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One day, the father lets eight year-old son send a letter, the son took the letter , the father then remembered didn’t write the address and addressee‘s name on the envelope.有一天,父亲让八岁的儿子去寄一封信,儿子已经拿着信跑了,父亲才想起信封上没写地址和收信人的名字。After the son comes back, the father asks him: “You have thrown the letter in the mail box?”儿子回来后,父亲问他:“你把信丢进邮筒了吗?”“Certainly”http://mag.e-say.com.cn/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/笑话2.jpg“当然”“You have not seen on the envelope not to write the address and the addressee name?”“你没看见信封上没有写地址和收信人名字吗?”“I certainly saw nothing written on the envelope.”“我当然看见信封上什么也没写”“Then why you didn’t take it back?”“那你为什么不拿回来呢?”“I also thought that you do not write the address and the addressee, is for does not want to let me know that you do send the letter to who!”“我还以为你不写地址和收信人,是为了不想让我知道你把信寄给谁呢!” /201311/262931

Posting snapshots of what#39;s for dinner is a favorite pastime of social-media users, but making dishes appear as delicious as they taste is an elusive skill.把晚餐照片发到网上,是社交媒体用户喜欢的一项消遣活动,但让菜肴看上去和尝起来一样美味,却是一项不太好把握的技能。With a few professional tweaks, though, amateur food photographers can give their smartphone-captured meals a major upgrade. Austin, Texas-based food photographer Jody Horton believes nearly any dish can make for a pretty picture -- extensive food styling not required. Items ranging from pecan pralines to barbecue have taken center stage in Mr. Horton#39;s work for publications such as Texas Monthly and Southern Living.但是,经过几条专业点拨,业余美食摄影师也可以让他们用智能手机拍摄的美食照跃升一个档次。得克萨斯州奥斯汀美食摄影师乔迪·霍顿(Jody Horton)认为,几乎任何菜肴都可以拍出一张漂亮的照片,同时还不需要做很多的食物造型工作。在霍顿为《得州月刊》(Texas Monthly)、《南方生活》(Southern Living)等刊物拍摄的作品当中,从山核桃果仁糖到烧烤,各种美食都曾占据中心舞台。First of all, when taking food snapshots, he says, #39;Don#39;t overthink it.#39; The result should look natural.首先他说,在拍美食照的时候“不要想太多”。拍出来的照片应当显得自然。While stressing out about perfect plating is unnecessary, Mr. Horton does pay attention to the plate itself. #39;You want to be sure that the food will separate from the surface on which it#39;s sitting,#39; he said, so a red apple on a red plate likely won#39;t photograph well. Consider creating a contrast between the plate and the table, such as white china on a dark wood surface, as well.虽然强调完美造型是没必要的,霍顿还是很注意盘子。他说,“要确保食物与承托它的表面是分开的”,所以红盘子上放一个红苹果拍出来的效果很可能就不是很好。也要考虑在碗碟和桌子之间形成反差,比如把白色瓷盘放在深色木质表面上。But if that#39;s not possible, a white plate on a white surface almost always works. In a pinch, placing a white plate on a white napkin or paper towel allows the food to #39;become the star,#39; Mr. Horton says.但如果办不到,白色表面上放白色盘子几乎总是可行的。霍顿说,万不得已的情况下,将白色盘子放在白色餐巾或纸巾上面可以让食物“成为主演”。Good lighting is key. Natural light that comes from behind the food is best, he says, so Mr. Horton turns off indoor lights and the camera#39;s flash, and he places the plate in front of a window that provides indirect sunlight.良好的用光是关键。霍顿说,从食物背后照过来的自然光是最好的,所以他会关掉室内灯光和相机的闪光灯,把盘子放在一扇有非直射日光照进来的窗户前面。If it#39;s after dark or natural light is unavailable, he suggests making sure only one type of light is on -- not both a halogen lamp and a fluorescent overhead light, for instance -- and that the artificial light comes from behind the food, if possible.如果是在天黑以后或者没有自然光的条件下拍摄,他建议确保只有一种光源开启(比如不能让卤素灯泡和荧光顶灯同时打开),而且在可行的情况下,这种人工光线也要从食物背后照过来。Restaurants, unfortunately, are inherently difficult spots to shoot food. When taking professional pictures, Mr. Horton usually moves the entire table to the desired light, an option not available to the average diner. But candlelight placed just out of the shot can add nice texture, even if it might take a few tries to find the best candle placement.可惜餐馆天生不是方便拍摄美食的地方。在拍摄专业照片的时候,霍顿一般会把整张桌子搬到理想光照环境中,而普通餐馆都不具备这个条件。但刚好在画面范围之外的烛光可以增添不错的质感,即便可能要试几次才能找到放置蜡烛的最佳位置。The most fail-safe angle for taking a food picture is from directly above, with only the food in the frame, Mr. Horton says. That way, the picture taker doesn#39;t have to worry about a distracting background.霍顿说,拍摄美食照片最保险的角度还是直接从上往下拍,且画面范围内只有食品。这样拍照的人就不必担心背景喧宾夺主。When shooting from overhead, it#39;s helpful to hold a piece of paper out of the frame but opposite your light source to bounce light back toward the food.在从顶头拍摄的时候,可以在画面范围之外逆着光线照过来的方向举一张纸,把光线反射到食物上面,这样也是有帮助的。Those who want a little ambiance in their photos should consider taking their smartphone camera even higher by standing on a chair. #39;Something that I do a lot that people find really compelling is overhead table shots,#39; Mr. Horton says, adding that they bring in the layout of the table, while still allowing the lighting to be fairly simple. Plus, he says, #39;you don#39;t have to worry about people closing their eyes or having weird expressions.#39;如果想在照片中加入一点气氛,那么就应该考虑站在椅子上,把手机举得再高一些。霍顿说:“我经常拍、大家又非常佩的一类,是从上方拍摄的桌子的照片。”他还说,这样的照片会显现出桌面的布局,同时又使用光能够比较简单。另外他还说,“你不必担心人们闭上眼睛或露出奇怪的表情”。Certain types of food can be especially hard to photograph well. Foods in #39;bland#39; colors can be problematic, as well as casseroles, because it can be hard to tell what they are. Drinks are challenging because glass is so reflective, and they have a shorter #39;shelf life,#39; with melting ice and wilting garnishes. (One tip: Light them well.)某些种类的食物有时候特别难拍。色“平淡的”食物以及焙盘都有可能不好处理,因为有可能很难分辨出是什么东西。饮料的拍摄是一种挑战,因为杯子太反光,且饮料的“保质期”更短,冰块会融化,装饰品会发蔫。(一条建议:把光线用好。)Food photography can be about much more than the final product on the plate. #39;Some of the most interesting moments happen during preparation,#39; says Mr. Horton.美食摄影涉及的东西可能远远不止于盘子上的成品。霍顿说:“有些最有意思的时刻是在制作的过程中。”Something like fried chicken waiting at the table in a brown paper bag, grease spots included, can provide the opportunity to tell a story in a single photo, he says. #39;It suggests more before it, and you know more is coming after it.#39;他说,有些摄影作品可以用单幅照片讲出一个故事,比如桌子上静静地放着褐色纸袋包装的炸鸡,油脂形成的斑点都可以看到。“它说明之前发生过一些事,你也知道之后还会发生一些事。” /201402/275963




  Like many 12-year-old girls, McKenzie Carey loves to dance. And though McKenzie has a rare genetic disease that keeps her in a wheelchair, she has a devoted dance partner in her father, who#39;s waltzed her through many local pageants.和许多12岁女孩一样,麦肯齐·凯利热爱跳舞。尽管麦肯齐因身患罕见的基因疾病而无法离开轮椅,但她忠诚的舞伴——她的父亲还是带她在本地的许多舞蹈比赛上跳起华尔兹。McKenzie has mitochondrial disease, a debilitating condition that deprives the body of energy and damages cells in the heart, liver, skeletal muscles, respiratory systems and brain.麦肯齐患有线粒体疾病,这种疾病会让人丧失大量能量,并损伤心脏、肝脏、骨骼肌、呼吸系统和大脑等部位的细胞,从而使人衰弱。#39;Dancing with daddy makes her feel like she’s on top of the world,#39; her father, Mike Carey, told Today.com.她的父亲麦克·凯利告诉Today.com:“和爸爸一起跳舞让她觉得无比幸福。”#39;Pageants give her the same opportunity as other children and show people that she can accomplish anything with a little bit of help,#39; her mother, Tammy Carey, added. #39;I just want the judges to look at her, not her wheelchair.#39;“舞蹈比赛给了她和其他孩子同样的机会,让她能够在人们面前展示:只要一点点帮助,她就能完成任何事。” 她的母亲塔米·凯利补充道,“我只希望裁判们能看她,而不是她的轮椅。”Ms Carey began entering McKenzie in pageants when she was five but it wasn#39;t until 2010 that her father began joining her onstage.凯利夫人在麦肯齐5岁的时候开始替她报名参加舞蹈比赛。2010年起,麦肯齐的父亲开始和她一起在舞台上跳舞。#39;My wife was sitting in the audience and was so stressed about McKenzie, so I decided to do something a little crazy,#39; Mr Carey told Today.com.凯利先生告诉Today.com:“我太太和观众坐在一起,因为麦肯齐而非常紧张。因此我决定做件有点疯狂的事。”#39;I took McKenzie up on stage and did a wheelie with her wheelchair. Then I spun her around, picked her up and started doing a freestyle dance. The crowd went wild and gave us a standing ovation!#39;“我带着麦肯齐走上舞台,用她的轮椅做了一个抬头特技(类似托车抬起前轮)。接着我旋转她,抱起她,跳起自由式舞蹈。观众们变得疯狂起来,为我们起立鼓掌。”McKenzie has competed in more than 100 pageants, and won about 20. The family is currently preparing for a national pageant in Nebraska.麦肯齐参加了100多场舞蹈比赛,赢了大约20场。凯利一家现在正在准备在内布拉斯加州举行的一场全国比赛。#39;If I get one person [inspired], it made the whole song and whole thing worthwhile,#39; Mr Carey told ANews.com. #39;It’s like an unspoken message. This dance is alike an unspoken testimony and shows bond and love between a father and daughter.#39;“如果我能让一个人感动,那整首歌整件事就是值得的”,凯利先生告诉ANews.com,“这就像无声的讯息。这舞是父女间爱与牵绊的无声宣言。”The Careys have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for McKenzie#39;s medical treatments, and have aly seen ,000 donated to the cause.凯利一家制做了GoFundMe网页来为麦肯齐的治疗募捐。目前已收到8万6千美元的捐赠。#39;As a mother of a special needs child, there is nothing I won#39;t do to help improve my daughter#39;s quality of life,#39; Ms Carey wrote on the fundraising site.“做为一名有特殊需要的儿童的母亲,为了改善我女儿的生活质量,没有什么是我不能做的,”凯利夫人在募捐网站上写道。#39;She is such an inspiration to everyone she meets.#39;“她感动了每一个见到她的人。” /201407/309302

  An American friend living in Beijing oncesaid she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of astring of numbers, such as 62718298454@163.com. This made sense to me at thetime—why make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But Isoon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based communications wouldmean cutting off just about every single Chinese person I knew.我一位住在北京的美国女性朋友说过她拒绝接收任何带数字的电子邮箱地址,(urlmailto:比如62718298454@163.com)比如62718298454@163.com(/ur)。当时我也是这么认为的——为什么要把电子邮箱地址搞得和电话号码一样难记呢?但是我很快就意识到如果不接受中国人的这种习惯,那么你根本无法与任何中国人交流。In the U.S., you really only have toremember two long numbers, ever: Your phone number and your Social Securitynumber. In China, you’re constantly barraged by digits: QQ numbers (QQ isChina#39;s most popular chat service), email addresses, and even URLs. Forexample, the massive online retailer Jingdong Mall is at jd.com or, if thattakes too long to type, 3.cn. Check out 4399.com to seeone of China’s first and largest online gaming websites. Buy and sell used carsat 92.com. Want to purchase train tickets? It’s as easy as 12306.cn.在美国,你只需记住两串长号码,分别是你自己的电话号码以及你的社保号码。在中国,你需要记住的数字号码真是太多了:QQ号码(QQ是中国最著名的聊天工具),电子邮箱号码,甚至是网站网址。举个例子,京东的网址是jd.com,或者如果你觉得太长的话,直接输入3.cn就可以。4399是中国首个也是最大的在线游戏网站。92.com是二手车买卖网站。想购买火车票吗,那就直接输入12306.cn。Why the preference for digits over letters?It mostly has to do with ease of memorization. To a native English-speaker,remembering a long string of digits might seem harder than memorizing a word.But that#39;s if you understand the word. For many Chinese, numbers are easier toremember than Latin characters. Sure, Chinese children learn the pinyin systemthat uses the Roman alphabet to spell out Mandarin words (for example, the wordfor ;Internet;, is spelled wangluo in pinyin). And yes, Arabic numerals (1-2-3)are technically just as much a foreign import as the Roman alphabet (A-B-C).But most Chinese are more familiar with numbers than letters, especially thosewho didn’t go to college. To many, ;Hotmail.com; might as well beCyrillic.为什么中国更喜欢数字,而不是字母呢?这与记忆相关。对于英语为母语者的人来说,记住一长串的数字比记住一个单词要难得多。当然,首先你要对这个单词熟悉。而对于许多中国人来说,记住数字比记住拉丁字母要容易。当然,中国的小孩使用罗马字母的拼音来学习汉语单词(比如,中文中的“网络”,拼音就是wangluo)。当然,阿拉伯数字(1,2,3)和罗马字母一样也是舶来品。但是大多数中国人更熟悉阿拉伯数字而非罗马字母,特别是那些没接受过高等教育的中国人。对于许多中国人来说,Hotmail.com就如同斯拉夫字母一样难懂。The digits in a domain name usually aren#39;trandom. The Internet company NetEase uses the web address 163.com—a throwbackto the days of dial-up when Chinese Internet users had to enter 163 to getonline. The phone companies China Telecom and China Unicom simplyreappropriated their well-known customer service numbers as domain names, 10086.cnand 10010.cn, respectively.网址中的数字通常来说并不是随机挑选的。网易的网址是163.com,这可以追溯到以前的中国网民上网时都得先拨163才能连上网络。而中国移动和中国联通干脆用自己的热线电话来做网址,10086.cn 和 10010.cn。Digits are even more convenient when youconsider that the words for numbers are homophones for other words. The URL forthe massive e-commerce site Alibaba, for example, is 1688.com,pronounced ;yow-leeyoh-ba-ba;—close enough! Those digits can just as often haveindividual meanings. The sharing site 6.cn works because the word for ;six; is a near-homophone forthe word “to stream.” The number five is pronounced wu, which sounds like wo,which means ;I;. The number one is pronounced yao, whichwith a different tone means ;want;. So the job-hunting site 51job.com sounds alot like “I want a job.” Likewise, to order McDonald#39;s delivery online, just goto 4008-517-517.com, the ;517; of which sounds a bit like ;I want to eat;. (AnEnglish equivalent might be the oldradio jingle, “How many cookies did Andrew eat? Andrew 8-8000.”)数字的另外一个好处是可以用来做同音异形异意字。比如阿里巴巴,其网站就是1688.com,在音调上非常相似。还有视频分享网站6.cn,其中的6发音相当于流量的“流”。5就是我,1就是幺,还可以是“要”的意思。所以求职网站51job.com听起来就像“我要工作”。还有麦当劳的订餐热线,4008-517-517.com,517读起来就像“我要吃”。This kind of number-language has become aninfinitely malleable shorthand among Chinese web users: 1 means ;want;, 2 means;love;, 4 means ;dead” or ;world; or is, ;5 ;means ;I;,7 means ;wife; or;eat;, 8 means ;get rich; or ;not;, and 9 means ;long time; or ;alcohol;.Thenumbers 5201314, for example, mean 我爱你一生一世,or “I will love you forever”; 0748 means “go die”; and 687 means;I#39;m sorry;. (See herefor more examples.) Chinese has plenty of other number-based slang, such aserbaiwu, or ;250;,which means ;idiot;, or ;38;, pronounced sanba, which means;bitch;. And of course there’s the association of certain numbers with good orbad luck, and the subsequent demand for addresses and phone numbers with lotsof 8s (;get rich;) and minimal 4s (;die;). Back in 2003, a Chinese airline paid 0,000for the phone number 88888888.这种数字语言在中国网民中的应用可以说是屡试不爽(1就是要,2就是爱,4就是死或者世或者是,5就是我,7就是妻子或者吃,8就是发或者罢了,9就是长久或者酒精。比如5201314,就是我爱你一生一世;0748就是你去死吧;687是对不起的意思。中国还存在其他一些数字俚语,比如250代表白痴,38代表三八,4是最少使用的。2003年,中国一航空公司花重金28万美元买下88888888这个电话号码。Why don#39;t Chinese web addresses just useMandarin characters? Because that’s a pain, too. The Internet Corporation forAssigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which sets the rules for web addressesglobally, has periodicallyhypedthe expansion of domain names to include non-Latinate scripts, but Chinese websites have yet to take full advantage. Some devices require a special plug-into type in Chinese URLs, and even then it takes longer to type or write outcharacters than to input a few digits. Plus, for web sites that want to expandinternationally but don’t want to alienate foreign audiences with unfamiliarcharacters, numbers are a decent compromise.为什么中国网址中不直接使用汉语呢?因为这对中国人来说简直是一种痛。为全球网站地址设置规则的是互联网名称与数字地址分配机构,该机构定期的进行域名扩张,以涵盖更多的非拉丁文本,但是中国的网站并不能充分的享受到这种好处。一些设备需要特殊的插件才能输入中文的网址,即使能够输入中文,其速度也比直接输入数字来得慢。此外,如果某些网站想打入国际市场,那么就不宜使用中文,所以数字就是个很好的选择。Still, the numbers/letters divide isemblematic of the Internet#39;s built-in bias: Even more than two decades afterits birth, it#39;s still a fundamentally American system. (Sorry, Tim Berners-Lee.) ICANNis an American non-profit corporation, though the U.S. recently agreedto hand it over to a ;global multi-stakeholder community; in 2015. ASCII, thecharacter-encoding scheme that was long used on most web pages, is short forthe ;American Standard Code for Information Interchange.; In 2012, the edStates refusedto sign an international telecommunications treaty, supported by bothRussia and China, that would shift the Internet away from its currentU.S.-centric form of governance. In other words, the structure of the Internetis a constant reminder of American digital hegemony, from WiFi standards toGPS. Even the ;.cn; at the end of Chinese URLs comes from the English word forChina, not the Chinese word for China. You can’t blame other countries forwanting to tell the American 250s to 0748.然而,数字与字母的分别实在是因特网固有偏见的象征:即使因特网诞生20多年后的今天,其本质上依然是美国的系统(蒂姆·伯纳斯-李乃互联网发明者)。虽然美国同意在2015年将该机构交给一家全球多方利益相关组织管理,但互联网名称与数字地址分配机构依然是美国的一家非营利性公司。长期以来大多数网页上所使用的都是美国信息交换标准码——一种字符编码方案。2012年,美国拒绝签署一项受俄罗斯和中国持的国际通讯协议,该协议的目的是使互联网摆脱以美国为中心的管理架构。换句说话,目前的互联网结构总会让人想起美国的数字霸权,从WiFi标准到GPS。甚至中国网址末尾中的.cn都是“中国”的英文缩写,而非中文。所以难怪其他国家会用0748来骂美国250们。 /201407/312902Women search high and low for a truly great guy. When I was in my teens, I thought I could have it all: the guy with the model looks, fabulous family, fantastic job, who knows his purpose in life and knows to automatically rub my feet when I get home from work.女人总是寻寻觅觅,期待遇到完美的白马王子。年轻时我就以为自己可以拥有一切:那个男人相貌英俊、家境殷实、工作体面;他不仅清楚自己的人生目标,还懂得在我下班回家后对我倍加呵护。Obviously, I had a quick wake-up call that the fairy tale I dreamed of didn’t exist! That didn’t mean I couldn’t have what I wanted, it just meant I had to reevaluate some of the qualities that I wanted my partner to have. Here are seven of the most important qualities women find attractive in men:显然,我很快被敲了一记警钟,意识到这种童话根本就不存在!当然,这并不表示我无法拥有自己渴望的东西,只是说明我应该重新考虑对另一半品质的期许。下面就是女人认为男人最有魅力的七大特质: /201403/280476


  PRETORIA, South Africa — The trial in the case of the Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius abruptly adjourned Thursday with one charge of unlawful homicide against him still pending.南非比勒陀利亚——残奥会运动员奥斯卡·皮斯托瑞斯(Oscar Pistorius)案子的审理周四突然休庭,对他的一项起诉:非法杀人罪仍悬而未决。The judge, Thokozile Matilda Masipa, had earlier cleared Mr. Pistorius of the gravest murder charges against him.法官科齐尔·玛蒂尔达·马西珀(Thokozile Matilda Masipa)在休庭前驳回了对皮斯托瑞斯的最严重的谋杀指控。Then, after a lunch break, Judge Masipa added to the courtroom tension when she adjourned the case until Friday morning, saying that Mr. Pistorius “acted too hastily,” “used excessive force” and had been negligent in his conduct. Her decision to suspend the hearings was not explained. “We’ll have to stop here,” she said, “and resume tomorrow morning.”午餐时间过后,法官马西珀宣布休庭至周五上午,增添了法庭上的紧张气氛,她说,皮斯托瑞斯“行动过于仓促”,“过度使用武力”,他的行为造成了过失。她没有解释自己临时休庭的决定。她说,“我们需要就此停止。明天上午复庭。”Earlier, calmly and coolly taking up piece after piece of evidence, dismissing some, discounting others, offering practical interpretations of still more, Judge Masipa said that although Mr. Pistorius made a poor and evasive witness, she found large parts of his story credible. Most significantly, she said it seemed — or at least that the prosecution had been unable to prove otherwise — that when he shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 29, through a bathroom door in February 2013, Mr. Pistorius genuinely believed that intruders had broken into his home and were hiding in the bathroom at the time.此前,马西珀法官曾沉着、冷静地逐一考虑了条条据,摒弃了一些,认为另一些不可信,对剩下的一些做出了切实的解释,她说,尽管皮斯托瑞斯作为人的表现不佳,且含糊其辞,但她认为他的说法大部分可信。她说,最重要的,是有关2013年2月皮斯托瑞斯通过卫生间门射死了他的女友、29岁的瑞瓦·史汀坎普(Reeva Steenkamp)的部分,看来皮斯托瑞斯真实地认为入侵者闯入了他的家,并且躲藏在卫生间里,至少检方未能明不是那样。Sitting in a wooden dock in a dark suit, white shirt and black tie, Mr. Pistorius slumped forward and sobbed as the judge spoke.皮斯托瑞斯身穿深色西装和白衬衫,打着黑色领带,坐在木制的被告席上,他听法官讲话时,身体前倾,还低声啜泣。There are no jury trials in South Africa, so it has been left to Judge Masipa, with the help of two aides, to render the verdict on her own. According to normal procedures in the country, the judgment includes a summation of the facts, an analysis of the evidence, and then the announcement of the verdict, charge after charge. The judge is spending the day ing her verdict to the court.南非没有陪审团审判制度,所以判决全部由法官马西珀一个人在两名助手的帮助下来做。在该国审判的正常程序下,判决的内容包括总结事实、分析据,然后对指控逐条宣布判决。法官在花一天的时间在法庭上宣读她的裁定。Judge Masipa also dismissed out of hand large portions of the prosecution’s evidence, in particular the testimony of neighbors who said they had heard the sounds of a man and woman arguing in Mr. Pistorius’s house before the shots were fired. And she said that prosecution evidence culled from WhatsApp text messages and meant to demonstrate that Mr. Pistorius and Ms. Steenkamp’s relationship was “on the rocks,” as she put it, could not be considered relevant. Nor, she said, could seemingly contradictory text-message evidence from the defense meant to show that the couple had a loving relationship be helpful in reaching a verdict.马西珀法官还不假思索地摒弃了检控方据的大部分,特别是那些邻居们的词,他们说在开之前,听到了皮斯托瑞斯住所中一个男人和一个女人在争吵。她说,检控方从WhatsApp短信中挑选出来的、旨在明皮斯托瑞斯与史汀坎普的关系“濒于破裂”(用她的话来说)的据,不能被认为是相关的。她还说,辩护律师提供的看似矛盾的、旨在显示这对情侣相爱关系的短信据,对做出裁定也没有帮助。“In my view, none of this evidence, from the state or defense, proves anything, she said. “Normal relationships are dynamic and unpredictable sometimes.”她说,“在我看来,这方面的据,不论是来自国家检察官的,还是来自辩护律师的,都不能明什么。正常的两性关系多变,有时难以预料。”In being acquitted of the two harshest charges against him – premeditated murder and a lesser charge known simply as “murder” – Mr. Pistorius has possibly escaped a lengthy prison sentence. But culpable homicide, which is defined as the negligent killing of another person and is roughly comparable to involuntary manslaughter, can carry a wide range of sentences, at the discretion of the judge, from no jail time to more than 15 years in jail.由于对他的两条最严重的指控——有预谋的谋杀和只是“谋杀”的较轻罪名不成立,皮斯托瑞斯很有可能避免了长期的监狱刑。但难辞其咎的杀人罪也可能被判以不同的刑期,从不用坐牢到15年以上徒刑,由法官自行决定,该罪的定义是由于疏忽杀死他人,大致相当于过失杀人罪。The judge’s findings were delivered in a clinical appraisal of a case that has riveted South Africa, been broadcast around the globe and has been compared to the O.J. Simpson case in the ed States. Her judgment seemed a huge setback for the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, who had called for Mr. Pistorius to be convicted of murder and whose pugnacious courtroom manner earned him the nickname the Pit Bull.法官用无动于衷的评估方式宣读了对案子的裁定,该案的审理吸引了南非举国上下的关注,在世界各地播出,有人还将其比作美国的O·J·辛普森案。她的判决对检察官格里·内尔(Gerrie Nel)来说似乎是一次重大挫折,他曾呼吁判皮斯托瑞斯犯谋杀罪,他好斗的法庭表现为他赢得一个绰号:比特斗牛犬。In his version of the shooting, Mr. Pistorius, 27, said he awoke from his bed and heard what sounded like a window opening in the bathroom, making him think that an intruder had entered his home.皮斯托瑞斯现年27岁,他对射杀的描述是,他从床上醒来,听到像是卫生间窗户打开的声音,他以为入侵者进入了他的家。Then, walking on the stumps of his legs in a darkened passageway, with a handgun thrust out before him, he opened fire on a locked toilet door. Only later, he testified, did he suspect that Ms. Steenkamp was inside. When he broke down the door with a cricket bat, he said, he discovered her bloodstained body.然后,他用残肢走到一条黑暗的走道中,手拿在身前,他对锁着的卫生间门开了。他作说,只是过后,他才怀疑史汀坎普在里面。他说,当他用板球棒砸开卫生间门后,他发现了她血迹斑斑的尸体。“Before I knew it, I had fired four shots at the door,” Judge Masipa ed Mr. Pistorius as saying, as she listed the various ways he described the shooting during the trial. At times, he said he shot “in the belief that the intruders were coming out” to attack him. At other moments, he said “he never intended to shoot anyone” and had not fired purposefully at the door, the judge said. Part of Mr. Pistorius’s evidence, she said, was “inconsistent with someone who shot without thinking.”随着她列举出皮斯托瑞斯在审理过程中描述的与射杀有关的各种词,马西珀法官引用他的话说,“在我明白过来之前,我已对着门连开了4。”有的时候,他说开是因为“他认为入侵者要出来”攻击他。还有的时候,他说“他从来没有想向任何人开”,并不是有目的地对着门开,法官说。她说,皮斯托瑞斯词的有些部分“与没想就开了的说法不一致。”Ms. Steenkamp, Judge Masipa added, “was killed under very peculiar circumstances,” but “what is not conjecture is that the accused armed himself with a loaded firearm.”法官补充说,史汀坎普“在非常特殊的情况下被杀”,而且“被告用上了子弹的武装自己也不是猜想。”Nonetheless, the judge ruled, the prosecution’s evidence to support a charge of premeditated murder was “purely circumstantial.”尽管如此,法官裁定,检控方用来持有预谋谋杀的据“完全是间接的”。“The state clearly has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder,” she said. “There are not enough facts.”她说,“国家显然没有排除合理怀疑来明被告犯了故意杀人罪,没有足够的事实。” /201409/327732。

  A lost boy was found safe and sound in North Dakota this week under the protection of his beloved dog, Cooper.本周,美国北达科他州一名男孩不小心走失,但是他在自家爱犬Cooper的保护下安全回归。After 3-year-old Carson Urness went missing from his yard around 7:30 p.m. Monday, a search party of about 200 people was organized to find the child. About seven hours later, one of the volunteers spotted the golden retriever-german shepherd mix near a knoll; Carson was huddled underneath the pup. It appears the dog protected the missing boy from a thunderstorm by using his body to shield him.Carson Urness今年3岁,周一晚上7点30分左右他从自家庭院里失踪,此后一个由约200人组成的大队开始了搜寻工作。7小时后,有个志愿者在一座小丘附近发现了一条金毛和德牧的混种,而Carson正被它拥在身下。看上去这条忠在雷暴雨中用自己的身体保护了它的小主人。;You think of the worst, but then I knew Cooper was gone. If anyone was going to find him, they#39;d just have to find Cooper,; Carson#39;s mother told WDAZ-TV.“一开始我们想到了最糟糕的情况,但随后我发现Cooper也不在。如果我们想找到Carson,只要找到Cooper就行。”Carson的母亲对WDAZ电视台说。The boy and his dog were discovered about a mile away from the family#39;s Cooperstown farm. Though those on foot were called off from the search around 2 a.m. Tuesday due to heavy rain, ATV riders continued until one four-wheeler spotted the dog.男孩和是在距离自家农场一英里的地方被找到的。虽然由于周二凌晨2点左右下起了暴雨,搜寻工作被喊暂停,但还是有些志愿者开着沙滩车继续寻找,直到其中一人发现了Cooper。As Carson rode back to the family home on the ATV, Cooper reportedly followed closely behind. The 3-year-old was taken to a local hospital for evaluation but appears to be in good shape after the ordeal, thanks to his loyal dog.据报道,在人们用沙滩车将Carson载回家时,Cooper一路紧跟其后。Carson被送进一家当地医院进行检查,但是多亏有忠诚的守护,他在历经磨难后安然无恙。 /201405/297844



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