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When Jack bowed to someone, he always did it at lightening speed. You shouldn't wait any longer after he has had his head nod. So he was blamed for no manners. Then some warmhearted men taught him, "When you bow to somebody next time, you can count 'January, February, March. until December. Then you can lift your body up. Thus, the ceremony will be perfect.   The next day, he met his uncle, he did as the men told him. The bow was so long that it made his uncle feel surprised and escaped away soon . When Jack looked up, he found his uncle gone . So he asked the passer, "Which month did he go away?"  杰克给人鞠躬,飞快地一点头,就算完了。大家都怪他不懂礼貌。于是便有好心的人教他说,“下次鞠躬的时候,你就在心里数:正月、二月、……一直数到十二月为止,然后再直起身来。这样,礼节就周全了。”   第二天,杰克见到他的叔叔,他便如法炮制。这躬鞠得太久,叔叔吃了一惊,赶紧逃开了。杰克抬头一看,其叔早已不知去向,他便问过路人:“我叔叔是几月走的?” /201108/150268。

  • Self help books that espouse clever chat up lines, psychological mind-games and manipulation of body language actually make it harder to find a soulmate, it was said.据称,自助手册中建议的妙语连珠、心理游戏以及肢体语言,这些手段的运用事实上反而会增加觅得意中人的难度。Instead, singles of both sexes should focus on just being themselves and having fun, according to Dr Petra Boynton, an expert in sex and relationships.两性关系学专家帕特拉#8226;因顿士指出,单身的男性与女性最好还是做回自己,放松心态。The social psychologist from University College London, dismissed most of the advice given in dating guides and self-help books as unscientific "bunkum".这位来自伦敦大学的社会心理学家指出,大部分约会指南和自助手册中提出的建议,都是没有科学依据的“废话”。Speaking at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, she said: "They talk about `science has shown` or `biology says` or `in evolutionary terms men are programmed to be the aggressors and women are not`. "她在伯明翰举办的英国科学节上表示:“他们常说‘科学明’、‘生物学研究表明’或者‘从进化的角度而言男性天生就比女性主动’”“But they never cite any of the science they`re talking about and when you look at the way they apply it, it`s just rhetoric. There`s no science to actually back up what they`re saying. ”“但是他们从来没有引用任何所谈到的科学依据,当你想看看他们的研究方法时,就会发现这只不过是一种虚夸的言辞。事实上没有科学能持他们的论调。” /201009/114482。
  • How to cope with Insomnia 8个步骤让你轻松摆脱失眠安稳入睡 Exercise 锻炼 Walk, take the stairs, clean your house. Anything to make sure your body actually needs sleep.When I was working in an office,I typically was sitting down all day and not doing that much. I would have trouble sleeping and thus trouble keeping my head up the next day. Exercise or exhausting yourself for even 30 minutes a day will greatly help with your sleep. 走走路,爬爬楼梯,清洁你的房子。做一些让你的身体需要休息的事情。当我在办公室工作的时候,我通常都会坐一整天,那些事情我根本不会去做。所以我睡不好觉,第2天的精神也不能保。每天让自己运动30分钟,会对你的睡眠有益处。 Don't use the computer, watch television, or play with any electrionics right before going to bed 睡觉之前尽量不使用电脑,看电视或用一些电器 All of these tell your brain, "WAKE UP!". Avoid this! 所有这些都会向你的大脑传达“醒醒!”的指令。请远离这些! Avoid caffeine and sugar 避免咖啡因和糖分的摄取 At least a few hours before bed, so that they do not keep you awake. 睡觉前至少几个小时请尽量避免,这样他们就不会让你保持清醒。 Get into a routine 养成一个好习惯 Walk the dog, brush your teeth, lay out clothing for the next day, and get into bed. Something similar that you do every night to get your mind into sleep-mode. 溜,刷牙,准备妥当第二天的衣后就去睡觉。类似的事情会让你的头脑每到晚上都会进入睡眠模式。 /201110/157947。
  • 科学家要么像谢耳朵那样EQ低到不可思议,要么尽己所能,把严谨精确的科学精神发挥到恋爱上面,大胆假设小心求,先算能找到多少理想女友,再展开具体战略。所以当旁人还在忙着相亲交友的时候,科学家已经轻轻松松,一个公式搞定人生大事。 The Drake equation is used to estimate the number of highly evolved civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. The equation was developped in 1961 by Dr.Frank Drake at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.德雷克方程式是用来估计系内拥有高度发展文明的星球数量的。1961年,美国国家无线电天文台的弗兰克·德雷克士创造出了这个方程式。The equation is generally specified as:这个方程式写作:N=R*×Ep×Ne×F1×Fi×Fc×L N the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;我们能够与之沟通的、有高度文明的外星球数量R* the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy系中每年新星球“出生率”Ep the fraction of those stars that have planets能生长植物的星球所占的比率Ne the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets每颗这样的星球上能维持生命的植物的平均数目F1 the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point其中真正能出现生命痕迹的星球比率Fi the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life其中能出现高等生命的星球比率Fc the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space拥有向宇宙中发射可识别信号的能力的文明在以上星球中所占的比率L the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.那样的高等文明生物发射可识别心信号的时间 /201108/146966。
  • People who rise early feel happier and more satisfied with life overall, compared to night owls.和夜猫子相比,早起鸟更快乐,整体生活的满意度更高。But the good news for stroppy teenagers is that most people become earlier risers as they age, and this change is also associated with greater feelings of happiness.对于那些难以控制自己的青少年而言,也有好消息。大部分人随着年龄的增长,会习惯早起,这种变化会让人有更强的幸福感。Researchers at the University of Toronto asked more than 700 people about their preferred time of day and how healthy and happy they generally feel.多伦多大学的研究人员询问了700多名人员,问他们最喜欢每天的什么时候,以及他们健康和快乐的程度。They then compared the responses of the group of younger adults aged 17 to 38 with older people ages 59 to 79.研究人员接着把17岁到38岁之间青年人的反应与59到79岁之间老年人的反应进行了对比。Only about seven per cent of young adults are morning larks, while by age 60 most people preferred to be up with the dawn. Just seven per cent of the oldest people in the study described themselves as night owls.青年人中只有7%的人是;早起鸟;,而到了60岁,大部分人都喜欢在黎明起床。在研究中,只有7%的老年人称自己是;夜猫子;。;We found that older adults reported greater positive emotion than younger adults, and older adults were more likely to be morning-type people than younger adults,; study researcher Renee Biss from the University of Toronto reportedly told LiveScience. The ;morningness; was associated with greater happiness emotions in both age groups.据报道,多伦多大学的研究人员芮妮-比什对生活科学网表示,;我们发现老年人的积极情绪比青年人要多。和青年人相比,老年人是‘早起鸟#39;的可能性更大。在两个年龄组中,‘早起鸟#39;更开心。;Morning types also tended to report that they felt healthier than the late risers, according to the study that published in the journal Emotion. The researchers said that this apparent health benefit could come from the extra sleep they would enjoy, as their sleeping schedule would fit with society#39;s expectations of rising early for work.根据发表在《情感》期刊上的研究,;早起鸟;也倾向于说自己比;夜猫子;要健康。研究人员说,这种明显的健康益处可能来自于;早起鸟;额外的睡眠,因为他们的睡眠时间表能适应社会所期望的早起工作。This extra sleep could not only make them feel more alert, but may also boost their immune system.额外的睡眠不仅会让他们更加清醒,而且还能提升他们的免疫系统。;Evening people may be more prone to social jetlag; this means that their biological clock is out of sync with the social clock,; Ms Biss said. ;Society#39;s expectations are far more organized around a morning-type person`s schedule.;;‘夜猫子#39;则更容易面临社交时差;也就是说他们的生物钟和社会时钟脱节了,; 比什女士说。;社会预期更多的是围绕着‘早起鸟#39;的日程安排。;;An evening person may go through their week feeling unhappy because they have to get up earlier than they would like to.; But Ms Biss said there was hope for night owls as it was possible for them to turn themselves into morning people.;‘夜猫子#39;在工作时可能会觉得不开心,因为他们不得不早起。; 但是比什女士说, ;夜猫子;也可以变成;早起鸟;。;One way to do it is to increase your natural light exposure early in the morning, and to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier,; she said. ;It#39;s easiest if you have a consistent schedule, to make sure you are waking up at the same time every day.;;其中一种方法是,增加早晨自然光线照射的时间,早睡早起。;她说。;如果你的作息时间比较规律,这是最容易不过的了,这样你每天都能在同一时刻醒来。; /201206/187874。
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