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Are you as straight-backed as a ballerina, or as hunched as a dinosaur?你的后背是像芭蕾舞演员一样直,还是像恐龙的后背那么弯?Your #39;posture profile#39; can identify whether you will suffer from aches and pains in later life, the British Chiropractic Association has said.英国脊椎治疗协会表明,从“侧面站姿”就能判断你是否会在以后遭受背痛折磨。People whose heads lean forward are most likely to suffer back pain, its survey found. 英国脊椎治疗协会的调查表明,头向前倾的人更有可能罹患背痛。Whether you are a #39;spoon#39;, #39;bridge#39;, #39;leaning tower#39; or #39;flat-pack#39; will determine your risk of having problems later.“勺形”、“桥形”、“斜塔形”和“直背形”四种不同站姿将决定你在余生中患病的风险。While previous indicators have focused on body shapes, with larger-breasted women and #39;apple#39; shapes being seen as a warning sign, this new research shows posture could be key in preventing back pain.此前研究多关注人体体型。如果女性的胸部较大,且拥有“苹果形”身材,就需多加警惕。而这项新研究表明,站姿对预防背痛至关重要。A quarter of women suffer pain lasting between one and three days starting at the relatively young age of 34, the survey found.调查发现,患有背痛且持续时间在1-3天的女性群体中,有四分之一的女性都在相对较早的34岁就开始背痛了。#39;Leaning towers#39; - women whose heads lean forward - are most likely to report pain, with almost six in ten with this posture aly suffering and three in ten having daily twinges.“斜塔形”女性的头部前倾,此类女性患上背痛的可能性最高。“斜塔形”群体中,有接近十分之六的人已经罹患背痛,有十分之三的人遭受日常刺痛。Being a #39;bridge#39; with an arched back was the second worse posture, followed by a #39;spoon#39; position with rounded shoulders but a flat back.“桥形”是第二大不良站姿,后背呈拱形;“勺形”则是第三大不良站姿,后背挺直但双肩下塌。And a change in posture can be far less demanding than a crash diet or boot camp-style exercise programme.改变站姿可要比速成节食和新人集训简单得多。#39;Flat pack#39; ladies, who keep their backs flat are the most likely to avoid pain with a fifth reporting they have never suffered back or neck aches in their lives.“直背形”女士后背挺直,是罹患背痛可能性最低的人群。调查人群中,有五分之一的“直背形”女性表明,她们一生从未患有背痛和脖子痛。Tim Hutchful, a registered chiropractor and member of the British Chiropractic Association, said women looking to stave off back pain should try to keep their head and ankles in line.注册脊椎师、英国脊椎治疗协会的成员蒂姆·哈区福称,想要预防背痛的女性可以试着将头部和脚踝保持在一条直线上。He said: #39;Rather than worrying about being an apple or an hourglass, we want people to think about what they look like from the side.他说道:“我们关心的不是‘苹果形’和‘沙漏形’身材,而是想让人们想想他们的侧面是什么样的。”#39;Paying closer attention to your body#39;s side profile can really help to identify back or neck pain triggers.“密切注意身体的侧面轮廓可以帮助你判断背痛和脖子痛的诱因。”#39;The perfect posture should give you a neutral side-on appearance, with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line.“完美的站姿应该能让你的侧面轮廓不偏不倚,双耳、双肩、臀部、膝盖和脚踝都处于同一条直线。”#39;People who want to improve their back and neck pain symptoms through a better posture should try imagining they have a plumb line hanging straight from their ears to ankles - with everything in the middle sitting on the same line.“想要改变站姿缓解背痛和脖子痛的人可以试着想象从双耳垂直向下延伸出一条直线,直至脚踝,中间的所有部位都要处于这条直线上。”#39;One way to do this is to try standing in a relaxed way and then gently contracting the abdominal muscles.“要想达到这种效果,可以在放松站立时,缓缓地收腹。”#39;When sitting, the gravity line should pass thorough ear, shoulder and hip.#39;“坐下时,这条垂直线应从双耳经双肩直达臀部。”Over 1,200 women were surveyed.这项研究中,有超过1200位女性接受调查。 /201512/413385

With a passion for pork products and rising incomes, the Chinese have entered the market for Iberico hams with gusto.由于对猪肉类产品的热爱与收入的增加,中国人兴致勃勃地进入了伊比利亚火腿的市场。The way that pigs from Spain#39;s Iberico breed are fed and raised makes the cured ham a delicacy prized for its unique texture and taste, which is enhanced by the sweet and nutty flavor of the acorns the pigs eat.西班牙伊比利亚猪的喂养方式使得这种猪肉腌成的火腿拥有独特的口感与味道,又因为这些猪食用的橡果的甜美坚果风味而更上一层楼。In fact, the Chinese appetite for Spanish pork stretches all the way down its production chain.事实上,中国人对西班牙猪肉的胃口一路扩大到了生产链的所有环节。Fresh pork exports to China from Spain - including heads, ears and other parts - rose 35% last year, making it the second-largest market in volume, according to figures from the Spanish Meat Export Office.西班牙肉类出口办公室的数据显示,去年西班牙向中国出口的新鲜猪肉产品(包括猪头、猪耳朵和猪的其他部位)增长了35%,就出口量而言,中国已成为西班牙猪肉出口的第二大市场。 /201512/413963



  We#39;ve all heard ;you are what you eat.; While a nutritious and well-balanced diet is of course great for our bodies, there are some foods that are more beneficial and more nutritious than others. We all know about the foods that we should eat that are deemed ;healthy;, but what about foods that are good for just one very important part…say, the brain. In other words, what are the best foods for the brain.我们都听说过;人如其食;这一说法。毫无疑问,营养均衡的饮食有益于我们身体健康。然而,有一些食物要比其他食物更有营养,更有益于我们的身体健康。我们都知道要吃健康的食物,那么哪种食物对我们身体的一个非常重要的部分--大脑--有益呢?换句话说,哪些食物最有益于大脑健康?Here is some food for thought, literally. Below is a list of 10 foods proven to enhance your brain health as well as ensure your brain is functioning properly on a daily basis. So sit back, enjoy, and put those chips away – they won#39;t help make your brain any better or bigger, but they will increase other parts of your body.接下来是关于食物而引发的思考,以下的10种食物是经实可以改善大脑健康,确保大脑正常工作的。请坐下来,好好享受,忘却头脑中的固有思维,--以前你认为那些有益健康的食物不但不会让你的大脑变得更加灵活,反而会让身体的一些部位变胖哦。10.Oysters10.牡蛎If you#39;re a seafood kind of person, then today just may be your lucky day. Experiments have shown that oysters are great for your brain, no matter your age. Because they are rich in zinc as well as iron, eating this under-the-sea-delight will help to keep your mind sharp and increase your ability to recall information easily. Zinc and iron have been linked to the brain#39;s ability to stay focused and remember information. A lack of zinc and iron can result in memory lapses, poor concentration, and of course other ailments throughout the body.你如果是一个海鲜控,那么今天可能会成为你的幸运日。实验明,无论你年纪多大,牡蛎对大脑的健康都是有益的。因为牡蛎含有丰富的铁和锌,而大脑能否集中注意力,是否有良好的与铁和锌又是紧密相关的。所以,食用这类海鲜产品可以让你思维敏捷,得到提高。缺铁缺锌则会导致衰退,无法集中注意力,还会导致一些其他疾病。9.Whole Grains9.全谷物If you#39;ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how healthy whole grains are for your body; however, they are also a great food for your brain. Whole wheat, bran, and wheat germ have high contents of folate, as do brown rice, oatmeal, whole-grain bs, barley, and others. All of these foods work to increase blood flow to the brain which means a higher quality and quantity of brain function. Also, these whole grain foods contain a lot of vitamin B6, which is full of thiamine. Thiamine is great for anyone trying to improve their memory. Scientific research has shown that memory loss dramatically increases by the time you reach your late 60#39;s or early 70#39;s; so whole grains are especially good for you as you get older.你如果曾经尝试过减肥,那么你会知道全谷物对我们身体健康是有益的,同样,它们也有益于大脑的健康。全麦、麸皮、小麦胚芽与糙米、燕麦、全麦面包、大麦和其他粮食一样都含有丰富的叶酸。这些食物可以增强大脑血液流动,从而可以增强大脑的功能。同样,全谷物中还含有大量的维生素B6,维生素B6含有丰富的硫胺素。硫胺素有助于提高。科学研究表明,人到了六十几岁或者七十出头时,会显著下降。因此在你上了年纪时,全谷物对你的健康是非常有益的。8.Tea8.茶Forget your coffee in the morning- try a cup of tea! Freshly brewed green or black tea is extremely beneficial to your brain because it is full of catechins. Have you ever had a day where you just feel drained, tired, and ;too lazy; to think? It may be because you are lacking catechins in your brain. Catechins are great for keeping your mind sharp, fresh, and functioning properly. Not only do they keep your brain working right, they also allow it to relax and help to fight against mental fatigue. While green tea is much more potent than black tea, both are extremely good for you. Tea is definitely a great thing to drink early in the morning to ensure you#39;re starting your brain off right.早上不要喝咖啡了--来杯茶吧!刚刚泡好的绿茶或红茶中含有丰富的儿茶酚,这对你的大脑非常好。你是否有过觉得非常累,累到不想思考问题?可能得原因是你的大脑缺少儿茶酚。儿茶酚有助于保持我们的头脑敏捷、思路清晰、运转正常。儿茶酚不仅能让你的大脑正常地工作,也能让大脑得到休息并帮助对抗精神疲劳。绿茶和红茶对大脑都有益处,相比而言,绿茶的效果更好一些。对于保头脑清晰,早上喝茶确实是不错的选择。7.Eggs7.蛋类When we get older, our brains begin to shrink due to something called brain atrophy. While some of us might want other parts of our body to shrink, I#39;m pretty sure no one wants a shrinking brain. However, we can fight against this natural process by eating eggs. This is because eggs are full of vitamin B12 as well as lecithin. Vitamin B12 helps to fight against brain shrinkage, which is often seen in Alzheimer#39;s disease. Eggs, though very unhealthy if you eat too many of them, are full of essential fatty acids. The yolk, though very high in cholesterol, is also high in choline, which is a very important building block of brain cells. Choline can help improve your memory. While eating too many eggs can be bad for your health, eating 1-2 egg products a day can be great brain food.我们上了年纪,大脑就会开始萎缩。或许,一些人希望身体的其他部位可以萎缩,但是我可以肯定,没人希望大脑萎缩。然而,我们可以通过食用蛋类来延缓这一自然过程。这是因为鸡蛋富含维生素B12和卵磷脂。维生素B12有助于延缓脑萎缩,而脑萎缩通常见于阿尔茨海默氏症。蛋类富含必须脂肪酸,但吃的太多对健康也是不利的。虽然蛋黄中的胆固醇含量很高,但也含有大量的胆碱,,胆碱对脑细胞的构成起到非常重要的作用。胆碱有助于改善。食用太多蛋类会对你的健康有害,但每天食用1-2个鸡蛋对大脑是很有好处的。6.Curry6.咖喱This spicy food is a great way to spice up your brain and keep it fresh. A main ingredient in curry powder, curcumin is full of antioxidants that help fight against brain aging and maintain cognitive function as you get older. These antioxidants also fight against free radical damage that can occur within the brain as well as the body. Free radicals can cause inflammation and other ailments within the body. Not only is curry good for your brain, it also can fight against diabetes and heart disease. Too hot for you to handle? You don#39;t have to have curry for lunch and dinner each day; the smallest amount of curry once a month can be highly beneficial for your brain.这种辛辣的食物可以刺激大脑并让其保持清醒。姜黄素是咖喱粉的主要成分,它含有的抗氧化剂能有效抵抗脑部衰老,确保纵使年龄增长也会维持脑部认知功能。除此之外,这些抗氧化剂也能抵御大脑和身体内部产生的自由基而带来的损害。就身体内部而言,自由基可导致部分的炎症和其它疾病。咖喱不仅仅有益脑部健康,对糖尿病和心脏病的防治也有帮助。可是,咖喱太辣怎么办呢?实际上,你没有必要每天的午餐和晚餐都食用咖喱,一个月一次,每次摄入少量就对大脑十分有益了。翻译:兔宝宝 来源:前十网 /201511/409322

  Gemologists in Sri Lanka claim that the largest blue star sapphire yet has been discovered in a mine in the country.近日,斯里兰卡宝石学家声称,在该国的矿山中发现了迄今为止最大的蓝星宝石。The gemology institute in the capital Colombo has certified that the gem weighs 1404.49 carats and say they have not certified anything larger. The gem is valued at at least 0m and the current owner estimates that it could sell for up to 5m at auction.斯里兰卡首都科伦坡的宝石学会已认该宝石重达1404.49克拉,是迄今为止所认的最大宝石。该蓝星宝石价值至少达1亿美元,目前该宝石的持有者预计拍卖价将会达到1.75亿美元。Sri Lanka#39;s gem industry, for which sapphire is the main export, is worth at least 70m pounds (3m) annually.斯里兰卡的蓝宝石产业是其主要出口柱产业,每年至少为这个国家贡献7000万英镑(合1.03亿美元)的收入。Blue star sapphires are so named because of the distinctive mark found at their centre. ;The moment I saw it, I decided to buy,; the current owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the B World Service#39;s Newsday programme.蓝星宝石,因宝石中心处带有独特的星星标志而得名。“我看到它的那一刻就决定买下它,”目前不希望公布姓名的该宝石持有者向B新闻频道透露。;When the stone was brought to me I suspected that it might be the world#39;s largest blue star sapphire. So I took a risk and bought it.;“当看到这块宝石时,我觉得它有可能是世界上最大的蓝星宝石。所以,我就冒险买下了它。”The owner said it was ;absolutely confidential; how much he paid for it. The previous record holder weighed 1,395 carats.持有者也不愿透露该蓝星宝石的成交价,这当然是绝对的机密。而此前世界上最大的蓝星宝石重达1395克拉,这颗蓝星宝石重达1404.49克拉,打破了此前的世界记录。It has been named the The Star of Adam by its current owner, after a Muslim belief that Adam arrived in Sri Lanka after being sent away from the Garden of Eden. It is claimed he then lived on the slopes of a mountain now known as Adam#39;s Peak.目前这颗宝石被持有者起名为“亚当之星”,之所以起这个名字是因为穆斯林信仰的亚当在伊甸园被驱逐后便来到了斯里兰卡,人们相信亚当便住在这里的亚当峰。The owner of the Star of Adam said he bought it thinking ;this was not a piece of jewellery but an exhibition piece;.亚当之星的持有者买下宝石后表示,它不仅是一件珠宝,更是一件展品。 /201601/420849


  A drug approved last year for women with ovarian tumours has shown remarkable benefits in some men with advanced prostate cancer, UK researchers have found in what they say is a “landmark clinical trial” of genetic oncology.英国研究人员在他们所称的一次“里程碑式的(遗传肿瘤学)临床试验”中发现,去年批准的一种治疗女性卵巢肿瘤的药物,对部分患晚期前列腺癌的男性显示出明显疗效。The Institute of Cancer Research in London, which carried out the study with the Royal Marsden hospital and a wide range of funding bodies, said that olaparib — the drug introduced last year by AstraZeneca under the trade name Lynparza — would benefit 25 to 30 per cent of patients with advanced prostate cancer.这项研究由伦敦癌症研究院(Institute of Cancer Research)与皇家马斯登医院(Royal Marsden Hospital)及多个基金会合作开展。伦敦癌症研究院表示,25%到30%的晚期前列腺癌患者将从这个名为奥拉帕尼(Olaparib)的药物中受益。该药物是去年由阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)推出的,商品名为Lynparza。These men carry specific genetic mutations that affect their cells’ ability to repair damaged DNA. While this enables cancer to get started, olaparib further disrupts the repair mechanism — causing so much damage that tumour cells can no longer survive, said Joaquin Maleo, lead author of the study, which is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.这些男性携带特殊的基因突变,会影响他们细胞修复受损脱氧核糖核酸(DNA)的能力。该研究报告第一作者华金氠莱奥(Joaquin Maleo)表示,尽管这种突变令癌得以萌生,奥拉帕尼却会进一步扰乱修复机制,造成很大的损伤,以至于肿瘤细胞无法再存活。该研究报告发表在《新英格兰医学期刊》(New England Journal of Medicine)上。“Our trial marks a significant step forward in the treatment of prostate cancer, showing that olaparib is highly effective at treating men with DNA repair defects in their tumours,” added Johann de Bono, head of drug development at the Institute of Cancer Research. “It also proves the principle that we can detect prostate cancers with specific targetable mutations, using genomic sequencing to deliver more precise cancer care by matching treatment to those men most likely to benefit.”伦敦癌症研究院药品开发主管约翰德诺(Johann de Bono)补充说:“我们的试验标志着前列腺癌治疗取得了重大进展,明了奥拉帕尼对治疗肿瘤中存在DNA修复缺陷的男性非常有效。该试验还明了可用特定靶向性突变诊断前列腺癌的原理,我们可利用基因测序,将治疗手段与最可能受益的男性匹配起来,实现更精准的癌症治疗。”The study included 49 men with terminal prostate cancer that had resisted previous treatment. Fourteen of them — those with detectable DNA repair mutations — responded very well to the drug, surviving for much longer than expected for patients with such advanced disease.这项研究的对象包括49名患晚期前列腺癌的男性,此前的治疗手段对他们无效。在他们中间,14人携带可检测到的DNA修复能力突变。这14人对该药物的反应非常好,存活时间远远长于患如此晚期癌症的病人的预期存活时间。The results have led to a second trial, now getting under way, in which only patients whose DNA shows detectable repair mutations will receive olaparib. If it confirms the findings of the first study, olaparib could become a standard treatment for advanced prostate cancer in men with these mutations.这些结果促使研究人员设计了第二个试验,该试验正在进行当中。在第二个临床试验中,只有那些DNA具有可检测到的修复能力突变的患者才会用奥拉帕尼。如果这次试验确认了第一次试验的结论,奥拉帕尼或成为携带这种基因突变的晚期前列腺癌患者的标准治疗手段。 /201511/407147





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