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Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year.圣诞快乐、新年快乐英语里“等一下”的说法,有好几种,这边列下三种Hold on a second.Wait a minute.Hang on.歌曲名:Santa Baby歌手:Kylie Minogue专辑:Playlist ChristmasSanta Baby, Just slip a sable under the treeFor meBeen an awful good girlSanta Baby,So hurry down the chimney tonightSanta baby,A 54 convertible tooLight blueIll wait up for you, dear Santa baby,So hurry down the chimney tonightThink of all the fun Ive missedThink of all the Fellas that I havent kissedNext year I could be just as goodIf youll check out my Christmas listSanta Baby, I want a yacht and really thats notA lotBeen an angel all yearSanta Baby,So hurry down the chimney tonightSanta Honey, one little thing I really needThe deedTo a platinum mineSanta Baby,So hurry down the chimney tonightSanta cutie,Fill my stocking with a duplexAnd checksSign your x on the lineSanta cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonightCome and trim my Christmas treeWith some decorations bought at TiffanysI really do believe in youLet′s see if you believe in meSanta Baby,Forgot to mention one little thingA ringI dont mean on the phoneSanta Baby,So hurry down the chimney tonightHurry down the chimney tonightHurry...tonight /201412/349804

大家好,最近有新购置了什么家用品吗?是哪种付款方式付的呢?欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天来学学各种付款方式的英文表达法。pay in cash 付现钱,用现金付Do you mind if I pay in cash? 你介意我付现金吗?pay in check 用票付款They dont accept cash; we have to pay in check. 他们不收现金,只好用票付。pay by credit card 用信用卡付款I wonder if I can pay by credit card. 请问我可以用信用卡付账吗?make the payment 付款We’ll make the payment upon receipt of goods. 我们会货到付款。pay in installments 分期付款You can pay in six monthly installments. 你可以分6个月分期付款。pay in a lump sum 一次性付款You can pay for the refrigerator either in a lump sum, or in monthly installments. 这台冰箱的钱,你可以一次付清,也可以按月分期付款。Advance payment 预付款We still insist on advance payment by 30% of the total amount. 我们仍然坚持总金额的30%的预付款。down payment 预付定金We ask for a five-percent down payment. 我们要求百分之五的定金。Initial payment 首付款The initial payment must be made within 3 months after the contract. 合周签订后3个月内要付首付款。The balance 余款20% in advance, the balance can be made in installments. 20%预付款,余款可分期付款。I really like these pink tights; do you think they could accept payment in 12 monthly installments? 我好喜欢那件粉红的紧身衣啊, 你觉得他们会接受12个月分期付款吗? /201204/177544

  But Dhammakaya has fierce opponents both within the Buddhist establishment and outside it.但是Dhammakaya在佛教内部和外部都有强劲的对手。Critics denounce it as a cult that peddles wacky theology, and warn that it misleads wealthy urbanites into thinking that they can purchase religious merit. (The most serious of the several allegations against PhraDhammachayo relates to a case in which an acolyte funded a donation with cash embezzled from a credit union.)批评家公开指责它是一种传播古怪的神学的邪教,还警告大家说它会诱导有钱的城市居民他们去买功德。(在Dhammakaya的反对者中爆料了一件事,一个祭司用从合作信用社贪污来的钱建立了一个捐款基金。)Thailands ruling junta worries that the movements leaders are sympathetic to the cause of Thaksin Shinawatra, a populist former prime minister toppled in 2006 whose lingering influence the generals and their backers are determined to stamp out.泰国执政政府担心这场运动的发起人持在2006年被打倒的前任平民主义首相Thaksin Shinawatra的遭遇,这有可能使将军和他们的持者决心去造反。Last year the junta abandoned several attempts to drag PhraDhammachayo out for questioning, fearful of the outrage that might follow were soldiers to be pictured manhandling monks.去年,军政府担心媒体会把军方描绘成迫害修士的负面形象,因此没有对Phra Dhammachayo继续质询下去。The latest effort looks more concerted.最近军方的行为似乎也实了这一点。It may not be a coincidence that the operation began shortly after the installation of a new Supreme Patriarch (Thai Buddhisms most senior monk).这次行动是在新任住持(佛教级别最高的和尚)就任之后就展开了。That job is usually filled according to a strict hierarchy but had been held open for several years after conservative clergy refused to endorse the expected successor—in part because of worries that he was too close to Dhammakaya.这个职位通常是有严苛的等级制度的,不过迄今已经对外开放好几年了,因为先前一位保守的住持拒绝承认继任者—而其中部分原因是担心继任者与Dhammakaya走的太近。The junta took the unusual step of asking King Vajiralongkorn, who succeeded his father in December, to solve that dispute; he anointed a less controversial alternative, SomdetPhraMahaMuniwong, who hails from the smaller and more orthodox of Thailands two main Buddhist orders.军政府采取了非常规步骤,要求在去年12月份继承父位的Vajiralongkorn国王解决这项分配问题;他任命了一位争议较少的替代者,来自较小规模的两个主要正统教派之一的SomdetPhraMahaMuniwong。Monks at the Dhammakaya temple say that they have not seen their former abbot for months.Dhammakaya寺院的和尚说他们已经几个月没有见到他们的前任住持了。They say the real aim of the raid is to shut the entire temple down.他们认为这次突袭的真正目的在于使整个寺院都无法正常运转。The generals may yet decide to back away from the fight, as they have done previously.各方领导人也许还没有决定撤退,正如他们最近所做一样。They could perhaps claim that the searches they have aly conducted are enough to declare the operation complete.他们也许会宣称他们所做的调查研究已经足够完成这项行动。That might look like a defeat, but it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Dhammakaya movement is running out of powerful friends.也许看起来是失败了,但Dhammakay运动消耗掉了所有有能力的盟友这个结论也是板上钉钉了。With the royal succession—which some had feared would be tumultuous—safely behind it, Thailands conservative establishment is reasserting itself, in religion as in politics.有了忠实的继任者安排妥当之后(有些人害怕可能造成的反应会比较激烈),泰国的保守派不论是在宗教上还是在政治上就可以不断重申自我了。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201705/508620

  特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选在口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。迷你对话A: I hear that Helen does not relate very well to her husband.我听说海伦和她的丈夫感情不太好。B: Unbelievable! I remember her husband is her former classmate. They fell in love with each other in college.难以置信,不可能吧。我记得她丈夫是她的同学,他们在大学就相爱了。A: So what? Things have changed.那又怎么样?时移事易。对话详解第一、 地道表达relate to1. 解词释义不及物动词relate有“和睦相处,相容”的意思。当形容人际关系时,relate to的意思就是“感情良好”。2. 持范例e.g. Children like this are not learning to relate to other people. 这样的孩子没有学会如何与别人相处。 e.g.I found it difficult to relate to Mary. 我发觉很难与玛丽和睦相处。e.g.I must be able to relate to people as fully as possible. 我必须能够与尽可能多的人保持友好关系。 第二、词海拾贝1. fall in love with:与某人坠入爱河,爱上某人e.g. It is natural that he should fall in love with such a beautiful girl. 他爱上那位美丽的姑娘是很自然的事。e.g. It is strange that he should fall in love with such a snobbish girl. 说来真怪,他居然与那位高傲的女孩子坠入情网。e.g. You always fall in love with women with beautiful eyes! 你老是对电眼美女一见钟情。 2. in college:在大学念书e.g.In college I majored in science.在学院里,我主修自然科学。e.g.In college I made honors in my studies. 在大学里,我的成绩优异。e.g.She leaned to live on her own when she was in college. 在大学时她就学会自立了。e.g.It was important to me to do well in college. 在学院里干得好对我来说很重要。 /201303/228474。

  第一, 迷你对话A: Linda’s husband is said to be leading a double life.有人说Linda的丈夫有了婚外恋。B: Does Linda know that?Linda知道吗?A: Yes, of course. She could feel that. But she regard her face as the most important thing.当然知道,她感觉得到,但是她太看重面子了。B: That’s to say, she is living a lie now, isn’t he?也就是说,她一直假装太平,是吧。A: You can say that.可以那么说。第二, 地道表达live a lie1. 解词释义Live a lie的意思是“生活在谎言中”“虚伪的做人”。2. 拓展范例e.g. She lived a lie for 20 years by pretending to be his wife.她假扮他的妻子已经20年了。e.g. I really dislike my job but I have to pretend to enjoy it; what I hate even more is having to live a lie.我真的不喜欢自己的工作,但我得装着喜欢,而且更可恨的是我不得不过着一种欺骗自己的生活。e.g. She has no money ,and sometimes has to cheat and lives a lie .她没有钱,有时不得不搞欺骗,过虚伪的生活。e.g. He hated to live a lie.他极不愿意虚伪地生活。第三, 咬文嚼字lead a double life:婚外恋,过着双重人格的生活,搞两面派e.g. People around here all feel that hes leading a double life.我们这儿的人都感觉到他有婚外恋。e.g. Since Marcus’ return I had become vaguely aware that I was leading a double life.自从马科斯回来以后,我隐约地感到自己在过着双重人格的生活。e.g. She soon began to exhibit the strain of leading a double life.她不久就显露出了双重生活的重压。regard…as…:把……看做e.g. We always regard him as a friend, but he showed his colors in the current emergency.我们一贯把他看作朋友, 但在当前的紧急关头中, 他原形毕露了。e.g. Jane regard her teachers as pillars of cloud and pillars of fire in her life.珍妮把她的老师们当作自己人生的指路明灯。be said to:被认为……,据说e.g. The fox is said to be very sly.据说狐狸很狡猾。e.g. He is said to be the founder of modern astronomy.他被誉为现代天文学的奠基人。 第四, 口语句型中文:那就是说。英文: That is to say. /201702/493012

  thats so great.So Domminy tell us what you want to do after school太棒了 Domminy毕业后你想干什么呢Well right now,I am in political science and biology major现在我的专业是政治科学和生物学and I am definitely look forward in congress or college,maybe law school.thats fantastic我当然很期待未来能进入国会或大学 或者是法律学院 那非常不错Exteme make-over wants me to share some cool news for you《彻底改变》节目组想让我跟你一起分享这独家消息you are gonna intern on the capitol hill with your congressman from Massachusetts Richard你将以实习生的身份和马萨诸塞州国会议员Richard在国会山工作Thats what you are gonna do,you can open that这就是你即将要做的事 打开它and its a letter of your congressman asking you join him there这是一封来自你的国会议员的信Charles and Gorolia,how cool is thatCharles和Gorolia 真是太酷了You dont have worry about them at all,because they are getting full scholarship ofthe university of Massachusetts.Full scholarships你也完全不用担心他们 因为他们将获得马萨诸塞州立大学的全额奖学金 全额奖学金How about that.this part was what Exterm Home Maker-Over was doing for you这个怎么样 这是《彻底改变之家庭再造》为你们做的I am happy they allow us to share that with you我很高兴他们让我们 和你们一起分享这好消息Thank you,thank you for sharing that with us,thank you for being who you are非常感谢跟我们分享好消息 感谢你 你们一直这么努力and thank you for being back here again,I just cant wait to see what your home looks like,thank you 也特别感谢你们能来这个节目 我迫不及待想看你们的家改造成什么样 谢谢I want to thank Jon Cryer,Chaz Bono,Cher and our my New Orlan Saints还要感谢Jon Cryer,Chaz Bono,Cher 和新奥尔良圣徒的队员们I will see you tomorrow and be kind to one another bye明天见 请友善对待彼此 再见 /201610/475235迷你对话A: Your face is so red, you must running a temperature.你的脸真红,肯定发烧了。B: I have a severe headache now.我现在头疼得厉害。A: Please go to see a doctor.快去看医生吧。B: Would you like to go with me? I’m afraid of the hospital.你能陪我一起去吗?我怕去医院。对话精讲第一、 地道表达1. 习惯用语run a temperature2. 解词释义Run本义是“跑”,在这里转义为“发烧,有热度”,temperature本义是“温度”,这里专指“发烧”。3. 持范例e.g.For three days the patient have run a temperature. 病人发烧整整三天,一直迷迷糊糊。 e.g.Joe once had pneumonia and ran a temperature for a week. 有一次,乔患肺炎,发烧一星期。 e.g.She was obliged to keep to bed because of running a temperature. 她因发烧而不得不躺在床上。e.g.He runs a temperature, tired, sleepy. 他发烧了,觉得疲倦、渴睡。 4、联想记忆1. have a fever:发烧e.g. I not only have a fever but also a headache as well as a sore throat. 我不仅发烧、头疼,还嗓子疼。 e.g. Im ill. I have a fever. I have a cough, too. 我生病了。我咳嗽,发烧。2. run a fever:发烧e.g.Mary began to run a fever. 玛丽开始发烧了。第二、词海拾贝1 be afraid of:害怕,恐惧e.g.Roosevelt is a tough guy, but he is afraid of your people. 罗斯福是一个很厉害的人,但是他害怕你们的人民。e.g.He is afraid of his own shadow. 他提心吊胆,连自己的影子都害怕。 e.g.I am afraid of going through that wood.Ill take the road. 我害怕穿过那座树林,我将走大路。 2. have a headache:头痛e.g.I think I m ill——I have a headache and a temperature. 我想我是病了——我头痛而且发烧。 e.g.I have a headache and a sore throat and a stuffed nose . 我头痛,嗓子疼,还有鼻塞。3. see a doctor:看病e.g.He went to see a doctor at the onset of a fever. 他开始发烧时便去看医生了。 e.g.See a doctor when you are in doubt the illness you may have.你怀疑患病时就要去看看医生。 /201303/228864网罗天下,新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在“E68,E聊吧”。让我们一起来聊聊吧!Hello, ladies and gentlemen! This is Ukki and who you are and how do you feel today? 嘿大家好,你现在收听到的是独家打造的节目,"E聊吧",我是Ukki,你是哪位,告诉我今天你过得还好吗? 相信大家对于我们中国的福利票双色球一定不陌生吧?说真的,我本人对福利票的了解并不多,但是在听广播的时候经常听到这样一个词,头奖,相信你也一定听过这个词吧?Right?N久之前曾经在微上看到这样一则报道: 福利票双色球开奖,浙江一民投中100注一等奖,累积奖金达5.14亿,刷新了中国票的记录。我们一起来看看这则来自《中国日报》的相关报道:Lottery winner may have hit m jackpot--China's lottery may have set a new record with a man expected to win 514 million yuan ( million) from two tickets bought in East China's Zhejiang province on Tuesday, beating the previous record win of 359.9 million yuan, claimed by a man in Central China's Henan province in . 民独揽8000万美元巨奖——浙江一名男子周二购买的两张票为他赢得了5.14亿元(8000万美元)的奖金,超过了之前一名河南男子中的3.599亿元,刷新了中国票的记录。 报道中的jackpot有“票头奖”的意思,还表示或者游戏中的累积赌注、累积奖金。所以在这里,它指代的其实是奖金累积之后形成的巨奖。jackpot用在口语中,还可以表示大笔收入、最大利益等含义。而短语hit the jackpot既可以表示中了票头奖、赢得一大笔钱、发了大财,还可以表示取得极大的成功、突然交了好运。 讲到票,那我们就一起来普及一下中国票的相关知识吧,中国的票分为welfare lottery(福利票)和sports lottery(体育票)两种,是政府的一种筹资手段。业或票业我们可以说lottery industry。Lottery ticket指的是“票”,而football lottery是“足”的意思。除了表示票,lottery还有“偶然的事”、“不能预测的事”的意思,所以a great lottery可以用来表示虚无缥缈的事情。 OK, so much for this. 票头奖,jackpot ,你学会了吗?If you get it, please let me know. 如果你学会了的话,那就给我留言,跟我分享一下你的学习心得好吗?! 网罗天下,新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏“E聊吧”,This is Ukki ,that's all for today, see you next time, have a nice day! /201110/158010

  点击此处收听往期节目 欢迎Faith口语课堂-天天学的新朋友们,我是Faith老师。这是一个周一至周五每日更新的英语口语学习节目,希望在我们快乐,轻松的气氛中,你会找到学习英语的乐趣。我们曾经在第15课学习了“make”的三种用法,今天再介绍它的另外两种非常实用的用法:4. make somebody + 形容词,副词(动词的过去分词) 使某人。。。You make me so happy. 你让我如此快乐。Your presentation makes me sleepy. 你的演讲让我昏昏欲睡。This classic music makes me calm. 这首经典的曲子使我平静下来。My over time job makes me so exhausted. 经常加班的工作让我很疲惫。How could you make yourself so excited within such a short time? 你是如何在很短的时间里让自己迅速兴奋起来的呢?5. make somebody do something 让某人做某事Our English teacher makes us love the study of English. 我们的英语老师让我们爱上了英语学习。My boss makes us work harder. 我的老板让我更努力地工作。They’ve made you dance like a professional. 他们教你跳舞跳得就像专业舞蹈演员一样。Your flattering makes me feel like I’m a princess. 你的赞美让我感觉像个公主。Your criticism makes me cry. 你的批评让我哭了起来。“I made it”,经常会听到这句话,它到底是什么意思呢,第34课揭晓。用“make”讲讲你的故事,让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师,现在听到的是BeeGees带来的Smile, enjoy!Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201107/145952Hello, 大家好。欢迎跟随ROSE一起步入今天的口语课堂。 在介绍今天的内容之前我先给大家一点点线索,看看您是不是能一下猜出我们要介绍的短语和什么有关。第一条线索,Crowds of cheering people。欢乐的人群。母,不知道您不会想到是超市打半折。先别急着判断,来听第二条线索:...here comes the bride, 新娘来了。 如果现在我再提一下 Prince William and Catherine Middleton 也就是英国的威廉王子和凯瑟米德尔顿,那大家一定猜的出我们要说的就是Prince William and Catherine Middleton's big day。 Yes, 我们今天要说的,就是The big day这一表达法。通过上面的提示,大家已经可以猜出the big 的意思基本等同于the wedding day。也就是大婚之日。其实,我们中国人也常将结婚这天成为“大日子”。下面给大家介绍一个对话,对话里两个朋友在谈论另一个人订婚的事儿。A: Guess what? B: What? A: Marie and Phil are engaged! B: You're kidding—wow, that's fantastic news! So when's the big day? Have they set a date yet? 对话中的最后一句问道“那么他们的婚礼在哪天呢?他们定下日子了吗?” 再来看另外一个情景。一个女神很哀伤的对另一外女生说:I don't think Charlie and I will ever get married. 我觉得我和查理永远也结不了婚了。 Oh. Why's that? 另一个人问道。 Because of my mum and dad being divorced,I just know that at the wedding they'll end up having a massive argument; they can't help it. 父母正在闹离婚,有可能在女儿的婚礼上也吵翻天。 很糟糕的状况。不过朋友劝道:Oh, surely that won't happen. They would never ruin your big day.他们绝对不会毁了你的婚礼。 在以上两个例子中,the big day都被用于指代婚礼。我们还可能常常会听到”her big day”这样的说法,当然,这个时候这个短语就特指新娘来说的了。是啊,对于每个女人来说,WEDDING这天都是一个BIG big DAY。 亲爱的朋友们,你们对本栏目有啥建议的话,可以在网站上留言啊,以便改进工作! /201110/156904

  So you wanna know about the playoffs所以你真的想了解季后赛吗Its larger than life季后赛,如生命之重The noise, the intensity观众人声鼎沸,球员全力以赴So you gotta play that way你也要付出同样的努力Show people you have no limits告诉世人,你有无限力量Make them question what they see让他们不敢相信自己的眼睛In that way, you could win如此,才是取胜之道Not once, not twice, not three...不止一次,不止两次,不止三……Show them, no one can stop you告诉世人,你,勇不可当This is why we play为此打球更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201705/507536


  关键词:steal somebodys thunder 抢风头短语释义:大家也许知道steal解释为“偷”,是以不正当手段取得原本属于别人的东西。很多东西可以偷,但“偷某人的雷电 (steal somebodys thunder)”倒是很难以想像的。原来这个成语有一个出点: 1709 年,英国的一名戏剧家在他的一部戏中首先使用了一种模仿打雷效果的方法,这出戏本身并不成功,但这一制造效果的方法却十分成功。结果,另一家剧院的经理在上演莎士比亚名剧麦克白时也成功地运用了这一新方法。为此, 这个戏剧家控告这个经理 “偷了他的雷声”,此後, steal ones thunder便成为一个成语在英语中保留下来,意义得到了引申和扩大,现在它可以指在演讲发言中抢先讲出了别人准备要说的话,也可以指用自己的言行来分散别人对另一个人的注意。也就是中文里的“抢风头”。情景领悟:1. I kept quiet about my pregnancy because Cathy was getting married, and I didnt want to steal her thunder.我没宣布我怀的消息,因为凯茜要结婚了,我不想抢了她的风头。2. He stole my thunder by telling the teacher my idea.他抢先向老师宣布了我的发现。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201212/213879

  Business: Elizabeth Holmes Holmes is where the heart is商业:伊丽莎白·霍姆斯,心之所安—霍姆斯Theranoss boss says her mission extends beyond making a fortune.Theranos的老板坦言自己的使命超越了财富。TECH entrepreneurs often have their own distinctive uniforms.科技型企业家通常都有他们自己独特的制。For Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg, it is jeans and a hoodie.Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格的制是牛仔裤和连帽衫。For the late Steve Jobs, it was jeans and black turtleneck.对已故的乔布斯而言则是牛仔裤和黑色高翻领毛衣。Elizabeth Holmes has plumped for something smarter: matching black jacket, trousers and turtleneck.伊丽莎白·霍姆斯选择了更为整洁干练的装束:黑色的夹克衫、长裤,再配上高翻领毛衣。It saves having to decide what to wear each morning, she says with typical single-mindedness.她以其独有的专注说道,这让她每天早上无须为决定穿什么而费时。At the age of 19 Ms Holmes had an idea about how to improve the way blood tests are done.19岁时,霍姆斯对改进现有的血液检验方式有了新想法。So she dropped out of Stanford University, where she was studying chemical engineering, and with money that had been set aside for her college education she quietly founded Theranos, a diagnostics company. That was in 2003.所以她便从当时就读的斯坦福大学化学工程专业辍学,并用原本预存下来的大学学费秘密地成立了一家名为Theranos的诊断公司。那是在2003年。She says she spent the next ten years in “stealth mode”, without press releases or even a company website.她表示在未来十年她将会开启“隐身模式”,不会召开新闻发布会甚至是设立一个公司网站。During that time she perfected a way of doing hundreds of tests cheaply and quickly on a drop of blood, using lab-on-a-chip technology.那段时间里,她利用晶片技术不断完善血液检验方法——用一滴血即可廉价且快速地进行上百项检测。Today, aged 31, she is estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth .7 billion, and thus to be the worlds youngest self-made female billionaire.如今,据福布斯杂志估计,31岁的她资产达47亿美元,因此成为了世界上最年轻的白手起家的女亿万富翁。She is the author, and co-author, of numerous patents and patent applications.她还是无数专利和专利申请书的作者以及合著者。Yet Ms Holmes seems uninterested in money or kudos.然而霍姆斯似乎对钱财和名誉并不感兴趣。She says her mission is to use testing to help people stay healthy.她说她的责任是通过这些测验让人们保持健康。She wants to detect diseases such as diabetes, cancers and heart disease far earlier, before they produce symptoms, and in doing so save lives.她希望在糖尿病、癌症和心脏病之类的疾病出现症状之前就尽早地检测出来,以此来挽救患者的生命。Admirers have compared her to technology titans like Jobs.她的仰慕者们将她比作像乔布斯一样的科技巨人。But her focus on humanitys big problems makes her more like Elon Musk, who wants not just to make money building space rockets and electric cars, but to colonise other planets and save this one from climate change.但是她对于全人类大问题的专注让她更像伊隆·马斯克。伊隆·马斯克不只是想赚钱造航天火箭和电动汽车,还想殖民到其他的星球并拯救地球于气候变化的危难。This week Ms Holmes announced that she was taking her mission beyond Americas borders, by launching a not-for-profit project to bring cheap medical tests to Mexico, with backing from Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecoms magnate.本周,霍姆斯在墨西哥电信巨头卡洛斯·斯利姆的持下,启动了一个可以为墨西哥带去廉价医学检测的非营利项目,借此宣布自己肩负的不单单是美国的使命。Theranos is still privately owned—Ms Holmes says she holds more than 50% of its stock—and remains secretive about its revenue streams and plans.目前Theranos仍然是私有的——霍姆斯表示她持有超过50%的股份——并对其收入来源和经营计划保密。Although it is hard to know if the company merits its rich valuation, one encouraging sign for other investors is the companys stellar board of directors.虽然我们难以获知这个公司的高估值是否名副其实,但对其他投资者而言仍有一个令之备受鼓舞的信号。那就是公司众星云集的董事会。It includes two former secretaries of state (George Shultz and Henry Kissinger) and a number of high-profile investors including Larry Ellison of Oracle.董事会中包括了两位前国务卿(乔治·舒尔茨和亨利·基辛格)和包括Oracles的拉里·埃里森在内的许多知名投资者。If an ability to win over luminaries is a diagnostic test for the health of young companies, Theranos passes.如果说把能否争取到杰出人物视为对年轻公司是否健康的一项诊断测试,Theranos显然通过了这项测试。译文编自黑彪 /201703/498324

  Asian亚洲Gambling in Japan: In a Spin日本:晕头转向The government has legalised casinos, but Japanese still do not like the idea.日本政府对于的合法化处理并没有受到人们欢迎。MOST forms of gambling are banned in Japan, but many Japanese still like to have a flutter.虽然日本禁止了大部分的项目,但是许多日本民众还是喜欢小赌一把。Over ¥23trn (3bn) is waged annually on pachinko, a noisy variant of pinball.每年柏青哥(一种热闹、形式多样的弹球游戏)产业就能创造23万亿日元的收入(约2030亿美元)。Add in lottery tickets, plus horse, boat and bicycle racing—the only other types of betting allowed—and you have a vast industry.再加上票、赛马、赛船、赛车等(其他几种能进行的项目),这实际上是个蕴藏巨大商机的产业。Pachinko players alone spend more than the combined betting revenue of all the casinos in the worlds top gambling resort, Macau.柏青哥玩家们在这一个项目上投入的钱要超过世界顶级胜地的各大收入的总和。Japans government has struggled to convince citizens that the current strictures should be relaxed.日本政府一直试图让民众相信目前严格的业管理是可以适度放松的。When the Diet legalised casinos in December after years of political wrangling, a poll by NHK, the countrys public broadcaster, put support for the move at just 12%.日本放送协会(日本最大的广播电视机构)做了一项民意调查,结果显示,当国会经过几年考虑最终于12月同意将合法化时,这项举动的持率只有12%。The leader of Komeito, a party with Buddhist roots that is part of the governing coalition, voted against the bill.日本公明党(与佛教组织有密切关系,现为日本联合政府一部分的党派)领袖投票否决此法案。Critics said it would exacerbate problem gambling and attract “anti-social forces”, a euphemism for Yakuza gangs.批评家们说这项规定将恶化问题并且会引起反社会分子(也就是日本黑道)的注意。Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, insists casinos will be only one part of family-friendly resorts, with hotels, shops and conference facilities.首相安倍晋三坚称将会是有利于家庭生活的、带有宾馆、商店和会议设施的胜地。In an anemic economy, his enthusiasm is not hard to understand: the construction of these huge complexes could generate ¥5trn in economic activity—with another ¥2trn a year once they have opened, largely from increased tourism, estimates Makoto Yonekawa of the Daiwa Institute of Research, a think-tank.在没有活力的经济情况下,安倍的热情并不是很难理解,因为日本大和研究所的智囊团中的Makoto Yonekawa认为这样巨大的圣地会在经济活动方面产生5万亿美元,一旦这些场所开了之后,还会产生2万亿美元,这些收益来自不断增强的旅游业。Foreign casino-operators have aly begun lobbying for a slice of this pie.外国经营商们已经在暗中争取经营许可权,寻求当地合作伙伴,从而能及时分得一杯羹。Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts and Hard Rock Café International are among the companies looking for licences and local partners.金沙集团、米高梅度假村硬石咖啡国际集团就位列其中。Bureaucrats are crafting more legislation to decide how many resorts to permit and where to put them.官员就在不停规划区。This, say analysts, is where the road could get bumpy.而这就是分析家们说的“不好做”的地方。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201704/506054

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