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2019年01月24日 14:24:44 | 作者:飞排名养生医生 | 来源:新华社
部分内容改编自 《日常英语》 Ally: Congratulations on the new house!Ron: Thanks! We love it.Ally: Well, you guys work hard for it. It’s really beautiful.Ron: I’m just not looking forward to cleaning it! /201010/116186Larry到李华住的地方去接她出去吃晚餐,可是发现李华正焦急地到处找什么东西。今天李华会学到两个常用语:downer和baby. LH: Larry,我的钱包不见了。找了半天也没找到。我肯定是放在家里的,你说现在怎么办呢? LL: That's a real downer. Let me help you look for it. What does it look like? LH: 嗯,我的钱包是红颜色的,上面还镶有蓝色的边。你刚才说downer,那是什么意思? LL: Oh, a "downer" is something that makes you feel "down" or depressed. Losing your wallet is definitely a downer. LH: Downer就是让人不高兴的事情。嗯,丢钱包真的是很倒霉。丢了钱还不算,还得重新申请驾驶执照、身份件,还得打电话给信用卡公司取消我的信用卡,想到这些我就头疼。 LH: Hey, don't get all upset yet. We still haven't finished looking for it. LL: 我知道。这样吧,我到厨房去找,你帮我找一找沙发底下。 LL: Sure. Hey, you know what else is a downer? Julia can't go out with us tonight. Her boyfriend is sick and she went over to his house to take care of him. LH: 噢,Julia今晚不能和我们去吃饭啦?真让人失望。That is a downer! 自从她交了男朋友以后,我已经好久没见到她了。 LL: I know what you mean. I haven't seen her in at least two months. LH: 我找到了!我找到我的钱包了。你看,在冰箱下面,一定是今天早上我买菜回来时掉下去的。 LL: Great! Let's go. I'm so hungry that I can eat a whole horse. It would be a real downer if we have to wait for a table at the restaurant. LH: 餐厅里等不到位子,那还不是什么大问题。我要是真找不到我的钱包,那才真是a real downer。 LL: Yeah, then I'd have to pay! LH: (Whiny) 什么!还得等一个小时才有座位啊?啊,我不行了,我快要饿死了! LL: Oh, don't be such a big baby. You'll survive. Besides, it might not take that long. LH: Larry, 你说我像个baby 。Baby 就是婴儿,娃娃。我饿了还不行吗?大人也会肚子饿哪! LL: Well, then don't act so immature and whiny. You're too old to whine like a baby. LH: 你说我表现得象个孩子一样,所以叫我baby。我饿了还不能说呀? LL: Saying that you're going to starve to death is a little dramatic, don't you think? LH: 我说快要饿死了。这是强调,夸张!为了找钱包,我中午饭都没有来得及吃。所以我真的是很饿啊! LL: All right, don't get so upset. I was just teasing you. You don't need to be such a big baby about it. LH: 你怎么你又叫我baby了! LL: I'm sorry. It's just fun to tease you. LH: 噢,你就喜欢逗我。你觉得这样很好玩啊?好啊!你不也是经常抱怨没有时间看球赛,没有时间出去玩吗。那下回我也叫你a big baby! LL: I really was just kidding, Li Hua. You're not a big baby. You don't need to start thinking of ways to get even with me. LH: 你惹急了我就说是开玩笑。我当然要想办法报复了。 LL:Hey, look our table's y. LH:谢天谢地。我们终于等到位子了。现在你再叫我big baby, 我也无所谓了。吃饭要紧,快点菜吧。 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是downer, 就是指让人非常失望,非常不高兴的事。另一个常用语是baby, 是形容一个人表现得像小孩一样幼稚。 /200808/45365K: the air quality in this city is horrendous! The pollution levels were so high that we weren't supposed to go outside with a face mask again!M: exhaust fumes from vehicles cause a great deal of damage to the environment.K: on top of that, there are a few large chemical factories in the suburbs, which are contributing to the high pollution levels in the water and the air in this city.M: as much as I love this city, I think I'm going to have to find a greener city to live in. Living in a polluted city like this just can't be good for my health.K: I know what you mean. However, there are so few places left that have not been affected by global warming. If it's not the pollution, then it's the natural disasters, deforestation, or the greenhouse effect.M: what is the greenhosue effct exactly?K: it's the gradual rise in the earth's temperature.M: I see, so it's similar to global warming?K: they're related to one another, yes.M: I heard that some people in England are pleased with the fact that the climate is becoming warmer because it's making their towns a more pleasant place to live.K: people joke about the benefits of the increase in temperature, but it's not all good news. They've been experiencing a lot of deadly storms there as well.M: people always seem to make jokes as a way to deal with unfortunate situations.K: I think if everyone pitches in, the world will be a better place. /201004/101586看外国老师如何纠正中国人学英文时不正确的思维方式和错误表达。 /163606

《社交美语》采用美国能力教育教材,由美籍专家录制,并由美国英语教学专家Tim Cushing担任语言指导,内容涵盖六十余项语言交际功能,包括谈论天气、询问观点、朋友约会、见面问候、寻求帮助等,缩微美国社会社交环境,为您提供身临其境的实战沙盘,让您在学习之后在社交场合谈笑风生。  软件提供录音、听读、即时字音、同步中文翻译等功能,并有相应话题的语言知识与背景介绍。还设置一个特殊功能,即您可将自己的朗读录音与软件中的标准读音加以对照,检验自己的学习效果。  最新交际英语教学理念,通过环境强化大脑刺激,完全社交商务办公场景,互动学习脱口而出。 /200807/43310

进入8月下旬,各位手拿录取通知书的新同学们都开始准备朝各自的象牙塔进发了吧。大学生活对很多人来说都是一个全新的开始,有了更多的自由,需要更多的独立,也需要自己更多的思考。今天,我们就给新同学们列一些大学生活的规划建议,希望能对大家有所启发。1. At the start of the freshman year, finding a job after graduation is probably the last thing on your mind.大一刚开始的时候,你考虑的肯定不是毕业找工作的事情。 /201008/111766

没有你我无法活下去.I can't live without you.I don't want to live without you.Life isn't worth living without you in my life.You mean everything to me.You mean the world to me. /201001/95340

The Dingle duo are seriously concerned that Jasmine's about to go doolally. 杰斯敏要去一个叫做 doolally 的地方吗?呵呵,不是的,doolally can mean "gone insane" or acting "mad" 。它是一个形容词,用来形容 someone who is insane,表示某人精神不正常,发疯的、疯掉了。Doolally 的起源据传驻扎在印度的一些英国士兵听说要撤军,便在码头高高兴兴地等待着重返故土。但等待的时间太漫长了,在历经数月的煎熬后,这些士兵终于乘船返回家乡。然而长期的心灵折磨 turned many a soldier insane, and the word doolally was coined,就这样,doolally这个新词产生了。起先doolally常常被用于"He's got the Doo-lally tap"之中,而现在我们更多地说 "to go doolally"。比如:My parents have suggested that I should move back home. I think they've gone doolally. 在澳大利亚,人们则说"Calm down, don't do your lolly"。ExamplesA: Our boss wants this project finished by the end of today.B: She's gone doolally!A: Have you heard that Tracy is doing a sponsored parachute jump next week?B: Yes, I heard. She must have gone doolally. There is no way I'd ever jump out of a plane.老板叫人赶工,朋友要去跳伞的确让人觉得够疯狂。记住了,Someone has gone doolally. Someone has gone crazy.此外,“疯狂、发疯”还有另一个潮语bonkers。Bonkers is a slang term, It means that you are crazy or mad, you have lost your mind,就是疯狂的,发疯的,失去理智的意思。记住了,You are bonkers. You are crazy. You have lost your mind.ExamplesA: I think I need more exercise so I'm going to walk to work tomorrow.B: You're bonkers. You live over seven miles away from the office.A: I have a meeting with the boss tomorrow and I'm going to ask for a promotion.B: Really, you're bonkers. He'll never agree to that.步行好远去上班以及跟一成不变的老板提升职确实够疯狂的,可毕竟这些举动都比不过去玩跳伞和蹦极的人。I think you have to be bonkers to do a bungee jump. Tracy will do a sponsored parachute jump next week. 生活中,我们还是少点bonkers,少被人called bonkers比较好些吧。 /12/91276

逆向式英语口语 所谓逆向,即反正统而为之。逆向式英语口语即先从听入手,把基本常用的英语句子听熟,掌握好语音语调,然后经反复操练,以把这些句子变成您自己的语言。逆向式英语口语每期十个句子,中英双语音结合,从基本常用句子入手,注重句子实用性,与您一起告别哑巴式英语。温馨提示:请听录音写出相应的口语句子,参考在第二页,注意要听写出句子才有效果的。。本期句子:1. 漏水了。2. 全是灰呀。3. 这间屋子通风真差。4. 这个房间很通风。5. 你能去喂喂吗? 6. 你去遛遛吧?7. 帮我照看一下弟弟和啊。8. 请给植物浇点水。9. 啊!怎么这么乱呀!10. 帮帮我吧。 /04/66405

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