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知名护肤品牌新加坡Bio-essence凯伊秀形象代言人、香港TVB当红花旦钟嘉欣用流利的英语向你推荐凯伊秀睡眠面膜,对于出生在加拿大温哥华的Linda的来说,英语小case啦。本文包含英语视频及文本中英对照。My favorite Bio-essence product is Bio-essence sleeping mask because after I finish using sleeping mask, my face is, it always feels like very hydrated and very firm. Even though Im really tired, I use this every day. So its really good. I hope all of you guys will like this product as well. Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost hydrates and nourishes your skin while you sleep.我喜欢的剀伊秀产品是剀伊秀睡眠面膜,因为在我用完睡眠面膜后我的脸会变得水润有弹性。就算是我非常累的时候,我也坚持每天使用。所以它真的很好。我希望你们所有人也都会喜欢这个产品。剀伊秀三泉活水系列在睡眠时水润你的肌肤。201402/275604成都华西医院怎么样Today in History:Sunday, June9, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月9日,星期天June 9th 1954 On Capitol Hill, US Army counsel Joseph Welch confronts Senator Joseph McCarthy over his tactics in fighting Communist version during the Cold War.;Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?;Its the beginning of the end of McCarthys political influence. Months later, the senator takes the rare step of condemning him over his methods.1870 Charles Dickens, author of novels such as Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities dies in Gads Hill, England at age 58.1980 ;Please, this is emergency, can I talk to God? Ill have to put you on hold.;Comedian Richard Pryor suffers almost fatal burns when a mixture of free-base cocaine explodes at his home in San Fernando Valley, California.1973 Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes in New York, becoming the first to clinch horse racings Triple Crown in 25 years.And 1915 Les Paul, the electric guitar pioneer is born in Waukesha, Wisconsin.Today in History, June 9th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press. /201306/243555四川省五院在哪But one pine tree is capable of surviving even harsher conditions.但有一种松树 可以在更恶劣的环境中生存These pines live at the limit of life -这些松树生长在美国西部above 3,000 metres in the mountains of western America.三千公尺以上的山区Almost continuous freezing temperatures and savage winds make life so tough这里是生命的极限 山上的低温和强风几乎终年不断that these bristle cones only manage to grow for six weeks of the year.所以刺果松每年的生长期 只有六个星期Everything is about conserving energy.它们的一切都以节能为导向They hardly ever shed their needles, which can last more than 30 years.刺果松的松针很少脱落 可以维持三十多年After centuries of being blasted by storms,忍受数百年的暴风雨吹袭后a full-grown tree still survives with only a strip of bark a few inches wide.一棵成年刺果松 只凭着数时宽的树皮生存These trees live life at such a slow pace这些树木的生活步调缓慢that they can reach great age.所以寿命惊人Some are over 5,000 years old.有的已经超过五千岁了Its been said of the bristlecones,有人说此地的刺果松that to live here is to take a very long time to die.连死亡过程都很漫201311/264060Living within your means can be done. You dont want to be a slave to the credit card company, do you? Learn what to do to stay out of credit card debt.量入为出是可以做到的。你不想成为信用卡公司的奴隶,对吗?学习一下怎样做才能避免信用卡负债。You Will Need你需要Budget预算Debit card借记卡Willpower意志力Jar for change储蓄罐Savings account储蓄账户Odd jobs零工Steps步骤STEP 1 Calculate monthly expenses1.计算每月费用Calculate your monthly expenses--right down to how much gum you buy--and compare that with the money you have coming in.计算每月的费用——细致到口香糖——与你的收入进行对比。STEP 2 Scale back2.缩减出If your expenses exceed your income, see what you can live without. Keep slashing away until you have enough to live on, plus at least a month you can put aside for unforeseen emergencies.如果你的费用超过收入,看一下哪些出是不必要的。不断缩减,直到足够基本生活,此外每月至少存50美元应急。Dont forget to factor in periodic expenses like birthday gifts, haircuts, and school supplies.不要忘记把一些周期性的费用考虑在内,比如生日礼物,理发和学校必需品。STEP 3 Cancel your cards3.取消信用卡Cancel all your credit cards except one. Tuck that away for emergencies.只留一张信用卡,其他的全部取消。这一张信用卡用于应急。STEP 4 Set low limit4.设置最低限额Ask the credit card company to set a low limit on your card.要求信用卡公司对你的信用卡金额做一个比较低的限制。Throw your change into a jar every night; when the jar is filled, put the money into a savings account.每晚把零钱放入储蓄罐中;存满之后把这些钱存入储蓄账户。STEP 5 Use debit card or cash5.使用借记卡或现金Use a debit card or cash to pay for all purchases.购买所有物品都是用借记卡或现金。STEP 6 Find extra work6.寻找兼职工作If a large unexpected expense throws off your budget, consider taking on part-time work or odd jobs like babysitting until youre caught up.如果一项未料到的大笔费用打破了预算,考虑做一些兼职或零工,比如照看婴儿,直到收平衡。STEP 7 Celebrate7.庆祝Now celebrate your freedom from debt--but not so much that you end up back where you started!现在,庆祝自己摆脱了债务吧——但是不要太大手笔了,否则又要回到负债累累的地步。The average American household has ,000 in credit card debt.美国每个家庭平均负担着9,000美元的信用卡债务。视频听力译文由。201403/280689乐山市红十字会医院人流价格

自贡看男科怎么样成都附属生殖专科医院医生在线咨询Some employees are keepers and others are not. Either way, a verbal warning can turn a good apple around or help a bad one out the door.一些雇员非常值得信任,但是其他人并非如此。无论哪种情况,口头警告都可以让好的雇员继续保持,给不好的雇员敲响警钟。You Will Need你需要Company handbook公司手册Meeting time会议时间Witness目击者Documentation of the warning警告记录Steps步骤STEP 1 Review written policies1.检查书面规定Review your companys written policies regarding what behavior is unacceptable and the established protocol for delivering the verbal warning. Make sure you have all the rules fresh in your head before talking to the employee.重新查看一下公司的书面规定,包括哪些行为是不可接受的,拟定发出口头警告的草案。确保与雇员谈话之前记牢所有规定。Ask employees to review company policies and sign an acknowledgment when they are hired or whenever new policies are introduced. That way you have proof the employee knows the rules and expectations.聘用之处,或者规定刚刚出台的时候,要求雇员阅读公司规定,然后签署同意书。这样你就有据表明雇员了解了所有规定和预期。STEP 2 Inform the employee2.通知雇员Advise the employee of the nature of the meeting you are calling, which should be held in private. When employees know they are meeting to discuss their shortcomings they dont feel ambushed -- and they have the opportunity to collect their thoughts or refute incorrect claims.告知雇员你私下召见他的会议的本质。当雇员知道这次会议是为了讨论他的缺点时,不会感到突然——他们有机会整理思绪,反驳不正确的指控。Invite one witness to the private meeting, preferably the employees direct supervisor or the department head. This protects you in case the employee makes false claims about what occurred at the meeting.邀请一名目击者参加私人会议,最好是这位雇员的直接上级和部门主管。这样可以保护你,以防雇员对会议上发生的事情做出错误的指控。STEP 3 Nail down the details3.记录细节Be specific about your concerns regarding the employees work performance or behavior. For instance, instead of saying ;Your tardiness is an issue,; say ;Youve been at least 15 minutes late three times this month.;具体说明你对雇员的工作表现或行为的担忧。例如,不要说,“你很拖拉”,而是说“你本月有三次至少迟到15分钟。”STEP 4 Set a goal4.设定目标Give your employee clear directions for how to improve to avoid any further disciplinary actions. For example, say ;You must be at your desk by 8 a.m. everyday unless youve made previous arrangements to take time off.;给你的员工做出明确的指导,以后应该怎样改进,避免任何进一步的违反纪律行为。例如,你可以说,“你每天都应该在早上八点之前到达办公桌,除非你提前安排休息。”STEP 5 Put it in their file5.记入档案Record the fact that you delivered a verbal warning and the date it was given. Give the employee a copy and place a copy in the employees human resources file. Clearly state the nature of the misconduct and what the employee must do to remedy the situation. Consider developing standard templates for issuing both verbal and written warnings that supervisors can use when the need arises.记录下你曾经发出口头警告的事实和日期。给雇员一份复印件,人力资源档案中也放一份。明确记录他的失误的性质,以及员工应该怎样做来改变形势。考虑制定标准模板,发布口头和书面警告,需要的时候主管可以使用。STEP 6 Keep an eye out6.保持警觉Watch for signs of improvement from the employee, or even for hints of rebellion. That way youll be y to deliver positive reinforcement for employees whove turned themselves around -- or take the next disciplinary step for those who havent.观察一下这名员工有没有进步,或者有没有反叛的迹象。这样的话,你可以对已经改邪归正的员工做出积极的肯定,或者对冥顽不化的同事采取进一步的惩罚。视频听力译文由。201408/324613House Of Commons To Debate Scotlands Future MPs in Westminster will discuss which extra powers should go to Holyrood and whether Scottish MPs can vote on laws in England. Two parliaments one country and as yet no deal, Scotland may have voted NO to independence, but it did so on a promise.We said that we will bring forward and command people that will summarise the views of the three parties that want to remain in the ed Kingdom, the liberal democrats, the labour party and the conservatives, thats what we are doing today, that will then inform the process that we have charged lord Smith to undertake and building consensus and bring forward an agreement between those three parties and indeed also the Scottish nationals agree as well.Amongst those keeping an eye todays debate will be the three who came to Scotland at the bitterly contested better end of the campaign, as the polls narrowed, they vote to get Holyrood more powers, although they still cant agree what those powers should be. The Torries want Scotland to have complete control over income tax plus a share of VAT, labour says the Scottish parliament should be given powers to raise 40% of its overall budget, but differs on control of value added tax, D said Holyrood should be allowed to raise the majority of the money it spends, cross party discussions are to be facilitated by commission chaired by lord Smith Kelvin, with a blueprint for a former agreed by the end of November.The people of Scotland have spoken.Yet those discussions are now linked by the prime minister to resolving the issue of Scottish MPs voting on issues not affecting Scotland, some will be surprised that Scotland now has provided an answer to more than one question.The vote was no more than a device to try to persuade a number of people went to the NO camp, and these votes quickly made are look like on the process of being reneged upon.High up at V and looking down on its parliament sits the national monument of Scotland, originally intended to commemorate those who fell in the Napoleonic wars, almost 200 years on from the start of its construction, it remains unfinished, thanks to a lack of funds but also enthusiasm, Edinburghs folly as its become known Westminster politicians will be accused of far worse than folly if their plans dont come to fruition.Otherwise the monument to their efforts will be a reinvigorated campaign for Scottish independence.Noel P, Sky News, Edinburgh. /201410/336690成都中医药大学附属医院医生在线咨询四川省成都市第一人民医院介绍

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