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It not just human babies who like cuddling a soft toy to bring them comt and happiness.不是只有人类才喜欢抱着能给他们带来安慰和快乐的毛绒玩具An infatuated seal has been hugging a toy version of itself in an adorable selection of photos after zoo staff gifted him the fluffy animal.在收到动物园工作人员给的毛绒动物玩具后,一只着了迷的小海豹一直抱着这个和自己很像的玩具,而这可爱的一幕被一组照片记录了下来Delightful images show the mammal, believed to be called Hiyori, clutching the inanimate look-alike to his chest with an expression of pure joy on his face as he poses the camera and rolls on his back.照片中,这个名叫日和的哺乳动物紧紧地把酷似自己的玩具抱在怀里,在镜头面前打着滚,脸上露出了纯粹的笑容Hiyori was handed the present by zoo staff at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan Hokkaido district. The toy was also offered to the other seals living in Seal Paradise and it seems to have been a hit all round.给日和玩具的工作人员是来自日本北海道的纹别海洋公园同样的玩具也给了海豹馆的其他海豹,看起来也都十分受欢迎Gleefully, Hiyori lets the miniature creature ride on its back and even rubs his nose against its plastic one. It appears the besotted seal may see the toy as one of its own pups.日和开心地让这个小玩具骑到了自己背上,甚至用自己的鼻子蹭它的塑料鼻子似乎这个糊涂的小海豹把玩具当成了自己的孩子The mammal couldnt look more content with his new toy and appears reluctant to ever let it go它对自己的这一新玩具表现出了前所未有的满足,似乎永远都不想和它分离A tweet by Mombetsu Land about the seal and his antics has gone on to be shared over ,000 times据悉,纹别海洋公园发出的有关这只小海豹及其滑稽照片的推送已经被转载了超过000次 7368A report released jointly on Sept. by Alibaba Alitrip and Internet finance platm Wacai showed that Chinese tourists have a true, unswerving love instant noodles.阿里巴巴集团旗下的阿里旅行和互联网融资平台挖财于9月日联合发布的报告显示,中国游客对方便面有着真实、坚定不移的热爱The report noted that up to 31.9 percent of Chinese tourists have packed instant noodles in their luggage when going abroad, and 58. percent have bought instant noodles after reaching their outbound destinations.该报告指出,去国外时,高达31.9%的中国游客会把方便面装进他们的行李箱,58.%的人在到达他们的境外目的地之后会购买方便面Contrary to expectations, this habit is not about the price - at least not primarily.与预期相反,这种习惯与价格无关--至少不是主要原因According to the report, the number one reason tourists seeking out instant noodles is that they are not accustomed to local food.据报道,游客寻找方便面的首要原因是他们不习惯当地的食物The survey showed that many Chinese tourists are not used to Western food, and instant noodles have a coveted ;familiar taste.;调查显示,很多中国游客不习惯西餐,而方便面有一种令人垂涎的;熟悉的味道;Many tourists also pack foods like laoganma chili sauce, ham, beef jerky, mustard and spiced eggs to eat with the instant noodles.很多游客还会把老干妈辣椒酱,火腿,牛肉干,榨菜和五香鸡蛋放进方便面里一起吃The second reason this trend is convenience, and its cheap price tag comes in third.这种趋势的第二个原因是方便,其低廉的标价则是第三个原因Interestingly, the report also showed that Chinese tourists love the instant noodles is correlated to age, but has nothing to do with income. Older tourists are more likely to be dependant on instant noodles.有趣的是,该报告还显示,中国游客对方便面热爱与年龄相关,但与收入无关老龄游客可能更依赖方便面The report shows that 66. percent of tourists born in 1970s pack instant noodles in their luggage, whereas the number is reduced to 53.8 percent those born in the 1980s, and 50.96 percent of the 1990s.报告显示,出生于世纪70年代的游客,有66.%会把方便面放进行李箱,然而对于那些出生于80年代的游客来说,这个数量会减少到53.8%,到了生于90年代的游客,这个数字则为50.96%Younger people can better adapt to new environments, and are more interested to try local cuisines.年轻的人可以更好地适应新环境,而且更热衷尝试当地美食But are instant noodles really a ;cheap; option - that is, an option stingy travelers? The answer is no, at least in the eyes of those who maintain a true love the snack.但是方便面真的是;便宜;的选择--也就是说,是吝啬游客的一个选择吗?是否定的,至少在那些对这种小吃保持热爱的人的眼睛里,不是About 3 percent of people who earn more than ,000 RMB per month still depend on instant noodles.月收入超过万元的人中,约3%仍依赖于方便面That figure is not significantly different from the one those earning a monthly income of less than 5,000 RMB.与那些月收入不足5000元的人相比,这个数字没有明显的不同 0198

Choose a type of insurance类型选择A: Have you taken out insurance yet on the shipment?您是否已经替这批货投保了?B: Yes, we talked about it with our underwriter, and we think that we should get a policy total loss only.是的,我们和保险公司谈过,觉得应该投保全损险A: Why TLO? That only helps if the goods are destoryed, or damaged so badly that they cant be used.为何要投全损险?这种险只有在货物全毁或破损到不能使用的情况下才有用啊B: We have shipped a lot of goods. We think TLO is the best policy shipment. Trust us, please.我们出过很多货,我们觉得全损险对这批货是最合适的请相信我们A: OK, well trust you this time.好吧,这次就听你们的B: Thanks, there is really no need to worry. Our company has never lost money because of under insurance. Your shipment is secure.谢谢真的不用担心我们公司从来没有因为不足额保险而造成损失过您的货不会有问题的 1873

Most couples hope it wont rain on their big day, and they certainly dont expect the worst flooding in decades.大多数情侣都不希望大喜的日子赶上下雨,更别提是几十年来最大的洪水了But that exactly what happened two unlucky couples in Cumbria this weekend, who tied the knot despite unprecedented scenes which saw homes, cars and roads submerged in rising flood waters.上周末,两对儿来自(英国)坎布里亚郡的新人却不幸在大喜的日子赶上了“前所未有”的洪灾尽管上涨的洪水淹没了房子、汽车和道路,他们还是决定喜结连理As the soon-to-be wed couples prepared to exchange their vows, guests could be seen battling heavy downpours and high winds as they scrambled to get inside the respective venues.当新人们准备交换结婚誓词时,嘉宾们则迎着倾盆大雨和呼啸狂风,赶往各自要去的婚礼现场And determined wedding photographer Tiree Dawson was on hand to capture every moment of both of the couples big days – right down to the wellington boots they needed to avoid the .5 inches of floodwater.婚礼摄影师提瑞·道森可是已经坐定了,随时准备捕捉两对儿新人的每个精瞬间面对.5英寸(约.9厘米)深的洪水,新人们都穿上了长筒雨靴Ms Dawson, 37, a wedding photographer from Crosthwaite, outside Kendal, waded through freezing waist-deep water to make the first of her Lake District nuptials on Saturday, bee hitching a lift in a tractor to get to Sunday ceremony.道森女士今年37岁,来自肯德尔郊区的科罗斯维特月5日当天,她从及腰的冰冷洪水中蹚过,第一个赶到位于湖区的婚礼现场之后,她又搭了一辆拖拉机的顺风车,赶到6日的一场婚礼But the photographer of six years was rewarded with stunning shots of bedraggled guests arriving and romantic photographs of one set of newlyweds kissing in a flooded road in their wellies.但所有这些付出都是值得的,这位从业六年的摄影师在婚礼上拍出了许多惊艳的照片:有浑身湿泥的嘉宾照,还有一组新娘新郎脚穿长筒雨靴、在洪水路上亲吻的浪漫美照She said: In the midst of Storm Desmond, the Lake District was hosting a huge number of weddings - I had two weddings to shoot over the weekend and it was a challenge to say the least.她说:“在‘德斯蒙德风暴’期间,湖区举办了好几场婚礼周末我就负责了湖区两场婚礼的拍摄工作,毫不夸张地说,这可真是个挑战”I am Cumbrian born and bred and so sad about what has happened to our lovely county.“我在坎布里亚郡出生、成长,面对洪水给这座可爱的城镇带来的破坏,我深感痛心”It would mean the world to me to get word out there about some of the positive stories from the weekend - amazingly dedicated small businesses who have well and truly gone the extra mile to make sure couples had their special day no matter what.“我觉得我有必要把周末发生的这些正能量故事告诉大家:承担了婚礼各个事项的小商家都格外尽责——他们不惜多费周折、竭尽一切所能,确保新人们如期举办婚礼”On Saturday morning, Ms Dawson borrowed a jeep to get part-way to the wedding of Megan Dockerty, 5, and 3-year-old Bryn Dilworth after Storm Desmond brought widesp flooding devastation.5日,德斯蒙德风暴刚过,到处被淹,正值5岁的梅根·道科提和3岁的布莱恩·迪尔沃斯要举办婚礼当天早上,道森女士借了一辆吉普车赶往婚礼现场Road closures meant she was ced to abandon the jeep and she ended up wading through waist-deep flood water with her camera kit wrapped in three bin liners as she desperately tried to get to Merewood Country House Hotel in Windermere on time.然而,封锁的道路让她不得不放弃驱车前行为了能时到达位于温德米尔的梅尔伍德乡村酒店,不顾一切的她只好背起裹了三层垃圾袋的相机包,蹚过及腰的冰冷洪水,继续前行The registrar also waded to the ceremony, making it there two hours late, but there was no dancefloor, no DJ and no photo booth as businesses were unable to attend.婚礼登记员也是涉水到达的婚礼现场,只不过迟到了两小时婚礼现场没有舞池、没有DJ,也没有照相亭,因为负责的商家无法到场Ms Dawson was unable to get home and there were no rooms available in the hotel due to stranded guests needing them so she slept in the basement on three chairs.当晚,道森女士回不去家,旅馆也都住满了困在这里的旅客,所以她只好睡在地下室的三张椅子上The mother-of-two said: I knew I would get there no matter what - to me there was never any other option.这位有两个孩子的母亲说道:“我知道不管怎样我都要赶过去,我觉得没有别的选择”We somehow got through that wedding, the whole thing was so terrifying - there was a crisis room - but of course the show went on in great style and the party was to die .“不管怎样,我们走完了婚礼全程,虽然过程有点可怕——婚礼还设了一个危机避难屋但整个仪式还是圆满地进行了,很有格调,宴客也很成功”The following morning, Ms Dawson made her way from Windermere to The Wild Boar in Crook, outside Kendal, the nuptials of 9-year-old Hayley Caunce and Jamie Traynor, 31, from Ormskirk, Lancashire.第二天早上,道森女士要从温德米尔赶到肯德尔郊区库里克的“野猪酒店”,因为9岁的海莉·康斯和3岁的杰米·特雷纳要在那里举办婚礼,两人来自兰开夏郡奥姆斯柯克She managed to source a back-up hairdresser and an emergency wedding cake and, after appealing on Facebook, even found a tractor to take her to the venue warm and dry.她想方设法找到了一位备用美发师,还急忙弄到了一个婚礼蛋糕,在脸书上求助后,又搭了一个拖拉机的顺风车,舒舒地到达了现场The registrars the ceremony managed to hitch to the venue in a Land Rover, and the cake even received a police escort.婚礼的登记员也设法搭了一辆路虎抵达婚礼现场,而蛋糕则是由警察护送过来的Outdoor-loving Jamie and Hayley had brought along their welly boots and, after they had tied the knot, Ms Dawson persuaded them to pose in the middle of a flooded road.热爱户外运动的新人杰米和海莉一直都随身带着长筒雨靴在他们办完仪式后,道森女士还劝了他们在一段被洪水淹没的路中间拍了照片She said: There was no point trying to hide the weather - we had to make the most of the conditions.她说:“隐瞒天气一点意义都没有,我们应该好好利用这个意外状况”I do 80 weddings a year and you see all sorts of different things, but this is definitely one of the most memorable weekends ever.“我一年要拍80场婚礼,能看到各种不同的状况,但这周末绝对是最让人记忆深刻的”The loveliest thing about the whole experience was how everybody worked together.“整个过程中最美好的就是人与人之间的合作”It shows how much everybody in the industry cares about the couples they work , and would do anything to get to their weddings.“这展现了婚礼行业的人对顾客是多么的重视,他们无论如何也要赶到现场” 8

;Half a bed rent. Seriously!; s an online post with a picture of a big orange bed.最近,网上一条配有一张橙色大床照片的出租广告这样写道:“出租半张床!我是认真的!”The lessor is Xiao Ying, a post-90s girl from East China Zhejiang province. She moved to a strange city this year after quitting her job in Thailand.出租人名叫小樱,是中国东部浙江省的一名90后女孩在辞掉泰国的工作之后,今年她搬到了一个陌生的城市Asked the reason renting out half of her bed, she replied: ; joy, amid a busy life.;当被问到为什么要出租半张床的时候,她回答说:“为了在繁忙的生活中多出一份乐趣”Each time a potential renter was coming to see the apartment, Xiao Ying and her pet dog HeiHei waited to greet the person on the street outside.每一次当有潜在的租户要来看房时,小樱都会和她的宠物黑黑到房外的街上迎接The experience of living abroad alone has made Xiao Ying mature her age. ;I believe in kindness between strangers,; she explains.在国外独自一人居住的经历使得小樱在她这个年纪就已经很成熟了她解释说道:“我相信陌生人之间的善意”To Xiao Ying surprise, her first ;bedmate;, alias UU, came to live with her without bothering to check out the apartment beehand.让小樱大吃一惊的是,她的第一个“床友”UU连房都不看就直接搬来和她住了On their first evening together, the two girls had a big celebration dinner. ;Now, the apartment is as lively as a student dorm,; said Xiao Ying, grinning with delight.在“同居”的第一个晚上,两个姑娘办了一个盛大的庆祝晚宴小樱高兴地说道:“现在这间公寓就像学生宿舍一样热闹了!”The two girls get on well with each other just like old friends.这两个子就像多年老友一样,相处得很好;My whim has become reality. This is unbelievable,; said Xiao Ying. She considers friendship between girls the most intimate and enjoyable relationship in the world.小樱说道:“我的幻想变成了现实,简直令人难以置信!”她认为女孩子之间的友谊是全世界最亲密、最愉悦的关系 55

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