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l+FSks(Aj[ppu@s@lGDWavsaThis is CNN STUDENT NEWS. You give us 10 minutes. We`ll give you current events with zero commercials. I`m Carl Azuz.z__nR~ln|jxYdzWe`re starting today on the Korean Peninsula. Even though an armistice ended fighting in the Korean War in 1953, North and South Korea are still divided and they`re still rivals. The North is a communist dictatorship. The South is a republic and an ally of the U.S.O_2;_wtKjjThat`s why the world was concerned when things got heated once again earlier this month. Landmines badly wounded two South Korean soldiers who were patrolling the demilitarized between the two countries. North Korea denied laying them, but South Korea responded by making propaganda broadcast across the border.YdESfDM;l+u+Q(3QipWThat infuriated the North. Troops were mobilized. Talk of war was in the air. But things settled down yesterday when the two sides reached an agreement. North Korea said it regrets that South Korean soldiers were injured by landmines, and South Korea planned to stop its propaganda broadcast.,7I#Rcn.1WHeSTOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The DMZ is 160 miles long and it cuts through the Korean Peninsula. And despite being called the demilitarized zone, it`s one of the most heavily guarded military barriers in the world. About a million active duty troops to the North, about 600,000 to the zone, and big reserves as well, all on a footing for war really for the past 60 years, in case there might an invasion from the other side.#hpaBwrj-GSNow, we`ve seen some new skirmishes and the latest point of contention is this, these high tech speakers that the South is using to broadcast messages into the North. How could this make such a difference? Well, you have to consider the power of these speakers and the nature of the messages. These speakers, one unit, for example, set in the mountains along the South here, would have the capability of reaching by day, about six miles into the North. By night, about 12 miles in and the sound carries a little bit better. ,OZDK,RNf9UThe messages that have been sent recently have been sharply critical of the Northern leadership, sometimes they used defectors to the South to call out to their former countrymen. And the North feels a little bit powerless to do anything about this in terms of a quid pro quo, because even though they have their own speaker systems, theirs will only carry about a mile, and in some cases, that will not even get them across the DMZ himself.yvC;@3JM6l译文属原创,d6K,]GGH6n@xuY。EDF++3jsKUOfHwr%h+FVZ@nV6Om7Sf[Zh]iYvxk@bu(m%-AJ; /201508/395408。


栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201510/404354。

But sometimes drug companies不过有时候 制药公司are not the first people to see that.并不是最先意识到这一点的人In the UK, one third of all women在英国 三分之一的育年龄妇女of reproductive age take the contraceptive pill.都会用避药物Worldwide, a hundred million rely on it,全世界 约有一亿人依赖这种药物but it almost never reached the market.但最初 它差一点未能进入市场In the 1950s, research into contraception was illegal在20世纪50年代 研发避药in many parts of the world and where it was legal,在许多国家是非法的 即便在合法国家pharmaceutical firms feared a moral backlash.制药公司也害怕遭遇道德问题Despite this, independent researchers did discover除此之外 独立研究人员也发现了how to synthetically create female hormones.合成制造女性荷尔蒙的方法They realised giving these to women as a pill他们意识到 给女性用药物would change their fundamental biology可以改变她们的生理状态 and stop them ovulating,使其停止排卵preventing them from getting pregnant.从而避免怀Pharmaceutical companies were reluctant制药公司当时对于这一项目的持to back the project,并不情愿so when one did get behind it,所以当一个制药公司着手持该项目时the pill was brought to the market这种药物只是作为as a drug for heavy periods,治疗月经过多的药剂进入市场but women soon cottoned on to its real potential.不过女人们很快发现了它的真实作用201502/360448。

Is the weather getting weirder?Your answer probably depends on the weirdness of the weather youve been experiencing lately.For example,after the UK.got doused with one of its rainiest weeks on record.the Brits who reported experiencing flooding were much more likely than their drier compatriots to say,theyd noticed wetter and wetter weather over the course of their lives.最近天气越来越奇怪了吧?你的可能取决于最近周围天气有多奇怪。比如,当英国被单周降水量最高的大雨泡遍后,饱受洪水困扰的腐国人民,比受灾不太严重的人更容易说,他们发现,在其一生中天气越来越潮湿。And before a withering drought struck the American Midwest in 2012.only 41%of residents thought they detected a long-term uptick in the frequency and intensity of dry spells,but after that one dessicating summer,66%said theyd been seeing worsening droughts decades.2012年,一场大干旱炙烤美国中西部前,只有41%的居民认为,干旱期频率有严重性有增长态势,而这次干燥的夏季后,66%的人称,过去十年来干旱愈发严重。Rain or shine,our minds tend to prize their freshest impressions.But even when we experience the same weird weather events as other people,we dont always agree on how weird they actually were.Data from more than 4000 meteorological stations tells us that,the winter of 2012 was the third-warmest on record in the U.S.无论是雨是晴,我们偏向于近期的印象。但即使我们与他人经历同一不寻常天气,我们很少对其怪异程度达成一致。4000多个气象站的数据说明2012年冬季是美国有记录以来第三暖冬。But according to the Americans who lived through it...well,those who thought of global climate change as a serious,man-made threat were significantly more likely to report that their local winter weather had been warmer than usual.不过,亲身经历的美帝人民却...认为全球气候变暖由人为,有严峻威胁的人更可能报告称,当地天气比往常更暖。Even after adjusting for beliefts about global warming,there was a political divide,with Democrats more likely than Republicans to rate the winter as unusually toasty.Clouding the issue further,these days we get less of our weather information first-hand and more form the media,where different channels compete for our attention by mentioning ;extreme weather;for more often than they used to and spicing up not-so-apocalyptic events with terms like;polar wortex;and;snowmaggedon.;即使平衡全球变暖观念影响后,政治分歧尚存,民主党比共和党更容易做出天气异常火热的评价。更进一步分析,今日我们很少获取一手天气资料,更多从媒体获得,不同电视台为了抢收视率极端天气”次数更多并将不太严重的事件夸大为“极地涡旋”或“雪魔”。The Weather Channel has even co-opted the World Meteorological Organizations practice of naming destructive tropical storms by christening every biggish snowstorm that trundles over North America.With so many sources of information,its easy for us to choose the ones that align with our broader worldviews,no matter what they are.气象频道甚至借鉴了世界气象组织命名破坏性热带风暴的惯例给每一个席卷北美的暴风雪起名,消息来源如此丰富,我们很容易选择,同我们世界观相符的,而不管它是什么。As a result,much of what we hear about the frequency of extreme weather can end up reinforcing whatever we aly believe,rather than giving us new information about whats really going on.So,did this tell you what you wanted to hear?结果,我们听到的极端天气频率,巩固了我们原先的观念,却未给我们提供实际信息,那么,这个视频是你想听的嘛?201504/367544。

Rice-noodles have been established fare in Yunnan for centuries.米线作为食物,在云南已经有几个世纪了Theyre gluten-free with a silky texture它们无麸质,丝般质感that absorbs flavours more efficiently更有效地吸收香味than the less spongy wheat noodles,比起没那么松软的小麦面which makes them perfect for soups and stir-fries.这使得它们完美适用于做汤和炒菜I would like to invite you to have my noodles.她说她想请你吃米线I would be so happy!我会很高兴的Its great to see Dai migrants from the countryside很高兴看到从农村迁到城里的傣族人making a successful living in the city producing traditional food过上更成功的生活并生产传统的食物for the burgeoning tourist industry.给蓬勃发展的旅游业The rice-noodles, apparently, have been an old family recipe,米线,显然已经成为一个古老的家族配方they were selling it out of their farm before, and they decided以前他们在自己的农场里做米线拿出来卖,后来他们决定to be more entrepreneurial, which is what has happened in China,变得更富有创业精神,这就是发生在中国的事you have these very small families,很多小家庭that are starting business like this.会像这样自己做生意This is really the base of capitalism, and who knows,这是真正的资本运作形式,谁知道呢maybe in the next 30 years, theyll be a gigantic corporation!也许在未来三十年里,他们将成为一家大公司Based on this family recipe!就靠这个家族秘方After breakfast, Mr Ai is keen to show me around his house.早餐后,艾先生热情的带我参观了他的房子Nice living room, a nice sofa...很好的客厅,漂亮的沙发…Oh, thats their son?噢,那是他们的儿子Hes very cute. How many bedrooms?他真可爱,有几间卧室Four. Four bedrooms.四间,四间卧室Wow, its very, a very big house!哇,真的是一幢非常,非常宽敞的房子He says his house is smaller than others!他说他的房子比别人的要小Oh, really? The neighbours is much bigger!噢,真的吗,邻居的更大Business is clearly booming for Mr Ai and things can only get better艾先生的业务正在蓬勃发展,一切只会变得更好with 1.5 billion earmarked for tourism development in Jinghong.在1.5亿英镑的景洪旅游发展资金持下Theres an airport over there!这里有一个机场Youre kidding, wow! Thats the airport?开玩笑吧,哇,那是飞机场Yes, its under construction.是的,正在建设中So many tourists will come and they need more airport因为蜂拥而来的游客,他们需要更多机场to meet the demand.以满足需求I see.我明白This tourist city might have a Disneyland feel to it.这个旅游城市可能有在迪士尼乐园的感觉But from what Ive seen today,但就今天我所看到的来说the minorities here are really embracing the opportunities it offers.这里的少数民族真的生活在机遇中And its not at the expense of their cultural and culinary traditions.而且并不是以牺牲自己的文化和烹饪传统为代价They have ambitions.他们充满抱负They thought that their culture, and everything that went with it,他们以为他们的文化和与之相关的一切like their cuisine, would be wiped out.比如他们的美食,会被一扫而光And instead, its thriving like crazy!恰恰相反,这些却发狂般地繁荣201510/405600。

South Korea has appealed to China to use its influence to rein in North Korea, warning of further provocation from its northern neighbour after its latest nuclear test.朝鲜最近进行核试验后,韩国呼吁中国利用其影响力遏制朝鲜,并警告进一步的挑衅。Seoul has warned Pyongyang that it is working with its allies on tougher sanctions.首尔已经对平壤发出警告,表示正在与盟国对其进行更严厉的制裁。The US House of Representatives has voted almost unanimously to broaden measures targeting North Korea over its nuclear programme.美国众议院几乎一致投票加大措施应对朝鲜核计划。Turning to Beijing, South Korea’s president stress China’s condemnations of North Korea.谈及北京,韩国总统强调中国对朝鲜的谴责。I’m sure that China is well aware that if such a strong will isn’t followed by necessary steps, we won’t be able to stop more test on the North or guarantee peace and stability in the Korean peninsula. I am sure the Chinese government won’t allow the situation to deteriorate further.我敢肯定中国很清楚,如果强大的意愿没有采取必要的措施,我们无法停止朝鲜进行更多的试验,也无法保朝鲜半岛的和平与稳定。我相信中国政府不会让形势进一步恶化。Western experts have cast doubt on Pyongyang’s claims realting to recent tests saying film showing the purported firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile appeared to be fake.西方专家对平壤最近的核试验表示怀疑,称朝鲜展示的所谓潜艇发射弹道导弹似乎是假的。译文属。 /201601/422323。


But todays flight is no rescue mission.但今次出航的目的不是救援Its purpose is to deploy me into harsh glacier terrain high up in the Chugach mountains.而是要把我撂在楚加奇山脉中 严酷的冰川高地上I plan to rappel. As a combat chopper,this pave hawk is the ideal platform for a rapid insertion.我计划顺着绳索滑下 作为战斗直升机 这架铺鹰式战斗机是理想的速降平台Im 80 foot up, and the only way is down.我从80英尺高空径直下落Im safely on the deck,and the helicopter is out of here.我成功着陆 而直升机便离去了Were quite high up in the mountains, look.And that is a proper Alaskan mountain view.我们正身处山巅之上 看啊 这才是阿拉斯加的山景God, first thing you notice is just how cold it is up here.You know, we left the base at sea level.来到这里的第一感觉就是太冷了 我们出发的基地海拔和海平面差不多But up here, were about four or five thousand feet.Its a different ball game.但这里海拔有四五千英尺 简直就是天差地别Every 1,000 foot you drop, temperatures rise about five degrees.每降低一千英尺 温度上升五度So it could be 25 degrees warmer at sea level.所以海平面比这里高25度Even better,most Alaskans live near the coast,更好的是 大多数阿拉斯加人住在海岸附近so if you get stuck out here,your best plan is to head for the sea.如果你被困在这里 最好的出路就是向海边进发But in this harsh place,getting there is never gonna be easy.但在这样的不毛之地 到达海边可不是件容易之事My best route off this mountain is to head for the vast glacier below,我最好的下山之路 就是向下面广阔的冰川前进but that means crossing a dangerous scree slope.但这意味着要通过危险的碎石坡路The frost-shattered rock is hard, sharp,and treacherous underfoot.挂霜的岩石坚硬而尖锐 而且容易松动Getting onto the glacier will be no walk in the park.走在冰川上 可不像逛公园201604/437061。