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重庆痘痘医院New research reveals that the modern man is more image-obsessed than ever, spending over four years of his life perfecting his appearance. Women, on the other hand, spend three years.最新一项调查显示,现代男性比以往任何时候都更注重自身形象,他们一生中有超过4年的时间花在美容美体上。而女性的这个时间仅为3年。The survey also found that men spend a year and three months of their life in the gym perfecting their bodies - that#39;s six times as long as women, who spend two months.该调查还发现男性一生中有1年零三个月的时间在体育馆健身,这个时间是女性的6倍,女性用来健身的时间只有两个月。The nationwide poll of over 2,000 Brits gives an intriguing insight into the regime of a modern man, with the average male spending two years and three months showering and bathing, with women claiming they spend a comparable one year and eight months.这项包括2000多名英国人的全国调查,得出了有关现代男性的一些很有趣的结果。调查显示现代男性一生中花在洗澡沐浴上的时间为2年零3个月,而女性花在这上面的时间只有1年零8个月。Image conscious men spend the most time creating expertly groomed facial hair, dedicating almost half a year of their lives (5.5 months) to shaving.男性们注意自身形象还体现在刮胡子上,调查显示男性一生中有5.5个月的时间在刮胡子。Silky smooth skin is also high on the male grooming agenda with general bodily hair removal taking up a month of their lives.除了刮胡子,男性们也会对身体脱毛,这在他们一生中占据1个月的时间。Elsewhere, men spend five months at the hairdressers quaffing their #39;do and almost a month cutting and taking care of their nails.在理发和美发上男性一生中要花5个月的时间,而花在修护指甲上的只有1个月。Over a year of a man’s lifetime is also spent at the gym sculpting their bodies and honing their muscles.男性一生中有超过1年的时间花在健身房里塑造形体和紧致肌肉。On the other hand, women spend 3.1 years of their lifetime on perfecting their looks, comparably less than men, who are spending significantly more time working out to achieve a beautiful body.相比之下,女性一生中用来美容美体的时间为3.1年,这个时间比爱“臭美”的男性要少。Showing that grooming is an important life lesson, almost a third of men (27 per cent) polled said that learning to shave was the top skill passed on by their fathers.另外,调查显示刮胡子对很多男性来说是重要的一课,几乎有三分之一(27%)的受调查男性表示刮胡子是从自己父亲身上学到的最重要的技能。A spokesperson for Dove Men Care, who commissioned the research, said: #39;Grooming has become increasingly important to the modern man. With the rise of male-focused products becoming available, guys are now taking a bit of ;me time; to enjoy their shave, style hair and work out.#39;发起此项调查的多芬日用品公司的一名发言人称:“对现代男性来说,刮胡子变得越来越重要。随着专门针对男性的美容美体产品越来越丰富,男人们现在也可以自在地享受刮胡子、理发或健身等‘属于自己的臭美时间’了。” AND MEN ARE WARDROBE HOARDERS, TOO!男性也是能把衣柜塞满的“购物狂”。Storage space, in particular the wardrobe, can be a constant source of frustration amongst cohabiting couples and new research reveals that contrary to popular belief, men are the wardrobe hoarders, not women.储物空间尤其是衣柜的空间不够用,是困扰很多夫妻的烦恼之一。最新一项调查显示与大众的流行观点相反,衣多得塞满衣柜的不是女性,而是男性。New research found that a quarter of men surveyed claimed they could fill up to six average-sized bin bags with clothes and shoes they never wear, compared to just 18 per cent of women who suggested they could do the same.新调查发现受调查的男性中有四分之一称他们从未穿过的衣和鞋子能装满6个普通大小的垃圾袋,而这个比例在女性中为18%。When it comes to actually disposing of their belongings, men appeared to be the more sentimental sex, with 73 per cent admitting they felt remorse having had thrown away cherished possessions, compared to 31 per cent of women who said they had no regrets about doing so, reveals the survey by Boxman.而在丢弃物品方面,男性则表现得更加感性。据一项调查显示,有73%的男性承认会后悔曾把很珍贵的东西丢掉,而女性中有31%的人则表示她们从不会后悔。 /201411/341975重庆除皱的费用MOSCOW — The Georgian capital, Tbilisi, became the city where the wild things are on Saturday night, with lions, tigers, bears and other carnivorous animals roaming the streets after catastrophic flooding destroyed the enclosures of the main zoo.莫斯科——格鲁吉亚首都第比利斯在周六夜间成了野生动物横行的地方,在一场特大洪水摧毁了动物园的围墙之后,狮子,老虎,熊和其他肉食动物开始在街头游荡。Residents were warned to stay indoors after heavy rains and roiling waters inundated the center of the city. At least three zoo workers were dead, according to local press reports, which ed the mayor, Davit Narmania, as saying that at least eight people had been killed and that search and rescue operations were continuing for about 10 more missing.在暴雨后,洪水淹没了市中心,居民被告诫不要出门。据当地的新闻报道透露,至少有三名动物园的工作人员死亡。该报道援引第比利斯市长达维特·纳玛尼亚(Davit Narmania)报道称,至少有八人死亡,10多人失踪,而搜救工作还在继续进行中。It was not immediately clear how many animals were on the loose and how many had been killed in the floods.目前无法迅速得知有多少动物在外游荡,又有多少动物在洪水中丧命。Images from the city underscored the animal anarchy — one showed a group of people herding a hippopotamus along a street choked with mud, after it had been hit by a tranquilizer dart. Others showed the corpses of animals amid the debris of wrecked cars and buildings.从一些城市的画面中就可以看出动物带来的混乱景象。其中的一个画面显示了一群人站在满是泥泞的街边,围着一头被麻醉飞镖击中后的河马。从其他画面可以看到,汽车和建筑物的残骸中出现了多具动物尸体。A special police unit was dispatched to the neighborhoods around the zoo to hunt for the roaming animals, according to Rustavi 2 television.据鲁斯塔维电视2台(Rustavi 2 Television)报道,一只特警部队被派往动物园附近的地区,搜捕四处游荡的动物。Some of the animals were killed when they could not be captured, the report said, including six wolves found on the grounds of a children’s hospital as well as a bear and a hyena. Some residents expressed indignation at those killings, but officials said various animals were too aggressive to be captured.据报道,一些动物因无法被捕获而遭到射杀,其中包括在一家儿童医院发现的六匹狼,一只熊和一条鬣。一些居民对射杀动物的行径表示愤怒,不过官员表示很多动物攻击性太强,难以捕获。Helicopters were swooping low over the city to try to spot the animals. Those missing after the flood included 20 wolves, eight lions, and several tigers and jaguars, Interfax reported. Only three of 17 penguins survived, the Russian news agency said.直升飞机在城市上空低空盘旋,试图找出动物。据国际文传电讯社(Interefax News Agency)报道,洪水发生后,大批动物失踪,其中包括20匹狼,八头狮子,数头老虎和美洲豹。据该俄罗斯新闻通讯社透露,17只企鹅中,只有三只幸存。One zoo worker who died while trying to save the animals, Guliko Chitadze, a 25-year veteran of the Tbilisi Zoo, had her arm amputated in late May after she was attacked by a tiger, Interfax said.一名动物园工作人员在试图解救动物时丧命。古莉科· 赤塔泽(Guliko Chitadze)是第比利斯动物园的资深工作人员,已在那里工作了25年。据国际文传电讯社透露,她在5月末因为被一只老虎袭击而截去了一只手臂。 /201506/380852重庆星辰整形去痘多少钱

重庆星宸整形医院疤痕多少钱重医大附一院整形美容中心The Oversized Turtleneck sweater: If the piece you own is oversized and could be worn as a tunic, why not do it the 60#39;s way and wear a pair of tight over the knee boots with it?大尺寸(宽松)高领毛衣:如果你的毛衣是大尺寸的,而且能当作长袍穿,那为什么不穿出60年代的味儿,配上一双紧身的长统靴呢?However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing an oversized jumper on its own, then why not step out of your comfort zone by choosing a knit pencil skirt like this Shakuhachi Gradient one and finish the outfit off with a pair of high ankle Mercer Bootie?不过,如果你觉得只穿宽大的套头衫不舒的话,那么为什么不选一条针织铅笔裙(就像这条Shakuhachi Gradient裙)并且搭一双高脚踝的美世毛线鞋完成整套搭配,又不失舒适呢?Skinny Pants or Boyfriend Jeans? If you’re feeling the casual vibes - then a pair of skinny pants or faux leather leggings are what you should be going for. Swap the high heels with a pair of military Boots.紧身裤/男盆友牛仔裤?如果你喜欢随意休闲风——那么一条紧身裤,或是人造皮紧身裤就是你的不二选择。把高跟鞋换掉,配一双军靴。The boyfriend pants then? An outfit like this is much more appropriate for people with tall and slender figures that won#39;t be overwhelmed by the outfit. Anyway, if you#39;re lucky enough to be able to wear such a combo - a pair of chic Jimmy Choo#39;s is purely a must.男盆友裤子哈?像这样的一套饰更适合高个子和苗条的身材,又不会被整套饰宣兵夺主。无论怎样,如果你足够幸运能够穿上这样一套组合——一双时髦的Jimmy Choo鞋完全是必须的。Accessories: What about the accessories you wonder? Well, even though you could still wear an oversized necklace (if the turtleneck allows), personally I’m not very keen on that. I prefer accessorising my hands instead with some bracelets, a watch, and a couple of rings. On my face I#39;d wear some retro-shaped #39;cat eye#39; sunglasses and a pair of cute little earrings if I#39;m going for a dressier option. Just remember: the turtleneck is enough of an accessory so just keep it simple!配饰:你在犹豫的配饰方面呢?嗯哼,虽然你仍然可以配上大号的项链(如果你的高领毛衣允许的话),我个人不是很热衷于这个。我更倾向于手链,手表还有手环这样的手上配饰。脸部配饰,如果我穿着考究的话,我会带上复古型“猫眼”太阳眼镜,和一对可爱的小耳环。只需牢记:高领毛衣配饰有限,简洁至上!Outerwear: Depending on the occasion you have a few options to choose among. If you’re off to a work meeting – then this Waterfall Trench Coat is certainly the perfect option. You#39;re about to grab a coffee with your mates or take a flight? Then a leather jacket or a sleeveless gilet ‘Olivia Palermo’ style is certainly what you need. No matter the type of jacket you choose just make sure that it#39;s loose enough around the neck so that it#39;s not clashing with the turtleneck below.外套:不同情境不同选择。如果你要去开会——那么这件Waterfall Trench大衣当然是最完美的选择。你要和搭档买一杯咖啡或是坐飞机?那么一件皮夹克或是一件Olivia Palermo风的无袖马甲就正是你所需要的。无论你选什么样的夹克,要确保领子宽松,这样和内搭高领毛衣才不会冲突。The Mini: Here it is - my all time favourite winter look: cosy sweater combined with a mini skirt (or a pair of shorts) and high heel ankle boots. Just make sure to wear dark thick tights if you don#39;t want everyone to think that you#39;ve somehow woken up in the wrong season.迷你裙:这就是——我一直最喜欢的冬季打扮:舒适的毛衣配上一条迷你裙(或是短裤),和高跟短靴。如果你不想让大伙儿认为你莫名其妙的不在一个季节时区的话,只需要确保穿上暗色的,厚厚的紧身裤。The Hair: Messy, messy, messy! The turtleneck covers the neck, so tucking your hair up is a great idea if you wanna reveal your face a little more, while letting the turtleneck become the focal point of your look. I#39;d simply go for the messy sexy bun. If you prefer to keep your hair down - then just leave it air dry or curl it into some loose waves. That#39;s certainly a must if you have a square face and wanna soften your features.发型:凌乱美凌乱美凌乱美!高领毛衣包裹住了脖子,所以如果你想要多暴露脸部一点,就把你的头发扎起来,要让你的高领毛衣成为你打扮的重点。我喜欢简简单单的扎个凌乱又性感的小圆髻。如果你喜欢把头发放下来——那么就让头发自然风干,或是卷成浪。如果你有张大方脸,并想让轮廓显得柔和,这是必须的。 /201501/356821大坪医院疤痕多少钱Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s your hair that reveals what you’re really like.别费力去想怎么表露感情啦,你的发型造早把你“出卖”啦!Someone with glossy hair like the Duchess of Cambridge is likely wealthy enough to afford a professional blow-dry, while someone with a fringe like Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man series leaves an amicable impression on others. So, what does your choice of hairstyle say about you? Read on to find out.有人的秀发光泽如缎,如剑桥公爵夫人,这类人通常“不差钱”,去得起专业发廊;有人则留着像蜘蛛侠系列里爱玛#8226;斯通一样的刘海,给人亲切可人的印象。那么,你的发型说明你是个怎样的人呢?一起来看看吧!High ponytail高高的马尾:目标明确型If you want to show your goal-oriented side, go for a high ponytail. People with this hairstyle tend to be results-driven and logical, according to Jean Haner, a US expert in face ing who wrote The Wisdom of Your Face.如果想要展示自己目标明确的一面,那么高马尾是个不错的选择。美国面相专家Jean Haner在他的著作The Wisdom of Your Face中写道:扎高马尾的人多为结果导向型,且逻辑性很强。When she first came out as an actress, Li Bingbing’s looks were often described as fragile and feminine, partly because of her long locks. But now, her polished high ponytail has convinced everyone that she is unstoppable and will go to any lengths to achieve her goals.李冰冰刚出道时总是给人软弱、充满女人味的印象,部分原因正是她的一头长发。而现在,她将长发扎成高高的马尾,仿佛要告诉大家没有什么能阻挡她实现自己的目标。Straighten your curly hair笔直的长发:冷静果敢型Wavy hair is attractive to many. But if you have curly hair and all you want to do is straighten it, this usually means your life is too chaotic and you need to calm down.卷发能吸引很多人。但是,如果你总是想拉直自己的一头卷发,那么,十有八九是因为你觉得自己的生活太过混乱,而你想要冷静。US singer Taylor Swift is a perfect example of this kind. Long curly hair used to be her signature look, but recently she has been flat ironing her hair quite often. By making it straight, she’s controlling its intensity and giving herself a sense of calmness, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. She may have decided to enjoy herself for a moment after all the ups and downs in her love life.美国歌手泰勒#8226;斯威夫特正是这种类型的典范。长长的卷发本是她的标志,而她最近却常常将以直发示人。据美国《大都会》杂志报道,泰勒#8226;斯威夫特认为拉直头发能让自己更冷静。也许,在经历了跌宕起伏的爱情之后,现在的她想要享受一个人的平静时光。Curl your straight hair浪漫的卷发:风趣乐天型Want to have more fun in your life? Curly hair may give you away. For those who have straight hair that is always curled, it can mean they’re craving for a more interesting life. The theory is that curly hair is more interesting than straight hair and will lead to more exciting experiences.想让自己的生活更有趣?卷发正说明了你的心声。有人天生直发,却总喜欢把它们烫卷,这正意味着她们想要追寻更有趣的生活。有理论认为,卷发比直发更有趣,可以给人带来更多刺激体验。If you don’t believe it, take US singer Beyonce Knowles’ case as an example. Her curly hairdo presents a more positive and fun image to the world.如果你不相信,那么看看美国歌手碧昂斯吧,她的卷发形象给人更积极、有趣的印象。Short wash-and-go简约的短发:自信叛逆型If you have a super short wash-and-go hairstyle, you must be super confident and don’t fuss over things in life.如果你有一头“随洗随干”的超短发,那么,生活中的你一定自信、爽快。Miley Cyrus is one of those types. Long gone are the days when she was the lovely Disney star who had long wavy strands. Now she has a super short wash-and-go hairdo that is as rebellious as her personality. As she told E! Online, by keeping her hair short, she is speaking on behalf of girls everywhere, breaking the stereotype of more traditional hairstyles.麦莉#8226;赛勒斯正是这样的类型。告别了昔日的一头长卷发,她早已不再是那个可爱的迪士尼明星。现在的她留着一头超短发,彰显她桀骜不驯的个性。她在接受E! Online采访时表示,她剪短发,要代表世界各地的女孩儿们(呼吁大家)打破传统发型的禁锢。 /201412/349152四川重庆星宸医院做祛疤手术多少钱

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