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The season reached its triumphant finale with gothic tragediennes, a Technicolor menagerie — and some very challenging trousers发布今年秋冬季时装潮流的巴黎时装周已拉下帷幕,下半年都有些什么时尚潮流呢?Abstracted animal print一、抽象风格的动物图纹Herds of models charged the runway in every incarnation of animal print. Game-hunters will be stalking the shops for Dior’s vinyl giraffe boots, the neon cheetah prints at Kenzo, and Louis Vuitton’s leopard and leather prizes. Double points for Miu Miu though, which took the whole safari down the catwalk in crocodile cirés, big cat cottons, python skins and patent leathers.模特们身穿各种动物图纹装亮相T型台。潮男潮女届时定会蜂拥至各时尚门店,抢购迪奥(Dior)饰有长颈鹿图纹的乙烯基塑料长靴、高田贤三(Kenzo)的霓虹色豹纹装以及路易威登(Louis Vuitton)的豹纹及皮草珍品。然而,Miu Miu可谓“一石二鸟”,它就如同把整个动物园搬上了T型台——印有鳄鱼图纹的蜡光装、印有大型猫科动物图纹的棉布装、蟒皮装以及漆皮装。 /201504/369992。

Fish Soup with Pebbles卵石鲜鱼汤According to legend, the famous Blang dish, Fish Soup with Pebbles, was created by some Blang fishermen in the wild. The story goes that, everyday Blang fishermen had to travel a long distance to catch fish in the river far away. After catching the fish, the fishermen, usually so hungry for food, would cook the fish beside the river with extremely limited ingredients—the fresh fish just caught and a bit of salt they carried. They dug a pit on the bank and laid several layers of Japanese banana leaves over the bottom, using it as a pot. After filling it with water, they put the fish inside and began to cook the fish soup, with the water heated not by fire, but by the hot-burnt pebbles they put one by one between the leaves. Before long the redolence mixed with the flavor of the fish soup and roasted pebbles prevailed along the river. Magically, the soup was no less palatable even cooked without using a pot or other common ingredients such as edible oil, onion, ginger or garlic, etc.布朗族名菜“卵石鲜鱼汤”,相传是渔民在野外抓到鱼后,又馋又饿,除了当场捉到的活鱼和随身携带的一点盐巴外,他们不用任何佐料。只要在沙滩上刨一个坑,在坑内铺上几层芭蕉叶代替铁锅,然后装上清水和鲜鱼,将河中卵石取来放在火塘内烧红,再将烧红的卵石一个接一个地投入装有清水和鲜鱼的芭蕉叶内,于是不用锅不用油的鲜鱼汤便这样烧成了。这种鱼汤味道鲜,而且有烧石的香味。 /201505/377236。

For advice on how to be a mogul, take it from someone who has been married to one.想得到怎么才能成为大人物的建议,问问和他们结过婚的人吧。A user of Quora, a user-generated question-and-answer website, recently posed the question: “How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson?”前不久,一名Quora用户提出了一个问题:“我怎么才能像比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)、史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)、埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)、理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson)那么牛?”An unlikely individual responded, quietly offering some telling insights that have created a bit of a stir among the mogul-cognoscenti and beyond.一个令人难以想象的人回答了这个问题,悄悄给出了一些能揭示真相的见解。这番话产生的影响,不仅限于那些熟知大亨掌故的人当中。The individual is Mr. Musk’s former wife, Justine Musk, who was married to the Tesla and Space X chief from 2000 to 2008.这个人就是埃隆的前妻贾斯汀·马斯克(Justine Musk)。她与特斯拉(Tesla)和Space X公司的老板埃隆·马斯克的婚姻开始于2000年,结束于2008年。Having lived with the real-life Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), Ms. Musk, an author, had a ringside view of one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen — and his network of similarly booming pals.与现实版的托尼·斯塔克(Tony Stark)——又名钢铁侠(Iron Man)——共同生活过的贾斯汀是一位作家。她近距离观察过自己那个名列全世界最成功商人和企业家之中的前夫,以及他结交的那些名头同样响亮的好友。It is a world with tightly closed ranks. And honest insights about what makes the most successful tick are hard to come by. Usually a parade of academics and other writers comment on the qualities of successful people, trying to speculate about and divine what led to their achievements. Or the moguls themselves wax on with less-than-introspective platitudes about themselves. But Ms. Musk has a unique perspective.那是一个很难进入的世界。要想如实地了解如何取得成功,并没有那么容易。通常,会有一众学者和其他作家,对成功人士的品质发表,试图推测并预言是什么促使他们取得了已有的成就。或者大人物们自己,用实在称不上是反省的陈词滥调谈论自己。但贾斯汀却有一个独特的视角。That’s why it was so unusual to see her name pop up in response to the Quora user’s question. Ms. Musk said by phone on Monday that she sat down at her computer one night this month and came across the question. “I was procrastinating,” she said. But the question “tapped into something I was musing about for a while.” She said she had a lot about success but wanted to share “things people weren’t saying.” What followed were several posts over the last few weeks.也正因为如此,看到她的名字跳出来,回答那名Quora用户的问题,就显得极为不同寻常。贾斯汀周一在电话上说,本月的一天晚上,她坐在电脑前,无意中看到了这个问题。“我拖拉了一段时间,”她说。但那个问题“牵扯到了我自己思索过一阵子的事情”。她表示自己读过大量有关成功的东西,但想分享一些“人们没有说到的东西”。于是,在过去几周里,她发表了几篇帖子。“Extreme success results from an extreme personality and comes at the cost of many other things,” Ms. Musk wrote. “Extreme success is different from what I suppose you could just consider ‘success.’ These people tend to be freaks and misfits who were forced to experience the world in an unusually challenging way,” she added, noting, “Other people consider them to be somewhat insane.”“极度的成功源自极端的个性,并且是以其他很多东西为代价的,”贾斯汀写道。“极度的成功和你所认为的‘成功’有所不同。这些人往往是怪胎,与社会格格不入,曾被迫以一种特别具有挑战性的方式体验这个世界,”她接着说,“其他人会认为他们有些发疯了。”She boiled down the one ingredient for extreme success: “Be obsessed. Be obsessed. Be obsessed.”她将极度的成功归结为一个因素:“执着。执着。执着。”But Ms. Musk wasn’t being critical. “Extreme people combine brilliance and talent with an *insane* work ethic,” she wrote, “so if the work itself doesn’t drive you, you will burn out or fall by the wayside or your extreme competitors will crush you and make you cry.”但贾斯汀并不是在批评。“极端的人会将才华和天赋与一种*疯狂的*工作热情结合起来,”她写道。“所以如果工作本身不能给你动力,你就会感到精疲力尽或中途放弃,或是让极端的竞争对手将你压倒,让你哭泣。”She seems to suggest that the most successful businesspeople did not start out looking to become billionaires but did so simply as a byproduct of their maniacal focus. “Shift your focus away from what you want (a billion dollars) and get deeply, intensely curious about what the world wants and needs,” Ms. Musk wrote. “It helps to have an ego, but you must be in service to something bigger if you are to inspire the people you need to help you.”她似乎在说,最成功的那些商人,开始起步时并没期望成为亿万富翁,成为巨富只是他们疯狂专注的副产品。“把注意力从你想要的东西(比如10亿美元)上转移开,对这个世界想要什么、需要什么保持深深的、强烈的好奇心,”贾斯汀写道。“这有助于让你自信起来,但要想鼓动那些你需要的人来帮助你,就必须务于更伟大的东西。”In another post, however, she did address how money — billionaire money — is thought about. “Money is rarely just money,” she wrote. “Sometimes it stands in for love or self-esteem or freedom or a sense of control over your destiny (especially if you lacked these things in childhood).”但在另一篇帖子中,她的确谈到了钱,亿万富翁对钱的看法。“绝大多数时候钱不仅仅是钱,”她写道。“有时候,它代表着爱、自尊、自由或对自己命运的掌控感(特别是你的童年缺少这些东西时)。”“Sometimes it is a way of controlling others, including family members, because you don’t know how to connect to them in any other way,” she added. “Money can also serve as a scorecard to indicate how well you are doing, the impact you are having, if you are winning. Sometimes it’s not so much the money that matters, but the win is everything — particularly when you are invested heart and soul in your mission.”“有时候它是一种控制其他人,包括家人的方式,因为你除此之外,再也不知道该以怎样的方式同他们联系起来,”她接着写道。“钱也可以充当记分牌,显示你过得有多好、有多大的影响力,是不是赢了。有时候,重要的倒不是钱,获胜才是一切,特别是当你全身心投入到自己的使命中去的时候。”Ms. Musk said the reaction to her posting was a surprise: “I had no idea it would blow up the way it did.” She has received hundreds of comments and many emails. Of course, most ers following Ms. Musk’s musings have been looking for hints about Mr. Musk himself.贾斯汀表示,她的帖子引发的反应令人吃惊:“我不知道会引起这么大反应。”她收到了数百条,还有很多电子邮件。当然,关注贾斯汀的帖子的大部分读者,一直在寻找有关埃隆的线索。She insisted that “I wasn’t specifically talking about Elon” and said she was “uneasy” that people might be ing too much into her words. Still, she said that “Elon is a fascinating character.”她坚称“我不是特指埃隆”,并表示想到人们可能会对自己的话做过多解读,就会感到“不安”。但她说,“埃隆是一个令人着迷的人。”Ms. Musk called herself a “watcher,” not an “insider,” saying, “I’ve been on the edge of it for a long time.” She said she had been inundated with emails about her answers and about Mr. Musk. One asked, “Does Elon have any hobbies?” No, she said. His job is his hobby. “The nature of these things is so all consuming. Unless you see that up close it is hard to understand,” she said, adding that “ ‘obsession’ has a bad rap.”贾斯汀自称“观察者”,而非“局内人”,她说“我近距离观察了很长时间”。她说自己被关于那些回答,以及埃隆本人的电子邮件淹没了。一个人问,“埃隆有什么爱好吗?”她说没有。工作就是他的爱好。“这些东西的本质非常令人着迷。除非那么近距离地看到过,否则难以理解,”她接着说,“不过‘执迷’这个词给人负面印象。”And what does Mr. Musk think about his former wife’s reflections? According to Ms. Musk, she got an email from him: “Well said,” he wrote.那么埃隆怎么看前妻的想法呢?据贾斯汀说,她收到了埃隆的一封电子邮件。他在里面写道:“说得好。” /201505/373186。

A fruit seller has been branded one of the #39;world#39;s best looking vendor#39; after Chinese internet users started sharing one of his photographs. Wang Xianghong was working without his top on at a market in Taipei, Taiwan, when he was snapped by a customer.The image was shared on social media and quickly gathered interest。一位水果摊售货员的照片最近走红于中国互联网,他被称作是“世界上最帅的售货员”。他的名字叫王翔宏,因在台北的一个水果市场赤膊工作期间,被客户拍到并上传到朋友圈后,这组照片便迅速走红于网络。The 20-year-old, who is in his last year at university, follows the #39;hot bean curd seller#39;, the #39;hot cake seller#39; and the #39;pork princess#39; in a series of attractive young men and women who have caught the nation#39;s attention. Xianghong, who is planning to serve in the military after graduating, said he works at the fruit market four times a week。王翔红现年24岁,是一名大四学生。他在继“豆腐型男”“蛋糕型男”“猪肉公主”等一系列男女青年网络红人后,成为新一个吸引全国目光的男青年。王翔宏说他每周来水果店工作4次,且打算毕业后参军。He told local media that many female customers, usually middle-aged women, intentionally approach him while choosing product. He also said he has received dozens of comments about his fit figure。王翔宏告诉记者,很多女性客人,尤其是中年阿姨在挑选水果时故意和他接近。他还说他也听到了很多对于他性感身材的。The owner of the store, known as Chen, said Xianghong is a primary school friend of her son who offered to help when the store became understaffed. As for Xianghong#39;s newfound celebrity status, Chen said the store had not seen an increase in sales. She added that the shop had always done well in the past, with queues regularly forming down the street。水果店的老板陈说,王翔宏是她上小学时的一个朋友的儿子,他们说好在水果店缺人手的时候让他来帮忙。虽然因王的新“名人身份”,陈说水果店的生意也并没有明显的增长。因为店里的生意原本就很好,经常是很多人排队购买。Meanwhile, Chen Yi-ting, or the #39;hottest bean curd vendor#39;, was voted the best looking in a social media poll. He joins Yu Sheng-lun, 20, who became an overnight internet sensation after he was spotted cutting up slices of cake while topless in Neihu, Taiwan.One admirer, described the cake seller as #39;manly, sexy and dead gorgeous#39;。与此同时,陈奕廷,“最红豆腐型男”在一次社交媒体投票中被评为第一帅哥,20岁的于圣伦在台湾内湖赤膊切蛋糕时被拍到,也和陈一样一夜爆红于网络。一位台湾的知名偶像评价“蛋糕型男”是最具男子气概,最性感,最帅的男生。 /201507/385624。

Men and women might wax lyrical about looking for someone who is kind, sensitive and funny. But a new study shows that when it comes to finding partners, the ded cliché seems to be true。无论男女都有可能诗意地幻想自己的另一半是一个善良、敏感而幽默的人。但一项最新研究发现:当人们在真正寻找另一半时,现实似乎又一次验了那些可怕的陈词滥调。A study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human behaviour shows what really matters to men is looks - while women want a man with a booming bank balance.The study asked hundreds of young men and women what mattered when choosing a partner. The categories were attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence。在《进化与人类行为》上刊登的一则调查研究显示:男人择偶的关键是外表,而对于女人来说则更想要一个有钱人。这次调查面对几百个年轻男女发起,询问他们哪些因素可能影响他们对伴侣的选择,结果包括了以下几类:吸引力、财富、事业心、善良和聪明。And results shows men were overwhelmingly swayed by an attractive face and body, while women were hooked on wealth and ambition。调查结果显示,压倒性数量的男人都会被漂亮的脸蛋和身材所吸引,而对于女人来说她们则更关注男人的金钱和事业心。Professor Gad Saad, who co-authored the study with Tripat Gill, said the research seems to highlight how evolution has led us to this #39;irrational#39; decision-making。嘉德·萨阿德教授和特里帕特·吉尔合作完成此项研究,称这一研究正反映了自然演化是如何引领我们做出这种看似“荒谬”的决定的。Mr Saad said: #39;Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring.#39;萨阿德教授说:“选择一个穷困潦倒的人来养家糊口或者一个缺乏爱心的父亲,势必会对这个女人和她的孩子的生活造成严重的影响。”The survey, carried out at Concordia University in Montral, Quebec, Canada, gave overall descriptions of potential partners, along with positive and negative descriptions。本次调查在加拿大魁北克省蒙特利尔市的肯高迪亚大学进行,调查的内容是对你所期待的伴侣进行全面的描述,包括正面和负面双重描述。It showed that an attractive body and an attractive face were seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition were more important to women. Both said kindness and intelligence were equally important to both。调查显示长相和身材迷人对于男人择偶似乎更为重要,而对女人而言她们更在乎男人的收入潜力和事业心。然而无论男女都认为善良、聪明和以上两点同等重要。 /201507/386958。

Wherever Chinese go,the custom of drinking tea follows. Tea was first discovered by the Chinese. Tea is an indispensable part of the life of a Chinese. A Chinese saying identifies the seven basic daily necessities oil,salt, soy sauce,vinegar, and tea. The custom of drinking tea as fuelrice has been ingrained in the Chinese for over a thousand years. In Tang Dynasty,a man named Lu Yu created the first compendium in the world on tea,Book of Tea .This work helped to popularize the art of tea drinking all across China.无论中国人走到哪里,都不会改掉喝茶的习惯。茶最先由中国人发现,它是中国人生活中不可或缺的组成部分。有一句中国谚语将基本的日常必需品称为柴、米、油、盐、酱、醋、茶。一千多年以来,饮茶的习俗已经在中国人心中根深蒂固。唐朝时,一个名叫陆羽的人写了世界上第一部关于茶的著作—《茶经》,这部书有助于在中国推广饮茶艺术。Tea is made from the young,tender leaves of the tea tree. The differences among the many kinds of tea available are based mainly on the roasting and fermentation of the tea leaves. Through fermentation,the originally deep green leaves become reddish-brown in color. The longer the fermentation,the darker the color. Depending on the length of the roasting and degree of fermentation,the fragrance can range from floral to fruity to many.茶是用茶树的幼嫩叶子做成的。现有的许多茶叶种类之间的区别主要在于对茶叶的烘烤和发酵的方法。通过发酵,原先深绿色的叶子颜色就变成红褐色。发酵的时间越长,颜色就越暗。根据烘烤时向和发酵的程度,香味也会有花香、果香以及麦香之分。Tea is China#39;s national drink. It contains vitamins,chlorophyll,essential oils, and fluoride. It is a diuretic capable of improving the eyesight and increasing alertness,so Chinese believe that frequent tea drinkers enjoy a longer life span. Its medical properties and benefits to the human body have actually been scientiflcal1y proven,and tea has come to be generally recognized as a natural health food.茶是中国的民族饮品。茶叶中含有维生素、叶绿素、精油以及氟化物。它具有利尿、明目、提神的功用,因此中国人认为经常喝茶的人能够长寿。茶叶的药用功能及其对人体的好处实际上已经得到了科学的明,同时茶叶已经被公认为天然的健康食品。Tea drinking customs饮茶的习俗There are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed.To show respect; In Chinese society,the younger generation always shows its respect to the older generation by offering a cup of tea. Inviting and paying for their elders to go to restaurants for tea is a traditional activity on holidays. In the past,people of lower rank served tea to higher ranking people. Today, as Chinese society becomes more liberal,sometimes at home parents may pour a cup of tea for their children,or a boss may even pour tea for subordinates at restaurants. The lower ranking person should not expect the higher rank person to serve him or her tea on formal occasions,however.在许多特殊场合上要进行泡茶和饮茶,作为一种礼貌的表示,在中国社会中,晚辈经常通过敬茶来表示对长辈的尊敬。在节假日里,邀请长辈到餐馆喝茶并为其埋单则是传统的活动。过去,级别较低的人要向级别较高的人上茶。如今由于中国社会变得更加自由,因此有时父母在家中可能会为子女倒茶,甚至老板在饭店里也可能为下属倒茶。但是在正式的场合中,级别较低的人不应指望级别较高的人为自己倒茶。For a family gathering:When sons and daughters leave home to work and get married,they may seldom visit their parents. As a result, parents may seldom meet their grandchildren. Going to restaurants and drinking tea,therefore, becomes an important activity for fami份gatherings. Every Sunday, Chinese restaurants are crowded,especially when people celebrate festivals. This phenomenon reflects Chinese family values.用于家庭团聚:当子女离家工作或结婚之后,他们可能很少见到自己的父母,父母也可能很少见到自己的孙子孙女。因此,去餐馆喝茶便成为家庭团聚的一种重要活动。中国的餐馆在每个周日都十分拥挤,尤其是当人们庆祝节日的时候。这种现象反映出中国人重视家庭的价值观。To apologize:In Chinese culture,people make serious apologies to others by pouring tea on them. That is a sign of regret and submission.表示歉意:在中国文化中,人们常通过为别人倒茶来表示郑重的歉意。这是道歉和顺从的一种表示。To express thanks to your elders on one#39;s wedding day:At the traditional Chinese marriage ceremony,both the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea. That is a way to express their gratitude. In front of their parents,it is a practice for the married couple to say,“Thanks for bringing us up.Now we are getting married. We owe it all to you”The parents will usually drink a small portion of the tea and then give them a red envelope, which symbolizes good luck.在成亲之日表示对长辈的谢意:在传统的中国婚礼仪式中,新娘和新郎都要跪在自己的父母面前为他们敬茶。在自己的父母面前,一对新人通常说:“感谢你们的养育之恩。现在我们已经成亲了,这全都要感谢你们啊。”父母则通常要饮一小口茶,然后再给这对新人红包,这象征着好运。Expressing gratitude for tea对上茶表示感谢After a person#39;s cup is filled,that person may knock their bent index and middle fingers (or some similar variety of finger tapping) on the table to express gratitude to the person who served the tea. Although this custom is common in southern Chinese culture such as the Cantonese, it is generally not recognised nor praciced in other parfis of China.当别人给你的杯子倒了茶之后,你可以将食指和中指弯曲敲一敲桌子,以表示对七茶人的谢意。虽然这个习俗在诸如中国南方的广东等地区十分普遍,但是中国的其他地区通常并不承认或流传这种习俗。This custom is said to have originated in the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Qianlong would travel in disguise through the empire. Servants were told not to reveal their master#39;s identity. One day in a restaurant, the emperor, after pouring himself a cup of tea,filled a servant#39;s cup as well. To that servant it was a huge honour to have the emperor pour him a cup of tea. Out of reflex he wanted to kneel and express his thanks. He could not kneel and kowtow to the emperor since that would reveal the emperor#39;s identity so he bent his fingers to knock on the table to express his gratitude and respect to the emperor.这个习俗据说起源于清朝。当时乾隆皇帝要在全国微出访,他告诉自己的仆人不得透露自己的身份。乾隆皇帝有一天在餐馆里给自己倒了一杯茶之后,又给仆人倒了一杯茶。对于这位仆人来说,皇帝为他倒茶是极大的荣幸。他条件反射地要跪下来表示感谢。由于这会暴露皇帝的身份,因此他不能跪下来向皇帝叩头,于是他弯起手指在桌上敲了几个,以表示自己对皇帝的谢意和敬意。Tea Wares茶具Though not as strict as the tea ceremony in Japan,certain rules govern the Chinese understanding of tea. Take tea wares as an example.Green tea goes with white porcelain or celadon without a cover; scented tea with celadon or blue and white porcelain with a cover; black tea goes well with purple clay ware with white inside glaze,or with white porcelain or warm colored wares or coffee wares; and Oolong tea is also excellent in purple clay ware. In a word,the harmonious combination of function,material,and color of tea ware is essential to brewing excellent tea.虽然不像日本的茶道仪式那么严格,但还是有些规定主宰着中国人对茶的理解。以茶具为例,绿茶要放在没有盖子的白瓷或青瓷中泡;花茶则要用带盖子的青瓷或蓝白色瓷器中泡;红茶则以里面为白釉的紫砂茶具泡制为宜,或是采用白瓷、暖色调的茶具,或是泡咖啡的器皿;乌龙茶也适合用紫砂茶具泡制。简而言之,茶具的功能、材料以及颜色的和谐统一对于泡出好茶来至关重要。Tea wares consist of ovens,teapots,cups,tea bowls, and trays and so on.Nowadays with the development of tea procedure,we can make。cup of tea wit with a single porcelain cup. In the following paragraphs,we will focus on the most essential tea ware-tea cups and teapots.茶具分为茶炉、茶壶、茶杯、茶碗以及茶盘。如今随着泡茶过程的发展,我们可以只用一个瓷碗来泡茶。在下面的章节中,我们将关注最重要的茶具—茶碗和壶。The custom of drinking tea propelled the development of the porcelain industry. Tang scholars preferred green porcelain from Shaoxing,Zhejiang Province.This kind of green porcelain was like crystal or jade with elegant design and exquisite decoration. Since the true color of tea was set off beautifully in this dainty cup(ou in Chinese ),it was number one in Lu Yu#39;s Book of Tea .As to function,the size and design of the cup best suited to the tea drinking habit of that time allowed for cooking tea powder with green onion,ginger, dates,tangerine peels and mint, Then drinking the whole soup.饮茶的习俗推动了瓷器业发展。唐朝的士大夫喜欢浙江省绍兴的青瓷。这种青瓷宛如带有精致图案和精美装饰的水晶或一般。由于茶的本色在这种玲珑的杯子(贩)中得到映衬,因此它在陆羽《茶经》中排名第一。杯子的功能、大小以及设计都适合当时饮茶的习惯,并且能够将茶叶粉末与绿色的洋葱、姜、枣、陈皮以及薄荷一起熬制,然后饮用所有的汤汁。The preference for green porcelain or white porcelain was suddenly changed to black glazed teacups in the Song Dynasty. Scholars emphasized the white foam that formed when boiled water was added to the teacup. The most desirable foam was white,best presented in black tea ware. Black glazed tea ware from Fujian was dominant, while purple clay tea wares emerged in Yixing,Jiangsu.到了宋代,人们对青瓷或白瓷的偏爱突然转到了黑釉茶杯上。士大夫们注重把开水加入茶杯中要形成白色的泡沫。最理想的泡沫颜色是白色,而且最好用黑色的茶具来盛放。产自福建的黑釉茶具则成了主流,而紫砂茶具在江苏宜兴出现了。In the beginning of the Ming Dynasty,tea was made by pouring boiled water onto loose tea leaves. The tea liquor turned yellowish white,so snow-white teacups replaced the black-glazed tea ware of the Song Dynasty. In the middle of the Ming,with the advent of purple clay tea ware,focus was not limited to the color contrast of tea liquor and tea ware,but switched to the fragrance and taste of tea. The production of various teapots came to its pinnacle at the time.到了明朝初年,茶是用沸水倒进散茶叶中泡成的。茶的汁水变成黄白色,因此雪白的茶杯便取代了宋代的黑釉茶具。在明朝中期,随着紫砂茶具的出现,人们的注意力就不局限于茶水和茶具之间的颜色对比了,而是转移到茶的芬芳与口感了。各种茶壶的生产在当时达到了巅峰。Tea wares made for the royal family in Jingdezhen,Jiangxi,shone brilliantly among numerous tea wares. New designs of teapots and cups increased continually with the development of tea types.在无数茶具中,江西景德镇进贡给皇室的茶具发出了璀璨的光。随着茶的种类的发展,新的茶壶和茶杯的款式也不断增加。Brewing Chinese tea泡中国茶There are many different ways of brewing Chinese tea depending on variables like the formality of the occasion the means of the people preparing it and the kind of tea For example, green teas are more delicate than oolong teas or water as a result. being brewed. black teas and should be brewed cooler.根据场合的正式程度、人们泡茶的途径以.及所泡茶的种类等要素,有许多种不同的泡中国茶的方式。例如,绿茶要比乌龙茶或红茶更娇嫩,因此不要用开水来泡。Chaou brewing茶顾The chaou is a three piece teaware consisting of a lid,cup/ bowl,and a saucer,which can be used on its own or with tasting cups on the side. Chaou brewing is usually employed in tea tasting situations,such as when buying tea,where neutrality in taste and ease of access to brewing leaves for viewing and sniffing is important. This method of serving is often used in informal situations,though it can also be used in slightly more formal occasions. Chaou brewing can be used for all forms of teas though lightly oxidized teas benefit most from this brewing method.茶贩是一套三件的茶具,由盖子、杯子/碗以及茶碟组成,既可以单独使用,也可以使用旁边的品茶杯。通常在品茶的时候使用茶C}}L泡茶,例如购买茶叶之时,选择口味适中、泡出的茶叶易于观察和闻,这是十分重要的。这种上茶的方法经常用于非正式的场合,但它也可以用于比较正式的场合。各种类型的茶都可以用茶匝泡茶,但是这种泡茶方式最有利于泡略受氧化的茶叶。1. Boil water,or heat to specified temperature for tea,which is 800C for Oolong tea.1. 将水烧开或是煮到特定的温度来泡茶,乌龙茶要煮到80度;2. Heat chaou with boiling water.2. 用开水加热茶贩;3. Add leaves to line bottom of chaou.3. 将茶叶加人到茶的底线;4. Rinse tea leaves and drain.4. 将茶叶漂净并把水倒干;5. Slip water along the side while pouring into cup to 2/3 full5. 将水倒入杯中至三分之二深处并同时用水把边上测一下;6. Wait for 30 seconds,pour the tea.6. 等待30秒后倒茶;7. Serve.7. 上茶。Teapot brewing茶壶泡茶This is a tradition of the Minnan people and Chaozhou or Chaoshan people have made this Kungfu cha famous. Kungfu cha teapot brewing uses small Yixing purple clay teapot to“round out; the taste of the tea being brewed. Yixing teapot brewing sides towards the formal,and is used for private enjoyment of the tea as well as for welcoming guests. The following steps are one popular way to brew tea in a form widely accepted to be a kind of art. This procedure is mostly applicable to Oolong teas only.这是闽南人的传统,而潮州或潮汕人则让这种功夫茶名声大噪。泡功夫茶使用的是宜兴紫砂茶壶来使泡出来的茶味道更加“圆润”。用宜兴茶壶泡茶比较正式,而且也可以用于私人品茶和迎客。下面就是常用的泡茶方法,这种泡茶形式被公认为是一门艺术。这一过程大多数情况下只适用于乌龙茶。1. Boil water.1. 将水烧开;2. Rinse the teapot with hot water.2. 用热水将茶壶洗净;3. Fill the teapot with tea leaves up to one third of the height of the pot.3. 将茶叶加人茶壶中并一直满到茶壶的三分之一高度;4. Rinse the tea leaves by filling the pot with hot water up to half full and draining the water immediately leaving only tea leaves behind.(This step, and all sub- sequent steps involving pouring water, should be performed in a large bowl to catch any overflow.4. 用热水倒进茶壶中一半高的位置,然后立刻将水倒掉并只留下茶叶在里面(这个步骤和下面的所有步骤都需要在大碗中倒水,以防止有水溅出。5. Pour more hot water into the teapot and pour water over the teapot in thelarge bowl. Bubbles should not be permitted to be formed in the teapot. The infusion should not be steeped for too long:30 seconds is an appropriate maximum.5. 将更多的热水倒进茶壶并将水从茶壶中倒人一个大碗,茶壶中不允许出现泡沫。泡茶的时间不能太长,合适的时间最多为30秒;6. Pour the first infusion into small serving cups within a minute by continuously moving the teapot around same flavor and colour. over the cups. Each cup of tea is expected to have the same flavor and colour.6. 通过不断移动茶壶给各个杯子倒茶,在一分钟之内将第一遍冲的茶倒进上茶的小杯子中。每一杯茶都要有同样的香味和色泽;7. Pour excess tea from the first infusion,and all tea from further infusions,into a second teapot after steeping. It is possible to draw five or six good infusions from a single pot of tea,but subsequent infusions must be extended in duration to extract maximum flavour:the second infusion extended by approximately ten seconds to 40 seconds,the third extended to 45.7. 在浸泡之后,将第一遍冲的多余的茶和之后所冲的茶都倒进第二个茶壶中。一壶茶可以冲五六遍,但是之后所泡的茶时间必须延长,以便最大限度地泡出香味。第二遍泡茶时间大约要延长10秒,这样就要泡40秒,而第三遍则要泡45秒。This form of the art of brewing and drinking tea is deeply appreciated by many people,including non-Chinese. Many people are enthusiastic about the art;they enjoy not only the taste of Chinese tea,but also the process of brewing it. The tea culture involved is attractive besides the relaxation it generates,allowing them to purportedly forget all the trouble in their life during the process of brewing,serving and drinking tea. Some people enjoy serving others with a cup of tea not just because they want to share their excellent tea but also their peace of mind with others.这种泡茶和饮茶的艺术形式深受人们的欣赏,这其中还包括外国人。许多人对这门艺术充满热情;他们不仅喜欢品尝中国茶,而且还喜欢泡茶的过程。此外,其中的茶文化还十分吸引人,因为据说它能够让人在泡茶、上茶、饮茶的过程中忘却生活中的一切烦恼,从而使人轻松。有些人喜欢给别人上一杯茶,这不仅是因为他们希望分享美茶,而且还想和别人分享自己的平和心态。 /201506/378846。