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Cloud computing's growing pains云计算的发轫之困Break-ins and breakdowns侵入和故障The lessons from Sony's big security lapse and Amazon's cloud-computing outage从索尼的巨大安全漏洞和亚马逊的云计算中断中汲取的教训IT COULD turn out to be the biggest breach of data privacy since the advent of the internet. Sony admitted this week that hackers had stolen personal information, possibly including credit-card details, of many of the 77m-plus users of its online-gaming and entertainment networks. The Japanese company did not admit the full extent of the potential risks to its customers until nearly a week after it had taken its PlayStation Network off air, though it insisted that it had done so as soon as it realised how serious the intrusion into its systems had been.这可能是互联网出现以来最大一宗违反数据保密的事件了。本周,索尼承认,黑客们盗走其在线游戏和网络中超过7700万用户的个人信息——很可能包括信用卡资料。在将PlayStation网络关闭近一周之后,索尼才向它的客户承认其潜在风险。尽管如此,索尼坚称,在它意识到系统被侵的严重性之后,它便做出了反应。Amazon, an American online retailer and provider of "cloud computing" services, has also suffered a lengthy breakdown at one of the giant server farms whose storage and processing facilities it rents to other companies. The two lapses, though unconnected and different in nature, have raised the question of whether customers can really trust the basic idea behind the cloud-that you can buy computing services from the internet, just like gas or water from a utility.美国网上零售商以及“云计算”务的供应商亚马逊的其中一个巨型务器场也经历了漫长的故障。这一务器场的存储器和处理设备被用来租借给其它公司。尽管两起事故并无关联且本质不同,但人们不禁要问,我们能真的能相信“云”背后的基本理念吗?——我们从互联网购买计算务就像从公用事业单位购买煤气或水那样?201105/135030。

  • Solar power太阳能The third way第三种方法A new method of making electricity from sunlight has just been tested 一种从太阳光得到能源的新方法正在尝试AT THE moment, there are two reliable ways to make electricity from sunlight. You can use a panel of solar cells to create the current directly, by liberating electrons from a semiconducting material such as silicon. Or you can concentrate the sun’s rays using mirrors, boil water with them, and employ the steam to drive a generator.到现在为止,已经有两种可行的办法从太阳光获取能量。你能够使用太阳能电池板直接获取电流,它是通过从像硅这样的半导体材料释放电子而实现的。或者你也能使用镜子聚集太阳光线来煮沸水而产生蒸汽来推动发电机运转。Both work. But both are expensive. Gang Chen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zhifeng Ren of Boston College therefore propose, in a paper in Nature Materials, an alternative. They suggest that a phenomenon called the thermoelectric effect might be used instead—and they have built a prototype to show that the idea is practical.这两种方法都能工作,但是都很昂贵。因此,麻省理工技术学院的陈刚和波士顿学院的任智丰在《自然材料》上发表论文建议用其他方法替代,他们认为,这种称为热电效应的现象可能被使用,而且他们已经建立了一个原型,明这个想法是可行的。Thermoelectric devices are not new. They are used, for example, to capture waste heat from car engines. They work because certain materials, such as bismuth telluride, generate an electrical potential difference within themselves if one part is hotter than another. That can be used to drive a current through an external circuit. 热电效应装置不是什么新东西。例如,它们已经被用来捕获汽车发动机的余热。他们能工作是因为像碲化铋这样的材料,如果在他们的一端比另一端热,那么内部会产生一个电势差,这可用于驱动外部电路中通过的电流。The reason thermoelectric materials have not, in the past, been applied successfully to the question of solar power is that to get a worthwhile current you have to have a significant temperature difference. (200C is considered a good starting point.) In a car engine, that is easy. For sunlight, however, it means concentrating the heat in some way. And if you are going to the trouble of building mirrors to do that, you might as well go down the steam-generation route, which is a much more efficient way of producing electricity. If the heat concentration could be done without all the paraphernalia of mirrors, though, thermoelectricity’s inefficiency would be offset by the cheapness of the kit. And that is the direction in which Dr Chen and Dr Ren hope they are heading.在过去,热电效应材料没有成功的应用到解决太阳能的问题的原因是你必须大的温差才能得到一个有用的电流(200℃被认为是一个开始)。在一个汽车发动机内是很容易的,但是对太阳光那意味着要采取一些办法来积聚热量。如果你要建设镜子麻烦做到这一点,那么你又会回到蒸汽时代的老路,那是产生电力的有效办法。如果在没有镜子装置的情况下能够聚集热量,那么热电效应的无效性将会通过便宜的装置来弥补。那是方向,陈士和任士也希望他们正向前行。201105/137891。
  • Robert Pattinson named one of the most powerful celebrities in the worldRobert Pattinson, the star of the Twlight film franchise, has been named one of the most powerful celebrities in the world after appearing on the Forbes list for the first time.The 24-year-old, who plays the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga films, has earned an estimated pound;11 million in the last year alone.Pattinson has been ranked 50th on the Celebrity 100 Power List, while his US girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart is at 66 with pound;7.95 million.Lady Gaga is the highest newcomer in the Forbes list, based on earnings and global exposure, and has surpassed stars like Madonna (number 10) and U2 (seven) to claim fourth place.She made pound;41 million in the last year, partly due to an 106-date world tour.Oprah Winfrey reclaimed the top spot as the most powerful celebrity with pound;208 million after last year's number one Angelina Jolie dropped to 18th position.Despite turmoil in his personal life and his professional setbacks, Tiger Woods is at number five with pound;69 million earned during the past year.James Cameron, director of the Oscar-winning film Avatar, returns to the list - this time in third place - for the first time since 1999, earning pound;139 million.Simon Cowell is the highest British earner, jumping 14 places to number 11 with pound;53 million, following his last season as a judge on American Idol.Other British celebrities on the list include Daniel Radcliffe at 82 with pound;16.5 million, Kate Moss at 91 with pound;5.95 million, and David Beckham at 36 with pound;29.1 million from June to June 2010.The top 100 earned pound;3.11 billion collectively during the past year, up from pound;2.7 billion the previous year.Forbes' Celebrity Power ranking is a measurement of entertainment-related earnings over the past 12 months as well as visibility in print, TV, radio and online.Forbes' Celebrity 100 Power List Top Ten:1. Oprah Winfrey - pound;208 million2. Beyonce Knowles - pound;57 million3. James Cameron - pound;139 million4. Lady Gaga - pound;41 million)5. Tiger Woods - pound;69 million6. Britney Spears - pound;42 million7. U2 - pound;86 million8. Sandra Bullock - pound;37 million9. Johnny Depp - pound;49 million10. Madonna - pound;38 millionVocabulary:turmoil:a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance; tumult; agitation; disquiet(混乱,动荡)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/107899。
  • "No English, no job" for some Japanese office workersIn a bid to plug dwindling domestic consumption by tapping into overseas markets, some of Japan's big-name retailers are telling their employees to start speaking English -- or find another job.As Japan's population shrinks, the country's retailers are increasingly looking to boost sales by expanding abroad and some firms are waking up to the necessity of being able to speak the global language of business in order to succeed overseas.Rakuten, Japan's biggest online retailer, plans to make English the firm's official language, while Fast Retailing, operator of the Uniqlo apparel chain, wants to make English more common in its offices by 2012 and plans to test its employees for proficiency."It's about stopping being a Japanese company. We will become a world company," Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said last week at a news conference in Tokyo -- conducted almost entirely in English.Employees at Rakuten, which hopes overseas sales will eventually account for 70 percent of all transactions made through its websites, will need to master English by 2012 to avoid facing the sack."No English, no job," Mikitani told the Asahi newspaper.Other high-profile Japanese companies, including automakers Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor, have announced moves to make the use of English more common in the workplace.Some experts say the switch to English is healthy but just one of the changes companies need to make to go global."What's interesting is that these companies really stand out as pioneers," Jeff Kingston, director of Asian Studies at Temple University's Japan campus."They have a relatively new outlook. They realize that Japan is going to need to strike into foreign markets given the dormant state of its economy," he said.Vocabulary:plug: to fill a hole with a substance or piece of material that fits tightly into it 堵塞;封堵dwindle: to become gradually less or smaller (逐渐)减少,变小,缩小tap into: 打入(市场),开拓生意wake up to: become aware of 意识到;认识到apparel: clothing, when it is being sold in shops/stores (商店出售的)衣,装proficiency: skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity 精通;熟练get the sack: 被解雇;被开除dormant: not active or growing now but able to become active or to grow in the future 休眠的;蛰伏的;暂停活动的背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108875。
  • CNN's Hala Gorani talks with fashion designer Alber Elbaz about the late Yves St. Laurent. A wonderful man. You know, I was hired by him, it was a myth. I mean the name Yves St. Laurent, the address of new Melzo, was more of a dream. And then you'll see a person, then you'll see eye glasses, and then you'll see the color of his eyes. Then you go into his soul, and you find out that he was a very, I mean it’s very difficult for me to say he was rather than he is. You know, when I think out that his creation, his work would stay with us, you know, he will never die. That’s the adventure (a tongue-slip by the interviewee, here it should be advantage) of being an artist, you’ll never die, you’ll stay forever. And he will.And especially Yves St. Laurent has legacy, lives to this day in the way women all over the world dress. I was asked today whether, what do I think, did he do more for women or more for fashion. And I think he did a lot for both. He did a lot for fashion, and he did a lot for women. He changed the way they dress, in a way he changed the way they think. He brought beauty back to their life and modernity. Actually one time when I was hired by Mr. Belgee, he told me that he thought that Miss Coco Chanel, liberated women and Mr. St. Laurent gave them power and strength. And I thought that he gave them beauty and he gave them a lot of power by giving them that wardrobe that he did. He was the one that invented the y to where he translated his couture show or so, into, er, y to a business he was extremely smart, extremely sensitive, extremely, extremely, extremely wonderful man. And, and what gave him that vision, do you think, what about his creative genius, if you wanna call it that, what about his personality as a human being gave him that kind of vision that to this day lives on, do you think? I think life did it to him, he was extremely sensitive. He was like a spongy got everything. He saw people, he lived with them, he got them, he went into them, he understood women, he loved women. He worked with women, for women and they loved him back. And you knew him, what gave him these ideas, I mean, when you think of the trouser suit or when you think of the safari jacket or when you think of things that we see today on runways and take for granted as having existed for decades when in fact they were born with him.He actually was the one that introduced different elements into fashion, like art, like music, like street life, like movement in life. So he really brought fashion high, fashion to the street and brought it back from the street up to the runway. Em in that sense, I think that he was a very unique man. Coz' he was a pioneer, he was the first one. So he get the credit for doing all of the above. Now you are with Lanvin, now you are a celebrated designer, very much admired all over the world for having revived the oldest existing fashion house. (Alright) What did you think when you heard of the news yesterday that Yves St. Laurent died, what crossed your mind.Oh, my god. That I have to chill. I was very, very sad. You know, I went to the house of St. Laurent and I felt more like a son-in-law than a designer that was hired, I felt kinda I marry his daughter and he is my father-in-law. So it feels like somehow a death in my family.200812/59267。
  • The.First.EmperorMajesty, it would be my honor to serve you as Prime Minister.Let’s not talk about these things tonight, but you should confirm Uncle Lv Buwei as your Prime Minister as soon as you can. We all think it’s for the best. Sleep now. Good nightI should serve you and guide you as a father. Nations like Qin have always been run as a feudal family business by man like Lv Buwei. But there is a revolution coming that will change all that. First, here in Qin, and ultimately the whole of China. The revolution will be led by a young scholar named Li Si. Just months after Ying Zheng becomes King, Li Si arrives at his court, looking for a job. But the man who hires and fires here is the Queen’s lover Lv Buwei, now Prime Minister. Impressed by Li Si’s obvious ambition, he is quick to take him onto his staff. It’s an impulsive decision he will come to regret. Prime Minister Lv Buwei allows Li Si an audience with the young king without taking care to be present himself. We are the strongest state within the seas. By taking advantage of our own strength and the weaknesses of our enemies, surely with the power Qin has at its disposal it will be possible to completely wipe out the feudal lords, uniting the whole world under one rule. This kind of opportunity, Sire, only comes once in ten thousand years. Yet destiny rarely ever creates a man great enough to take advantage, but I believe the great ruler is you, Majesty, and the time is now.07/77696。
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