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济南市交通医院官网预约免费济南市市中区人民医院怎么样济南省妇幼保健医院专家电话 Theres a hotel boom happening in downtown Detroit. Once-abandoned buildings are now gleaming new hotels, or will be soon. But will these plans give Detroit too many hotel rooms or not enough? And there have been lengthy discussions over the two hotels near the new Red Wings arena site just north of downtown.The Ilitch family, owners of the Red Wings, Tigers and Olympia Entertainment, have created a plan for creating a new arena, but the Detroit City Council still must approve it. The current plan calls for the Ilitches to refurbish the Eddystone hotel and tear down the Park Avenue next to it, but the agreement is still lacking some details.;The Councils sticking point seems to be, as of this week, that they want an absolute, iron-clad agreement that the Eddystone will in fact be redeveloped,; Detroit Free Press writer John Gallagher says.Gallagher also believes part of the delay may come from the Councils desire to show they have some power in the development as well.;Some of it is the Council wanting to flex its muscles and have a say in this process and not just be given a plan,; Gallagher says.The development calls for a lot of public money up front, according to Gallagher, and in turn the Ilitches would spend 0 million to develop the rest of the district with housing, restaurants and entertainment venues.Gallagher says that this delay isnt likely to tank the project and he expects it to be resolved in a few weeks.And this new deal is just one of various new hotel projects in the city.Gallaghers recent story in the Free Press details the Detroit hotel scene, showcasing many of the boutique hotels with 100 to 150 rooms coming to the area.These hotels still need guests, though, and Gallagher says Detroit needs to continue to focus on creating a more vibrant market for people to visit, or conventions or trade shows.In order to fill rooms, you have to have more than the auto show, Gallagher says, and with recent attention on the issue, ;Detroit is lining up to really pick up its convention business to be one of the major ones in the Midwest.;201504/370246Britain英国NIMBYism and the election邻避主义与选举The anti-tarmac vote柏油碎石路反对者投票The Conservatives are getting squeezed over big building projects保守党在大型建筑工程上束手无策ON first glance, the constituency of Brentford amp; Isleworth, in west London, looks like a typical Conservative Party heartland. It is full of boutique shops and cafés. The back streets are lined with pretty Victorian terraced houses.乍一看,位于西伦敦的布伦特福德和艾尔沃思选区像是典型的保守党中心地带。这里的精品店和咖啡店星罗密布。后街是一排排漂亮的维多利亚连栋房屋。Yet Mary Macleod, the Conservative incumbent, has a fight on her hands to hold the seat. This is partly down to demographics. Along with plenty of middle-class residents the seat is dotted with council estates, and is also home to large Pakistani and Indian populations who have tended to vote for the Labour Party. But one of the biggest problems for Ms Macleod is not on the ground but in the air.然而保守党人玛丽·麦克劳德要想赢得这个地区的选票还得苦战一番。这部分与人口统计有关。连同大量的中产阶级居民,该中心地带散布着地方所属地产,同时也是倾向于为工党投票的巴基斯坦人、印度人的家乡。但麦克劳德面临的最大问题不在地面上而是在空中。Each day dozens of aeroplanes fly over the constituency, which is near Heathrow airport. And depending on the outcome of the Airports Commission, which was set up by the coalition government to look into airport expansion, and which will report after the election, even more could criss-cross over the area.该选区位于希思罗机场附近,每一天都有几十架飞机掠过其上空。联合政府设立了机场委员会来调查机场扩张情况,具体情况将在选举后进行报告,根据其结果,也许会有更多的飞机在这片区域上空穿梭。Ms Macleod first won the seat in 2010 with a majority of 1,958 by campaigning heavily against airport expansion. And although Heathrow is not the only issue worrying local voters, winning the seat could still hinge on how effectively the Conservative incumbent can distinguish herself from Ruth Cadbury, the Labour candidate, who is also against a bigger airport. Ms Macleods plight points to a larger problem for the Conservatives. Too often for comfort, well-meaning plans to improve the countrys roads, airports and railways clash with the NIMBYish instincts of their core supporters.2010年,麦克劳德以强烈反对机场扩建开展竞选活动,以1958的多数票赢得了席位。尽管希思罗机场不是当地选民唯一担忧的事,但麦克劳德的当选仍取决于这位保守党人在与同样反对建设大机场的工党候选人露丝·凯德波里相比时,能多有效地提高自己的辨识度。麦克劳德的困境指出了工党存在的一个更大问题。通常为了提高舒适度、意图良好的升级城市道路、机场和铁路等计划会触动邻避主义核心持者的敏感神经。The countrys infrastructure is creaking. Sir Howard Davies, who heads the Airport Commission, estimates that Heathrow is full to capacity while Gatwick, the other option for airport expansion, will be full by 2020. According to the World Economic Forum British roads rank a lowly 30th in the world for quality, just above Chile and Sri Lanka. David Cameron, the prime minister, acknowledges the problem. The Conservative Party manifesto, launched on April 14th, commits to previous plans to splash out 15 billion ( billion) on the road network and 38 billion on the railways over the next parliament. Mr Cameron also reiterated support for HS2, a shiny new 42 billion high-speed railway from London to Manchester.英国的基础设施正在咯吱作响。领导机场委员会的霍华德·戴维斯阁下预计希思罗容量已达到饱和,而机场扩建的另一选址盖特威克将在2020年达到饱和。根据世界经济论坛数据显示,英国道路质量在世界排名低至30名,仅略高于智利和斯里兰卡。大卫·卡梅伦首相意识到了这个问题。于4月14号发表的保守党宣言承诺要坚持原有计划,花费150亿英镑(220亿美元)在道路网建设上,下一届议会将花费380亿在铁路建设上。卡梅伦也重申了对HS2(花费420亿英镑新建的从伦敦到曼彻斯特的高铁)的持。Yet in doing so, Mr Cameron has infuriated many natural Conservative voters. HS2, which runs through a series of safe blue seats in Buckinghamshire, is particularly divisive. The railway is a “headache” on the doorstep, admits one Conservative MP seeking re-election, as he is often limited in how vocally he can oppose it. To add to Tory woes, the UK Independence Party, which scooped up six council seats in 2013 along the route, is making hay on the issue. It claims to be the “only” party against the “construction disruption” HS2 will bring (although the Green Party also opposes it).然而这样做,卡梅伦激怒了很多保守派选民。HS2虽在白金汉宫里赢得了一众议员的持,但特别有争议性。一保守党人承认,该铁路确实是家门口的“麻烦”,他正在试图重新当选,因为他能发出的反对之声是有限的。新晋的托利党敌人、2013年在沿线捞得了6个议会席位的英国独立党正借此事获取私利。它声称是“唯一”反对HS2带来的“建筑破坏”的政党(尽管绿党同样也反对HS2)。NIMBYs pose difficulties for any government, but particularly for Mr Camerons, which has often trumpeted the notion that it is investing in Britains infrastructure to levels not seen since the Victorian era. If economic growth is to be sustainable, then more infrastructure will be needed to support it. But if Heathrow is given the go-ahead for expansion, for instance, it will be “campaign, campaign and campaign again,” warns Barbara Reid, a local resident and former Conservative councillor. Getting Britain moving will require a big push from the next government—especially if the Tories win.邻避主义者给任何政府都带来了麻烦,但对卡梅伦政府来说尤其如此,它经常吹嘘在为英国基础建设投资上,其规模之大自维多利亚时代以来都十分罕见。如果经济增长稳定的话,就需要更多的基础设施来持。当地居民且曾为保守党议员的芭芭拉·瑞德警告,如果希思罗的扩建得到许可,它将演化成“竞选,竞选,再竞选”。要让英国继续前进需要下一届政府大力推一把——特别是托利党当选的话。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞译文属译生译世 /201504/372077临邑县人民医院收费好不好

山东省中心医院有超导可视无痛人流吗Its the best way I can describe it.Its on tonight. And if you havent been watching,这是我能想到的最贴切的形容了 今晚就会播 如果你还没看过And youre like, ;I cant watch it now,Because I didnt watch in the beginning.;别说;我现在没法看 因为我没从头开始看;之类的Ill catch you up on everything that happened so far.我能告诉你目前为止节目中都发生了些什么Chris is dead sexy.His smile, oh,Its like panty dropper.克里斯性感爆了 他的微笑简直是 让人欲火焚身I want to hang it up for you today.Im in Illinois actually. so pretty close to you.为了你 我今天要戴着这个 我在伊利诺斯州 跟你很近耶Oh my goodness. Okay.Bring on the weirdoes.I remmed my head into the brick wall.天啊 什么稀奇古怪的人都来了 我都抓狂得撞墙了Can I ask you a quick question? - Absolutely.能问个小问题吗 -当然Do you inseminate hogs?Do you believe in aliens?你捐精子吗 你相信有外星人吗And we see like a body come in And we were screaming and its Chris.我们看见了一个人影 然后就各种乱叫 结果发现是克里斯Dont be weirded out.Im only kind of a stalker.Dont use that.别太吃惊 我只是个跟踪者 别把这个播出去When Ashley told me that she was a virgin,当阿什利告诉我她是个处女的时候I was like Seriously?Like- Im so jealous.我就想 真的假的 我好嫉妒啊Like, I cant even use that, cause I have a kid.因为我孩子 我不能用处女这个词She was drunk tonight. She was drunk yesterday.她昨天就喝得烂醉 今天晚上又醉了She was drunk the day before. Shes gonna be drunk tomorrow.她前天也是一样 她明天肯定还会去买醉I dont know how. I dont know.Oh my god.我真的不知道该怎么办 我的天啊 /201512/416151济南历城区妇科检查 Until now it has not been known whether children who snore, but who do not have obstructive sleep apnea, are at risk, too, for these cognitive and behavioral problems.目前,还不得而知的是,打呼但是未患有阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合中的儿童是否在认知和行为方面问题也存在风险。However, recent research shows that many children without this particular condition, but who nonetheless snore, do test significantly lower than do non-snorers in these same areas of cognition and behavior.但最近有调查发现很多未患有上述疾病但打呼的儿童在关于认知能力和行为的智力测验中,得分明显低于那些不打呼的儿童。Which children who snore are at risk and which are not is not clear yet and will require further research.打呼的儿童中,哪些是有风险遇到认知和行为方面的问题,哪些是没有的,还需要进一步的调查研究。In the meantime, if your child snores frequently and he or she seems to experience learning and behavioral problems, you might consult a sleepspecialist to find out whether or not your child has obstructive sleep apnea.如果你的孩子经常打呼,并且有学习和/或行为方面的问题,你可以去咨询睡眠专家,看看你的孩子是否患有阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合征。There are various causes of frequent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, but the most common causes are enlarged tonsils and an enlarged adenoids.有很多原因可以造成打呼和阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停,但是最常见的是扁桃体肥大, 淋巴腺肿大。In these cases the removal of the tonsils and adenoids can be an effective treatment.在这种情况下,有效的治疗手段就是进行扁桃体和淋巴腺的切除。201503/362458山东省山大附属一医院在哪

济南好点的医院做人流The Next IdeaWhen the housing crisis hit in the mid-2000s, millions lost their jobs. Licensed home builder and Saginaw resident Jeff Little was one of them.Jeff lost his job in 2006, and soon his wife was unemployed as well. Struggling to make ends meet every month, he became self-employed and worked on and off while searching for a full-time job.For eight years, his efforts to land steady employment were unsuccessful until he got involved in an innovative public-private partnership developed to help create long-term career opportunities.Community Ventures, launched in October 2012 by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), helps eligible “structurally unemployed” people living in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.The program focuses on people with extended joblessness, low income, disability, limited education, or past incarceration.The goal is to place 1,000 structurally unemployed into stable jobs every year.To get there, the Community Ventures Team works cooperatively with local community and talent partners like Goodwill Industries, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), Michigan Department of Human Services, Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Detroit Employment Solutions, and others to find and screen eligible candidates.A connection is then made with participating employers, recruited by Community Ventures and MEDC, who commit to providing full-time (at least 30 hours) long-term positions that pay living wages. In order to minimize the hiring risk, businesses receive a stipend for each participant to pay for on-the-job training.As part of the program, local partners provide extensive post-employment support services like job coaching, transportation, workforce iness, child care, and adult education, depending on each participants needs.Last year, Jeff landed his first full-time job in nearly a decade.Working with the Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Jeff was identified as a good Community Ventures program candidate and was hired at Nexteer Automotive, a Saginaw-based automotive supplier.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.In Michigan, through Community Ventures, we have flipped that around by working directly with employers to ensure that participants gain high-demand skills and real jobs - jobs that set people on a sustainable path to independence.Its working. Nearly two-and-a-half years into the program, Community Ventures has placed more than 3,500 structurally unemployed people into long-term employment with more than 150 companies.This unique Michigan model could one day serve as a blueprint for a national program.So whats the Next Idea?There are about 300,000 people in Michigan who meet the definition of structurally unemployed, and about 16 percent of our population lives at or below the poverty line.What if, instead of 1,000 people a year in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw, we targeted 10,000 to 15,000 people across the state? Imagine what would happen to unemployment and poverty in Michigan if 15,000 structurally unemployed people started finding opportunities for themselves.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.Community Ventures doesnt have to be limited to just four urban areas. It can be expanded into any area where you have people who have chronically struggled to find jobs.The challenge now is to scale it on a statewide basis.In his 2016 budget recommendations, Governor Snyder has asked the legislature for million to continue the program in the four target communities. Expanding the programs reach, however, will require additional funding. With state budget priorities and realities as they are, relying on public dollars alone isnt feasible.We have to look outside the norm.One area we are looking at engaging is Michigans philanthropic community. Michigan is home to over 2,200 foundations providing hundreds of millions of dollars in grants every year. We feel that an economic development initiative like Community Ventures that promotes social enterprise would be a good fit for the mission of any number of foundations in the state.Another avenue we are exploring is social impact bonds. With this model, governments team up with service providers and private sector investors to create and fund innovative social programs. Investors are repaid only when the programs reach specific targets and tax dollar savings are achieved.A third opportunity we are looking at is crowdfunding. We know that a state-led crowdfunding effort can work. Our Public Spaces Community Places initiative has had tremendous success enabling local residents, businesses and other community stakeholders to use crowdfunding to support the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC.Today, Jeff Little is a machine operator at Nexteer.With the help of an onsite ;success coach,; he is thriving in his new position and has aly earned two raises. Little credits Community Ventures as a “total life change,” and getting up and going to work every day and providing for his family has instilled in him a new sense of pride and purpose.Jeff Littles story is about more than finding a job. It is about an opportunity to change a life for the better.With innovative thinking, we can take the model that is working to empower people in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw who previously may have lost hope of ever making a living and bring it to other communities across Michigan.We have an opportunity to help write thousands of similar stories.Michael Finney is senior advisor for economic growth for Governor Rick Snyders administration and the former president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.201506/378649 How are your?Not bad.How are you?Im great.Youre here on a good day,huh?你好吗 还不错 你好吗 很好 你今天来适逢好日子 对吗Yeah,absolutely.that was cool.Did you.I actually met Mrs Obama once before是的 当然 非常酷 你以前 我实际上以前见过奥巴马夫人一次I believe it was Sashas birthday,and they organized a trip to the Potter set我想应该是Sasha的生日 他们组织了一次去哈利波特拍摄地之旅And we had the big Happy Birthday banner on the great hall,and I came out and present it with a cake我们在大厅里准备了巨大的;生日快乐;的横幅 我出来把一个蛋糕给And we were just totally absorbed in what they to.Yeah,I was going to say,shes amazing,just adorable我们当时被他们所做的一切吸引住了 是啊 我刚想说 她非常棒 非常可爱I like her,so everytime I see her it reminds how much I like her我这么喜欢她 每次见到她都会提醒我有多喜欢她Congratulations on the entertainer of the year 2011,thats,you cant get better than that.No,that was pretty amazing祝贺你获得2011年度最佳艺人 这是最高的荣誉了 那确实很棒It really was a fantastic year,I mean,for everyone the last year was kind of bow这也确实是很棒的一年 我的意思是说 对每个人而言 去年有点像一种致敬The film is finishing and a lot of kind of sadness around back,but for me,it was a year of celebration电影拍完了 大家都有些伤感 但是对我来讲 这是值得庆祝的一年And then my first year away,I was doing an amazing show.Yeah,it was really a great year,I had the blessed我第一年离开家乡 在参与一个很棒的节目 是的 确实是很棒的一年 我很幸运Do you love doing Broadway?yeah,absolutely,yeah,yeah.你喜欢在百老汇表演吗 是的 当然I apologize,by the way,for not dancing when I came out,But Im choreographed,Im terrible顺便说下 很抱歉刚才出来时我没跳舞 但是我只会跳事先编排好的舞 我很糟糕I dont believe that,you cant be good dancer choreographed and not with rhythem and timing我不相信 你不可能编舞跳得很好 而没有节奏感Oh,you can.how?Oh,you can,really?I am,if not the rule of exception,Im goint to prove the rule哦 可能 怎么可能 哦 可能 真的 我是 如果不是例外 也要明常规Its my,my dance skills is clumsy.Really?thats amazing,I did not see the show只是 我的 我的舞步很笨拙 真的吗 不可思议 我没看过你的那个剧But its all the right up said that your dancing was impeccable and your singing,and youre an amazing singer and dancer.Well,thank them但是都在说你的舞蹈很完美 还有你的歌声 你是一个很棒的歌手和舞者 谢谢他们这么说 /201609/467847济南可以做人流的公办医院山东省济南市中心医院门诊大众点评



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