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黑龙江哈医大一院怎么预约巴彦县人民医院挂号预约April 21st, in an open sewer ditch on Zhengshang Road in Zhengzhou, a large quantity of empty medicine capsules appeared overnight, turning 300 meters of the ditch into a ;rainbow river;. Some of the capsules have aly been washed downstream, dying the river blue-green. Nearby residents stated there isn#39;t a pharmaceutical factory nearby, so perhaps the capsules were secretly manufactured in an illegal small workshop.Yesterday afternoon, village director Sun Baozhou in a telephone interview said he wasn#39;t aware of the capsules discovered in the ditch, though confirmed there is no pharmaceutical factory nearby. He said that previously there was a small pharmaceutical workshop in the village, which was dealt with months ago, and in light of the present situation might be again secretly producing capsules. ;We will again investigate the village to see whether this kind of workshop exists, and if we find it, we will immediately take care of it.; At the local police station, in the Police Affairs Office, officer Miao Yunzhan was also unaware of the capsule situation.Reporters note: at the village entrance a 360 degree webcam is installed, as for whether it is operational or not, Miao Yunzhan and Sun Baozhou both were not able to clearly say.4月22日,河南郑州市郑上路三十里铺李岗村道路两侧的排污明渠里被倾倒了大量的空心胶囊。胶囊壳绵延300余米,渠水被染成蓝绿色。4月23日,郑州市食品药品监督工作人员,赶赴现场进行调查取,并将胶囊打捞出销毁。 /201204/179904哈尔滨做无痛人流哪个医院好 According to an announcement on the website of the Ministry of Education, the main suspects involved in the leaking of answers for the English part of the 2012 national post-graduate entrance examination have been detained, the Beijing Times reported.据《京华时报》报道,教育部网站公布消息,今年研究生入学考试英语科目泄题事件,目前已抓获主要犯罪嫌疑人。The Ministry of Education also requires that exam papers are thoroughly checked for veracity and that stronger measures are enforced during the reexamination process in order to punish cheating candidates and ensure a fair and equitable admissions process.教育部要求认真核查试卷,对作弊考生严肃处理,强化复试考核,确保录取公平公正。Yuan Guiren, the Minister of Education, commented that all 1,500,000 English test papers have been comprehensively rechecked. All candidates whose papers tally with the answers exposed online as having been leaked will undergo an additional English test. If it is subsequently confirmed that these candidates have cheated, they will have their qualification rescinded and face additional punishment from the university with which they registered for the examination.教育部部长袁贵仁表示,有关部门对150多万考生的英语试卷进行了全面普查,对有与网上信息重点疑似的试卷,将会在复试时加大外语成绩测试,如果随后确认参与作弊,就会取消考试资格,并责成其学校进行处分。 /201203/174907Nearly one Spaniard in four is unemployed, according to data released yesterday, as the country’s economic and financial predicament prompted a government minister to talk of a “crisis of enormous proportions”.昨日发布的数据显示,西班牙的失业率几乎达到25%。西班牙政府的一名大臣将该国的经济和金融困境称为一场“巨大的危机”。The data from the National Statistics Institute showed 367,000 people lost their jobs in the first three months of the year. That means more than 5.6m Spaniards – or 24.4 per cent of the workforce – are unemployed, close to a record high set in 1994.西班牙国家统计局(National Statistics Institute)的数据显示,今年头三个月,有36.7万西班牙人丢掉了工作。这意味着,西班牙失业人口达到逾560万人(也就是24.4%的劳动人口),接近1994年创下的历史最高纪录。The data, which came on the heels of another sovereign credit rating downgrade, prompted José Manuel García-Margallo, foreign minister, to say that they were “terrible for everyone and terrible for the government”. He compared the European Union to the doomed liner Titanic, saying that passengers would be saved only if all worked together to find a solution.这些数据发布前不久,西班牙主权信用评级再次遭到调降。西班牙外交大臣若泽#8226;曼努埃尔#8226;加西亚-马加略(José Manuel García-Margallo)表示:“对每个人以及西班牙政府来说,(这些数据)简直糟透了。”他把欧盟(EU)比作在劫难逃的邮轮泰坦尼克号(Titanic),认为乘客们只有齐心协力找到解决方案才能得救。“Spain is undergoing a crisis of enormous proportions,” Mr García-Margallo told state radio, insisting that reforms by the centre-right government of Mariano Rajoy, prime minister, would eventually restore the economy to health.加西亚-马加略告诉西班牙国家电台:“西班牙正在经历一场巨大的危机。”他坚持认为,首相马里亚诺#8226;拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)的中右翼政府实施的改革最终会使西班牙经济恢复健康。Half of young people under 25 have no work and in more than 1.7m households no one has a job. That contrasts starkly with fellow eurozone country Germany, where unemployment is at its lowest point since east and west reunited in 1990.西班牙25岁以下年轻人中有一半没有工作,170多万个家庭全家失业。这和同为欧元区成员国的德国形成鲜明对比,德国的失业率正处于1990年东西德统一以来的最低点。The unemployment figures come amid a Europe-wide debate about whether government austerity imposed to cut budget deficits is threatening growth prospects. However, Luis de Guindos, economy minister, made it clear Madrid was not abandoning austerity and announced plans to raise value added tax next year, something the government had promised repeatedly not to do.发布上述失业数据之际,整个欧洲都在争论为削减预算赤字而实施的政府紧缩计划是否正对经济增长前景构成威胁。不过,西班牙经济大臣路易斯#8226;德金多斯(Luis de Guindos)明确表示,马德里方面没有放弃紧缩,而且宣布了明年提高增值税的计划——西班牙政府曾一再承诺不会提高增值税。Standard and Poor’s, the credit rating agency, earlier delivered another blow to Spanish confidence by cutting the country’s sovereign credit rating by two notches, predicting that a recession aly under way this year would continue into 2013.信用评级机构标准普尔(S and P)早些时候把西班牙的主权信用评级调降了两级,再次打击了人们对西班牙的信心。标普预测,西班牙今年已经开始的经济衰退将持续到2013年。The downgrade shook eurozone financial markets yesterday morning, helping to push up Italian borrowing costs in an auction of government bonds, and slightly increasing Spanish yields in the secondary market.此次降级在昨日早间对欧元区金融市场造成冲击,抬高了意大利拍卖的一批国债的借贷成本,二级市场中西班牙国债的收益率也略有上升。“The worry is that this is unlikely to be an isolated downgrade,” said Matt King, a senior strategist at Citigroup. “Investors are discovering that Italian and Spanish government bonds are not as safe as they thought.”花旗集团(Citigroup)高级策略师马特#8226;金(Matt King)表示:“人们担忧的是,这很可能不是一次孤立的降级。投资者正发现,意大利和西班牙国债并不如想象中的那般安全。”S and P’s downgrade was worrying for Spanish leaders and foreign investors because it mentioned the need to provide extra financial support for weaker banks, a problem aly highlighted earlier this week by the International Monetary Fund.此次降级之所以令西班牙领导人和外国投资者忧心忡忡,是因为标普提到西班牙必须向较为疲软的提供额外的资金援助,而国际货币基金组织(IMF)在本周早些时候就已经强调了这一问题。Analysts say a “bad bank” to take over property loans from the balance sheets of Spanish banks would probably have to be financed either by the Spanish state or by the EU itself.分析人士指出,从西班牙资产负债表中接收房地产贷款的“坏”,很可能必须要由西班牙政府或者欧盟自己来提供融资。 /201204/180166双鸭山市无痛人流一般多少钱

哈尔滨妇科医院人工流产好吗In the past few years, a new trend has been gaining popularity in China: pregnant women should wear radiation-proof clothes once they have a baby. However, scientists said these suits could be doing more harm than good.近年来,在中国国内,妇们穿防辐射的趋势蔚然成风。然而,科学家表示,穿着这些防护有时候弊大于利。Last Sunday, a CCTV program exposed that these radiation-proof clothes do not protect people from daily doses of radiation. An experiment carried out at a national leading electronic test center showed that the radiation absorption by a person wearing a radiation suit is much higher than a person without one.央视在上周日的节目中披露,防辐射其实并不能对人们受到的日常辐射起到多少防护作用。一家国内顶尖的电子检测实验室对防辐射进行了检测,结果明,穿着防护的人所吸收的辐射量反而高于未穿防护的人。A separate experiment showed that a radiation-proof suit only protects you where you#39;re covered, so radiation can still reach the body via the ends of sleeves, neckline, etc.一项独立的实验实,防辐射只能保护覆盖住的身体部位,而辐射波仍然会从衣的袖口、领口等缝隙射入。The radiation that can squeezes inside the radiation clothes gets trapped inside, accelerating absorption through the skin. Like a greenhouse, the intensity of the radiation underneath the clothes is thus increased as radiation waves bounce back and forth between skin and clothing. Without these radiation clothes, normal skin can actually reflect most radiation away from the body, absorbing only a small amount.由缝隙进入防护内部的辐射波无法反射出去,就会更快地被皮肤所吸收。这就像温室的原理一样,辐射波在皮肤和防辐射之间进行多次反射后交会叠加,反而增大了防护内的辐射强度。而如果不穿防护,正常情况下,人的皮肤能够将大部分的辐射都反射出去,只有很小的剂量会被人体吸收。Dr. Chen Qingsong, an expert on electromagnetic radiation at Guangdong Prevision and Treatment Center for Occupational Hygiene, said that electromagnetic radiation that is seen in our daily lives has a very small impact on human health.广东省职业病防治院的陈青松士是研究电磁辐射方面的专家。他介绍说,日常生活中的电磁辐射对人体的影响是微乎其微的。;National standards for electromagnetic radiation from home appliances has been set up in 1988 with a top limit of 12 volt/meter, which is far less than a western standard,; said Chen. ;If a TV, a computer, a micro-wave oven and a hairdryer are turned on at the same time, their combined radiation is still harmless to human health.;陈青松说:;我国在1988年就制定了家用电器的电磁辐射标准,规定的上限为12伏每米,远低于欧美等国家的标准。无论是电脑、电视、微波炉,还是电吹风,即使把它们全开了,叠加起来的电磁辐射对人体也不会构成伤害。;Dr. Cheng Aiping at Zhejiang Provincial People#39;s Hospital suggests that people should not use computers or mobile phones for long periods. She also recommends washing one#39;s face after using a computer, and keeping fresh air circulating inside a room. ;These measures are far more important than wearing a radiation suit,; said Cheng.浙江省人民医院的程爱萍医生建议准妈妈,打手机和用电脑的时间不要过长;使用电脑后,要及时用清水洗脸;要注意室内通风。她说:;这些措施比穿防辐射更重要。;Chen Feng, a scientist from a laboratory recommended by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct the experiments, said the garments proved effective in blocking 90 percent of electromagnetic waves coming from in front of the body -- from computers, for example -- but failed to protect people from radiation from any other direction.本次负责防护检测的实验室是由中科院所推荐的。该实验室的工程师陈峰表示,实验明,如果电脑等辐射源处于身体正前方,那么防辐射能够有效屏蔽90%的电磁辐射;然而,对于来自其他方向的辐射,防辐射却起不到良好的防护作用。;When the electromagnetic waves get inside the garment from other directions, there would be no outlets for them to be dispersed. You are actually exposed to a higher level of radiation influence (compared to others who don#39;t wear such clothes),; Chen told the TV program.陈峰在央视节目中介绍说:;当电磁辐射由其他方向进入防护内,辐射波无法反射出去;于是(与不穿防护的人相比),穿着防辐射的人反而会受到更高强度的电磁辐射。;However, in contrast to these findings, many maternity clothing producers claim their products are able to block 99.99 percent of radiation waves from electronic devices.然而,商家的说法却截然不同。许多妇制造商宣称,他们的产品能够抵挡99.99%的电子产品辐射。Despite decade-long growth and a prosperous market, China currently has no industry standard for such so-called protective clothing.这些所谓的防护已经存在了近十年,市场需求也很大;尽管如此,我国目前还没有出台相关的行业标准。 /201112/165818木兰县中医医院医生在线咨询 LOTTE SHOPPING IN TALKS TO BUY CHINESE CHAINLotte Shopping, South Korea's second-largest retailer, is in talks to buy a controlling stake in Times, the Chinese supermarket operator, to expand its presence in the world's fastest-growing major economy.Lotte's move will rival a 0m bid from Chinese retailer Wumart Stores for the Chinese supermarket chain, and comes after Times invited a number of potential bidders to review the company's operations.“We are reviewing opportunities to expand in China through mergers and acquisitions and buying Times could be one of the options,” said a Lotte spokesman.He declined to give any details, adding that no decision has been made yet.国经济复苏动力有所增强,昨日发布的数据显示,9月份进出口状况明显改善。中国上月贸易顺差也有所下降,明在经济再平衡方面取得了一定进展。但围绕中国廉价商品的贸易紧张状况依然存在。今年中国有望成为全球最大的出口国。中国表示,9月份出口同比下降15.2%,降幅低于8月份的23.4%;进口的好转更为明显,降幅由8月份的17%缩小至3.5%,说明中国的内需正在回暖。“进口明显好转,可能反映出对资本品和消费品的国内需求十分旺盛,前者是由于刺激计划中的投资,后者则是由于出人意料的消费热潮,”野村券(Nomura Securities)的孙明春表示。由于进口的回升速度快于出口,今年前9个月,中国贸易顺差收窄25%,至1350亿美元。但尽管顺差收窄,贸易紧张局面仍十分严峻。中国进口需求回升的主要受益者是大宗商品生产国,而非其主要出口市场美国和欧盟。Capital Economics的马克#8226;威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)警告,中国贸易顺差可能再度上升。他表示:“随着大宗商品收贮活动放缓,中国贸易顺差将会回升,中国目前旨在增加内需的经济再平衡努力,将面临新的审视。”奥巴马政府将于今日宣布,是否认为中国是汇率操纵国。 /200910/86749黑龙江省三院能刷医保卡

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