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湖里区祛痣哪个医院好How To Ski Powder粉雪技巧Powder skiing, it#39;s really the Holy Grail for a lot of recreational skiers.滑粉雪是很多业余滑雪者的必杀技.The idea of coming down a perfectly virgin field with snow flying everywhere ,it#39;s a lot of people#39;s dream.从一个条件完美的原始雪地上滑雪,伴随着雪花飞扬, 是大多数滑雪者的梦想But the reality is if you#39;ve got a problem coming down a blue run但事实是如果你在初学者滑道(蓝色滑道)出现问题it#39;s going to be amplified when you#39;re off piste.在道外滑雪的时候这些问题就会更严重Linking those turns together is really key and not getting too built up physiologically that it#39;s a massively different thing between that and skiing down a piste.滑雪的时候关键是把回转串联起来而不单单是肢体动作的幅度增强,这也就是道内滑雪和道外滑雪的最大不同Good smooth linking of the turns and a positive flow.平稳的连续动作是串联了回转和正流It#39;s a lot to do with rhythm.这其中有很多需要联系才能跟上滑雪步调Link the turns together with no hesitation.连续动作的时候不要犹豫A good pole plant will help you keep the rhythm going.完美的点仗动作对节奏的把握会有帮助Remember what we learnt on the piste; no dead spot, no tea break between the turns.但是谨记,我们在滑雪道上学到的两点: 无盲区, 回转的时候无间断There is always something happening.但是总会遇见问题Relax and enjoy it要学会放松并享受The best way to build confidence skiing powder is on the piste after a fresh snowfall.树立信心的最好方式就是在下完一场新鲜的雪之后的滑雪道练习滑粉雪Start linking the turns down the run with no hesitation.开始把每个回转迅速得连接起来,不要犹豫The first few runs will give you a gentle introduction to the feeling of powder.前几个小连接会让你轻微的感受到雪粉扬起的感觉Above all be confident.这些都需要树立自信If you#39;re in a resort when it snows over night make sure you#39;re on the first lift, as it will soon get tracked out.如果你在一个度假胜地,晚上下了一整夜的雪,一定要确保你是第一个滑雪的人, 因为很快新鲜的雪道就会被追踪到Something to watch out for is trying to throw the skis around far too quickly.需要注意的是不要试图滑得太快You#39;re coming into the turn and you#39;re going to do it all in one big movement.要不然你会很快就开始转弯而且在一个大回转中把所有动作连接起来If you put too much weight onto that new ski, the downhill ski, in one go it#39;s going to dig in and you#39;re going to feel like you#39;re thrown over the handlebars.如果你在下山脚上施压太多, 那只脚将直接挖进雪地里,然后直接被甩过手把It#39;s got to start nice and smooth, let the skis point downhill and gradually build up that pressure change, nothing is too fast.正常应该平稳的开始,让滑雪板朝着山下然后慢慢改变施重,不要急Let the skis work through this deeper snow. Get that control.让滑雪板穿越更深的雪地, 好好的控制Keep the distractions to a minimum尽量保持注意力集中No rocks, no trees, a nice simple slope ,so you can just focus on what you#39;re doing.没有石头,没有树, 一个简单平稳的坡度会让你注意力集中在你要做的事情上Skiing powder feels great but if you can get some of these exercises on the piste, a nice smooth fluid turn, good strong pole plant,滑雪粉感觉很棒,但是如果你在雪道上多多练习流畅的回转,点仗动作that#39;s going to go a long way to help you get some of those turns mastered when the snow#39;s a bit deeper.当雪深一些的时候, 这些练习会慢慢帮助你掌握这些回转连贯动作You#39;ll be amazed once you link some turns together一旦学会连贯动作, 你会非常惊喜的how much more self-confidence you have and that#39;s going to go a long way to help you ski off piste.你越自信,在滑雪道上滑雪慢慢也会得到很大帮助的.注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379786厦门哪家美容院做激光脱毛好联合国世界粮食计划署长乔瑟特·希兰讲述为何在粮食供应充足的当下,人们仍然经受饥饿,仍然死于粮食匮乏,仍然使用粮食作为战争的武器。她的理想是:粮食问题不能靠个人力量来解决。我们必须联合起来。 Article/201411/339332厦门韩式割双眼皮价格

厦门去除胎记去哪里好厦门哪里嫩肤效果比较好In the shallows of the coral atolls, small jellyfish point their tentacles towards the sun.在珊瑚礁岛屿的浅海区域,水母将他的触须直指太阳。Like many animals here, they depend on a close partnership with microscopic algae, which turn solar power into food.正如此地的其他动物一样,他们靠着能将太阳能转换为食物的海藻存活。The most famous of these relationships is the reef-forming corals, which provide the foundation of the sea#39;s most dazzling ecosystem.最著名的莫过于为海底提供炫目生态环境的珊瑚礁。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:1. depend on依靠;依赖;eg. Many farmers have to depend on subsidies to make a living wage. 许多农民的基本生活工资要靠补贴来维持。eg. Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 小孩依赖父母供给衣食。2. turn into(使)变成;(使)成为;eg. From the evaporation of water, people know that liquids can turn into gases under certain conditions. 根据水的蒸发现象,人们认识到液体在一定条件下可以变成气体。eg. Daytime historical views turn into nighttime romance over a twinkling Paris. 白日洋溢着历史气息的景色在转瞬间的巴黎变换成夜色下的浪漫。 /201410/332740Bobby Taylor and l would take Michael to the golf course with us.贝瑞·戈迪与我会带迈克尔去高尔夫球场He had never even picked up a golf club in his life.他这辈子从没握过高球杆Yet, he was our greatest golf critic.但却很会我们的球技#39;Well, smokey, you know, you hit your ball over in the woods史基 你的球会打到树林里#39;because you didn#39;t have your foot standing right here... #39;是因为你的脚没踏在这...#39;Bobby, see, your club was not, you know... #39;鲍比 你的球杆不...He#39;s gonna tell us why we had a bad shot.他想要告诉我们那球为何没打好But it was fun. He was a great, fun kid.但还是很有趣 他是个很好玩的孩子The first time l heard l Want You Back in the studio,我第一次在录音室听到l Want You Back时l noticed a different kind of brightness to the movement,我注意到有种不同的轻快感other than normal Motown brightness.跟以往城的轻快不一样lt was going in a different direction,方向有点变动which was good because Motown#39;s sound was diversified.其实是好事 因为城的音乐很多元化When you listened to l Want You Back, you knew Berry had a knack to get听着l Want You Back 就知道贝瑞the best commercial record out of these kids很擅长制作脍炙人口的歌and make them a worldwide success.并将他们的事业推向高峰 Article/201508/396079厦门眼睛整形The trick to helping your better, albeit unemployed, half? Motivate them without nagging.更好地帮助你失业伴侣的方法?不要唠叨,用心激励他们。You Will Need你需要Networking skills社交技能Professional associations职业联合会A job seekers group求职团体Temp work临时工作Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Decide if you need to get tough1.是否需要严厉Decide if you need to get tough. It’s normal for you to feel resentment, especially if they have been out of work for a while. The trick is to determine if you’re angry at the situation, or if you are justifiably annoyed because they are not doing enough to find a job. If it’s the latter, let them know it’s time to step up their game.决定是否需要严厉。你感到怨恨是很正常的,尤其是如果对方已经失业一段时间。应对这种情绪的方法就是确定一下自己是对这种状况感到愤怒,还是因为对方没有尽全力找工作而愤怒。如果是后者,应该让他们知道是时候努力了。Step 2 Identify the problem2.辨别问题If your spouse is not getting many interviews, take a look at their resume. You may be able to beef it up by identifying strengths and skills they don’t know they have. If they are getting plenty of interviews but no job offers, stage some mock interviews with them to see if you can pinpoint what they’re doing wrong in the hot seat.如果你的配偶面试机会不多,看一下他们的简历。指出他们自己没有意识到的长处和技能,或许可以让简历更出色。如果他们进行了足够多的面试但是没有聘用通知,配合他们进行模拟面试,看一下能否指出他们面试时的问题。Step 3 Help them network3.帮助他们联系他人Encourage them to call anybody and everybody they can think of who might have a job lead, and you do the same with your network of friends, family, and business associates.鼓励他们联系能够想到的可以帮助找工作的任何人,你也联系自己的朋友,家人和企业联合会。Social-networking sites are a great way to reconnect with old friends and classmates.社交网站是重新联系老朋友和同学的好方法。Step 4 Encourage them to join groups4.鼓励他们加入团体Urge them to join professional associations and to find a job seekers group through your house of worship or community center. Besides widening their list of contacts, it will help combat the isolation that many unemployed workers feel.鼓励他们通过礼拜会或社区中心加入职业联合会,寻找求职团体。这样不仅可以扩大交际圈,还可以打消许多失业者都会感到的孤独感。Step 5 Consider temp work5.考虑临时工作Suggest they take on some temp work. It’s a good way to stay busy, earn some money, make new contacts, and perhaps even land a full-time gig. Plus, it will take some pressure off your relationship if they’re once again contributing to the family coffers.建议他们做一些临时工作。这是保持忙碌,赚钱,建立新的关系的好方法,或许甚至可以帮助你找到一份全职工作。此外,这样可以让他们重新对家庭做出贡献,为你们的关系减轻一些压力。Step 6 Be patient6.耐心Be patient. It takes about six months to find a new job, so try not to get discouraged if the search at times seems fruitless.耐心一点。找到一份新工作一般需要六个月的时间。所以,如果求职过程看上去遥遥无期,不要沮丧。The average American has 10 jobs in their lifetime.一般美国人一生中从事10份工作。 Article/201411/343536在厦门市第一人民医院去痣

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