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When the guy swung at Mark Donnelly, his only means of defense was a black umbrella -- and a foppish one at that. But, ducking under a roundhouse punch, he jabbed the pointy end of the umbrella into the attacker#39;s gut, stopping him cold.皮斯卡塔韦,新泽西──当这个男人向马克#8226;唐纳利(Mark Donnelly)发起猛攻时,他唯一的自卫武器就是一把黑色的雨伞──一把纨口气息很重的雨伞。但就在弯腰躲避狠狠一击时,他将伞尖顶住攻击者的腹部,终结了对方的进攻。Mr. Donnelly, who is 43 years old and several inches short of 6 feet tall, then straightened his waistcoat, and the two men shook hands.然后,这个43岁,身高接近一米八的男人捋了捋他的马甲,跟他的攻击者握了握手。The skirmish was a rare demonstration of Bartitsu, an obscure Victorian system of gentlemanly self-defense practiced by Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle#39;s legendary detective.这场小格斗是巴顿术(Bartitsu)的展示,它并不常见,并且带有一丝维多利亚时期的绅士气息。柯南#8226;道尔爵士(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)笔下的传奇侦探福尔斯就曾用巴顿术进行格斗。Mr. Donnelly#39;s assailant was 42-year-old Robert Earhart, a professional stuntman in protective gear.攻击唐纳利的是42岁的罗伯特#8226;埃尔哈特(Robert Earhart),一位全副武装的职业特技演员。#39;Is this a good weapon?#39; Mr. Donnelly, clutching the umbrella, asked a crowd of several dozen here last weekend at the Steampunk World#39;s Fair, an annual steam-age science-fiction festival. #39;It is if it#39;s in my hands at the time of attack.#39;上周末,一年一度的蒸汽朋克世界览会(Steampunk World’s Fair)如期而至。在这个以蒸汽时代的科幻小说为主题的庆典上,唐纳利手握雨伞,向观众提问:“各位觉得雨伞当武器怎么样?如果它在我手中,就是最好的进攻武器。”Other items in the Bartitsu arsenal include walking sticks, top hats, snuffboxes, handkerchiefs or #39;any item a gentleman would have at his disposal,#39; says Mr. Donnelly.巴顿术里其它的武器还包括手杖、礼帽、鼻烟盒、手帕以及“绅士可以随手取用的任何物品”,唐纳利如此说道。The system was long thought to be part of the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes. But in the past decade, a handful of martial-arts enthusiasts, historians and Holmes scholars have rediscovered Bartitsu by piecing together archival newspaper and magazine clippings from turn-of-the-century London, among other sources. These include such articles as a #39;Defense Against Hooligans,#39; tips on #39;Conducting a Person Out of the Room,#39; or methods for overcoming an #39;assailant who seizes you by the waistbelt.#39;这套格斗体系一直以来都被视为福尔斯小说的一部分。但在过去十年中,一些武术爱好者、历史学家以及研究福尔斯的学者,通过收集世纪之交时期伦敦的报纸、杂志和其它信息来源,让巴顿术重放光。这些文章包括《如何抵御街头流氓》(Defense Against Hooligans)、《将对手引出房间指南》(Conducting a Person Out of the Room),以及如何用一些实用方法来“挣脱抓住你腰带的对手”。#39;Holmes is fictional. Bartitsu is real,#39; says Mr. Donnelly, who lives in Harrisburg, Pa.住在宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡(Harrisburg)的唐纳利说,“小说是虚构的,但巴顿术却货真价实。”In a nod to its Victorian roots, many students arrive for training sessions in suits or hooped skirts, with watch fobs, bowler hats and pantaloons. Mr. Donnelly#39;s seminars last weekend included #39;Kicking Ass in a Corset: Bartitsu for Ladies.#39;为了遵照维多利亚传统,许多前来培训的学生都穿了正装或装有裙环的裙子,配着怀表链、圆顶高帽和灯笼马裤。唐纳利上周的课程包括“女士巴顿术:穿紧身胸衣也能当海扁王”。#39;I was a big fan of Kung Fu movies in the 1970s,#39; says Rachel Klingberg, a 41-year-old Pace University Web developer, about her early interest in martial arts. Growing up, however, she found most combat disciplines too formal. Two years ago, she founded the New York Bartitsu Club, since that seemed like more fun.“在70年代的时候,我很迷中国功夫。”美国佩斯大学(Pace University)41岁的网页开发员蕾切尔#8226;克林贝格(Rachel Klingberg)谈起了她儿时对武术的喜爱。可是长大后她发现大多数格斗课都过于正式。两年前,本着自卫加乐趣的理念,她创立了纽约巴顿术俱乐部(New York Bartitsu Club)。These days, it has more than 200 members, and anywhere from 20 to 40 people turn up for periodic classes at the club#39;s Manhattan studio -- a donated space it shares with a Jedi Knight group, she says.她说,时至今日,这个俱乐部已有200多名会员,曼哈顿工作室的每节课都有20到40人参加。这个工作室也是别人捐赠的,需要同绝地武士协会(Jedi Knight)合用。Many credit Bartitsu#39;s resurgence to Tony Wolf, a New Zealand-born martial-arts instructor who brought together its early supporters by posting archival materials on his website, the Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences, as far back as 2001.许多人把巴顿术的兴起归功于一名新西兰武术指导托尼#8226;沃尔夫(Tony Wolf)。他自2001年起就在个人网站“武术与科学电子版”(Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Science)上发布文献资料,也由此聚集了一群巴顿术的早期爱好者。#39;We spent years compiling research. It was all collecting dust,#39; says Mr. Wolf, a combat specialist trained in Taekwondo, kickboxing, freestyle wrestling, Brazilian capoeira, Filipino stick and knife fighting and other combat skills. Mr. Wolf designed fighting styles for battle scenes in Peter Jackson#39;s #39;Lord of the Rings#39; trilogy.沃尔夫说,“我们花了许多年来搜集资料,但是收效甚微。”作为一名格斗专家,沃尔夫在跆拳道、自由搏击、自由摔跤、巴西格斗、截拳道短棍格斗、刀战和其它格斗领域都训练有素。他也为彼得#8226;杰克逊(Peter Jackson)执导的《指环王》三部曲设计了打斗场面。What he uncovered was the story of Edward William Barton-Wright, a British engineer who was born in India and lived in Japan in the 1890s. Back in London, Mr. Barton-Wright combined the Asian fighting skills he learned abroad, such as judo and jujitsu, with Western European styles of boxing, savate or kickboxing, and stick fighting. He coined the term Bartitsu by joining his own name with jujitsu.正是他发现了爱德华#8226;威廉#8226;巴顿-怀特(Edward William Barton-Wright)的故事。这个英国工程师生于印度,曾于19世纪90年代在日本生活。回到伦敦后,巴顿-怀特将其在国外所学的亚洲格斗技巧如柔道和柔术,同西欧的拳击、法国踢打术、自由搏击和棍术相结合,并取柔术(jujitsu)以及自己的名字(Barton),创立了巴顿术(Bartitsu)这一说法。The basic approach was to knock an attacker off kilter, while striking at vulnerable spots with the hands, feet or a makeshift weapon. In close combat -- that is, without the aid of a cane or an umbrella -- this meant knocking an opponent off balance by straining his neck, elbow or knee joints.巴顿术的基本方法就是通过用手、脚、或简易武器攻击对手的关键部位,使其失去平衡。在进行近身格斗,即无法借助手杖或雨伞的帮助时,通过让对手的颈部、肘部或者膝关节尽可能紧张而失去平衡。The goal wasn#39;t to pummel an enemy, but rather to avoid #39;injury in cowardly attacks or quarrels,#39; Mr. Barton-Wright told members of the Japan Society of London in a 1901 lecture, according to notes unearthed by researchers. By then, he had established the Bartitsu Academy of Arms and Physical Culture in London#39;s Soho district.1901年在伦敦日本协会(Japan Society of London)演讲时,巴顿-怀特援引了研究学者的资料,他提到巴顿术的目标并非连续攻击对手,而是避免“急跳 带来的伤害”。在那时,他已经在伦敦的苏豪区(SOHO District)成立了武器与健康文化巴顿术学会(Bartitsu Academy of Arms and Physical Culture)。Alas, the club abruptly shut its doors in 1902. #39;No one knows why, it#39;s a complete mystery,#39; says Mr. Wolf. What is known is that the club#39;s trainers went on to open their own self-defense schools, or fought for money in British music-hall revues.遗憾的是,这个俱乐部在1902年就解散了。沃尔夫说:“没人知道原因。这就像个迷一样。”迄今所知的是,俱乐部的培训师不是自立门户、创立自卫学校,就是在英国音乐厅的时事讽刺剧上为钱争得不可开交。In time, Bartitsu might have vanished completely, Mr. Wolf says, were it not for a single passage in #39;The Adventure of the Empty House,#39; a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Conan Doyle set in 1894.沃尔夫提到,如果不是因为柯南#8226;道尔爵士在1894年写了《空屋》(The Adventure of the Empty House)这一福尔斯侦探故事,巴顿术可能已经彻底消失了。In the story, Holmes appears to return from the dead after tumbling over Switzerland#39;s Reichenbach Falls in a final battle with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, in a scene at the end of a previous Holmes story.在前一个故事的结尾中,福尔斯同宿敌莫里亚蒂教授(Professor Moriarty)决战后跌入瑞士的莱辛巴赫瀑布(Reichenbach Falls),在《空屋》里他却奇迹生还了。Instead, Conan Doyle has Holmes explain to Dr. Watson, his assistant, that he escaped Moriarty#39;s clutches on the edge of the falls through #39; #39;baritsu,#39; or the Japanese system of wrestling.#39;柯南#8226;道尔爵士借福尔斯之口向其助手华生(Dr. Watson)解释,说他能在瀑布边缘从莫里亚蒂手中逃走,得归功于“‘拔顿术(Baritsu)’,一种日式摔跤术”。#39;He misspelled it,#39; Mr. Wolf says of Conan Doyle#39;s apparent typo.沃尔夫说起柯南#8226;道尔的疏忽,“他把名字给写错啦”。More than 100 years later, that brief reference has paid off for Bartitsu#39;s contemporary supporters. In 2009, film director Guy Ritchie released #39;Sherlock Holmes,#39; a British-American co-production starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role.一百多年后的今天,书中对巴顿术的简明援引终于找到了当代的持者。导演盖#8226;里奇(Guy Ritchie)在2009年将《大侦探福尔斯》(Sherlock Holmes)搬上了大荧幕,这部英美联制的电影邀请到了小罗伯特#8226;唐尼(Robert Downey Jr. )出演福尔斯这一角色。The film -- and a sequel two years later, #39;Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows#39; -- included fight scenes based in part on Mr. Barton-Wright#39;s original texts collected by Mr. Wolf#39;s Bartitsu Society. #39;That brought Bartitsu to a very broad audience,#39; Mr. Wolf says.这部电影,以及两年后发行的续集《大侦探福尔斯:诡影游戏》(Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)中的打斗场面,一部分就来源于沃尔夫的巴顿术协会(Bartitsu Society)收集到的巴顿-怀特的初始资料。沃尔夫对此津津乐道:“这样就可以让更多的人了解巴顿术了。”Back in Piscataway, Brett Kelley, a 29-year-old liquor-store clerk from Cape Cod, was learning to block a punch. Over his shoulder, a group of smartly dressed men and women were lunging back and forth with canes.来自美国科德角(Cape Cod)的布雷特#8226;凯利(Brett Kelley)重返皮斯卡塔韦(Piscataway),29岁的他正学习如何抵挡拳击。一群衣着亮丽的男女在他身后挥舞着手杖。#39;It makes for a great hands-on history lesson,#39; he says, after jamming his foot against a trainer#39;s padded shin.他把脚猛地踢进培训师的小腿中间,然后说,“这门课很棒,可以亲身感受历史。”Mr. Donnelly, who earlier in the day led a seminar on Kernoozers, a mysterious Victorian England antiquarian fight club, and Antiquarian Antagonists, agrees that Bartitsu#39;s value is more historical than it is a practical means of self-defense today -- though, he adds, it would be easy to substitute a Starbucks cup for a snuffbox, blinding an attacker with hot coffee rather than a cloud of snuff.唐纳利早些时候举办了一场关于维多利亚时期古典搏击俱乐部的研讨会。他同意巴顿术在当下的历史价值大于自我防御的实际意义。他说,手边更容易拿到的是星巴克的马克杯而不是鼻烟盒,想要阻挡袭击者的视线,将热咖啡泼在脸上的确比吹起一团鼻烟灰省事多了。 /201306/243450An Australian woman who paid #163;800 for two new Apple iPhones lost her money when she opened the boxes - and found two real green apples inside. 一位澳大利亚女子花了800英镑买了两部新的苹果iPhone手机,在收到盒子的时候却发现里面只有两颗真正的青苹果,这名女子的钱就这么打水漂了。 The 21-year-old Brisbane woman had placed an advertisement in an online buy-and-sell site saying she was looking to purchase a number of iPhones. 这名21岁的女子来自澳大利亚东部城市布里斯班,她在一个在线购物网站发广告表示自己想求购几部iPhone手机。 Police in the Queensland town of Upper Mt Gravatt, near Brisbane, said that not long after the advert was placed in the Gumtree site a woman called and said she had two Apples for sale. 昆士兰Upper Mt Gravatt 小镇上的警方表示,广告发布在这个叫Gumtree的网站后,一名女子打电话过来声称自己有两部苹果手机要出售。 Senior Constable Jess Hopkin of the Upper Mt Gravatt Crime Prevention said the two women arranged to meet at a McDonald`s outlet, where the transaction took place. Upper Mt Gravatt预防犯罪机构的高级警员杰西-霍普金说,这两名女子安排在麦当劳会面进行交易。 The purchaser handed over 00, the equivalent of #163;800, and was given two new iPhone boxes in return, the Quest community newspaper of Queensland reported today. Her mistake was to not look inside. 根据昆士兰当地报纸的报道,买家付了1500美元(约为800英镑),拿到了两个新的iPhone手机盒,但她犯了个严重的错就是没检查盒子里面。 On returning home the young woman opened the boxes and found to her horror that they contained real apples. 一回到家打开盒子,她很惊恐地发现盒子里装着的竟然是真正的苹果。 Senior Constable Hopkin warned people to be wary when they buy anything online.`If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. It`s really just common sense.` she said. 霍普金警员警告大家网购时需谨慎。她表示:“如果你觉得某件事儿太好了,好得非常不真实,那十有八九就是假的,这真的是常识问题。” Commentators writing on an online site weren`t letting the buyer off the hook with their criticism. 不过购物网站上的者们可不会这么轻易放过这个倒霉的买家,他们对这位姑娘大加批评。 `I don`t know anyone that would hand over 00 to a stranger without checking the item,` wrote one man. `Besides, you can buy a brand new iPhone5 for 0. So if this is a true story then I`m sorry but she deserved it!` 一位男子这样写道:“我从来还没见过这么傻的人,不检查物品就把1500美元交给一个陌生人。再说,现在一部全新iPhone5手机售价也只要700美元。如果这是个真故事,那只能说这姑娘活该了!” /201308/251826

The concept of “bitchy resting face” may have started off as a joke, but ever since the fake PSA went live – garnering more than 2 million hits on the comedy site Funny or Die and YouTube – scores of women have come forward to own up to the “disorder.”刚开始出现“天生臭脸”一词时大多都是开玩笑,但当仿美摄影协会的这段视频公布在网上时,许多女性都发现自己患有这种“疾病”。现在在YouTube和喜剧网站Funny or Die上,这段视频有超过200万的点击量。Actress Anna Paquin of True Blood bemoaned her “BRF” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, saying that despite being happy and satisfied with her life, her default face makes her look like she “wants to kill people.”上周,《真爱如血》女演员安娜-帕奎因在吉米·坎尔秀上吐槽说,虽然她很幸福,对生活很满意,但自己的“天生臭脸”使她看上去“总像是想杀人”。“I need to print this on business cards so I can hand it out to people who stop me and ask why I’m unhappy or angry or tell me to smile on a daily basis,” one commenter wrote in response to the .有位网友在视频下面道:“我应该把这个印在名片上发出去,省得别人总是问我为什么生气不开心,或者叫我每天都要微笑面对生活了。”Written by journalist and comedian Taylor Orci, the short was created as a parody of commercials for seemingly pseudo medical disorders. But does bitchy resting face – and its male equivalent, “asshole resting face” -- actually exist?这段录像由记者兼喜剧演员泰勒-奥茨制作,是来模仿为一些看起来像假的身体疾病拍摄的广告。但这个男女都有的“天生臭脸”病真的存在吗?Absolutely, says Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.“当然存在的。” 来自密歇根的整容手术师安东尼-杨回答道。“Bitchy resting face is a definite phenomenon that plastic surgeons like myself have described, just never with that term,” he says. “Basically many of us have features that we inherit and/or develop with age that can make us look unpleasant, grumpy, or even, yes, bitchy.”他说:“我们这些整形师常会遇到‘天生臭脸’,只不过我们有专门术语。大体来说,许多人天生就是,或是随着年龄增长会看起来苦大仇深、脾气暴躁,有一张犯贱的臭脸。”Youn says many plastic surgeons perform what he calls “expression surgeries,” procedures meant to improve resting facial expressions.但杨医生说,许多称为“表情手术”的整形术能改善这种“天生臭脸”。 /201307/246287

When this small Asian city-state celebrates its independence today, Singaporeans are encouraged to show their patriotic fervor by displaying their country#39;s flag proudly, sharing snapshots of their favorite local foods and dancing along to a fresh new national theme song. 2012年8月9日,新加坡这个亚洲的小型城市国家庆祝了自己的独立日。欢欣鼓舞的新加坡人尽情展现他们的爱国热情,自豪地挥舞国旗,分享自己最爱的当地美食的照片,伴着全新的国庆日主题曲载歌载舞。 But there is another, distinctly unofficial, national song in Singapore these days. It is asking locals to try something else on their country#39;s big day: Make love for Singapore. 不过,现在新加坡还有一首无疑非官方的国庆日主题曲,鼓励当地人以一种新的方式来庆祝节日:为新加坡造人。 The soulful rap, which is part of a new ad campaign to promote Mentos mints, is called #39;National Night,#39; and it exhorts Singaporeans to #39;do their civic duty#39; to help solve the city-state#39;s low birthrate by making a baby on Aug. 9. 这首热情的说唱音乐是曼妥思(Mentos)薄荷糖全新广告宣传的一部分,名叫“国庆之夜”(National Night)。歌曲倡议新加坡人“履行公民义务”,在8月9日的国庆日积极实施造人计划,帮国家解决出生率过低的问题。 #39;It#39;s National Night, let#39;s make Singapore#39;s birthrate spike,#39; a female vocalist sings over jittery synthesizers and drumbeats, as her male counterpart shouts phrases like #39;that#39;s right#39; and #39;the birthrate won#39;t spike itself!#39; 在令人紧张的电子合成音乐和鼓点声中,一位女歌手唱道:“这是国庆之夜,让新加坡的出生率高飞。”一名男歌手则应和着“没错!”和“出生率不会自己高飞!”这样的话。 #39;Singapore#39;s population, it needs some increasin#39;, so forget waving flags, August 9th we be freaking,#39; the rap continues. “新加坡需要人气,需要助力,别光挥舞国旗,8月9号一起用力。”歌曲继续唱道。 The song has gone viral, taking on a life of its own on social networks across the famously staid city-state. It is also raising the eyebrows of older residents who fret that it is mocking a serious issue. 这首歌在社交网络上如病毒般传播开来,迅速遍及新加坡这个以沉稳著称的城市国家。一些年长的居民为之侧目,觉得这是对一个严肃问题的不当调笑。 Singapore#39;s leaders have worried for years about the country#39;s birthrate, which is among the lowest in the world at 7.72 births per 1,000 people, according to 2011 estimates from the CIA World Factbook. That means the country#39;s population would keep falling every year if authorities didn#39;t let in immigrants - a policy that doesn#39;t go down well with many locals, who say they resent new arrivals who take jobs and strain local resources. 多年来,新加坡的领导者一直在担心这个国家的出生率。根据《美国中央情报局世界概况》(CIA World Factbook)2011年的估计,新加坡出生率为千分之7.72,处于全世界最低水平。这意味着如果政府不引入移民,这个国家的人口每年都会减少;而移民政策并不为许多本地人所认可,他们认为新移民会抢走工作岗位,给当地的资源供应带来压力。 The government has tried just about everything to get the birthrate back up. It has offered #39;baby bonus#39; tax breaks and government-paid maternity leaves to new mothers. It has also set up a special government unit, the Social Development (SDU), now renamed the Social Development Network, to help singles meet and mingle. Thanks to the unit, locals can sow the seeds of romance at government-subsidized speed dating events and salsa dance classes. 政府已采取几乎一切手段来提升出生率,给予“生育奖金”(baby bonus)税收优惠,向新妈妈提供政府买单的产假,还设立一个特殊的政府部门“社交发展部”(Social Development ,简称SDU),现在更名为社交发展网(Social Development Network),帮助单身男女约会交往。在该部门的推动下,本地人可以在政府补贴费用的速配活动和萨尔萨(salsa)舞蹈班上擦出爱情的火花。 Over the past year, the government has designed a series of instructional comics, including one exploring different #39;love fallacies#39; that singles often have. In one of the strips, a young woman tells her friend she is waiting for the #39;right one#39; to come along, only to find a 100-year-old man, lonely and wrinkled, as the only one who agrees with her. The comic comes with this advice: #39;[A relationship] is a matter of going out of your comfort zone to meet new people. . .and not being afraid to love and commit.#39; 过去一年,政府设计了一系列的教育漫画,其中一个探讨的是单身青年存在的各种“爱情误区”。在一幅漫画中,一名年轻女子对朋友说,她在等待那个“合适的人”,但最后只找到一位百岁老人,样子可爱但满脸皱纹,因为这是唯一一个符合她条件的人。漫画上写着一条忠告:“牵手成功在于走出自己的舒适区,去认识新的朋友,不要害怕爱与承诺。” National Day, which includes giant parades presided over by Singapore#39;s top leaders and lots of military displays, has become a prime forum for messages about making babies. At the 2008 National Day, for instance, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spent more than 5,000 words discussing Singapore#39;s falling birthrate. The speech included advice on how to change diapers. 新加坡国庆日的庆祝活动包括政府领袖出席的盛大巡游和许多阅兵表演,同时也成为一个宣传“多生孩子”的主论坛。举例而言,在2008年的国庆日,新加坡总理李显龙(Lee Hsien Loong)用超过5000字的篇幅谈论新加坡不断下跌的出生率,演讲中甚至还提及了如何给婴儿换尿布。 #39;In the days before Pampers, you actually got to fold the cloth, you got to put it on, you got to put the safety pin in and I haven#39;t pricked any baby yet,#39; Mr. Lee told a rapt nation. #39;If I can do it, it means everybody can do it.#39; “在广泛使用帮宝适(Pampers)之前的时代,你得用布料做尿布,给婴儿穿上,用安全别针别好,我给孩子换尿布时,从来没扎疼过他们。”李显龙对专注聆听的全国人民说道,“如果我能做到,那每个人都能做到。” All that talk of making babies does seem to be having some impact. In 2003, according to surveys by condom maker Durex, Singapore was among the bottom three nations in the world when it came to frequency of having sex. Five years later, more Singaporeans were having sex at least once a week than Australians, Americans, British and Canadians, according to a similar survey by Durex. 所有这些“多生孩子”的倡议似乎产生了一些效果。根据避套生产商杜蕾斯公司(Durex)做过的调查,2003年时,新加坡是全世界性生活频率最低的三个国家之一。五年后,根据杜蕾斯的类似调查,每周至少有一次性生活的新加坡人在比例上超过了澳大利亚人、美国人、英国人和加拿大人。 But the birthrate has continued to decline steadily, although with a slight improvement in the number of babies born last year, according to government statistics. 然而,据新加坡政府的统计数据,这个国家的出生率仍在稳步下降,只有去年的新出生婴儿数量稍有回升。 Enter the Mentos campaign, which was composed independently of the government as a parody of officially sanctioned National Day songs that play in the months leading up to Aug. 9 each year, and are sung during National Day parades. 曼妥思的广告应运而生,这首非官方的歌曲有意模仿了那些政府指定的国庆日主题曲,后者在每年8月9日之前的数月就开始播放,并在国庆巡游上演唱。 There is a new official song each year. This year, it is called #39;Love at First Light,#39; and comes with a music highlighting Singapore#39;s newest attractions, like a new billion-dollar public park called Gardens by the Bay. It also celebrates Singapore#39;s #39;lively ways#39; and #39;warm sunny days.#39; 新加坡每年都有一首新的官方国庆日主题曲。今年的歌曲名为“爱在晨曦中”(Love at First Light),并配有音乐电视片展现新加坡最新热点,如在滨海湾(Bay)建设的耗资上十亿美元的公众公园Gardens等。歌曲还着意勾勒新加坡的“生机蓬勃”和“阳光明媚”。 The Mentos rap has other ideas. 然而,曼妥思的说唱音乐另有主意。 #39;Let#39;s not watch fireworks, let#39;s make #39;em instead,#39; the rap#39;s male vocalist croons. #39;It#39;s National Night and I want a baby, boo, I know you want it, so does the SDU.#39; 一位男歌手这样唱道:“大家不必看烟花,我们自己做烟花,国庆之夜值千金,你的心思我明白,我们来个小宝宝,SDU也喜欢。” The song, devised by ad agency BBH Asia-Pacific and sp via social media, is part of Mentos#39;s plan to launch a special #39;I Heart SG#39; pack of their signature mints for this year#39;s National Day. The agency was asked to come up with a campaign to #39;prove how much Mentos really #39;hearts#39; #39; Singapore, according to the project#39;s creative director, Adrian Chan. 这首歌由百比赫亚太广告公司(BBH Asia-Pacific)策划,并通过社交媒体传播开来,其目的是宣传曼妥思为今年国庆日推出的一款主题薄荷糖“我爱新加坡”(I Heart SG)。该项目的创意总监阿德里安#8226;陈(Adrian Chan)说,曼妥思要求百比赫公司想出一个广告方案来,“明曼妥思真的很爱新加坡。” #39;Mentos has always stood for #39;fresh thinking,#39; so we decided to apply some to an issue that is very close to home: our declining national birthrate,#39; said Mr. Chan. 阿德里安说:“曼妥思的广告一直以‘全新思考’而著称,因此我们决定把曼妥思与新加坡本土的一件大事联系起来:即不断下降的出生率。” In one part of the song, one of the singers advises, #39;come on now, let#39;s get that baby bonus.#39; And in case any locals might be offended, a singer says listeners should just get over it and, #39;well, get [their] National Night on.#39; 在歌曲中,一位歌手唱道:“现在行动起来,去拿生育奖金。” 有一位歌手说,即使一些新加坡人觉得歌词不动听,他们也应该把不快抛在脑后,“在国庆之夜行动起来。” Some Singaporeans were tut-tutting as the song went viral. 当这首歌广为传播时,有些新加坡人却对此不以为然。 #39;The clip should not be shown during the National Day Parade season. . .you do not want to trivialize the baby issue,#39; said Lee Chun Wah, a professor at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore specializing in brand communication. “这首歌不应该出现在迎接国庆的日子里……出生率这种大问题不能拿来随便调笑。”新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)讲授品牌沟通技巧的教授Lee Chun Wah说道。 #39;The conservative folks - the traditional #39;heartlanders#39; - may be offended,#39; he said, adding that he personally finds the song #39;hilarious.#39; “新加坡的保守人士──即传统的‘本土核心人群’(heartlander)──可能会感觉不快。”他说,并表示自己觉得这首歌“滑稽可笑”。 Mr. Chan said he hopes the government will like it, given the importance and urgency of the issue of fertility in the city-state. Officials contacted about the song and its said only that Singapore#39;s government wasn#39;t involved. 阿德里安说,他希望政府喜欢这首歌,因为它唱出了生育问题对于这个城市国家的重要性和紧迫性。接触过这首歌曲及其音乐电视的官员只是表示,新加坡政府没有参与这首歌的制作和宣传。 The does come with an important disclaimer. Only #39;financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate,#39; it advises. 音乐电视中倒是有一条重要的免责声明:建议只有那些“经济条件良好且双方关系长期稳定的成年人才应参与国庆造人计划。” /201208/196403

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