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ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Rams are fiery, impulsive and active, so to please the Aries in your life, try taking them on a date that is adventurous and fast-paced—or short and sweet. Sports go over well, both playing and attending them. Spicy food or games of any sort will keep the Ram#39;s fires stoked. In the end, just keep in mind that people born under the Sign of Aries like physical challenges and are looking for a dating experience that will reflect that.白羊:羊儿热情冲动、积极活跃。因此要想取悦他们的话,你和他/她的约会一定要充满刺激,直截了当。一块去运动是不错的选择。另外,带他/她品尝辛辣的食物或是参与任何形式的游戏也很对羊儿的胃口哦。最后,一定要记住的是白羊座人喜欢能带来身体挑战乐趣的约会。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Ready to spend some money? If you have a Taurus date, you#39;d better have a big pocket book or a rich imagination. Taureans like luxury, so do it up right—expensive dinner, the theater, dessert and a foot massage might just earn you a permanent place on your Taurean#39;s calendar. If you don#39;t have the money, get creative—make the experience feel rich, earthy and delicious.金牛:准备好花钱了吗?如果你想和牛儿约会,一定要有鼓鼓的钱包或是丰富的想像力喔。牛儿喜欢奢华的生活,因此,无论是价格不菲的晚餐、一部电影大片,还是餐后甜点和足底都会让她/他对你刮目相看。如果你没有经济实力的话,那就来点创意吧,一定要让对方觉得有意思才行。GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)The first step to keeping up with a Gemini date is to put on your running shoes. Ready for change, fast and furious? Gemini#39;s love variety and are the most curious Signs of the Zodiac. They want to be constantly stimulated mentally, yet they get bored quickly. So, take your Gemini out on an unusual date, or maybe a bunch of mini-dates, all in one night! Gemini#39;s enjoy literary events, intellectual events and unique experiences.双子:和双子座约会的第一步是穿起你的跑鞋,赶紧大步追上这个善变的对象。因为双子座人是在整个黄道带里最富好奇心的星座。他们希望不断地得到精神刺激,但是很快又会厌倦。那么,和他/她的约会一定要与众不同,也许一个小型的烛光晚宴是个不错的选择。切记,双子座喜欢独特且有深度的约会。CANCER (June 22 - July 22)Wait—don#39;t take that Cancer date anywhere. Cancers are emotional, sensitive and somewhat domestic. This is your chance to get romantic and somewhat traditional, and have those efforts be truly appreciated. Don#39;t forget the rich fantasy life that the Crab in your life possesses -- put a little imagination into your efforts, whether that means more candles, incense and velvet table cloths, or perhaps a theme evening -- French food, movie and music.巨蟹:耐心等待吧,不要带蟹子去任何地方。巨蟹座人大都敏感多情,还有一点居家。如果你的约会兼具浪漫和传统的话,一定会让他/她很开心。不要忘了蟹子也爱做白日梦哦,那么在你的约会里加一点创意,比如多些蜡烛,熏香和天鹅绒的桌布都能给对方惊喜;邀请他/她去看电影和听音乐会也是不错的主意。LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)To keep your Leo date happy, there had better be some drama in your evening. Your Leo date will love dressing up to the nines, and needs to have an engaging and social event to attend. Cultural events will be popular with the Lion in your life, as will gambling or anything exciting. The key to a successful date with a Leo is to make them feel like royalty.狮子:想让狮子开心的话,最好带他/她去看晚场的话剧。狮子座人喜欢把自己打扮地光鲜亮丽,这样可以在赴约时显得美丽动人。涉及文化或是任何令他/她感到兴奋的事都可以成为你与狮子座人约会的内容。与他/她成功约会的关键在于一定要让对方有居高临下的感觉。VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)The key to romancing a Virgo is simple elegance—take your date out for a tasteful, stylish evening. But don#39;t be too spendy—your Virgo will be embarrassed by splashy shows of money, and will be more impressed by value rather than amount. Also keep in mind that Virgo rules the house of health, so a date with physical activity (especially outdoors) will be a hit. Virgos also love animals, so a date that puts your Virgo in contact with them (like a trip to the zoo!) will earn you a smile.处女:与处女约会的关键是要体现优雅-独特风格的晚宴最有可能俘获对方的芳心。但是不要太奢侈,处女座不喜欢随意挥霍钱财的人,他/她更容易被价值而不是数量所打动。还要记住的是,处女座人身处“健康宫“,因此与他/她的约会最好能涉及身体锻练(尤其是户外运动)。处女座人还很喜欢动物,带他们去动物园肯定也是不错的选择。LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)Libra rules the House of Partnership, which means they tend to be socially inclined and more interested in other people than themselves. Your Libra will need you to have as much fun on your date as they are! Something social would be successful with a Libra date. Beauty and sensuality are important to Libras, so this is definitely the person for whom you want to bring flowers to the door.天秤:天秤座身处“友情宫”,这意味着他们很愿意结交朋友,并且往往对别人比自己的事情更有兴趣。你得想尽办法让秤子高兴。多一些社交活动肯定能让他/她满意。天秤座人天生爱扮靓,因此要是看到你手捧鲜花站在他/她家门口等待约会的话,肯定乐开了花。SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)Mystery is the name of Scorpio#39;s game, so suspenseful games, movies or theater will be your ticket to a wonderful evening. In fact, holding one of those dinner mystery nights might be the perfect evening—your Scorpio could act like someone else, figure out the mystery and spend some quality time with you—all at once! Scorpios are also quite passionate, so don#39;t be stingy with affection when you are having a good time.天蝎:蝎子喜欢神秘的事物。因此,晚上约他们去看一场充满悬疑的电影一定是件很美妙的事。实际上,与蝎子共享一个神秘的晚宴也是好的选择。天蝎座人充满热情,与他/她在一起时千万不要吝啬自己的感情哦。SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)How to make your Sagittarius happy? Spontaneous trips to somewhere unusual—the beach, the desert, you name it. They also love physical activity in the outdoors, so asking them to go hiking or camping will make you get noticed and appreciated.射手:怎样让射手座开心呢?带他/她去海滩、沙漠这样与众不同的地方旅行吧。他们也很喜欢户外运动,和你一起去郊游和野营一定让他们兴奋不已。CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)Capricorns can be conventional, but who said conventional couldn#39;t be fun? Your classic date will go over well with the Capricorn in your life, so relax—flowers, dinner and a movie would make a perfect and comfortable evening. Whatever you do, the goat in your life will appreciate an experience that feels affluent but doesn#39;t cost a lot of money. Capricorns also enjoy a little one-on-one competition, so playing tennis or golf together might be just the ticket to romance after the game.羯:羯座比较传统,但谁说传统的人就不能享受快乐呢?送鲜花、赴晚宴和看电影,这些浪漫的约会方式都很适用。无论你做什么,羯座人会为你精心的安排感到开心,但不要花太多的钱。羯座还喜欢一对一的方式,打网球或是高尔夫都是不错的选择喔。AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)Taking an Aquarius out could be the easiest or hardest dating experience of your life. Aquarians like anything different, new, technological or progressive. If you are feeling up for it, take your Aquarius on an adventure date—windsurfing, hang-gliding or spelunking. Get creative, and don#39;t shy away from something intellectual—your Aquarius will love you for it.水瓶:与瓶子约会可能是你生命中最难也可能是最容易的事。瓶子喜欢新鲜、技术含量高的稀奇事情。如果你想讨好他/她,冒险刺激的约会是少不了的-可以尝试帆板运动、攀岩或山洞探险。只要是有创意,最好再带上点高科技的玩意肯定会让瓶子爱死你的。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)Pisceans are interested in everything that isn#39;t quite real. Any date that involves the arts, from painting together to attending the theater, will make your Pisces smile. Romance will be appreciated by this Sign, so try a beach picnic with wine and cheese or high-tea in a garden. Whatever you do, put a little magic into your date—creating the right mood will romance your Pisces more than any money you spend.双鱼:鱼儿对任何不太真实的东西充满了兴趣。任何涉及艺术,如画画和欣赏戏剧这样的活动都能得鱼儿嫣然一笑。这个星座的人喜欢浪漫,因此带上美酒和奶酪去海滩野餐一定会让他/她倍受感动。无论你做什么,在你的约会里加一点小小的创意也会让鱼儿开心不已。要知道在鱼儿看来,心灵的契合比物质上的宽裕更重要。 /201208/193716。

1.They always smell good , even if it#39;s just shampoo.   她们总是香气袭人,即使只是从发间散发出来的香波味道。   2.The way their heads always find the right spot on your shoulder.   她们的头舒适的斜椅在你肩上的模样。   3.The ease with which they fit into your arms.   她们投入你怀中的惬意。   4.The way they kiss you and all of sudden everything is right in the world.   她们吻你时,世界瞬间变得美妙。   5.How cute they are when they eat.   她们吃东西时的可爱模样。   6.The way they take hours to dress , but in the end it#39;s all worthwhile.她们需要数小时打扮,功夫不负有心人。   7.Because they are always warm , even when it#39;s minus thirty degrees outside.   室外零下30度,但她们全身总是很温暖。   8.The way they look good no matter what they wear.   她们穿什么都显得漂亮。   9.The way they fish for compliments.   她们恳求被别人恭维的样子。   10.How cute they are when they argue.   她们争论的样子多可爱。   11.The way you feel when you see your name on the pager after you just had a big fight.   大闹一场后,呼机上又有她的信号时你的感受。   12.The way they smile.   她们微笑的模样。   13.The way their hands always find yous.   她们的手永远会找到你的手。   14.The way they say ;Let#39;s not fight anymore ,; even though you know an hour later~~~   她们说;我们休战吧!;,天知道一小时后会发生什么~~~   15.The way they kiss you when you say ;I love you;. nboard.nciku.cn   当你说;我爱你;时,她们亲吻你的样子。   16.The way they fall into your arms when they cry.   她们哭时投入你的怀抱时的模样。  17.The way they hit you and expect it to hurt.   她们气呼呼的打你,希望打疼你的样子。   18.Then the way they apologzie when it does hurt (even though we don#39;t admit it).   真的把你打痛了又向你道歉的样子(尽管男孩们不愿承认)。   19.The way they say ;I miss you ;.   她们说;我想你;的甜蜜样。   20.The way their tears make you want to change the world so that it doesn#39;t hurt them anymore.   她们的眼泪使你愿意为了她们去改变世界,好让她们不再伤心。 /201111/161339。

A Present凯特的礼物  Kate: Mom, do you know what I#39;m going to give you for your birthday?凯特:妈妈,你知道我要给你一件什么生日礼物吗?Mom: No, Honey, what?妈妈:不知道,宝贝,是什么呀?Kate: A nice teapot.凯特:一把漂亮的茶壶。Mom: But I#39;ve got a nice teapot.妈妈:可是我已经有一把漂亮的茶壶了呀。Kate: No, you haven#39;t. I#39;ve just dropped it.凯特:不,你没有了。我刚刚把它给摔了。 /201206/185573。

The weekend is finally here, but don#39;t get carried away and start spending like there#39;s no tomorrow. No matter what you do this weekend, there are plenty of ways to save, so be sure to keep these budget-friendly tips in mind.周末终于来了,但别忘乎所以,把周末过得好像世界末日似的。无论你周末干些什么,有很多省钱的办法,所以要记着把这些节约的建议。If you#39;re grocery shopping . . .如果你正在购物……Practice simple tips like buying store brands, not falling for supermarket tricks that get you to spend more, and avoid overbuying. If you bought too much, you can share them with a friend before it goes stale. Be sure to skip the nongrocery items because the prices are often marked up!运用一些简单的小贴士,比如购买商店品牌,不让超市花言巧语骗你多花钱,避免买得太多。如果买多了,东西变质之前也可以分享给朋友。要注意别买非商店品牌的货物,因为这些货物的价钱经常被标得过高!If you#39;re looking for a good book to . . .如果你正找好书看……Go to your local library and pick out a book to . If you rather from the comfort of your own laptop or Kindle, check out ebooks by indie authors on Amazon.走到当地图书馆,选出一本书来读。如果你更青睐于在自己的笔记本或者阅读器上方便地阅读,可以在亚马逊花1美元购买独立作家的书籍。If you#39;re going out to eat . . .如果正要出去吃饭……Skip the alcohol and the soda, and choose a dish that the restaurant specializes in; for example, seafood at a seafood restaurant and steak at a steak restaurant. If you#39;re not ordering the specialty, you might end up paying for a poorly made meal.别喝酒和碳酸饮料,选个饭店的拿手好菜,比如,在海鲜饭馆吃海鲜,在牛排餐馆吃牛排。 如果没有点店里的特色菜,你可能是给难吃的饭菜买单收场。If you#39;re planning a trip . . .如果打算出游……You usually do all your vacation planning on the weekends, because trying to juggle that with work during the weekdays can get too hectic. Be sure you know the best travel sites to scour for deals; check out Airbnb for cheap accommodations, and learn to save money after you#39;ve booked and paid.你经常在周末规划假期,因为工作日要干活,太忙了。自己要知道最佳旅游线路。在网站找实惠的住宿,预定和付款完了以后学着省钱吧。If you#39;re driving . . .如果正要出行……Consider taking public transportation or carpooling with someone to get to your destination. If you need to rent a car and only need to use it for an hour or so, be sure to check out services which lets you rent by the hour. Use apps like Cheap Gas! or the website GasBuddy.com to check out where the cheapest gas around you is.考虑搭乘公共汽车,或者和同一目的地的人拼车。如果要租车,且只用一小时左右,那就去找按小时租车的务公司。运用一些如Cheap Gas的软件,或GasBuddy.com这样的网站,找出所在地最便宜的汽油贩售点。 /201301/222559。

As BlackBerries and global business mean more and more of us work #39;out of hours#39;, addiction to work is becoming more common.黑莓手机和跨国贸易意味着越来越多的人超时工作,工作狂现象变得越来越普遍。But until now, being a #39;workaholic#39; has been a matter of opinion - much in the same way as Dylan Thomas quipped, #39;An alcoholic is someone you don#39;t like who drinks as much as you do.#39;到现今为止,“工作狂”仍是见仁见智的一个话题,狄兰#8226;托马斯对酒鬼的定义也是如此,他曾打趣说:“嗜酒者就是喝酒喝得和你一样多的讨厌鬼。”Now, Norwegian scientists have designed a #39;scale#39; toseparateout keen workers from those who have a behavioural problem that drives them to harm themselves by overwork.现在,挪威科学家设计了一个“尺度表”,将积极的员工和那些有行为问题、工作过度以至伤身的员工区分开来。The ‘Bergen Work Addiction Scale’ looks at the kind of behaviour that is displayed by all kinds of addicts, from drug users to alcoholics, but related to the workplace.这一“卑尔根工作狂尺度表”观察了从吸毒者到嗜酒者等各种瘾君子的行为表现,但是将这些行为和职场联系起来。Those who, for instance, free up time to fit in extra work or feel guilty if they don’t stay late on a regular basis may be workaholics.举例来说,那些腾出时间加班或是如果不天天超时工作就会感到内疚的人可能是工作狂。Reporting to the Journal of Psychology, researcher Doctor Cecilie Schou Andreassen of the Univesity of Bergen, said the Scale was the first of its kind in the world.研究人员、卑尔根大学的塞西莉亚#8226;休#8226;安德瑞亚森士说该尺度表在全世界是头一个。这一研究发表在《心理学杂志》上。It was tested on 12,000 workers from 25 different kinds of industry, and reflects what she called the ‘seven core elements of addiction.’这个表经过25个行业的1.2万名员工的测试,反映出安德瑞亚森士所说的“上瘾的七个要素”。These are salience - noticeability - mood, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, relapse and problems.这些要素是:突出性(显著性)、情绪、忍耐力、脱瘾、挣扎、复发、问题。The Scale was designed jointly by psychologists from Norway’s University of Bergen withcolleagues from Nottingham Trent University.该表是挪威卑尔根大学的心理学家和诺丁汉特伦特大学的同事共同设计的。The Bergen scientists believe work addiction is getting worse, not better, because the boundaries between home and office are getting blurred.卑尔根大学的科学家认为人们的工作成瘾症日益严重,因为家庭和办公室的界限越来越模糊。Being in constant touch through mobile phones and laptops and tablet computers, for instance, means it is harder to ‘switch off’ and easier to work from home.例如,经常使用手机、笔记本电脑和平板电脑意味着更难“关机”,也更容易在家工作。Growing globalisation also means it necessary for some companies to be in touch withcolleagues in different time zones, so it will happen outside normal working hours.全球化的发展也意味着某些公司需要和不同时区的同事联系,因此人们也会在非正常工作时间工作。These factors, and others, contribute to more employees who are ‘driven to work excessively and compulsively’ - the definition of an addict.这些因素和其他因素让更多的员工“不得不强迫性地工作过度”——这构成了工作成瘾。Are you a workaholic? The test that finds out if you have a problem测一测你是不是工作狂Look at each of the following statements and rank yourself on each one according to the following: 1 Never; 2 Rarely; 3 Sometimes; 4 Often; 5 Always.阅读下面的陈述,并按如下几类给自己打分:1、从不;2、很少;3、有时;4、经常;5、总是。You think of how you can free up more time to work.你思考如何能腾出更多时间来工作。You spend much more time working than initially intended.你工作的时间比你预想的多得多。You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression.你为了减少内疚感、焦虑感、无助感和抑郁感而工作。You have been told by others to cut down on work without listening to them.别人让你减少工作量,但你置若罔闻。You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.如果你被禁止工作,你会感到压力很大。You deprioritize hobbies, leisure activities, and exercise because of your work.你让工作优先于你的爱好、休闲活动和健身。You work so much that it has negativelyinfluenced your health.你工作太多,已经对你的健康造成负面影响。If you score ‘often (4)’ or ‘always (5)’ on four or more of these seven statements, it ‘may suggest you are a workaholic.’如果这7项陈述中,你有4项以上是“经常”或 “总是”,那么这“可能意味着你是个工作狂”。 /201206/185614。

Red Starbucks cups full of eggnog lattes, a living room floor covered with pine needles, windows decorated with handcut snowflakes — some things just scream ;Holiday Spirit.; But nothing gets you in the mood for yuletide cheer quite like a tacky Christmas sweater. It sits in the back of your closet for 11 months of the year, just waiting for the holiday party at which it will make it#39;s grand entrance and then it#39;s Christmas. No going back now.红色星巴克咖啡杯里装满蛋奶拿铁,起居室地板上覆盖着松针,窗户上装饰着雪花剪纸——有些事情只需尖叫“节日精神”。但是没有什么像俗气的圣诞节毛衣那样能使你拥有圣诞节的欢乐心情。它一年中有11个月都压在衣柜的后面,只为等待节日派对时华丽登场,然后就是圣诞节。现在不要走开。Get in the mood for hot buttered rum fueled drunken nights of dancing around the yule log (or whatever) by clicking through our gallery of the most gloriously awful holiday sweaters from movies, television, and real life (thanks, Bieber).收拾好心情为热奶油朗姆点燃的围着圣诞柴舞蹈的酒醉之夜(或随便什么)通过点击从电影、电视以及现实生活中收集到的我们画廊最光荣的糟糕节日毛衣 (谢谢,比伯)。 /201212/211845。