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Tracy Morgan Fights for His Life After Car AccidentThe comedian is in critical condition after being hit by a Walmart truck.Comedian Tracy Morgan still in critical condition this morning, fighting for his life at New Jersey hospital, the trucker who caused the deadly crash is expected in court later this morning, and A#39;s J is outside the hospital in New Brownswick, New Jersey, good morning JM.Good morning to you, Robin, right now police are telling A news that the preliminary belief is that the trucker dosed off right before the crash.Kevin R the man who police say slammed a Walmart big rig into Tracy Morgan#39;s limo is said to meet a judge today for the first time after that horrific middle of the night crash Saturday morning on the New Jersey turnpike. Morgan and three others are still in critical condition right now, the comedian recovering from a broken leg, femur, nose and several ribs, his rep telling A news the 30 rock star is more responsive, Morgan#39;s driver recounting the frightening moment.felt like an explosion, I just remember the impact and the vehicle going by, seeing a little bit of the Walmart truck go by, we didn#39;t know which way was up, which way was down.The limo driver kicking the window out to get help.I climbed around and heard Tracy screaming for help, but I couldn#39;t reach them and pull them.Police say 35 year old R ran this truck into Morgan#39;s limo bus. Morgan and six others on their way back to New York from a stand up comedy show in Delaware, sources say the truck swerved to avoid the limo, but instead hit it, causing the limo to loose control, slammed into other cars and over turned.Morgan#39;s long time writing partner, James M died at the scene. R turned himself in after the crash, charged with one count of death by auto, and four counts of assault by auto, Walmart has placed him on administrative leave and promised to take full responsibility if the accident was indeed caused by their company#39;s driver.And Morgan right now still in critical condition as we said, we#39;re also told he had surgery on his leg Sunday, but he could be here for several weeks. /201406/306777UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these college sports is not regulated by the NCAA? If you think you know it, shout it out! 以下哪项体育项目不归NCAA管?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it: baseball, football, water polo or none of the above? 是棒球、橄榄球、水球还是以上都不是?In addition to football and baseball, the NCAA oversees many college sports including water polo, rifle (ph) and bowling. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.除了足球和棒球,NCAA(美国大学体育总会)还监管许多类型的体育项目,包括水球、步和保龄球。那时就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: NCAA athletes are known for competing at top collegiate levels, but at some schools, they may not be able to compete academically. NCAA的运动员以在高级别的大学赛事中比赛而出名,但有些学校在学术方面却不那么有竞争力。What does it matter, if they are helping bringing money for universities and sports like football and basketball? 如果他们能为学校和像橄榄球和篮球那样的运动带来资金,那又有什么关系呢?And if they are hoping to go pro. 还有,如果他们想成为专业选手。Well, for one thing - they probably won#39;t. 对了,有一点是——他们可能并不会成为专业运动员。The percentage of NCAA football players who go pro, 1.7 percent. NCAA橄榄球运动员中成为专业运动员的百分比是1.7%。Percentage of NCAA basketball players who go pro, 1.2 percent. 而NCAA篮球运动员转为专业的百分比是1.2%。And the chances of high school athletes going pro are well below one percent for every major U.S. sport. 每种美国主要运动的高中生运动员转为专业运动员的机会不到百分之一。This is why: the low test scores reported for many of today#39;s college athletes are causing concern well beyond campus.这就是为什么;现今很多大学生运动员的低分引起了校园外的担心。 /201401/273258

No time to hit the gym because you#39;re always stuck at the office? Then bring the gym to you with these moves, which you can do right at your desk.每天待在办公室,没有时间去健身馆?下面这些运动在办公桌前就可以做,把健身馆带到办公室。You Will Need你需要A desk办公桌A desk chair with wheels有轮子的办公椅Steps步骤STEP 1 Work your arms1.锻炼手臂Work your arms. While seated, lift your feet and push your chair back with your arms. When they’re fully extended, pull the chair back to the desk. Do this five times a few times a day to work your biceps, triceps, and pectorals.锻炼双臂。坐下,抬起双脚,用双臂将椅子向后推。椅子足够远之后,拉回办公桌前。将这个动作重复五次,每天做几次,可以锻炼二头肌,三头肌和胸肌。STEP 2 Do the funky chicken2.funky chicken的动作Do the funky chicken. Place your fingers on your shoulders, elbows pointing out to the sides. Pull your elbows back as far as you can, then push them forward and try to touch them together. Repeat 10 times.做funky chicken的动作。手指放在肩膀上,肘部向外。尽量向后伸展肘部,然后再向前推,尽量让两个肘部触碰。重复10次。STEP 3 Do more funky chicken3.更多funky chicken动作Do the funky chicken, part two. Keeping your fingertips on your shoulders, lift your elbows up and then push them down to your sides, as if you’re flapping wings. Repeat 10 times to relax shoulder and upper back muscles and relieve neck tension.funky chicken动作第二部分。指尖放在肩膀上,抬起肘部,然后在体侧向下压,就好像两个扇动的翅膀。重复10次,可以放松肩膀和上背部肌肉,缓解肩部紧张。STEP 4 Work your back4.锻炼背部Work your triceps and back. Put your right hand over your shoulder, touching your upper back. Reach your left hand behind you and try to join your hands. Hold for five. Do this three times several times a day on both sides.锻炼三头肌和背部。右手放在肩膀上,触碰上背部,在背后与左手相握,坚持5秒钟。重复这个动作3次,两侧每天分别做几次。One side will be much easier for you, depending on your dominant side.其中一侧做这个动作比较简单,这取决与哪只手占优势。STEP 5 Tone that butt5.锻炼臀部Tone that butt by squeezing and holding your butt cheeks for five to ten seconds. Repeat six to eight times several times a day. For maximum results, squeeze as tight as you can.夹紧臀部,坚持5至10秒钟,调节臀部。重复这个动作6至8次,每天做几次。为了取得最佳效果,尽可能夹紧一点。As you get out of your chair throughout the day, try to use only your leg muscles, leaving your arms at your sides and keeping your spine straight. This gives the muscles in your legs a quick workout.每天走出办公椅的时候,尽可能只用腿部肌肉,双臂垂在体侧,保持脊柱直立。这样可以快速锻炼腿部肌肉。STEP 6 Let’s twist6.扭动Let’s twist. Put your left hand on the back of your right armrest, and slowly twist your torso towards the right. Repeat with your right hand and left armrest. This relaxes the lower back and trims the tummy and waist.扭一扭。将左手放在右边扶手后侧,缓缓向后边扭动躯干。右手和左边扶手重复同样的动作。这个动作可以放松下背部,锻炼胃部和腰部。STEP 7 Hug your hamstring7.锻炼大肌腱Work your lower body, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Put your hands under your right thigh and pull your knee toward your chest. Extend your leg straight out in front of you and hold for a few seconds. Do five reps with each leg.锻炼身体下部,大肌腱和四头肌。双手放在右侧大腿下,用力将膝盖向胸部拉。腿部向身前伸展,坚持几秒钟。每一条腿重复5次。The workplace cubicle design—a space with three wall panels and interior wiring—was patented in 1976 by Richard Haworth, making him one of the world’s richest men today.办公室格子间的设计——拥有三块墙板和内部线路——于1976年由Richard Haworth注册专利,使他成为世界上最富有的人之一。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/279199

What#39;s a holiday without a feast or a few. Chengdu city clearly had this in mind with its International Food and Tourism Festival. This year#39;s event brings a taste of the world to southwest China#39;s Sichuan province.没有盛宴的节日怎能被称为节日?成都——这座城市深谙此道,其举办的国际美食节便成为国庆黄金周的一大亮点。Ready for a gourmet sampling from around the globe? Chengdu really is living up to its UNESCO-given title of gastronomic capital. At least 3 million people have come here this national holiday, to satiate their senses and stomachs.准备好开始这场世界美食之旅了吗?被联合国教科文组织授予“美食之都”称号的成都市真是名符其实。在国庆节期间,至少300万人的感官和味蕾在这里得到了满足。Hey, what type of food do you like? Take your pick from Italian, Spanish, Thai, South Korean, Indian and more,and of course.嘿,什么小吃是你的最爱?意大利,西班牙,泰国,韩国,印度等地的小吃随你挑。Remember to arrive hungry. It#39;s a treat for food afficionados, but is also an opportunity to showcase local cuisine.记住一定要饿着肚子来哦!对吃货们来说,这里绝对是个不二选择,同时这也是展示当地特色菜的机会。This year#39;s festival has attracted more than 600 exhibitors. There#39;ll also be an array of special events, such as exhibitions on food cultures, a food summit and online attractions.今年的美食节吸引了超过600家参展商前来参展。这里还会举办一系列的特别活动,如美食文化展,美食峰会等等。This is what we Chinese call “Flying b”. The best part of making it, is to toss and spin it in the air and then land it back in the same spot. I am telling you it is pretty hard.这是被我们中国人称作“会飞的面包”的面包。制作这种面包最关键的部分是,将它抛向空中并让其旋转,然后让它在原位着地。Organizers say the event has raked in over 1.9 billion Yuan. And local authorities say it#39;s a great way to boost the local economy, and another fun place to spend the national holiday.主办方表示该旅游节带来了超过19亿元的收入。而且地方政府表示这是驱动地方经济的绝好形式,也是欢度国庆的好地方。 Article/201310/259138


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Brown students at Clinton High School in Clinton, Michigan.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了布朗先生的课堂。Nairobi is the capital of what African country?内罗毕是哪个非洲国家的首都?You know what to do. Is it Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!你知道该怎么做!它是肯尼亚,坦桑尼亚,乌干达还是赞比亚?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nairobi is a capital of Kenya. It#39;s also the country#39;s largest city. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;内罗毕是肯尼亚的首都。它也是这个国家最大的城市。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Nairobi is a unique place. 内罗毕是一个独一无二的地方。There is a national park, about four miles from downtown where zebras, rhinos and giraffes run free. 那里有一个国家公园,离市区大概4英里,那里有自由奔跑的斑马,犀牛和长颈鹿。The park also had predators. 这个公园里也有捕食者。13-year old Richard Terrere (ph) lives in a farm near the park. 13岁的理查德居住在这个公园旁边的一个农场上。He says that at night lions from the park used to eat his family#39;s cattle. 他说在夜里,公园里来的狮子曾经吃过他家的牛。When he noticed when people walked around with flashlights, the lions stayed away.他注意到当人们拿着探照灯巡查时狮子离开了。That gave Richard an idea: first, he set up a solar panel that charged a battery during the day. 那让理查德有了一个主意:首先,他设置了一个太阳能板在白天给电池充电。That powered what you#39;re about to see, these lights right here at night. 那为你即将要看到的充电,正是这些夜间的灯光。Richard made the lights flash, so it looked like someone was walking around with the flashlight, and that#39;s been keeping the big cats away.理查德让这些灯闪光,这样它看起来就像有人拿着手电筒走来走去一样,那么就可以防止那些大猫靠近。 /201303/228501。

  This year marks the 100th anniversary of Indian filmmaking, and the 44th International Film Festival of India is celebrating that legacy in the city of Goa. Talents from around the world are there to compete for the prestigious Golden Peacock award.今年是印度电影100周年诞辰,庆典仪式将在第44届印度国际电影节的举办地Goa市举行。来自世界各地的电影人将齐聚那里角逐著名的金孔雀奖。The 10-day-festival kicked off on Thursday, highlighted by the Indian Panorama Section. 42 Indian films will be screened in the coming days to commemorate a century of film achievement.为期10天的电影节于上周四开幕,那天亦是印度全景节。在未来几天中,将有42部印度电影陆续放映以纪念印度电影的世纪辉煌。Now, young generation directors, screenwriters and actors are striving to tell characteristically Indian stories. Thousands of films premiere in India each year, with an audience of fourteen million viewers and a box office of 2.2 billion US dollars. The film industry currently accounts for 13 percent of India’s GDP.现在,年青一代的导演,编剧及演员正在努力为人们讲述着极具特色的印度故事。每年都有成千上万的电影在印度首映,观影人数达1400万人次,票房收入达22亿美元。电影产业目前的收入占到印度GDP的13%。 Article/201311/265971

  One of the great, wonderful things about camping out在野外扎营其中一个最大的好处in the middle of the open is the animals.就是能经常接触到野生动物But it can also be one of the dangerous/annoying things.但这也可能最危险最烦人的事情Absolutely.完全同意In the annoying category,而最烦人的vervet monkeys.当属黑长尾猴Vervet monkeys have stolen my Ferrero Rocher黑长尾猴偷走了我的费列罗巧克力and one of my glow sticks from our medical supplies.和我们医疗用品里的一荧光棒So, if we see a luminous-faced monkey in the night,要是入夜后看到一只面部发光的猴子I#39;ll identify the naughty one that#39;s been stealing our stuff.我就知道是哪个调皮鬼偷了我们的东西And they leave little presents for us .而且他们还会留礼物给我们 是的when they#39;ve been in, just as a calling card.每次来的时候 都会送上这个名片But camp manager Andres但营地管理员安德烈斯finds more worrying animal signs.发现了更加令人担忧的动物足迹Well, the lions were quite close, just behind the tents.狮子曾在帐篷后面出现过 非常近Some must have come in有几只肯定闯进来过and I don#39;t know...我也说不准 Article/201408/324823

  设计师施德明·萨格米特运用简单有趣的案例分享他的最近关于幸福的观点--从理性和非理性两方面。他的人生和创造幸福的七条定律可以(伴有一些个性化设计)用于每个人去寻求更多的幸福。 Article/201309/257978

  Certain foods are more nutritious when eaten together. Improve your diet by learning a few of the power couples.有些食物搭配食用更加有营养。学习一些神奇的搭配法则,改善日常饮食。You Will Need你需要Tomatoes and broccoli西红柿和西兰花Vitamin C-rich foods维生素C含量丰富的食品Iron-rich foods含铁丰富的食品Olive oil, nuts, or avocados橄榄油,坚果或鳄梨Onions and garlic洋葱和蒜Herbs and spices香草和调味品Steps步骤Step 1 Eat tomatoes with broccoli1.西红柿和西兰花搭配Eat cooked tomatoes with broccoli. One study indicated that eating those two foods at the same time may enhance their cancer-fighting abilities.煮熟的西红柿和西兰花一起食用。一项研究表明,两种蔬菜同时食用可以增强抗癌能力。Step 2 Throw oranges into your salad2.沙拉中加入桔子Throw oranges into your salad, or cook bell peppers with your greens. Both are good sources of vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the iron in leafy veggies like spinach, Swiss chard, and kale.沙拉中加点桔子,或者灯笼椒和青菜一起煮。两者都富含维生素C,帮助身体吸收绿色蔬菜,比如菠菜,唐莴苣和甘蓝菜中的铁。Step 3 Put olive oil on vegetables3.蔬菜中加橄榄油Eat your vegetables with a little fat; it helps release their antioxidants. Stick to unsaturated fat – like the kind found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados.吃蔬菜时加入一点脂肪,可以帮助释放抗氧化剂。坚持食用不饱和脂肪,例如橄榄油,坚果和鳄梨中的脂肪。Skip the fat-free salad dressings; they don#39;t enhance your greens#39; nutrients, and most are loaded with sugar and artificial additives.避免不含脂肪的沙拉调味品,因为它们不能增强蔬菜的营养,而且通常含有很多糖和人工添加剂。Step 4 Cook onions with garlic4.洋葱和蒜一起煮Cook onions with garlic; it makes the onions#39; antioxidants more powerful.洋葱和蒜一起煮,可以让洋葱中的抗氧化剂更加有效。Step 5 Spice up your barbecues5.为烧烤增加味道Marinate meat headed for the barbecue with lots of herbs and spices; they can reduce the carcinogenic compounds grilling can cause.用来烧烤的卤肉中多加一些香草和香料,可以减少烧烤过程造成的致癌物质。Oregano has the most antioxidants, followed by marjoram, dill, thyme, and rosemary.牛至叶中含有的抗氧化剂最多,其次是小叶薄荷,莳萝,麝香和迷迭香。Step 6 Follow this formula6.遵循以下准则Make nutritious eating automatic by including vegetables or fruits in three different colors – plus one healthy fat – at each meal.饮食中包含三种不同颜色的蔬菜和水果,加上一种健康的脂肪,这样的饮食自然富含营养。Five of the healthiest foods are almonds, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, and sweet potatoes.五种最健康的食品包括杏仁,蓝莓,西兰花,菠菜和甜土豆。视频听力由。 /201311/266693

  在这关于漫画的魔力的不容错过的演讲中,司考特·麦克劳德将他的演示变为一次卡通般的体验。缤纷的色变化疾驰而过,让我们的眼睛听到和触及他的童年梦想,和他想象中的未来。 Article/201304/236220。


  It#39;s time for the shoutout. 大声喊出来时间到了。According to a famous e by Benjamin Franklin, what are the only things that are certain in this world? 根据本杰明·富兰克林著名的言论,世界上唯一确定的事是什么?Here we go. Is it life and death? Night and day? Death and taxes or trials and tribulations? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!开始!它是生死、日夜、死亡和纳税还是艰难困苦?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Franklin famously said that in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.富兰克林的这句话很有名:在世界上,只有死亡和纳税是确定的。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。Today is not a good day to ask your parents for new shoes: April 15th is the deadline for Americans to have their income taxes filed. 今天不是让你的父母给你买新鞋的好日子:因为四月十五日是美国人缴纳所得税的最后期限。Why? Because the government says so. 为什么呢?因为政府是这么规定的。Incomes taxes are chunks that the federal government takes out of the money we make. 所得税是联邦政府从我们所赚的钱中抽取的一大部分。What gives it the right to do this? 是什么赋予了政府这么做的权利呢?The answer - constitutional. 是——宪法。Amendment 16 says ;Congress shall have the power to lay and collect income taxes.; 第十六宪法修正案说:“国会有权规定并征收所得税。”Fun fact: when this was ratified in 1913, income taxes for most Americans were one percent. 有趣的现象:当这条修正案在1913年被认可时,对大多数美国人来说所得税是百分之一。Now, it#39;s between 15 and 25 percent for most of us. 现在,这一数字对我们来说是在百分之15到20之间.Where do the money go? 这些钱都去了哪里?Everywhere from the military to health care to paying interest on the government#39;s debt. 从军队到医保到为政府债务偿还利息的方方面面。 /201304/236008

  Wondering why online dating sites never seem to lead to offline dates? Here#39;s what you might be doing wrong.想知道为何网络上的约会从来未让你成功地线下约会?下面是你可能犯的错误。You Will Need你需要Critical eye批判的眼光Honest friend诚实的朋友Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t use the wrong picture1.不要使用错误的照片Take a look at your profile picture. If you#39;re a woman and you don#39;t look a little flirtatious, you#39;re limiting the guys who#39;ll want to contact you. If you#39;re a guy and you#39;re all dressed up, you#39;ll get fewer responses than a man in more casual attire. Also evaluate your photos#39; boring factor -- intriguing pictures get a lot of hits, even if the person#39;s face is obscured. And whatever you do, don#39;t use a picture taken with a flash; it adds 7 years to your looks!查看一下你的资料照片。如果你是女性,看上去一点都不解风情,这样就限制了想要接触你的男孩。如果你是男孩,照片上的你衣冠楚楚,你得到的回应肯定不如穿便装的男孩。还要评估一下照片是否乏味——有趣的照片更能吸引人们的注意力,即使主人公的面部非常模糊。无论如何,不要使用用闪光灯拍的照片,这会让你的容貌看上去老7岁。The ;MySpace angle; shot -- looking coy as you snap a picture of yourself from above -- is the most effective type of photo a woman can post, according to research.根据一项调查,网络摄像头从你的上方拍照,让你看上去非常腼腆,是女性拍照效果最好的角度。STEP 2 Don#39;t be too truthful2.不要太实事求是Check whether your profile is too truthful. If you#39;re a man under 6 feet tall and you#39;re not exaggerating your height by 2 inches, you#39;re putting yourself at a disadvantage, because the majority of male online daters pump up their stature. They#39;re also inflating their salary by 20 percent. As for women, you#39;d do well to shave an inch or two off your height if you#39;re over 5 feet 4 inches -- average-height and shorter women get more responses than tall ones.查看一下你的资料是否太真实了。如果你是一名不足6英尺的男子,连2英寸都没有夸张,你就会使自己处于劣势地位,因为网上约会的大部分男性都会吹嘘自己的外表。他们还会把自己的薪资夸大20%。作为女性,如果你的身高超过5英尺4英寸,你也可以把身高减少一两英寸——平均身高或较矮的女性得到的回应更多。A 5-foot 4-inch woman gets 60 more online dating messages per year than a 6-foot tall woman.一名5英尺4英寸高的女性每年收到的网络约会信息比6英尺高的女性多60%。STEP 3 Be positive3.积极Give your profile the negativity test. Are you listing more traits you#39;re not looking for than ones you like? Too many deal-breakers makes you seem judgmental, narrow-minded, and bitter. Instead, strike an upbeat tone and focus on what you do like -- in life and in a potential mate.对你的资料进行消极性测试。你列明的性格中不喜欢的部分是否超过喜欢的部分?许多破坏性因素让你看上去值得批判,思想狭隘,令人憎恶。相反,采用乐观向上的基调,集中在你喜欢的方面,无论是对生活还是对未来的伴侣。STEP 4 Don#39;t send a one-size-fits-all message4.不要发送千篇一律的信息Review the messages you#39;ve sent. If you#39;re dashing off the same generic introduction to everyone who catches your eye, you#39;re much less likely to get a response than if you tailor your note to each person you want to date. Also, long-winded messages tend to get fewer responses than brief ones.检查你发送的信息。如果你对吸引你眼球的任何人发送的都是千篇一律的自我介绍,那么你得到的回应肯定比根据潜在约会对象量身定做信息的人更少。同样,长篇大论的信息得到的回复也少于简洁明了的信息。Increase your chances of hearing back from someone by referencing a hobby or interest that they talked about in their profile.提及对方资料中说到的兴趣或爱好,增加对方回复的机会。STEP 5 Don#39;t use text speak5.不要使用网络语言Consider the way you write your messages. People who use a lot of text message shortcuts get fewer responses than online daters who use normal spelling. Exceptions to this rule are ;haha; and ;lol; which potential dates do like, possibly because they suggest a sense of humor.考虑你下书写信息的方式。总是使用网络缩写语言的人获得的回复比使用正常拼写的人更少。不过“哈哈”“大笑”等对方可以接受的符号除外,或许这也代表了一种幽默感。STEP 6 Don#39;t try too hard6.不要太刻意Have a trusted friend both your profile and some of the messages you#39;ve sent that garnered no replies; a close pal will tell you if you#39;re coming off as desperate or weird. Now get back online and knock #39;em dead!让一个值得信任的朋友阅读你的资料和你发送的未得到回复的信息;亲密的朋友会告诉你你是否太歇斯底里或怪异。现在,重新上线,追求你的目标!Married couples that met online dated for about 18 months -- couples that met offline had a courtship of over 3 years before tying the knot.在网络上认识的情侣通常18个月后结婚,而在现实生活中认识的情侣通常约会3年后才喜结连理。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/322521

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