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MODERN LIFETwo old friends got together after many years and soon fell to discussing their husbands#39; faults.We#39;ve been married fifteen years, one woman said, and every night after dinner my husband always complains about the food.How terrible! exclaimed the other. Does it bother you?Why should it bother me? her friend replied. if he can#39;t only stand his own cooking? 现代生活两个老朋友分别多年之后又见面了,很快就开始谈起各自丈夫的缺点。我们结婚十五年了,一个妇女说道,每天晚饭后,我丈夫总要抱怨饭菜。真可恶!另一个惊呼道。难道你不烦吗?我烦什么?她的朋友答道。他不过是忍受不了自己的烹调技术。 /201206/185485。

1. It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.黑暗过后必将迎来光明。2. Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.判定收获并不是每天都有产量 还要看你是否种下种子。3. The questions you ask determine the quality of your life.你问的问题决定了你的生活质量。4.Change your thoughts and you change your world.改变了自己的思想就改变了自己的环境。 /201105/137938。

Iran - jump "Good Fire" Iran's New Year is "Nuo Luzi," is Chinese New Year, is a national day of jubilation. Festival from the Iranian calendar January 1 (equivalent to the Gregorian calendar March 21, or China's Lunar New Year's Day vernal equinox) to the time on the 13th. In the old one Wednesday last night, to hold jump "Good Fire" activities in preparation for the advent of the New Year. When the night had just landed, I would see the streets lit a bonfire heaps. Have families around the fire, in the Lang Lang laughter arcing began. Lad led the way, Pentium crossed; juvenile Titaiqingying, dance, and floated crossover; the elderly in the slowly walk through the curl Yuyan; human population mutter prayers: "yellow (referring to pale and thin, weak body wilt) to you; Red (referring to ruddy, able-bodied) to me "; pray in the new year disease-free without disaster, and always maintain health. Jump "Good Fire" After the young girls wrapped in a veil, in twos and threes, go hand in hand, side hit silver spoon, side sing songs, go to visit neighborhood homes to obtain candy, Dubbed the "discuss auspicious." They also stand in the shadow or the street corner conversations overheard passers-by and use to hear the first sentence Bosuan their next year's good or bad fortune. New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered, eating a hearty "family reunion dinner." At this time table was seven things, its Persian name, first letter S, known as "disposed;." 7 things and their meanings are: wheat seedling, or sugar pea - everything vibrant; Apple - fruits, delicious and nourishing; vinegar - happiness, Youziyouwei; garlic - drive out demons; gold, silver -- - Good Fortune, fortune prosperity; spices (seasonings use) - a beautiful life; maltose - life sweet. In addition, the table also played the tune "Koran" and the father of Ali, Shiite Islam's portrait, said the owner of the pious; also a symbol of a bright, sincere, bright lights mirrors, candles, eggs, and goldfish. Filipino New Year when fireworks tradition. A Filipino traders in the bocaue finishing a roll of firecrackers. Philippines hawkers in the streets of Manila to the people selling speakers. Filipinos celebrate the New Year the traditional way it was fireworks, trumpet, and wearing a colorful hat. Who started the third-year, people visiting relatives and friends, and wish each other a happy New Year. The owner took out a variety of delicious desserts and dried fruits in honor of the guests. Or sitting next to the main feast samovar tea, chatting, or rotate around a flood pipe smoking, to celebrate a really good time. Picnic is "Nuo Luzi," the final event. Iranians that the "13" is an ominous figure, so the first month on the 13th one the family trips hikers to avoid the evil, the size of parks and green, tourists clouds, people enjoy to enjoy the beauty of nature, Liulianwangfan. /201001/95391。

In the '80s, linebacker shoulder pads, cropped jackets and micro-mini skirts were all the rage. Now the same fashion trends people decried just a few years ago are coming full circle.   在20世纪80年代,大垫肩、不规则剪裁的夹克以及迷你短裙在时尚界大行其道。现在,相同的潮流又在时尚圈重新流行。   Paris Hilton joined the '80s fashion bandwagon when she stopped for coffee in Los Angeles, wearing blue leggings and a sequined top.   帕丽斯·希尔顿在洛杉矶去喝咖啡时穿的闪亮紧身T和蓝色紧身裤酷似上世纪80年代的流行风格。 /200910/87926。

1、A schedule defends from chaos and whim. 计划可以让你远离混乱和冲动。 /201107/143967。

The palace of Apollo was grand and magnificent, supported by giant columns with gold and ivory and studded with jewels. The son of Apollo Phaethon and daughter Hayley lived here. Phaethon was born to be handsome and sexy but a bit impetuous and arrogant, while Hayley was tender and nice but did not have a beautiful face, which made her sad because she deeply loved Phaethon. The beautiful Naiades loved Phaethon too. 太阳神的宫殿,是用华丽的圆柱撑着,镶着闪亮的黄金和璀璨的宝石,飞檐嵌着雪白的象牙,两扇银质的大门上雕着美丽的花纹,记载着人间无数美好而又古老的传说。太阳神阿波罗的儿子法厄同,女儿赫莉就居住在这个美丽的宫殿里。法厄同天生美丽性感,冲动自负;赫莉温柔善良,却没能得到父亲的恩赐,拥有一张太阳神那样美丽的面孔,这使得她很无奈,因为她深深爱着的是法厄同。同样喜欢法厄同的还有绝美的水泉女神娜伊。 Year by year, Hayley was depressed and sensitive because Phaethon did not understand her and fell in love with Naiades. Whenever Hayley expressed her affection to him, he always refused her with the excuse of having the same father. Hayley could not bear his indifference and made up a lie. One day, she found Phaethon and told him, “Dear brother, I cannot conceal a secret anymore. Although she is our mother, I must tell you that you are not the son in heaven but the son of our mother and an ordinary person.” He believed this honest sister and asked their father. No matter how much Apollo assured him, Phaethon could not believe it. Finally, Apollo promised to give him anything for proving his true identity. 日复一日,年复一年,在无尽的相思与失望之中赫莉渐渐变得忧郁而敏感,自负的法厄同并不理解她,依旧与娜伊成双成对。每当赫莉有所表示,法厄同总是以他们是同一个父亲为由将赫莉挡在门外。赫莉再也无法忍受他的绝情和冷漠,终于,一个无知的谎言在她的脑海中诞生了。有一天,她找到法厄同,对他说:“亲爱的哥哥,我不能再隐瞒你了,虽然她是我们的母亲,我本不该嘲笑她什么,但我不得不告诉你,你并非天国的子孙,而是克吕墨涅,也就是我们亲爱的母亲,和一个不知名的凡人所生。”冲动的法厄同轻易的相信了一向不说谎的,跑到父亲阿波罗那里问个究竟。但是无论阿波罗怎样再三保,他就是不相信自己是父亲的亲生儿子。最后,太阳神无奈,指着冥河起誓,为了明法厄同是自己的儿子,无论他要什么,他都会答应。 /201109/152732。