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China has tightened its capital controls, in a sharp reversal of its market liberalising rhetoric, as it struggles to contain the fallout from last month’s devaluation of the renminbi.中国已采取措施收紧资本管制,此举标志着官方的市场自由化言论发生急剧逆转。目前中国正艰难围堵上月人民币贬值的余波。The August 11 devaluation unleashed turmoil on global stock markets and policy confusion at home, forcing the central bank to spend as much as 0bn to support the renminbi. The prospect of an interest rate rise in the US has further encouraged capital flight.81日的贬值引发全球股市动荡,并在国内造成政策困惑,迫使中国央行出多000亿美元持人民币。美国加息的前景进一步鼓励了资本外流。The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the unit of the central bank in charge of managing China’s currency, has in recent days ordered financial institutions to step up checks and strengthen controls on all foreign exchange transactions, according to people familiar with the matter and an official memo seen by the Financial Times.根据几名知情人士的说法和英国《金融时报》看到的一份官方通知,隶属中国央行、负责管理中国外汇的国家外汇(SAFE)近日责令各金融机构加强对所有外汇交易的检查和管制。Safe has ordered banks and financial institutions to pay particular attention to the practice of over-invoicing exports, used to disguise large capital outflows. Safe confirmed the existence of the memo, but declined to comment further.国家外管局责令和金融机构要特别留意高报出口的做法,这种做法被用来掩盖大笔资本外流。该局实上述通知的存在,但拒绝进一步置评。China has long imposed limits on the amount of foreign exchange that can be bought or sold by individuals and companies but those controls have broken down somewhat in recent years as the renminbi has become more widely used around the world.中国长期对个人和企业可以购买或出售的外汇金额实行限制,但随着人民币在世界各地得到更为广泛的使用,这些管制近年在一定程度上失效。Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS, said the government had been expected to tighten some FX controls. But relying on them exclusively to protect the renminbi “will not be viable over the long term and hence is unlikely to be pursued by China’s central bank for long she added.瑞银(UBS)首席中国经济学家汪涛表示,外界早就预期政府会收紧某些外汇管制。但她补充说,仅仅依赖这些管制来捍卫人民币“不是长久之计,因而中国央行不会长期实行这些管制”。The policy reversal comes after China’s central bank drew heavily on its vast foreign exchange reserves to prevent the renminbi falling dramatically against the dollar in the wake of the technical devaluation last month. Although still the largest in the world, its reserves fell by the biggest amount on record in August, dropping bn to around .56tn.这项政策逆转出台之前,中国央行大举动用其庞大的外汇储备,以防止上月技术性贬值后人民币兑美元汇率大幅下滑。虽然中国的外汇储备仍是全球最大的,但8月份出现有记录以来最大数额的缩水,减40亿美元,.56万亿美元。For the first time since it began internationalising its currency a few years ago, the central bank has also been intervening heavily in the offshore renminbi market to narrow the gap between the onshore (CNY) and offshore (CNH) exchange rates.自几年前开始推动人民币国际化以来,中国央行还首次大举干预离岸人民币市场,以缩小在岸人民CNY)与离岸人民币(CNH)汇率之间的差距。Analysts and people familiar with the matter say Beijing has spent up to 0bn defending the currency but the net impact on the reserves is disguised by fluctuating valuations of reserve assets and other inflows into the reserves.分析师和知情人士透露,北京方面已投入多达2000亿美元捍卫人民币,但外汇储备所受的净影响被各种因素掩盖,包括储备资产的估值变动和流入储备的其他资金。“They have gone from a credible peg that cost them almost nothing to a weak peg that nobody believes and that is costing them more than bn a day to defend they’re paying huge sums for something they had for free just a few weeks ago,said one person with close ties to China’s central bank.“他们从一个几乎不用花钱的可信的盯住汇率,沦为一个没人相信的疲弱盯住汇率,每天要动用超过100亿美元捍卫——他们正为几周前还免费拥有的东西付出高额代价,”与中国央行关系密切的一位人士表示。来 /201509/398211Leading supporters of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have tried to distance themselves from the actions of a small group of protesters who smashed their way into the city’s legislature overnight.昨晚,一小队抗议者强行闯入了香港立法会大楼。香港民运持者中的领导人物纷纷表态,与这样的行为保持距离。At 1am on Wednesday, a group of protesters used a metal barricade to break a side window and force their way into the main building of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. Roughly 100 riot police were deployed to restore order with batons and pepper spray, while four men aged between 18 and 24 were arrested.周三凌晨1点,一队抗议者用铁马砸破了香港立法会大楼的侧门,并强行进入了该大楼。大00名防暴警察被派往该大楼,试图用警棍和胡椒喷雾恢复现场秩序。与此同时,484岁的男子被捕。Student-led protests have been under way in Hong Kong for more than 50 days, with hundreds still camping out in three areas across the territory. Those leading the campaign known locally by many as the “Umbrella Movementare calling for changes to the way Hong Kong elects its next chief executive in 2017.这个由学生领导的抗议活动在香港持续了50多天,目前仍有数百人在香港三个地区扎下帐篷。这场运动在当地被许多人称为“雨伞运动”。运动的领导者呼吁香港在2017年选举下一任特首时改变选举方式。While tensions flared in the early days of the protest, when police repeatedly used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd, the campaign has been largely free of violence or damage to property.在抗议活动最初几天、紧张局势刚刚出现的时候,警方曾多次试图以催泪瓦斯驱散人群。当时,这场运动中很少出现暴力活动或损坏财产的行为。Student leaders said they had not been made aware of any plans to break into the government offices, while Joshua Wong, head of the Scholarism campaign group, told the South China Morning Post that those involved should “shoulder their legal responsibilities该运动的学生领袖表示,他们并未听说过任何试图闯入政府办公室的计划。运动团体学民思潮(Scholarism)领导人黄之锋(Joshua Wong)告诉《南华早报South China Morning Post),参与此事的人们应该“承担相应法律责任”。Other high-profile supporters were quick to put distance between events overnight and the main protest movement.其他持抗议活动的著名人士也迅速作出反应,将昨晚的事件与抗议活动主流区分开来。“We have nothing to do with those people, didn’t know about their actions and don’t support it,said Emily Lau, head of Hong Kong’s Democratic party. “In fact we strongly condemn such violent behaviour. It has tarnished the image of the Umbrella Movement, which is so peaceful and non-violent, and that is why it has captured the international community’s attention and admiration.”香港民主党(Democratic)的刘慧卿(Emily Lau)表示:“我们与这些人无关,我们不了解他们的行动,也不持这种行为。事实上,我们强烈谴责这种暴力的行为。这种行为损害了雨伞运动如此和平而非暴力的形象。而正是非暴力让雨伞行动获得了国际社会的关注与赞赏。”Fellow lawmaker Fernando Cheung said he attempted to stop the protesters from breaking into the government building, and now fears their actions may serve to dent support for the pro-democracy campaign.张超Fernando Cheung)议员表示,他曾试图阻止抗议者闯进该政府大楼。如今,他担心这些人的行为可能会损害人们对这次亲民主运动的持。“It was absolutely the wrong thing to do. It has no direct connection to the Umbrella Movement. The campaign is very peaceful. But what happened last night wasn’t peaceful at all. There’s no logic to their action,said Mr Cheung. “[The government] can label the movement as violent, call protesters rioters#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It’s much easier for them to justify their actions [to remove the protesters].”张超雄表示:“这么做大错特错。这种行为与雨伞运动没有直接关系。雨伞运动是极为和平的运动。昨晚发生的事件却与和平的宗旨背道而驰。他们这么做毫无道理。(香港政府)可能会因此为雨伞运动打上暴力标签,把抗议者称为暴徒……他们将更容易为(驱散抗议者的)行为找到理由。”On Tuesday Hong Kong authorities cleared a small area of the main protest site near the government building, following through on a court injunction that ordered protesters to leave the area outside Citic Tower home to company offices including EY, Macquarie, and Mizuho Bank.周二,法庭发出要求抗议者离开中信大厦(Citic Tower)周边地带的禁制令之后,香港当局清理了政府大楼附近一个主要抗议场所的一小片区域。中信大厦内驻有安永(EY)、麦格理(Macquarie)以及瑞穗(Mizuho Bank)等机构的办公室。A similar court ruling paves the way for the clearance of a separate protest site in Mongkok, a crowded shopping district popular with Chinese tourists in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong. Previous attempts to remove protesters in Mongkok have resulted in a swelling of support, ultimately forcing police to withdraw.此外,还有一份类似的法院规定为清理旺角另一处抗议场所做好了准备。旺角是香港九龙区一个内地游人密集的购物区。在此之前,警方曾试图赶走旺角的抗议人员,结果反而导致抗议活动的持者大增,最终警方不得不从那里撤退。来 /201411/343598

The former British colony of Hong Kong has all the attributes of a liberal society except one: its people lack the ability to choose who governs them. The latest political convulsion in the territory has been caused by electoral arrangements proposed by the National People’s Congress, which would prevent democrats and others of whom China might disapprove from seeking election as chief executive in a vote of Hong Kong’s citizens.前英国殖民地香港具有一个自由社会的所有属性,唯一的例外是香港市民缺乏选择由谁管治自己的能力。这个特别行政区最新的政治痉挛是由全国人大提议的选举安排引起的,这一安排将阻止民主派和中国可能不认同的其他派别人士竞选行政长官,参加一场全体市民投票的选举。Such vetting is more or less what happens in Iran. Sooner or later this plan, or a modification of it, will have to be voted on by Hong Kong’s legislature, and I hope a compromise can be found. The territory’s citizens remain remarkably moderate and responsible. It is not democracy that produces the sort of mass demonstrations we have recently witnessed but its denial.这种审核在一定程度上与伊朗的制度相同。这个计划(或其修改后的版本)迟早将提交香港立法会投票表决,我希望各方能够找到一个妥协方案。香港市民仍然是非常温和、负责任的。酿成我们近期见的那种大规模示威的,并不是民主,而恰恰是对民主的拒绝。I have expressed my agreement with Andrew Li Kwok-nang, the distinguished former Chief Justice, who has written that Beijing’s views on the status of the Hong Kong judiciary raise concerns about judicial independence and therefore the integrity of the rule of law. But in the 17 years since I left the territory at the end of my term as the last British governor, I have tried to avoid being drawn into the debate about democracy there, lest my intervention complicate matters.我已经表达了我认同香港终审法院前首席法官李国Andrew Li Kwok-nang)的看法。他写道,北京方面对于香港司法体系地位的观点,令人担忧司法独立,进而担忧法治的完好性。但在我结束自己末任香港总督任期、离开香港以来7年里,我一直试图避免卷入有关香港民主的辩论,以免我的介入使问题复杂化。On this occasion my comments are not directed principally to Beijing or Hong Kong’s democrats. What a former Hong Kong governor can more legitimately do is to invite an interrogation of Britain’s sense of honour. It may not be welcome to ministers, at a time when so many appallingly difficult international issues crowd their agenda, to remind them that we have moral responsibilities for what happens in Hong Kong.这一次,我的意见主要不是针对北京,也不是针对香港的民主派。一名前香港总督可以更合理地做的事,是邀请各方拷问英国的荣誉感。在部长级官员们的议程上有那么多困难得令人震惊的国际问题之际,提醒他们英国对香港的情况负有道义责任,可能不受这些官员们的欢迎。The Joint Declaration under which the territory passed from British to Chinese rule guaranteed Hong Kong’s way of life for 50 years after 1997. Deng Xiaoping’s “one country, two systemspledge is backed by an international treaty, lodged at the UN. As successive British governments have accepted, the UK has a continuing “moral and political obligationto ensure that China respects its commitments.《中英联合声明》保了香港997年回归中国后0年生活方式不变;英国据此将香港主权移交给中国。邓小平的“一国两制”承诺被列入一份在联合国备案的国际条约。正如历届英国政府都认可的,英国在确保中国尊重其承诺方面负有持续的“道德和政治义务”。When Chinese officials attack British MPs and others for commenting on developments in Hong Kong, they ignore the fact that Britain too has treaty obligations for 50 years, which reflect what our country has said and promised in the past. Failure to do as we pledged would clearly be dishonourable.当中国官员抨击英国议员和其他人就香港事态发表时,他们忽略了这样一个事实:英国也负0年的条约义务,反映出我国在过去说过的话、作出过的承诺。未能履行我方的承诺显然将是不光的。In the 1980s and 1990s, parliament was told that the development of democratic structures underpin the territory’s stability, prosperity and limited autonomy. No one envisaged that, 30 years after the Joint Declaration, a fair electoral system would still be beyond the horizon.20世纪800年代,英国议会被告知,民主架构的发展撑着香港的稳定、繁荣和有限自治。没有人预料到,在《中英联合声明》签0年后的今天,一个公平的选举制度仍然是不可企及的。Sooner or later, I assume, the British government will comment on Beijing’s plan. This would not be a provocation but a duty. No one can seriously believe that this would have commercial consequences, or that such consequences should be an overriding concern when our honour is on the line. We have a huge stake in the wellbeing of Hong Kong, with a political system in balance with its economic freedom. I hope these questions will be resolved in a way that does not jeopardise the city’s future.我假定,英国政府迟早将对北京的计划发表。这将不是一种挑衅,而是一种责任。没有人能真的相信,这将产生商业方面的后果,或者说,在我们的荣誉命悬一线的情况下,这样的后果应该是压倒一切的考虑因素。香港的福祉,香港拥有与经济自由相称的政治体制——这些对我们事关重大。我希望这些问题将在不危及香港未来的情况下得到解决。China’s ascent has been a bonus for the world. It is not a threat. Surprisingly, however, it has not yet been accompanied by an accretion of China’s soft power. The way in which Beijing handles Hong Kong’s aspirations will clearly affect that.中国的崛起迄今对世界是一大利奀?中国不是一个威胁。但令人惊讶的是,这种崛起尚未伴随中国软实力的增强。北京方面把握香港抱负的方式显然将影响这一点。Yet my main appeal is to Westminster not China. During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.然而,我的主要诉求是针对英国议会,而不是中国的。在我离开香港之前,我曾走访香港一间精神病院,一个病人礼貌地问我,一个号称是世界上最古老民主国家的国家,怎么能在既不征求市民意见、又不给他们留下民主前景以捍卫自己未来的情况下,把他所在的城市交给政府体制非常不同的另一个国家?当时我的一个助手说,怪事,住在精神病院的一个男子居然提出了香港最清醒的问题。But we did promise him democracy. We should go on making that point, ever so diplomatically. If not us, then who?但是,我们确实向他作出了民主承诺。我们应该继续以高超的外交手腕强调这一点。如果我们不这么做,又有谁会这么做呢?来 /201409/325599

Pope Francis has highlighted the need for ;justice, healing and unity; in Sri Lanka, where he arrived Tuesday for the start of a week-long trip to Asia.罗马天主教宗方济各星期二抵达斯里兰卡,开始为期一个星期的亚洲之旅他在斯里兰卡强调公正,和解与团结的必要性。The pope spoke at the international airport in Colombo, saying Sri Lanka needs to pursue the truth of what happened during its long civil war, and rebuilding must include a respect for human rights and ;the full inclusion of each member of society.;教宗在科伦坡国际机场说,斯里兰卡有必要探究长期内战的真相,重建工作必须包括尊重人权以及包容社会的每个成员。The pope was greeted by newly inaugurated President Maithripala Sirisena, who has promised an independent domestic inquiry into wartime abuses.最近宣誓就职的斯里兰卡总统西里塞纳到机场迎接教宗。他承诺要对战时暴行展开独立调查。The 78-year-old pontiff postponed a meeting with Sri Lankan bishops after the journey from the airport, in an open top car under hot sun, took longer than expected.教宗星期二冒着烈日,乘敞篷车从机场前往市区,由于路上花的时间超过预期,教宗原定与斯里兰卡主教们的会晤被推迟了。Pope Francis will spend two days in Sri Lanka before heading to the Philippines. On Wednesday, he will hold a seaside mass, in the capital, Colombo, and canonize the countrys first saint, 17th century missionary Joseph Vaz.教宗将在斯里兰卡逗留两天,然后前往菲律宾访问。他星期三将在斯里兰卡首都主持海边封圣仪式。被封圣的是斯里兰卡的首位圣人,17世纪的传教士约瑟#8226;瓦兹。The visit to Asia is the popes second to the region since beginning his papacy, and is part of the Churchs outreach to developing nations.自教宗即位以来,这是他第二次出访亚洲,教宗努力与发展中国家进行接触。来 /201501/355509

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