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陕西友好医院妇科地址西安庆安医院检查妇科病多少钱Lucy: Don’t just sit there… help me with my homework… go get me volume five of the encyclopedia…露西:别光傻坐在那儿……帮我做作业……给我把百科全书……..Snoopy: Volume five?史努比:第五卷?Lucy: This isn’t volume five, this is volume seven! Can’t you tell volume five from volume seven? How can you be so dumb?露西:这不是第五卷,是第七卷!居然连第五卷跟第七卷都分不清!您怎么这么笨?Snoopy: Rats!史努比:真差劲!Snoopy: (Slurp!)史努比:(吧嗒声)(舔书)Snoopy: They all taste alike to me!史努比:这不尝起来都一个味儿嘛! /201506/375892第四军医大学西京医院妇产科医院 5. Reuben Kulakofsky Or Arnold Reuben5.罗宾·卡拉库弗斯基还是阿诺德·罗宾?Most people agree that a Reuben sandwich includes rye b, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut—but who was Reuben? There are two common claims.众所周知,罗宾三明治是由黑麦面包、腌制牛肉、瑞士芝士和德国腌酸菜组合而成的。但是,有个问题我们始终不明白,到底谁是罗宾呢?对此,主要有两种说法。One claim is that Reuben was Reuben Kulakofsky (or Kolakofsky), a grocer from Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently, he devised the sandwich for late-night poker players at the Blackstone Hotel. That claim seems unlikely, since Kulakofsky was Jewish and it wouldn#39;t be kosher to mix beef and cheese, but maybe it was a joke?第一种说法是,罗宾这个名字来自罗宾·卡拉库弗斯基(Reuben Kulakofsky)。罗宾是内布拉斯加州奥哈马市的一个杂货店主,他发明这种三明治是为了给在黑石头酒店里的玩夜场扑克牌的玩家提供宵夜。然而,这个说法看起来并不那么可信。因为卡拉库弗斯基是犹太教徒,但将牛肉和芝士搭配在一起不符合犹太教的教规。因此,这看起来更像是个笑话。The second common claim is that the Reuben sandwich originated at the now-defunct Reuben#39;s (or Reuben#39;s Restaurant), a deli in New York City named after its founder, Arnold Reuben. In fact, that claim has several variations. The most common one says that actress Anna Seelos came into the deli after her nightly performance. She asked for a sandwich and got one with rye b, baked Virginia ham, roast turkey, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Reuben#39;s special Russian dressing. That version was known as the “Reuben Special,” and the Reuben sandwich was a variation that came later.第二个常见的说法是罗宾三明治源于一个现在已经不存在的餐厅“罗宾家”(Roben#39;s),这是一家由创始人安诺德·罗宾的名字命名的熟食店。这个故事被人们演绎出了好几个不同的版本。最有名的一个版本是这样的:有一天晚上,在结束夜场的演出以后,女演员安娜·泽洛斯走进了这家熟食店,她要了一个特别的三明治,这里面有黑麦面包、烤维吉尼亚火腿、烤火鸡肉、瑞士芝士、凉拌卷心菜以及罗宾家特制的俄罗斯沙拉酱。而这个三明治也就是后来广为人知的“罗宾家特供”。罗宾三明治则是随后诞生的一个三明治种类。Unfortunately, there are no known reliable records to establish which claim is true.遗憾的是,现在也没有确凿的据明到底哪个说法才是真的。 /201506/378844陕西省核工业二一五医院妇科评价

西安市人流哪家医院最好的陕西省纺织医院的地址 People with a penchant for penguins are perfect for this position.热爱企鹅的人最适合这项工作。A job posting to man the ;Penguin Post Office; in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, has received a record number of applicants: more than 1,500 since Feb. 16. In 2014, there were only 82 applicants all year long.南极洲拉可罗港的;企鹅邮局;工作开始招聘,并收到创纪录的应聘申请:从2月16日起,达到1500份,而2014年全年才只有82份。ed Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is looking for four people to, in addition to taking care of the 70,000 cards posted each year for delivery to 100 countries, monitor the impact of the approximately 18,000 visitors to Port Lockroy, situated on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula, on the wildlife, plus record the number of visitors and ships visiting the area.UKAHT正在招募4个人,能够每年向100个国家发送70000张卡片,监控访问拉可罗港(位于南极半岛的Goudier岛)的约18000名游客对野生动植物的影响,统计游客人数和到访船只的数量。One reason for the increase in applications, the organization said, was the airing of the documentary ;Penguin Post Office; on B2 in the U.K. in July 2014 and on PBS in the U.S. in January 2015.组织者说,申请数量暴增的一个原因是,纪录片;企鹅邮局;2014年7月在英国B2台播出,2015年1月在美国PBS台播出。Each year, the UKAHT#39;s U.K. team -- based in Cambridge -- searches for committed individuals to make up a small team of four to spend five months at its flagship site, Port Lockroy, situated on Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. The job runs from November 2015 to mid-March and pay is ,700 per month.每年,剑桥的UKAHT英国团队都在寻找志愿者组建一个4人小队伍,在他们的基地(位于南极半岛的Goudier岛的拉可罗港)工作5个月。工作时间从2015年11月到16年3月中旬,酬劳是每月1700美元。Job Description:工作细节:;The team chosen to spend the 2015/16 season at Port Lockroy will assist the Base Leader in the efficient running of the post office, maintenance and museum operation, with areas of responsibility being divided up amongst team members. A can-do attitude is vital as is good physical fitness, co-ordination (carrying heavy boxes over slippery rocks and slushy snow whilst dodging the local gentoo penguin population is a frequent requirement), environmental awareness and a practical knowledge of minimum impact living. Above all successful candidates need to be passionate about the Antarctic.;;这个被选择的团队2015/16工作季在拉可罗港的任务是,协助基地管理员处理邮件,基地维护,以及管理展览馆,小组每人都有自己的管区。;态度与能力和协调性一样重要,因为他们经常需要搬着沉重的箱子跨过光滑的石头和泥泞的雪地,同时还要避开企鹅聚居区。环保意识,保护野生生物的实践经验也很重要。被录用者还被要求热爱南极。No post office experience is necessary and applicants need not be British citizens.不能有官方履历,申请者也不需要一定是英国公民。Amy Kincaid, a member of the current team, said applicants need to be ;realistic.; She called the living quarters (pictured) ;surprisingly cozy,; though added that ;being confined to an island the size of a football pitch isn#39;t for everyone.;Amy Kincaid,当前队伍的一名成员,说,申请者需要;能适应现实。;她把这个宿舍叫做;亮眼的保温箱,;,又说;这个局限于岛屿边缘,仅有足球场大小的居住区并不会让所有人满意。;Interested applicants can apply here. Deadline is midnight Friday.有意者请在这里报名。截止期是周五午夜。 /201502/361429阎良区妇女儿童医院体检

陕西治疗早泄多少钱Gout, a form of arthritis, is extremely painful and associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular problems. But there is a bright side: It may be linked to a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.痛风是关节炎的一种,它很折磨人,而且与心血管疾病风险增加有关。但它也有好的一面:它可能与老年痴呆症风险降低有关。Researchers compared 59,204 British men and women with gout to 238,805 without the ailment, with an average age of 65. Patients were matched for sex, B.M.I., smoking, alcohol consumption and other characteristics. The study, in The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, followed the patients for five years.研究人员花了五年时间对英国的59204名痛风患者和238805名非痛风患者进行比较。他们的平均年龄为65岁,在性行为、体重指数、吸烟、喝酒等方面都比较接近。这项研究发表在《风湿病疾病纪事》(The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)上。They found 309 cases of Alzheimer’s among those with gout and 1,942 among those without. Those with gout, whether they were being treated for the condition or not, had a 24 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.他们发现,痛风患者中有309个老年痴呆症病例,非痛风患者中有1942个病例。不管是否正在接受痛风治疗,痛风患者得老年痴呆症的比例比另一组低24%。The reason for the connection is unclear. But gout is caused by excessive levels of uric acid in the blood, and previous studies have suggested that uric acid protects against oxidative stress. This may play a role in limiting neuron degeneration.这种联系的原因尚不明确。不过,痛风是由于血液中尿酸过多,之前的一些研究表明,尿酸能防止氧化应激。它可能有助于延缓神经老化。“This is a dilemma, because uric acid is thought to be bad, associated with heart disease and stroke,” said the senior author, Dr. Hyon K. Choi, a professor of medicine at Harvard. “This is the first piece of data suggesting that uric acid isn’t all bad. Maybe there is some benefit. It has to be confirmed in randomized trials, but that’s the interesting twist in this story.”“这是个两难境地,因为尿酸被认为是有害的,与心脏病和中风有关,”这项研究的高级作者、哈佛大学医学教授崔玄圭士说,“这是第一组表明尿酸不完全有害的数据。尿酸可能也有益处。我们必须通过随机试验来确定,不过这是痛风研究中的一个有趣转折。” /201503/363033 唐都医院怎么预约陕西省二一五215医院包皮手术多少钱




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