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哈医大一院人流价格表哈尔滨第一医院网上预约But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south.随着时代的变迁,盘古大陆分裂为两块巨大的陆地板块,一块向北漂移,一块向南漂移Probably around 100 million years ago, South America became separated.大约是在1亿年前,南美洲分离为一个独立的大陆And then the faunas, the dinosaurs, the mammals,接着许多动物群落:恐龙、哺乳动物the rest of the fauna and flora started to evolve in separate ways, in different ways, in different forms.大部分动物群落和植物群落都开始沿着不同的方向,按照不同的方式独自进化After the continent split, different dinosaurs evolved on each continent.陆地板块分离之后,各种恐龙都在自己的大陆上进化While, throughout the northern continents, the giant long-necks died out,当北方大陆上所有巨型蜥脚类恐龙正逐渐灭亡时down south, something extraordinary was happening.南方大陆却在发生非同寻常的事件Here, the huge long-necks not only survived, they just kept growing bigger and bigger.在这里,巨型蜥脚类恐龙不仅活得好好的,而且越长越大About 90 million years ago, there were not such animals this big in any other part of the world, but in South America.大约是在9千万年前,世界上其它地方都看不到如此巨大的动物,除了南美洲These four-legged plant-eaters, like Argentinosaurus, are a typical South American kind of dinosaur.这些四足植食动物,例如阿根廷龙,是南美洲最典型的恐龙In this Cretaceous Period, they were highly successful in the southern hemisphere.在白垩纪时代,它们在南半球相当活跃It wasn#39;t just the long-neck plant-eaters that were different on the isolated continent of South America.但在孤立的南美洲大陆上,不仅只是植食蜥脚类恐龙与众不同Sealed off from the rest of the world, the vicious tyrannosaurs never reached here.由于和世界上其它地方隔绝,霸王龙不可能来到这里 Article/201611/479540黑龙江省哈尔滨四院门诊时间 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431405I#39;m in the Canadian wilderness,and I#39;m taking two rookie survivors on the experience of a lifetime.我正身处加拿大的荒野 带着两名探险新手 体验生活We#39;re kind of two different individuals.我们应该算是两种完全不同的人He comes from a big city. I come from a small town.他来自大城市 而我来自一个小镇So our lives are, you know, polar opposites.我们的生活基本没有交集This is Bear#39;s office right here.这里就是贝尔的办公室This is where he punches in and punches out.这就是他每天进进出出的地方It#39;s amazing to think he does this for a living.每当想起他以此谋生就感觉很奇妙It#39;s dawn,and we#39;re finally beginning to thaw out around the fire.黎明了 而我们围着火 终于不那么冷了Definitely need warming up after last night.经过昨晚 我们可得好好热热身Frigid.Wet, and it was cold.But this spruce tea will do the job.冷死了 又潮又冷 但喝点云杉茶很有好处Spruce tea contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange.云杉茶含有的维生素C是橘子的二十倍It literally tastes like I have a car freshener in my mouth right now.It#39;s that bad.尝起来就像 车用空气清新剂在嘴里 就那么糟If the guys don#39;t rate the O.J., I#39;m pretty sure they won#39;t think much of the rest of our breakfast.如果这些家伙喝不到橙汁 我敢肯定 他们对早餐也没多大兴趣了We#39;re gonna forage under rocks and see what grubs and worms we can find.我们要看看岩石下能不能找到粮草 看能不能找到一些幼虫和蠕虫Check this one out.Oh, man.Bear breakfast.看看这里 天哪 贝尔早餐Worms are around 60% protein,which is around the same as a sirloin steak.蠕虫里含有60%的蛋白质 跟沙朗牛排里蛋白质含量差不多We are cooking these,right?我们要把它们弄熟吧Seriously, we#39;re cooking these?说真的 我们把这些东西弄熟了吧Less cooking, more scrubbing.不用 洗干净就行了Okay, look. Get these. Stick them in the spruce tea.Then we#39;ll wash off.看着 把它们放到云杉茶里 这样就能把它们洗干净Then just pull them out, and probably the easiest way.把它们拿出来 或许这是最简单的方法Oh, man.just pop it in.老天 扔到嘴里去Tastes horrible.Well done, Sean.难吃要命 做得好 肖恩 Article/201706/512863哈尔滨淋菌性尿道炎有什么影响

大庆第一人民中医院私人医院They were just as concerned about housing the dead as the living.而他们对地宫的关注 绝不逊于生前的寓所The mausoleum at Maes Howe, a couple of miles from Skara Brae,在斯卡拉布雷数英里外的麦豪石室seems no more than a swelling on the grassy landscape.看上去不过是青草间一处隆起地块This is, as it were, a British pyramid and in keeping with our taste for understatement,其实它堪称不列颠之金字塔 其含蓄与我们的审美情趣不谋而合it reserves all its impact for the interior.将所有华美尽藏于室内Imagine them open once more.试想将这墓穴再次打开A detail from a village given the job of pulling back the stone seals,一个村民受雇 进入将石门封死lugging the body through the low opening in the earth.匍匐穿进这条深入的地洞Up 36 feet of narrow, tight-fitting passageway,一条长达三十六英尺狭窄lit only once a year by the rays of the winter solstice.并只有在每年冬至才会沐浴日光的通道A death canal, constriction, smelling of the underworld.一条紧窄并弥漫着阴森气息的冥界之路Finally the passageway opens up to this stupendous,high-vaulted masonry chamber.最终 这条通道将我们引向了这巨大的 穹窿形石室Some tombs would have been elaborately decorated with carvings in the form of circles or spirals,一些装饰华美的陵墓 被雕刻上圆圈或是螺旋的形状like waves or the breeze-pushed clouds.犹如波浪 又如清风掠过的云海一般Others would have had neat little stone stores or cubicles where the bodies would be laid out on shelves.另一些则附有精巧的小型石室 便于死者的遗体存放于搁架之上 /201606/450806哈尔滨中心医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451772哈尔滨做个人流多少钱

哈尔滨中医大二院体检多少钱There#39;s been so much conversation recently about societal bubbles, echo chambers media bubbles, personal algorithm bubbles.最近有很多人在讨论社交泡沫 回音室效应 媒体泡沫 个人算法泡沫之类的话题My newsfeed told me that everyone thought the same way I did.我的新闻推送让我觉得每个人和自己的想法都一样And there#39;s a conflict there.但实际上不是这样的One of the biggest reasons that those emerged was that companies like Facebook at the end of the day you#39;re the product they#39;re selling.出现这种现象的最主要的原因之一在于像脸书这样的公司正在把你当做它们的商品在售卖They#39;re actually selling you as a sale on that network; they#39;re selling you to advertisers它们实际上正在把你当做它们的廉价商品在售卖 它们正在把你售卖给广告商and so they need to put a nice polite bow around you所以他们需要讨好你and they need to find look-alik audiences that think like you and look like you.需要找一些和你相似的用户这些用户想法和你类似 看上去和你属于一类人And the easiest way to do that is algorithmically to focus on,做到这点最简单的方法是将注意力集中在网站算法上and at the same time there was never the dislike button, there was the like button.同时网站上从来没有吐槽按钮 只有点赞按钮And so if you have a positive based signaling system like that that is designed他们设计一个这样的正面信息反馈系统to create a polite community of like minded people so that I could be targeted easier by an advertiser是为了创立一个志趣相投者聚集的文明社区以便广告商定向投放广告because my information is what#39;s being sold,这是用户个人信息被售卖的结果then the result of that is going to be a nice polite bubble echo chamber and we#39;re seeing that right now.于是我们仿佛置身于一个和谐的充满回音的大气泡中 这就是社交媒体的现状And people are astonished that I didn#39;t see the other half of this community,人们惊异于自己竟看不见此网络社区中的另一半人群literally half of them that thought differently than me.实际上即和自己想法不同的那部分用户I don#39;t see the ideas of that.看不到那部分人的观点At no point in modern history or in any human history has one person had as much control在现代历史甚至任何其它人类历史上 从来没有一个人能像扎克伯格一样over what we think, what we see, what we do than Mark Zuckerberg.在如此大的程度上掌控我们所想 所见及所做He has more power than anyone in human history right now.他现在拥有人类历史上无人能及的权利And the scariest thing about it is, because I don#39;t think he#39;s innately a bad person,最可怕的是 我不认为他生来就是坏人I don#39;t know him enough to say one way or the other, but the problem is it#39;s not transparent.我对他知之不多 所以不好评价但问题是我们没有知情权We have no idea what dials are being pulled or what knobs are being turned that are controlling the information coming to us.我们完全不知道Facebook是运用什么手段控制着给我们推送的信息There are two big moments that I#39;ve had that made me really think about this.我开始认真思考这些是因为我经历过的两次重要事件The first is that I used to represent a bunch of celebrities that were uncomfortable coming into platforms like Facebook第一次是我曾代表一群名人入驻facebook 他们对入驻这样的平台感到不安because they didn#39;t know if it was about them as a celebrity or if it was about them as a high school friend.因为不知道自己在网站上的身份是名人还是某个普通高中生朋友And so we worked early on with Facebook and with other platforms to kind of set a set of rules,所以我们很早就和Facebook及其他平台合作 并建立了一套规则here#39;s how we would engage with a famous person and a Facebook page would mean this.通过将一位名人与一张Facebook页面关联起来的的方式可以看出我们的运作模式And so we helped those celebrities create content to talk to their audiences to build a direct connection.我们通过帮助这些名人创建内容这样他们可以与用户建立直接沟通And suddenly there were people like Mark Wahlberg or Charlize Theron or Hugh Jackman or any of these people于是突然间冒出了很多像马克 沃尔伯格 查理兹 塞隆 休 杰克曼这样的人that are massive accounts inside of social they suddenly look like massive social networks他们有数量巨大的粉丝 以自己为中心构建了巨大的社交网络The idea that one person could push a button and reach 20 million fans was a big threat to a business model一个人点击一下按钮马上就会推送到两千万粉丝 这严重威胁到了一种商业模式based on me selling the advertising, not of the celebrity selling the advertising即平台出售广告 而不是名人出售广告And that was really one of the births of the algorithmic suppression of content.这确实是从算法上对内容进行抑制的因源之一And so we started seeing that on code drop Tuesdays in Facebook于是我们开始看到 每周二Facebook优化代码应用时suddenly a person that would reach five million people out of the 12 million that they had as fans有人会突然新增500万粉丝而他们本就已经有了1200万粉丝people loved their content would engage 100,000 likes, 300,000 likes really great content that people loved若大家喜欢他们的内容 会有10万个赞 如果是大家特别喜欢的内容 则会有30万的赞we would just see that being dialed down and we started seeing it at such a mass scale通过算法对内容进行抑制 我们开始看到了如此大规模的回应and that#39;s where a lot of the ideas of this book came from本书的诸多想法皆来源于此is I was looking at a trillion pieces of data a month across this network that was connected to at times over eight billion connections我每个月通过信息实时流通的社交网络 观测上10亿的数据信息in a system that was only 700 million people at the time.有时候仅仅7亿人在线就可以创造超过80亿的连接So we had a really good snapshot of what was happening.由此我们可以快速了解到正在发生的事情And as the business model grew for Facebook it was dial it down, dial it down weekly随着上述商业模式的发展 对于Facebook来说 是每周一次的流量爆表And people start screaming but you bait and switched me然后人们开始惊呼是Facebook在引诱和转变自己You told me to make content.Facebook一开始告诉用户要自己创造内容I went out there and I put money into your system to gain followers, to gain fans.于是大家来注册 投钱吸粉It wasn#39;t just celebrities, it was companies like The New York Times or companies like yourselves不仅对于名人是这样 对于像纽约时报这样的公司or companies that wanted to reach an audience and build a base或者是像你这样的普通用户 或者任何想建立一定粉丝基础的公司都是一样and then suddenly Facebook said well, you know, I understand that this is based on a trusted system between you and your consumer然后突然 Facebook告诉用户 涨粉是基于你和你的粉丝之间的信任and that consumer subscribed to you because they really want to hear from粉丝们关注你是因为他们想知道你的观点和动态you, but we#39;re the business in between now.我们只是这之中的媒介And that#39;s a hard business to be in in a long-term perspective because I subscribed to someone从长远的视角来看 充当这种媒介是很难的 我们关注某个人because I trust that source and I need that source.是因为我们相信并需要这个信息源And so that algorithm, until we have transparency, and then at the same time you about these只要有这种算法存在 我们就没有知情权 同时 你应该看看下面说的的这个研究studies where Facebook arbitrarily without anyone knowing took 300,000 random people即Facebook自作主张 在无人知情的情况下随机选取30万人and turned up positive content that week and turned up negative content the next week.这周给他们推送正面的内容 下周推送负面的内容And they just wanted to do an experiment on people.这只是他们拿用户做的一项实验You can#39;t to do experiments on people without them agreeing.你不能在人们没有同意的情况下拿他们做实验Oh, it#39;s in our click through terms of service 27 pages deep we#39;re going to do random experiments on you socially.噢 原来当我们点击那些务条款时在第二十七页的一个角落里提到了我们要对你开展随机的社会实验Those are things that are really troubling to me and those are things that in my mind这些事情严重困扰了我 它们萦绕我的脑海里are a rallying cry around transparency of these algorithms, around transparency of why am I getting this information?汇成一股渴望 即我们应该拥有对算法的知情权拥有对信息推送机制的知情权What is the reason behind this?出现这种(没有知情权)现象背后的原因是什么And not six different emotions that I can express of wow or sadness or anger, like fuck you I#39;m not that stupid.right?仅仅六种表情 像是惊讶 悲伤 生气并不能表达我们的所有情绪有时候我们也想说 ;去你的我才没那么蠢;Give me transparency.让我们拥有知情权If 70 percent of millennials are now receiving news information from Facebook,如果现在有70%的千禧一代从Facebook接收新消息please show me some transparency in the sources, in the trust factor, what is the edge rank.请让我们对这些消息的来源和可信度源拥有知情权以及edge rank的算法原理Facebook perfected edge rank as a concept that now puts it in people#39;s vocabulary of the trusted credit score between myself as a content provider and my audience.facebook将edge rank算法完善 并使人们相信它是内容提供者和受众粉丝之间的一个值得信赖的信用评分体系We don#39;t know anymore. There is no transparency.其它的我们就不知道了 我们没有知情权It#39;s really arbitrary and that scares me. That terrifies me. And it#39;s not just in the newsfeed.这种自作主张的行为 令我感到害怕 非常害怕 不仅是在新闻推送这一块I had an experience where I sent an image from a medical textbook of a guy that还有一次 我想把一张医学书上的图片发送给一个人I was in a fight with and I was like you#39;re acting like you have a micropenis.当时我在和这个人打嘴仗 我想讥讽他小弟弟小And I went in Google and I went on search and I typed micropenis于是我打开谷歌搜索 输入小弟弟这个关键词and of the first image I got was from a medical textbook of a 47-year-old person and I dragged that into my Facebook chat window and sent it.第一张图片是一本医学书上一个47岁的人我把这张图片拉进我的Facebook对话框发过去了And instantly, I was riding passenger in a car, the stereo went off当时我正在车里 突然我的立体声音乐停止了 因为我的Spotify是联网的because my Spotify was connected, my Facebook account was blocked, of course Instagram I couldn#39;t get into that,而我的Facebook账号被封禁了当然 Instagram也登不进去了I couldn#39;t get into SoundCloud because I used my Facebook for there.Soundcloud也进不去了因为我是用Facebook账号登陆的And then I was like what? So I tried to log back into Facebook.当时我就愣了 然后我试着重新登录FacebookIt said you#39;re under investigation for international child pornography. I was like what?它说你因为涉嫌传递国际儿童色情信息正在接受调查 我还能说啥?So I went back to Google and I was like okay that#39;s a medical textbook.于是我回到谷歌搜索页面 确信那只是一本医学书籍It#39;s a 47-year-old I have the proof that this is not child pornography.图片是一个47岁的成年人这可以明并没有什么儿童色情信息And then I was enraged and I was like who do I call?我感到很愤怒 这时候我该找谁?So I went in the helpline and they said there#39;s nothing you can do. You#39;re under review.于是我拨打了务热线 对方无能为力 因为你正在接受调查We#39;ll get back to you within three days maybe. That was the response.我们会在三天内将你的账户解禁 可能的话 这就是他们的回复I was like wait these people have my identity, all these things that I#39;m relying upon are connected to this system.然而这些人有我的身份信息而所有我网络生活需要的那些信息都与这个社交网络相关联The guy never received the image on the other side because I called him and I said did you get an image for me?与我打嘴仗的家伙最终没有收到那张图 因为我打电话问了他看他是否收到了图片He said no it just shut off. That#39;s terrifying to me.他说没有 然后挂掉了 这让我感到很害怕Someone can just be erased from a system without any recourse, without anything?一个社交系统可以抹除一个人 不理会任何追索任何补救That#39;s too much power for one person.这对于一个人来说是何其大的权力And so I#39;ve been pushing a lot and what I#39;ve been saying lately is somebody should invent所以我一直都在努力改变这种状况后来我觉得应该有人identity within the block chain so that we have an identity system that is mine.去创造一种封锁系统之内的身份标识这样我们就可以有自己的身份识别系统In Iceland we have this thing called a Kennitala.在冰岛我们管这叫KennitalaIt#39;s a unique identifier that is literally your unique ID, your genetic records,这是一种独一无二的身份标识实际上就是属于你的独特的身份标识号码your health records, your financial records all in one你的遗传信息 病史 经济状况都包含在里面而且我们有完全的知情权and it allows me to have total transparency across a system and anyone that I#39;m encountering.不论是对于所处的系统还是我们偶遇的什么人而且我们有完全的知情权and it allows me to have total transparency across a system and anyone that I#39;m encountering.不论是对于所处的系统还是我们偶遇的什么人So you don#39;t need a payday lender or a check cashing place所以你不需要发薪日贷款机构 票兑现处 信用评分or a credit score or any of these third-party parasites that exist in our system because you have real identity.或任何这种第三方的鉴定机构的存在因为你有了真正的身份标识And so those are kind of fundamental things that I think out of this new awareness正是这些基本的事实 使我有了新的看法we#39;re going to start realizing that we need incorruptible identity,我们开始意识到我们需要的是不会被篡取的身份标识这个数字身份标识we need to have our digital identity as part of us of who we are as human beings as part of this system.是我们身为人类的一部分是这个系统里的一部分Because relying upon a commercial interest like Facebook to have our identity,因为依赖Facebook这样的一个商业性盈利机构使其取得我们的身份标识to capture everything it means in our digital life and they can just flip a switch, ask anybody that#39;s been blocked by Facebook.取得我们数字化生活中的一切重要信息使得它能轻易的抹杀我们 问问那些被Facebook封禁过的人吧There is no recourse.他们都没有追索的余地You#39;re up to somebody in a farm deciding whether or not you#39;re a good person or a bad person or whether or not you deserve an account.由一个不相关的人来决定你是好是坏决定你配不配拥有一个社交账户That is way too much power for any institution to have over us.对任何机构来说 这种加诸于我们的权力都太大了 Article/201706/514813 Hush, little baby don#39;t you cry宝宝乖不要哭Mama#39;s gonna sing you a lullaby妈咪唱首摇篮曲给你听And to help give mom a lift为了帮妈咪分忧解劳Daddy#39;s gonna take the late night shift爸比必须值夜班认真拼命And although it isn#39;t fair, your sister#39;s gonna have to learn to share虽然这样不公平,但你的必须学会分享玩具And before he#39;s at your door, your uncle swears he won#39;t smoke anymore在你叔叔见到你之前,他发誓不再抽烟And cause stories will help you sleep, soon your grandma will learn to 因为读床边故事可以让你好眠,你的祖母很快就会因此而识字And to keep the harm away, the doctor#39;s gonna work hard night and day为了要让你健健康康,医生会日夜努力工作And when in your line of sight, enemies will choose to end the fight在你看得到的地方,死对头都会和解,不再恶言相向And though he#39;s got no time to spare, the stranger#39;s gonna help you climb each stair即使陌生人忙到一刻不得闲,他还是会停下来,让妈咪行动更方便And in case you#39;re feeling down, today the businessman will be your clown万一你心情不好,商人叔叔会假扮小丑,把悲伤都赶跑Drivers will slow down for you, pets are gonna be extra careful, too司机都会为了你放慢速度,猫猫们也更小心翼翼Guards will try to make you laugh, workers will pause on your behalf守卫会扮鬼脸逗你笑,工人们也会因为你而暂停手边工作And though it seems it#39;s almost done, this lullaby for you has just begun这首摇篮曲看似即将结束,但是你的人生才正要起步Hush, hush now, you know it#39;s true, there is nothing we wouldn#39;t do.宝宝乖,你知道的,没什么是我们做不了的。 Article/201704/502831哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院妇科地址松北区人民医院在线询问



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