the movies!我还真不知道电影里开看起来很酷,而且很简单B:The reality is different you know, running and firing a weapon is a lot harder than in the movies! So are you y?现实和你所知道的大不一样,在现实中边奔跑边开要比电影中难得多那么你准备好了吗?A:Let’s do it!我们去吧

特价套餐是法式烤鸭-31 :51:3 A:Hello, my name's John. I'll be your waiter this evening.Can I get you anything from the bar starters?您好,我叫约翰,今晚由我为您务我可以为您从吧台拿些开胃菜了吗?B:No thanks.What we really need is a booster chair our daughter. Do you have one?不用了,谢谢我女儿需要一把高脚椅,你们有吗?A:Yes, of course. The hostess should have brought you one. Just a moment. Our special tonight is Duck Chambord,which is roast duck served in a raspberry sauce with fresh rasperries.It's also served with wild rice and a medley of vegetables.That is .95 and it comes with soup or salad.当然有,女务员应该要拿给你们的,请稍等今晚的特餐是法式烤鸭,配上新鲜的莓子酱菰米和青菜价格是十七美元九五美分,附有汤或沙拉B:What is your soup of the day?今天是什么汤?A:Our soup of the day is French onion.今天是法式洋葱汤B:The duck sounds good. One of us should have it.烤鸭听起来不错,我们其中一个人点好了A:Alright, you order the duck.好的,那么你点烤鸭B:Fine.好A:She will have the duck, and I will have the filet mignon.她要烤鸭,我要腓力牛排B:How would you like your filet mignon, sir? Rare, medium rare, or well-done?要几分熟呢?五分熟?三分熟?还是全熟?A:Medium rare.三分熟B:And would you like soup or salad with your meals?附餐要汤还是沙拉?A:I want salad.我要沙拉B:I'll have the soup. French onion, yes?我要汤,是法式洋葱汤吗?A:Yes, that's right. It's very good. I recommend it.是的,很美味的,我强力推荐B:Our daughter will share some of our meal with us.Could you bring an extra plate her?我女儿要和我们共用一份餐,可以另外给她一个餐盘吗?A:Of course, Ma'am. I will also bring your sourdough b in just a moment.当然可以,等会我把小餐包一起送来B:Our b?餐包?A:Yes, we serve it at all tables.是的,每桌都有附赠的B:Good. Thank you.好的,谢谢

Other than Xiao and Ding, mer world number one Ronnie O'Sullivan also lashed out at the PTC by telling the Press Association that he felt "raped" playing in the game.

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