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Cut your reporting. Now a lost city under the sea--for centuries the stuff of myth--now, possibly, a reality. An Oceanographer in Japan says he is convinced he's found evidence of an ancient civilization that must have slipped into the ocean thousands of years ago and has released pictures that he thinks proves that. Sally Gould reports.These steps of a submerged ancient city lost thousands of years ago to the Pacific Ocean. At least according to a Japanese Oceanographer, who's spent 2 decades studying the site, alerted by some scuba-diving tourists who noticed the area's rocks were unnaturally smooth and seemed to form a stone staircase. Professor Masaaki Kimura believes the area contains the ruins of a lost city, which would've had a road, a castle, a shrine, statues, even a coliseum.Judging by the design and disposition of the ruins, the city must have looked just like an ancient Roman city, I can envisage that a Triumphal Arch-like statue stood on the left side of the coliseum, and a shrine over the hill. Professor Kimura thinks the city probably sank in an earthquake about 3,000 years ago, and that the myth of the lost continent of Mu and Atlantis, developed out of actual ancient cities like this one. But scientific opinion is divided. Skeptics believe the ruins could be explained by natural phenomena, and point out very few artifacts like weapons, for instance, have been found to prove humans lived among these rocks.When you look at the images, it's very hard not to think that these might have been something man-made, but all the other scientists that've gone to look at this site, can't find any evidence of human habitation. There is no man-made pots, there is no other signs that people lived there. That makes people much more cautious. So the other ideas are possibly that the natural phenomena, either volcanic activity or wave activity or water currents are of eroded features to, to look like this. It is something that I think all of us would,would love to see to be true, and to be fair, many archaeologists would love to stumble on as well. It's one of these things though that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But so persistent are these myths of lost sunken cities, speculation has even crossed over to the search for alien life. In the 1960s and 70s, a cottage industry of books emerged, postulating that an ancient civilization could have been, and in fact still be, a base for UFOs.Any chance you reckon on coming across Atlantis and really the amazing lost cities perhaps with aliens that are living inside them or? Be fantastic if we could. That there are examples in South and Latin American jungle I think of, um, of temples that have been discovered ever now and then in the jungle , and simply just a question of people getting to these sites, and finding them. Aliens is a whole different ball game, we'll see.Sally Gould, our Manha(ttan),-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.scuba-diving:the sport of swimming under water while breathing through a tube that is connected to a container of air on your back200805/39855

UN Appeals For Million For Tajikistan联合国吁募捐帮助塔吉克百万灾民The ed Nations is urgently appealing for more than million to help some two million people in the Central Asian country of Tajikistan who are suffering from severe cold and energy shortages. The ed Nations describes the crisis affecting Tajikistan as life threatening.  联合国紧急呼吁募集超过两千五百万美元的资金,帮助中亚国家塔吉克斯坦的大约两百万正在忍受严寒和能源短缺的人。联合国说,塔吉克斯坦的这场危机危及当地人的生命。Tajikistan is facing the most severe winter in 25 years. And, it is having a devastating affect upon a country where 50 percent of the inhabitants live below the poverty line.  塔吉克斯坦出现了25年来最寒冷的冬季。严寒给这个有一半居民生活在贫困线以下的国家带来了灾难性的影响。The ed Nations estimates nearly one third of Tajikistan's population of seven million are suffering in different degrees from extreme cold, lack of fuel, food, clean water and ill health. 联合国估计,极度寒冷的天气,燃料、食物和洁净水的缺乏以及疾病给塔吉克斯坦七百万人口中的将近三分之一带来不同程度的痛苦。The country's hydroelectric power stations are barely producing any electricity, compounding the problems from the winter cold. This is causing a severe disruption of heating, water supplies and basic social services.  塔吉克斯坦的水电站几乎不再发电,恶化了严寒带来的问题,严重扰乱了供暖、供水和一些基本社会务项目。Gabriella Waaijman is the UN Humanitarian Agency's Regional Disaster Response Adviser for Central Asia. In an interview from Almaty, Khazakstan, she tells VOA that people in Tajikistan's urban areas are most affected by the energy crisis. 联合国人道主义事务协调办公室负责中亚地区的自然灾害应急顾问瓦伊曼在哈萨克斯坦的阿拉木图接受采访时对美国之音说,塔吉克斯坦城市地区的居民受能源危机的影响最大。"In some of the main urban centers, they have less than 10 hours of electricity a day," said Waaijman. "As a result, hospitals have frequent power outages and therefore access to health care is being affected. And, most importantly, or equally important, people have difficult access to clean drinking water because in urban areas, the drinking water is being pumped to the houses and a lack of electricity, of course, is affecting this ability to pump the water to the houses."  她说:“在一些主要的城市,供电时间每天不到十小时。结果,医院经常停电,这就影响了人们得到医疗照料的途径。更重要的是,或者同样重要的是,人们很难喝到清洁的饮用水,因为在城市地区,饮用水是被水泵抽送到各家各户的,很显然,由于缺少电力,向居民泵水受到了影响。”Waaijman says mass care facilities, such as schools, orphanages, hospitals and homes for the elderly are hardest hit by the energy crisis. And, these facilities now rely heavily on generators for the most essential services. 瓦伊曼说,受能源危机影响最严重的地方是学校、孤儿院、医院和老人院这样的公众照料机构。这些机构目前严重依赖发电机来维持大部分核心工作的运转。The ed Nations reports the economic and social shock resulting from the cold weather and lack of energy has worsened the food situation in rural areas.  联合国的报告说,寒冷和能源短缺所导致的经济和社会冲击使农村地区的粮食问题更加严重。Humanitarian agencies report at least one quarter of a million people need immediate food assistance and this number may reach one half million. The government says up to two million people may need food assistance through the end of winter. 人道救援机构的报告说,至少有25万人需要立即得到食品援助,而且这一数字可能将升高到50万。塔吉克斯坦政府说,到冬季结束时为止,需要食品援助的人可能会高达两百万。U.N. official Waaijman says the coming of spring will be a mixed blessing. As temperatures rise, the ice will melt and this, she says will make more water available for the power generating plants. 联合国官员瓦伊曼说,春季即将到来并不完全是好消息。她说,随着气温升高,冰雪将会融化,这将使发电厂遭遇更多的水。"The bad thing though about having more water available is that the snowfall this year has been so much more than normal, more than 200 percent more than normal, that we fear that if snow starts melting, that we will see an increase in flooding and mud slides and landslides in this region," said Waaijman.  她说:“水多也有不好的地方。由于今年的降雪量大大超过一般水平,是往年一般降雪量的三倍,所以我们担心,一旦雪开始融化,我们会在这一地区看到更多的洪水、泥石流和山崩。” Priority needs are for food, clean water, fuel, electrical power for heat and essential health care. The appeal also includes plans to avert life-threatening situations possible this spring.  现在,塔吉克斯坦人民最需要的是食品、洁净水、供暖用的电力和基本的医疗照料。联合国的呼吁还说,计划可能在今年春天扭转目前危及生命的局势。Aid agencies will reinforce systems to warn people of impending floods and landslides. They will provide critical shelter and livelihoods to communities, if these events do occur.  救援机构将建立警报系统,警告人们可能发生的洪水和山崩。一旦真的发生这些自然灾害,救援机构还将为人们提供重要的避难所和生活资料。200802/27463

Asia Battles Hike in Rice Prices担心大幅度涨价香港居民抢购大米  Grocery stores in Hong Kong have replenished rice supplies after panic buying nearly cleared the shelves. Concern is growing among Asian consumers that the region's staple food will no longer be affordable for low-income families.  香港各家食品杂货店的大米几乎被抢购一空之后,现在补充了大米存货。亚洲的消费者越来越担心低收入家庭将买不起大米。The rush for rice in Hong Kong began after wholesale prices spiked in Thailand.  泰国的大米批发价格猛涨之后,香港人开始抢购大米。At the end of February, Thailand's benchmark rice was trading at more than 0 a ton, an increase of more than 0 from a month earlier. And in recent days, the price has risen further - more than 30 percent.  今年2月底,泰国标准大米的售价是每吨500多美元,比一个月前上涨了100多美元。最近几天来,大米价格又涨了30%以上。Hong Kong imports 90 percent of its rice from Thailand, and relies on imports for most of its food. Consumers, expecting sharp price rises, in the past several days have loaded up on rice, clearing the shelves of some stores.  香港消费大米的90%从泰国进口,而且香港的大部分食品都是依赖进口。香港的消费者估计大米价格将猛涨,因此几天来一直在存储大米,把一些商店里的大米抢购一空。Jasmine Hui is spokeswoman for Park-n-Shop, one of Hong Kong's largest food retailers. She says the chain has increased delivery volume for rice to meet consumer demand. Hui says shoppers in Hong Kong should not be concerned just yet that they will have to pay more for rice. 香港最大的食品连锁店之一“百佳”超市的发言人说,“百佳”增加了大米供货量,以满足顾客的需求。她表示,香港消费者不必担心米价上涨:"Although we are really facing much pressure as a result of the increase in cost price for rice recently, and we do try our best to stabilize the retail price and up till now we have not adjusted the retail price for all our rice products," she said. “尽管我们的确由于最近米价上涨而面临很大压力,但我们尽最大努力稳定零售价格,到目前为止,我们对所有大米制品的价格都没有进行调整。”Smaller crops and other factors such as higher fuel costs have contributed to rising prices for rice. Analysts are concerned about what that means for social stability. Some of the region's poorer nations, with inefficient markets and distribution systems, could face shortages, and millions of households could struggle to pay for basic food.  产量减少以及燃料价格上涨等其他因素导致大米价格上扬。分析人士担心,这将对社会稳定造成影响。亚洲一些贫穷国家的市场和分配体系不完善,因此可能出现大米短缺,数以百万计的家庭在购买基本食品的时候将会遇到困难。This week's rush on rice shows that even wealthy cities such as Hong Kong, where markets are efficient and most people can afford alternative foods, are vulnerable to fears about shortages and inflation.  这次大米抢购风潮显示,即使在香港这样市场充裕、大多数居民买得起其他食品的富裕城市,人们也担心出现大米供应短缺和通货膨胀。Robert Broadfoot is director of the Political and Economic Rick Consultancy in Hong Kong. He says the actual increase in food prices is only a part of the problem when looking at how social unrest and food stability are connected. He says it is just as important to look at how governments control distribution. 香港政治经济风险顾问公司的负责人罗伯特.布罗德富特说,在分析社会不稳定与食品供应稳定性之间的相互关系时,食品价格上涨只是问题的一个方面。他说,观察政府如何控制分配也很重要:"In a number of places they've imposed subsidies so that there are shortages in some countries that have run out, where the food is too cheap," he said. "In other countries like the Philippines, government's in charge of doing most of the imports of the rice, so the government is blamed since it's really part of the industry when things go wrong." “一些地方实行补贴政策,所以在一些国家出现食品短缺,那里的食品太便宜了。在另一些国家,比如菲律宾,政府控制着大部分的大米进口,因此,既然政府是这个行业的主导者,一旦情况不好,政府就会受到责难。”Broadfoot says in poorer countries soaring prices and rice shortages could hit the urban poor hard. "And urban poor are a group of people that in a lot of countries will demonstrate," he said. "And when they demonstrate, what does that do to the social and political situation of that country?"To avoid public discontent, many Asian governments have taken steps to make sure their citizens have enough rice. Some, such as the Philippines, are rushing to sign contracts for rice imports, and others, including Vietnam and India, have moved to restrict exports.  很多亚洲国家的政府为了避免民众不满而采取一些措施,确保本国人民有足够的大米。菲律宾等一些国家急于签订大米进口合同,而越南、印度等一些国家则对大米出口加以限制。200804/33530

Republicans Seek To Attract Young Voters共和党加紧吸引年轻选民投票持   Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has drawn wide support from college students and other youthful voters, many of whom have volunteered for his campaign. But Republicans, now holding their convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, are also trying to attract young voters. 民主党总统候选人奥巴马吸引了大量大学生和年轻选民的持,许多人为他义务助选。但是,目前正在圣保罗召开大会的共和党,也试图吸引年轻选民。At a rally with members of the Young Republicans from around the country at the Minneapolis Hard Rock Cafe, former presidential candidate and Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee addressed the importance of attracting young voters to the Republican presidential ticket this year. He called candidate John McCain a man of character and a model for all Americans, and he hailed his chosen running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as a champion of reform and an opponent of abortion. 在明尼阿波利斯热门音乐餐厅里来自全国各地年轻的共和党人的一场聚会上,前总统参选人哈克比谈到吸引年轻选民对今年共和党总统候选人的重要性。哈克比说,麦凯恩品格高尚,是全体美国人的榜样。他并且赞扬麦凯恩选择阿拉斯加州长佩林作为竞选夥伴,因为佩林是改革的旗手而且反对堕胎。Huckabee referred to Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast, in emphasizing the importance of human life.  哈克比在谈及古斯塔夫飓风侵袭墨西哥湾沿岸的时候,强调了人的生命的重要性。"Whether it is a life in the womb or whether it is a life on the Gulf coast that is being threatened by a natural disaster, we as a society and as a civilization separate ourselves from the rest of the world in our commitment to human life," said Mike Huckabee. 他说:“不论是子宫里育的生命,还是在墨西哥湾沿岸受到自然灾害威胁的生命,作为一个社会和一个文明,我们以对生命的承诺将自己区分于世界其他地区。”Huckabee told reporters that his party will work to attract youthful voters because they represent the future of the party and the country. 哈克比告诉记者说,共和党将致力吸引年轻选民,因为他们代表党和国家的未来。"Obviously, the youth vote is the critical vote, because they are the ones most affected by how this thing turns out, far more so than people my age," he said. "I think a lot of them understand that , they get it, and they need somebody who is not so much young, but who understands the future of this country and that is why John McCain is the best pick." “很显然,年轻人的选票是关键的选票,因为选举的结果对他们的影响最大,远远大于对我这个年纪的人的影响。我想,他们很多人了解这点,他们知道这点,而且他们需要一个不那么年轻、但是了解国家未来的人,而这就是为什么麦凯恩是最佳选择。”Among the youthful members of the audience at the Hard Rock Cafe gathering was Luke Orlando from Manville, Texas. He cannot vote since he is only 14-years-old, but he plans to work for the party as a volunteer. Although his state is a pretty safe bet for John McCain, he says there are other races that are also important. 在热门音乐餐厅聚会的年轻听众中,有位来自德克萨斯州的叫奥兰多的只有14岁的少年。他还不能投票,但是他计划做共和党的义工。他说,虽然麦凯恩在他的州稳赢,但是其他的选举也很重要。"We have to remember that Republicans are not just competing in the presidential election, we have statewide elections, which are very important, especially for our senator, Senator John Cornyn, and I will be supporting his efforts," said Luke Orlando. 奥兰多说:“我们必须记得共和党人不只是竞选总统,我们州里的其他选举,特别是对参议员科宁来说,我将持他的竞选努力。”Political analysts say Republicans are not likely to match the appeal to youth that Barack Obama has generated. The Democrat is expected to win around 60 percent of the vote in the 18-30-year-old age category. But he is not the only candidate who has excited interest among young voters. There is also Dr. Ron Paul, a physician and congressman from a South Texas district, who failed to even come close to winning the Republican nomination this year, but still holds sway over millions of supporters, many of them younger than 30. 政治分析家人士说,共和党人在吸引年轻选民方面可能比不上奥巴马。预计在18岁到30岁的选民中,民主党会赢得大约百分之60的选票。但是奥巴马不是激起年轻选民热情的唯一候选人。德克萨斯州南部一个选区的罗恩.保罗医生虽然在共和党的提名中远远落后,但是仍然有100万以上的人持他,其中很多人不到30岁。Paul is holding a rally at the Target Center auditorium in Minneapolis Tuesday, and 17-year-old Kevin Duewel from Sacramento, California plans to be there. 保罗星期二将在明尼阿波利斯的目标中心大礼堂举行一场集会,来自加州萨克拉门托现年17岁的杜维尔计划参加。"Doctor Paul cured my apathy," said Kevin Duewel. "I was feeling disenfranchised not only by the Democratic Party, but more specifically by the Republican Party. When I found Dr Paul, I suddenly realized he was different from the other bunch of politicians." 杜维尔说:“保罗医生治愈了我的失落感。我的失落感不仅仅因为民主党,更主要因为共和党。我看到保罗医生后,我突然发现他不同于其他的政治人物。”Duewel says Ron Paul represents libertarian ideals of small government and non-intervention in foreign affairs that appeal to many young people. But, he says, the people who rally behind Paul support his ideals, not necessarily his failed candidacy. 杜维尔表示,保罗代表了自由主义理想,主张小政府,不干预外国事务,这吸引了许多年轻人。他说,人们聚集起来持的是他的理念,而不一定是他失败的候选人提名。"It is not him, it's the movement, and that is the use of him holding a rally tomorrow, the Campaign for Liberty, that is what it is for," he said. "It is not to put Ron Paul in the presidency, we are quite aware that he is not going to get the nomination." 他说:“不是他,而是这个运动,明天是利用他而举行这项集会,是为了自由的运动,这就是目的。不是要把保罗当成总统候选人,我们非常了解他不会获得提名。”Duewel says he hopes the limited government movement will gain force in the years ahead and take hold among both Democrats and Republicans. 杜维尔希望,小政府运动将在未来几年不断壮大,并且在民主党人和共和党人中都得到持。200809/47297

Bush Promises Further Help on China Quake布什:美国将继续帮助中国赈灾 U.S. President George Bush says America's government and its people will continue to help victims of last month's devastating earthquake in China. 美国总统布什说,美国政府和人民将继续帮助上个月中国大地震的灾民。With 70,000 people dead and more than 15 million homeless, President Bush says China's earthquake was a horrible disaster. "There is no question this is a major human disaster that requires a strong response from the Chinese government, which is what they are providing, but it also requires a compassionate response from nations that have the good blessings of life, and that is us," he said. 7万人死亡,1500万人无家可归,布什总统说,中国的地震是一场可怕的灾难。布什说:“毫无疑问,这是一场重大的人类灾难,需要中国政府做出强烈反应,而中国政府正在这样做。不过,这场灾难也需要那些有幸过着幸福生活的国家做出同情的反应,也就是我们这样的国家 。” Mr. Bush met with more than 30 public and private sector leaders at the national headquarters of the American Red Cross for a briefing on earthquake assistance. 布什在美国红十字会总部会见了30多个公共和私营部门的领导人,听取了他们对援助中国赈灾的简报。Red Cross officials say more than 80,000 Americans and 60 corporations have given money and supplies to help earthquake survivors. Total contributions by the American Red Cross for that effort now total million, and officials say additional assistance will be provided as long-term needs are identified. 美国红十字会官员说,8万多美国人和60多个美国企业捐赠了资金和物资,帮助中国地震灾民。美国红十字会为此提供的捐款总额已达两千万美元。美国红十字会官员说,在确定灾民长期需要之后,还将提供额外援助。President Bush says he is not surprised by that response. "My message to the Chinese government is: Thank you for welcoming our aid. Thank you for taking a firm response to this disaster, and just know that the American people care about the people of China. When a brother and sister hurt, we care about it, and so that is why our response has been so robust and so compassionate to date," he said. 布什说,他对美国人民和公司的这种反应并不感到惊讶。布什说:“我告诉中国政府:谢谢你们接受我们的援助,感谢你们对这场灾难做出了坚定的反应。希望你们知道,美国人民关心中国人民。当弟兄姊受到伤害时,我们牵肠挂肚,因此我们迄今为止的反应如此积极,如此热情。”Red Cross officials say long-term challenges include rebuilding homes and schools, water and sanitation facilities, medical services, and support for those who have been relocated. 美国红十字会官员说,长期的挑战包括重建住宅和学校、供水和卫生设施、医疗务、以及向那些搬迁的灾民提供持。200806/41337

Bush Inspects Hurricane Damage, Promises Aid布什总统视察艾克飓风德州重灾区  U.S. President George Bush is getting a first hand look at the damage inflicted on his home state of Texas by Hurricane Ike. The president traveled Tuesday to areas hardest hit by the storm. 美国总统布什正在亲自考察“艾克”飓风给他的家乡德克萨斯州造成的破坏。First in Houston, and then in Galveston, the president sought to console storm victims. 布什总统首先到休斯敦,接着去了加尔维斯顿,希望抚慰当地飓风灾民。He said they face tough challenges, but he vowed that America's Gulf Coast will rebound.  布什说,他们面临巨大的挑战,不过布什誓言美国的墨西哥湾沿岸将会复苏。"It's a tough situation on the coast. I have been president long enough to see tough situations and the resilience of the people," Mr. Bush said. 布什说:“墨西哥湾沿岸地区局势严峻,我身为总统这么长时间,经历过艰难的局面,知道人民能够渡过难关。”But the path to recovery could be long and hard. It may take weeks before electricity is fully restored. Removing the tons of debris and repairing extensive flood damage will likely take much longer. 不过,灾后恢复可能是一个长期和艰苦的过程。供电全面恢复可能需要几个星期。清除数吨的垃圾,修复洪水造成的各种各样的破坏可能需要更长时间。Houston remains under a nighttime curfew. And in Galveston - which was in the eye of the storm - there is still no power, no operating sewage system and no functioning hospital. 休斯敦仍然实行夜间宵禁。而在地处“艾克”飓风中心的加尔维斯顿,至今没有恢复供电,污水排水系统瘫痪,医院也没有接收病患。Most of the residents of the barrier island town heeded calls to evacuate before the storm. President Bush told them to stay away until it is safe to return.  加尔维斯顿市位于海岸线外的天然屏障岛屿上,该市绝大多数居民在飓风到来之前听从了撤离该岛的命令。布什总统告诉他们在安全之后,再返回家园。"I know a lot of people are anxious to get back in. I urge you to listen to state and local authorities before you come back," he said. 布什说:“我知道许多人都非常想回家。我要求你们在返回家园之前,要听从州和当地官员的指示。”Emergency officials briefed Mr. Bush on conditions immediately after his arrival in Texas, and he toured the disaster zones by helicopter. 紧急救援人员在布什总统到达德克萨斯后就立即向他通报了有关情况,布什总统还乘坐直升机巡视了灾区。He was told about the thousands of storm victims who remain in shelters, and efforts to keep up with the demand for blankets, food, bottled water and other basic supplies. 布什总统了解到有大约数千名飓风灾民还住在临时住所里,以及救援人员为了满足灾民对毯子、食品、瓶装水等日用品的需求所做的努力。The American Red Cross is working with authorities in the Gulf. But after back-to-back hurricanes, it is running short on funds. 美国红十字会正在跟墨西哥湾沿岸有关当局一起抗灾。但是接踵而至的飓风导致资金不足。As he prepared to inspect the storm damage, the president made a direct appeal for contributions.  布什总统在准备视察飓风灾区时,也直接呼吁民众捐款捐物。"I hope the country does not have disaster fatigue. The Red Cross is a vital part of helping people recover," Mr. Bush said.  布什说:“我希望我们国家不会出现灾难疲怠征候。红十字会是帮助人民渡过风灾的关键力量。”The American Red Cross has taken the unusual step of asking Congress for millions of dollars to replenish its disaster relief fund following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. The Red Cross operates under a Congressional charter that requires it to respond to natural disasters. However, it is an independent charity and relies primarily on private donations. 美国红十字会采取了不同寻常的步骤,要求国会拨款数百万美元,以补充古斯塔夫和艾克飓风过后该机构的救灾基金。红十字会是根据一项国会宪章运作的,该宪章要求红十字会对各种自然灾害进行救助。然而,红十字会又是一个独立的慈善机构,基本依靠民间捐款运作。200809/48954

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