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长春医科大学第一医院网上咨询热线宽城区子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的Scotland is a unique and austere place,laden with history,where you can find aristocratic palaces and castles,as well as the traditional parades in national costumes.It has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe,a living testimony of a proud and splendid past.苏格兰是一个独特的地方,自然条件虽不得天独厚,历史的厚重感却随处可见。豪门望族的府第与城堡历历在目,仪仗队的士兵也还穿着传统装。这里有全欧洲最美的城市,诉说着苏格兰昔日的荣光。In order to see and discover the true soul of Scotland today,what forged the character of this splendid region,we have to go towards the northern regions,to the Grampian Mountains.Beautiful and unspoiled,it was difficult to farm.The Scots subdued the environment with simple spades and strong arms.想看看真正的苏格兰,追寻这里民族精神的源泉,就得去北部的格兰扁山区。格兰扁山区景色怡人,还没有受到现代文明的污染。格兰扁一度不适合耕作,倔强的苏格兰人,凭着双手征了这片土地。The history of this ancient struggle,and its people’s ancient love affair with the hard land,is enclosed within the walls of the Angus Folk Museum.You are able to get a feel of the typical rural atmosphere of times past from the everyday artifacts displayed here.苏格兰先民的艰苦劳作与他们自古对这片贫瘠土地的眷恋,在这个物馆里一览无余。这里展出的都是平常的物品,营造出往日乡间的氛围,使人油然而生怀旧之情。From coastal Aberdeen in towards the interior of the Grampian Mountains there runs the Castle Trail,a road that touches on many fortresses,which are witnesses of continual revolts against the dominion of neighboring England in Scottish history.从沿海的阿伯丁,有一条古堡之路,一直蜿蜒到格兰扁山区深处。沿途很多昔日的要塞,都是苏格兰在历史上不断反抗英格兰统治的见。Perhaps the most uplifting moment for Scottish autonomy is the one experienced inside this ancient abbey of Arbroath,where,in 1320;the Declaration of Independence was celebrated,at the instigation of King Robert the Bruce.He carried out the plan for autonomy drawn up by the great popular hero William Wallace,to whom cinema has dedicated the wonderful film;Brave heart;,the winner of five Oscars.苏格兰争取自治的过程中最大快人心的时刻莫过于1320年在这个修道院,布鲁斯国王鼓动百姓大肆庆贺独立宣言签订。布鲁斯采纳传奇英雄威廉·华勒斯所献的计策,完成了自治大业,这个故事后来被改编成电影《勇敢的心》,该片曾摘取了五项奥斯卡奖。This is Glamis Castle.It is often remembered for being the residence of King Macbeth and Queen Elizabeth in her childhood.Among the most assiduous guests here are the inevitable ghosts,which are nourished,if not actually created,by ancient popular beliefs.These have been handed down over the centuries by a people inclined to live with mystery,with the forces of the supernatural.这座城堡之所以名闻遐迩,却是因为曾经的两位主人——苏格兰国王麦克白与幼年时的伊丽莎白女王。如今这里最相看无厌的客人当数传说中挥之不去的幽灵,这些传说即使不是源于世代相传的民间故事,也大有借鉴化用的嫌疑。苏格兰人似乎生来就笃信超自然的力量,因此才有了这些传说。Another attraction here is a legendary monster:the Loch Ness Monster.Is it real or imaginary,this monster,which has been nicknamed Nessie,has collected a good 3000 sightings over the last 50 years?To fuel the debate about the monster,and perhaps also curiosity about the lake,a price of 500,000 pounds sterling has been put on Nessie’s head.这里游人如织的另一个原因则是尼斯湖的怪兽。真假姑且不论,这个昵称Nessie的怪兽在过去的半个世纪中已经吸引了三千余名游客。如今它头上有五十万英镑的悬赏,使得学术界的争论日益激烈,或许也会令游人的好奇日盛吧。The true flag of Scotland,tartan,is recognizable from the brightly colored plaid patterns which are used to distinguish the various clans.Over the last few decades this fabric has made a comeback and is part of the daily life of this country.苏格兰格子呢是苏格兰真正的旗帜。它显著的花格子图案曾经是区分不同宗族的标志。在过去几十年里,格子呢在苏格兰再度流行,如今则已在日常生活中不可或缺。The typical Scottish garment,the kilt,is de rigeur when the Scots play the Great Highland bagpipes,especially when they march in parades.苏格兰传统的褶裙按照礼节是应该在演奏高地风笛时穿的,尤其是列队前进的时候。Bagpipes and dancing open the competitions of local sporting events,which are called Highland Gatherings.The games,which have strange rules,involve a spirit that has more to do with brute force than with athletics.高地风笛与利尔舞揭开了高地运动盛会的序幕。运动会的比赛项目规则奇特,与其说是田径比赛,不如说是大力士的较量。 /201409/332819长春南关区疾病预防控制中心看妇科炎症多少钱 Hate dining alone? One Japanese restaurant has a semi-awkward yet totally adorable solution for all your table-for-one woes.不喜欢一个人独自用餐?一家日本餐厅想出了一个不那么尴尬而又非常可爱的解决办法,将你独自用餐的痛苦一扫而光。The Moomin Café in Japan seats solo diners with cuddly stuffed animals to make the experience of dining alone a little less lonely, Food Beast reports. (Sure, the stuffies might not be the greatest conversationalists, but they have to be better listeners than your last date.)根据Food Beast网站的报道,这家叫做Moomin Café的日本咖啡店(其取名源自芬兰出产的动画Moomin Valley,中文译名姆明一族、噜噜咪一家、姆明谷等)会给单独进餐的顾客提供可爱的毛绒公仔,让他们独自用餐时没那么孤独。(当然,这些公仔可能不是最棒的唠嗑伙伴,但是同你上一个伙伴相比,公仔们肯定是个更好的听众。)The cafés are themed around The Moomins, a Swedish-Finnish book and animated series about a family of friendly hippo-esque critters. Each location features food, drink and decor inspired by the whimsical franchise, but the main draw is clearly the option to dine with a wide-eyed Moomin of your own.这家咖啡店的主题围绕着The Moomins,这是一本瑞典-芬兰的卡通书,也被制作成了动漫剧集,讲的是友善的河马家族里的一系列生动有趣的故事。得到授权后,餐厅的食物、饮品和装修灵感都来自这部异想天开的卡通作品,但是餐厅的主线是很清晰的:就是可以自己选一个大眼睛姆明一起用餐。We#39;d just like to point out that texting at dinner is rude, even when your date is a stuffed animal.我们要指出的是,在吃饭时发短信是不礼貌的,即使和你约会的只是个毛绒公仔。We#39;re conflicted here: Would dining with a plush-y as your plus-one make going to a restaurant by yourself more palatable -- or does it just make the whole situation that much more embarrassing? Tell us what you think in the comments!让我们有争议的是:把一个长毛绒玩具作为另一半是会让你独自用餐变得更加惬意,还是会让你的用餐变得更加尴尬呢?告诉我们你怎么看! /201405/297842What you eat before and after a workout can make a huge difference to your performance. Give your body the quality fuel it needs and you can train harder, run faster and recover quicker – not to mention lose fat and build muscle.锻炼前后吃什么对你日常生活的表现有很大的不同。给予身体所需的燃料的质量,你会训练的更加努力,跑的更快,恢复的更快-更不用说减掉脂肪,增强肌肉了。Read on to discover the 12 best foods for fitness and when you should be eating them.往下读,当你吃某种食物的时候,要知道它们是12种最有益身体健康的食物。 /201409/329000长春朝阳区宽城区二道区绿园区南关区医院收费合理吗

长春医大二院看病贵吗Traveling is a priority for many people during the National Day holiday, and college students are no exception. But with landmarks swamped with tourists, and transportation and accommodation costs even higher during Golden Week, how to travel on a budget is a tricky question.对于许多人而言,在过去的国庆假期里,旅行是头等大事,而大学生们自然也不例外。但是鉴于黄金周各大景点人山人海,交通、住宿费用水涨船高,如何“穷游”成为一个棘手的问题。Earn on the trip边旅行边赚钱For some, asking their parents for travel money is outdated. Saving up on your own is the trend now. But what about earning money on the trip?对于一些人而言,“啃老旅行”已经OUT了。时下最IN的是自助游。但边旅行边赚钱这种方式,你觉得如何?Chen Yirong, 22, a senior majoring in journalism at Shantou University, had a great idea to solve her budgeting problem.22岁的陈一荣(音译)是汕头大学新闻系的大四学生。她想到了一个解决经费问题的好主意。Chen traveled from Shantou to Nanjing during the holiday. Before her departure, she offered to write an article about her trip for the school newspaper when she came back.国庆假期,陈一荣离开汕头,到南京旅行。出发前,她主动要求回来后为校报撰写一篇游记。“I was paid for the story and the photos I submitted. Even if it’s just a small sum of money, it eases part of the pressure of financing the trip,” says Chen.陈一荣说:“我有偿提供文章和图片。尽管稿费不多,但这笔钱可以缓解一下出行的经济压力。”Another option is providing news stories to local newspapers. “One of my classmates took a bus from Shantou to Xiamen. After being stuck in traffic for several hours, she called a local newspaper to inform them of the situation and got 50 yuan as a reward,” says Chen.还有一个方法是为当地报纸提供新闻素材。陈一荣说:“我有一个同学乘汽车从汕头到厦门。她在路上被堵了好几个小时,后来打电话将该情况告知了当地一家报纸,得到了50元报酬。”Couchsurfing or camping沙发客或帐篷客Instead of paying for an expensive hotel, you can try to score a free nights on someone’s couch. There are a number of websites to help pave the way, and you can offer couchsurfing opportunities in your dormitory as you travel and meet people on the way.不必为酒店一掷千金,你可以免费留宿在别人的沙发上。很多网站可以助你一臂之力,你也可以在外出旅行、结交朋友时,向“沙发客”们提供免费留宿你寝室的机会。Zheng Xiao, 22, a senior majoring in law at Fudan University, found a couch in Wuhan, where he stayed for one night.22岁的郑晓(音译)就读于复旦大学法律系大四年级。在武汉时,他便做了一晚的“沙发客”。“I found the opportunity on cnsfk.com. It’s free and, more importantly, I can contact and stay with local hosts in their home. I chatted with them and got great advice on where to find traditional local food,” Zheng says.郑晓说:“我在沙发客网上找到了这个机会。这是免费的,更重要的是,我可以接触到当地人并住在他们家里。我和他们聊天,也因此收获了当地传统美食地图。As it’s still summer in southern China, students traveling there can bring a tent and ask farmers if they can camp on their land, or just camp on a beach in costal cities.由于华南地区还是夏季,去南方旅行的同学可以带上一顶帐篷,询问当地老乡是否可以在他们的土地上宿营,或者干脆在海滨城市的沙滩上做“帐篷客”。Jin Ji, 18, a freshman majoring in Chinese literature at Guangxi University, traveled to Beihai with two friends. “We rented a tent. It was really fun to sleep on the beach at night. You can listen to the waves and see the sunrise. It’s much cheaper than a hotel,” says Jin.28岁的金吉(音译)今年是广西大学中文系的一名大一新生,他刚刚与两个朋友结束了北海之行。金吉说:“我们租了一顶帐篷,晚上就睡在沙滩上,有趣极了。你可以听到海浪声,还可以看日出。这比住酒店要便宜多了。”Cycling骑行者With train tickets not easily available and flights too expensive, bicycles are a popular method of transportation for many budget travelers.由于火车票一票难求而飞机票又太贵了,骑单车成为许多“穷游族”的热门出行方式。“The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. It’s small, light and maneuverable. In fact, cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel in such a popular season. You can avoid traffic jams in cities and reach rural areas without the noise and pollution from cars,” says Wu Xinxin, 20, a sophomore majoring in ideological and political education at Sichuan Normal University.20岁的吴欣欣(音译)是来自四川师范大学思想政治教育专业的一名大二学生。她说:“单车是十分高效的出行方式。它小巧,轻便,机动灵活。事实上,在这样的旅游旺季,相对于其他出行方式,骑行的效率更高。你不必忍受城市塞车之苦,而可以去往那些远离汽车噪音与尾气的郊外。”Wu rode from Chengdu to Mount Emei with five classmates. They started at 7 am and arrived at 4 pm. “We enjoyed the scenery along the way, took some photos and rested at noon. It wasn’t so tiring as we selected a route that we could finish in one day,” says Wu.吴欣欣和五位同学从成都一路骑行到峨眉山。他们早上7点出发,下午4点到达。吴欣欣说:“我们欣赏了沿途的风景,拍了些照片,顺带还午休了一下。这并不累,因为我们选择了一条可以当日走完的线路。” /201311/262965吉大一院的地址 Food-inspired footwear is here to stay, and this time, branding is everything.以食物为灵感的鞋终于出现了,这一次,打响品牌比什么都重要。According to First We Feast, U.K. retailer End Clothing paired up with Saucony with a new shoe — the Saucony Shadow 5000 Burger.据First We Feast网站报道,英国零售商End饰和索康尼跑鞋合作,推出汉堡鞋——索康尼Shadow 5000 BurgerThe product description from End Clothing explains hamburgers have gone luxe, so why shouldn#39;t the sneaker have its turn?End饰在这款鞋的产品说明中解释道,既然汉堡现在都越来越奢侈了,为什么跑鞋就不能做出新意呢?“Over the past couple of years new gourmet burger joints have been popping up all over the world,; the site s, ;using high quality ingredients such as flakes of gold, foie gras and truffles as toppings to the burgers.;网站说明称:“过去几年里,世界各地不断涌现新的汉堡店,他们的汉堡采用高级食材制成,金片、鹅肝、松露都成了汉堡的装饰配料。”Take a look at the #39;Burger#39; shoe, retailing for 5.让我们来看看这款鞋,零售价为135美元。The shoe box is made to look like a take-out box. The shoe#39;s colors resemble those found on a hamburger. Reds, greens, browns and tans.鞋盒看起来像外卖盒,鞋子的颜色也完全仿照汉堡的配色。红色、绿色、棕色、棕黄色。But this isn#39;t a fast food run-of-the-mill sandwich. The sneaker is made of nubuck, suede, and leather.但这款鞋可不像三明治一样选材平庸,它由正绒面革、小山羊皮和牛皮制成。Even the laces come in packaging styled like condiments.甚至连装鞋带的袋子都被打造成了调料包的样子。The shoes will start selling online on May 3rd at End Clothing.这款鞋于5月3日在End饰官网在线销售。 /201405/297345长春哪里的无痛人流医院

长春绿园区治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱NICK FURY ENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Artist’s Edition《神盾局的尼克·弗里:艺术家版本》(Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Artist’s Edition)By Jim Steranko#8232;吉姆·斯特兰科(Jim Steranko)著。184 pages. IDW and Marvel. 0.184页。IDW和漫威漫画公司(IDW and Marvel)。150美元。“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on A is a diverting thriller, and Samuel L. Jackson epitomizes 21st-century cool as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, but to experience the most raw and primal take on Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s necessary to go back to the late 1960s and Jim Steranko’s reinvention of these sleek characters. Which is exactly what this book does, reprinting S.H.I.E.L.D. stories from Strange Tales Nos. 151 to 162 in their full-size, black-and-white glory from the original art.A频道的《神盾局特工》(Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)是一部有趣的惊悚片,塞缪尔·L·杰克逊(Samuel L. Jackson)在漫威电影中饰演尼克·弗里,是这个角色在21世纪的超酷缩影,但是要想感受原汁原味的弗里和神盾局,还是要回到20世纪60年代末,看看吉姆·斯特兰科对这些精人物的重新阐释。这本书正好满足你的需要,它重印了《奇怪故事》(Strange Tales)第151至162集的神盾局故事,采用最初版本的尺寸和黑白色。Mr. Steranko transformed the grizzled Sgt. Nick Fury from World War II afterthought to postmodern spy, with stylish nods to Expressionism, Surrealism, Op Art and Pop Art. In these hyperkinetic, over-the-top comics, it’s psychedelia that wins the Cold War.斯特兰科把“二战”后头发斑白的尼克·弗里中士变成了后现代侦探,风格上向表现主义、超现实主义、欧普艺术和波普艺术致敬。在这些非常活跃、十分夸张的漫画中,赢得“冷战”靠的是致幻剂。EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS’ TARZAN #8232;The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935#8232;《埃德加·赖斯·伯勒斯的人猿泰山——星期天漫画:1933-1935》(Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan—The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935)By Hal Foster#8232;哈尔·福斯特(Hal Foster)著。104 pages. Dark Horse Comics. 5.104页。黑马漫画出版社(Dark Horse Comics)。125美元。In these luxuriant, oversize pages, Tarzan slashes at thrashing sharks, grapples with humongous crocodiles and makes fierce lions mewl. There’s enough animal humiliation here to prompt the World Wildlife Fund to place a bounty on him. As supple and powerful as a panther, Tarzan has been drawn by many fine artists, including Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning and Joe Kubert. But the very best was Hal Foster (1892-1982), who later created Prince Valiant.在这些豪华的超大页面上,人猿泰山猛击凶猛的鲨鱼,和庞大的鳄鱼较量,让凶猛的狮子低泣。为了让世界野生动物基金会给他奖赏,这本书对动物们的侮辱真是够了。人猿泰山像黑豹一样矫捷强大,很多优秀艺术家都描绘过他,包括伯恩·霍格思(Burne Hogarth)、鲁斯·曼宁(Russ Manning)和乔·库伯特(Joe Kubert)。但最好的是哈尔·福斯特(1892-1982),他后来又创作了《豪迈王子》(Prince Valiant)。This book, the second in a series, showcases Foster’s work in testosterone-suffused confections like “The Egyptian Saga” and “Tarzan and the Lost Vikings.” And when our hero in the leopard-skin loincloth isn’t shaming rogue gorillas, he even bests a few knavish humans.这本书是这个系列的第二本,以《埃及传说》(The Egyptian Saga)和《人猿泰山与迷失的北欧海盗》(Tarzan and the Lost Vikings)等充满睾丸素的有趣故事展现福斯特的作品。我们的英雄穿着豹皮腰布,没有令凶猛的大猩猩蒙羞,他甚至击败了一些狡诈的人类。THE INCAL《印加石》(The Incal)#8232;By Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky莫比厄斯和亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基(Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky)著。#8232;313 pages. Humanoids. .95.313页。类人出版社(Humanoids)。44.95美元。This reissue of “The Incal” is a galactic blast of French savoir-faire. It collects the first cycle of “Incal” stories from the 1980s, in which the influential French artist Moebius and the Chilean-French writer and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky introduced their dystopian Incal-verse well before dystopias were cool.《印加石》的重新发行是法式才华的大爆发。它收集了20世纪80年代的第一批“印加石”故事,有影响力的法国艺术家莫比厄斯和智利法国作家、电影制作人亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基在反乌托邦远未流行时就推出了他们的反乌托邦印加石诗文。The nominal hero in this broad satire of sex, politics and religion is John Difool, a shlubby PI who always manages to get in way, way over his head. Mr. Jodorowsky’s headlong futuristic romp entertains, but it is the art of Moebius (born Jean Giraud, 1938-2012) that shines. Moebius goes “Space Odyssey” cosmic and slapstick comic with equal ease — and each page is a lesson in design and craft.这部漫画是对性、政治和宗教的广泛讽刺,其中有名无实的英雄是蹩脚的约翰·迪福(John Difool),他总是想插手,做远超自己能力的事。尤杜洛斯基横冲直撞的未来主义嬉闹场面很有意思,但是真正大放光的是莫比厄斯(原名让·吉劳德[Jean Giraud],1938-2012)的艺术。不管是宏大的《太空漫游》(Space Odyssey)漫画还是低俗漫画,莫比厄斯都能轻松驾驭,每一页都是设计和手工艺的典范。BATMAN UNWRAPPED#8232; The Court of Owls#8232;《蝙蝠侠现身:猫头鹰法庭》(Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls)By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo#8232;斯科特·斯奈德(Scott Snyder)和格雷格·凯普罗(Greg Capullo)著。264 pages. DC Comics. .99.264页。DC漫画。39.99美元。Batman’s noir essence just begs for him to be draped in black and white. There have been four volumes of the “Batman: Black and White” series, Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns” will appear uncolored in May, and this book is the third “Unwrapped” entry, reprinting Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reboot of Batman from Mr. Capullo’s stark pencils.蝙蝠侠的黑暗本质使得他只能穿黑白装。《蝙蝠侠:黑白》(Batman: Black and White)系列共有四册,弗兰克·米勒(Frank Miller)的经典之作《黑暗骑士归来》(The Dark Knight Returns)的黑白版明年5月份将出版。这本书是《蝙蝠侠现身》系列的第三本,重新激活了凯普罗朴实铅笔画中的蝙蝠侠。His art in the raw is all texture, crosshatch and purposeful smudge, capturing the grit of Gotham City, reveling in the inky folds of Bats’s cape. And Mr. Capullo’s waltz of light and shadow is just right for Batman’s visceral intensity. Drawings like these make the kid in me want to grab a No. 2 pencil and start scrawling.他的艺术天然质朴,质感丰富,用交叉线画出阴影,有意加上污点,反映哥谭市的粗犷,纵情绘出蝙蝠披肩的漆黑褶皱。凯普罗的光影华尔兹恰好能表现出蝙蝠侠发自内心的。这些图画让我童心大发,想抓起2号铅笔,开始涂鸦。HEROES OF THE COMICS#8232;《漫画英雄们》(Heroes of The Comics)By Drew Friedman#8232;德鲁·弗里德曼(Drew Friedman)著。184 pages. Fantagraphics Books. .99.184页。幻图出版社(Fantagraphics Books)。34.99美元。“From as early as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to comic books,” Drew Friedman writes in his introduction. “The plots, the panels, the word balloons.” And, he adds, “even the smell of them. Especially old comic books, worn, yellowed, crackling with age.” And his “Heroes of the Comics” is an illustrated love letter to the men and women who filled his childhood with joy and wonder. The book features Mr. Friedman’s poignant portraits and insightful mini-bios of more than 80 comic book pioneers, including Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Will Elder and John Severin, Basil Wolverton, Ramona Fradon, above, and Steve Ditko. Four-color heroes all.“从我记事起,我就很喜欢漫画书,”德鲁·弗里德曼在前言中写道,“喜欢它们的情节、画面和对话气泡。”他补充说,“甚至包括它们的味道。特别是旧漫画书,破旧发黄,纸张变脆,翻起来劈啪作响。”他的《漫画英雄们》是一封图画情书,献给让他的童年充满欢乐和神奇的男女们。这本书包括弗里德曼对80多位漫画书先驱们的深刻描绘和有洞察力的小传,包括乔·西蒙(Joe Simon)和杰克·科比(Jack kirby)、威尔·埃尔德(Will Elder)和约翰·塞韦林(John Severin)、巴兹尔·沃尔弗顿(Basil Wolverton)、拉蒙纳·弗拉东(Ramona Fradon,上图)和史蒂夫·迪特科(Steve Ditko)。 /201410/339245 There#39;s nothing quite like curling up with a good book and visiting your favorite literary characters. They#39;re wonderful, lovable, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.没有什么比拿起一本好书、拜访你最喜欢的书中角色更美妙的了。他们如此美妙可爱,让你发自内心感到温暖。But with them, come...those other characters. The characters that you loathe. The characters that you know you could like, if they just changed that one thing about themselves. They#39;re the characters you just want to smack.但随之而来的还有其他一些角色,那些你讨厌的角色。你知道,如果这些角色能做出一点改变,你也许会喜欢他们的。而面对这些角色,你只想给他们一耳光。These characters aren#39;t necessarily bad; in fact, many of them are the protagonists of their stories. But good guy or evil witch, these characters are all in severe need of a wake up call, with a healthy side dose of reality.这些角色不一定是坏人;事实上许多还是故事的主角。但不管是好人还是恶魔,这些角色都急需被现实唤醒。Check out our list of 13 famous literary characters we#39;d like to slap. Who would you add to the list?看看我们总结的13个欠揍的著名文学作品角色,你还想把谁加上去?Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby杰·盖茨比——《了不起的盖茨比》The pitiful, self-centered Daisy Buchanan has been classified for decades as one of the worst characters of all time. But perhaps the real problem with the novel was Jay Gatsby himself. The constant pining over someone as terrible as Daisy is exhausting and makes him every bit as (if not more) horrible than Daisy.可悲可叹、自我为中心的黛西·布坎南一直被认为是有史以来最讨厌的角色之一。但也许这本小说里真正的问题出在杰·盖茨比自己身上。苦苦守候像黛西这样糟糕的人让他筋疲力尽,而且让他比黛西还要可怕。Amy March, Little Women艾美·马区—— 《小妇人》Amy March is the reason youngest children have a terrible reputation. As a little girl, she#39;s a collicky, spoiled brat, constantly ruining her older sisters#39; outings. As a young adult, she#39;s snobby, uppity and way too obsessed with her nose.艾美·马区的存在让所有家庭里最小的孩子都有了坏名声。她还是个小女孩时,就是个爱哭的被宠坏的孩子,总是破坏她们的郊游。而成年以后,她又势力、傲慢,而且过于着迷于自己的鼻子。Miss Havisham, Great Expectations赫维辛——《远大前程》Miss Havisham adopts a daughter for the sole purpose of using her as a pawn to torment the male species. HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! Plus, that rotting wedding cake must have made her house smell disgusting.赫维辛收养了一个女儿,而目的只是利用她作为筹码来折磨男性。多可怕呀!另外,那个腐烂的婚礼蛋糕一定让她的房子充满了恶心的味道。Romeo Montague, Romeo amp; Juliet罗密欧·蒙太古——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》Oh, Romeo. You only knew her for four days. Did you really have to kill yourself over a girl that you knew for less than a week? Not to mention, she was only 13, and your romance would be illegal in most countries.噢,罗密欧,你认识她只有四天。你真的有必要为了一个认识还不到一周的女孩去自杀吗?何况她只有13岁,你的罗曼史在大多数国家恐怕是非法的。Joffrey Baratheon, A Song of Ice and Fire series乔佛里·拜拉席恩——《冰与火之歌》系列小说Simply put, this kid needs a good spanking.简单地说,这个孩子需要好好教训一顿。The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat戴帽子的猫——《戴帽子的猫》Sure, the Cat seems like a fun guy, until you realize he broke into a home, invited his friends over, trashed the place, and then disappeared without a trace. Also, he speaks in obnoxious rhymes.是的,这只猫看上去好像很有意思,直到你意识到他闯入了一个家庭,还邀请他的朋友一起,把这个地方搞得一团糟,然后又消失的无影无踪。而且他说话的韵脚也很讨厌。Edmund Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia艾德蒙·佩文西——《纳尼亚传奇》Did Edmund actually know what Turkish Delights tasted like when he sold out his entire family to the White Witch for a box? For those of you unfamiliar, here#39;s a great description of the treat: ;It tasted like soap rolled in plaster dust, or like a lump of Renuzit air freshener: The texture was both waxy and filling-looseningly chewy.;当艾德蒙向白女巫出卖他的整个家庭来换取一盒土耳其软糖的时候,他是否真正知道糖的味道呢?对于不熟悉故事的人,这有一段不错的描述:“这种糖吃起来好像裹了石膏灰的肥皂,又像一块瑞风空气清新剂,感觉又柔软又蓬松难嚼。”Harry Potter, Harry Potter series哈利·波特——《哈利波特》系列小说Harry Potter is one of the greatest literary characters of our time, but he#39;s also one of the most eminently slappable. He#39;s constantly not listening to people and breaking rules, then getting into danger for breaking said rules. Two hundred points to Gryffindor!哈利·波特是我们这个时代最伟大的文学人物之一,但他也是最欠揍的人物之一。他总是不听别人的话,破坏规矩,然后又因此陷入危险。给格兰芬多学院加200分!Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory威利·旺卡——《查理和巧克力工厂》Willy Wonka was a confectionary genius (Everlasting Gobstoppers, anyone?). But the factory he manned was an extremely unsafe workplace environment. Children who entered his workplace often went missing for unexplainable reasons -- how did no one investigate Mr. Wonka for that?!威利·旺卡是一个糖果天才(制造吃不完的石头弹子糖,有人想吃吗?)但是他的工厂是一个极其不安全的工作环境。进入他的工厂的孩子们总是无缘无故失踪了。怎么没有人因此调查旺卡先生呢?!Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games series艾菲·纯克特——《饥饿游戏》系列小说You can#39;t help but want to shake some sense into Effie Trinket. Her perma-positive attitude when sending children to meet their death is nauseating enough to make you want to send her into the arena.你忍不住想要给艾菲·纯克特灌输一点良知。她把孩子们送去面临死亡时的积极态度令人恶心,这已经足够让你想要把她送上竞技场了。Waldo, Where#39;s Waldo?沃尔多——《沃尔多在哪里?》Why can#39;t you just be where you#39;re supposed to be, Waldo?你为什么就不能待在你应该在的地方呢,沃尔多?Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Tom Sawyer汤姆·索亚——《汤姆索亚历险记》Tom Sawyer is a fence painter, death-faker, genuine American psychopath. We don#39;t know why Huckleberry Finn was friends with him.汤姆·索亚是个围栏油漆工,爱装死,是个真正的美国精神病患者。我们不明白为什么哈克·贝利和他做朋友。Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit彼得兔——《彼得兔的故事》Peter Rabbit#39;s mother told him not to go into Mr. McGregor#39;s garden. That was THE ONLY RULE. Come to think of it, Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter would get along great.彼得兔的妈妈告诉他,不要进入麦格雷戈先生的花园。这是唯一的一条规矩。考虑到这一点,彼得兔和哈利·波特也许可以友好相处。 /201312/267165长春医院打胎多少钱伊通满族自治县妇女医院如何挂号




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