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Since Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, the fashion ient both actors has gone up exponentially.   自汤姆·克鲁斯和凯蒂·赫尔姆斯喜结连理之后,这对时尚潮人的时尚指数亦是成倍增长 76

The Chinese film Black Coal, Thin Ice won best picture at the Berlin International Film Festival over the weekend, the latest win China as it seeks global prominence in film.中国电影《白日焰火(Black Coal, Thin Ice)在柏林国际电影节(Berlin International Film Festival)获颁最佳影片奖,这是中国电影在寻求在国际建立声名过程中最新一项斩获Director Diao Yinan, who accepted the award the film on Saturday, spent nearly a decade writing the screenplay. Black Coal, Thin Ice (Bairi Yanhuo , or Daytime Fireworks, in Mandarin) is a detective mystery, set in cold northern China during the late 1990s, that unfolds through flashbacks, telling the story of a detective investigating a trail of murders in a factory town.导演刁亦男上周六领取了这一奖项他花了差不多年的时间写剧本《白日焰火是一部侦探悬疑片,故事发生在九十年代末的东北,以闪回的手法逐渐揭示情节,讲述一名侦探调查一个工厂小镇上发生的一起谋杀案Berlin film festival jury also gave Liao Fan, who plays the detective in Black Coal, Thin Ice, with the award best actor.柏林电影节的评审们还把最佳男演员奖颁给了在《白日焰火中扮演侦探的廖凡The recognition comes as China film studios and directors vie a stronger position on the global stage -- and they appear to be gaining ground. Jia Zhangke, one of China most provocative directors, won the award best screenplay at the Cannes International Film Festival last May with his film A Touch of Sin.眼下,中国电影制作室内和电影导演都在希望在国际舞台上获得更大的一席之地,而且他们的地盘似乎正在扩大去年5月份,中国最具挑 性的导演之一贾樟柯就凭借电影《天注定(A Touch of Sin)在戛纳国际电影节(Cannes International Film Festival)获得了最佳剧本奖Berlin has previously acknowledged other Chinese directors, such as Wang Quanan, who was awarded best screenplay at the festival Tuan Yuan (Apart Together).以前就曾有中国导演在柏林获奖,比如年王全安就凭借《团圆(Apart Together)获颁最佳剧本奖It very hard to believe this dream has come true, Mr. Diao said when accepting his award.刁亦男在发表获奖感言时说,难以置信,看来这个梦是一直醒不了Mr. Diao, a graduate of China Central Academy of Drama, is also known his two other films, Unim and Night Train.刁亦男毕业于中央戏剧学院,他的另外两部电影《制(Unim)和《夜车(Night Train)也很有名 7651

Daniel Radcliffe has said that a ;fear of failure; stopped him from taking an acting break when the Harry Potter film series ended.丹尼尔·雷德克里夫(Daniel Radcliffe)说“对于失败的恐惧”让他在《哈利·波特(Harry Potter)系列结束后立刻马不停蹄地投入了新片的拍摄The 3-year-old revealed in a new interview Sky Movies that he wants to continue working while his profile is still high in the movie industry.这位3岁的男星在和天空电影频道最新的访谈中谈到,他希望能在自己还炙手可热的时候趁热打铁,继续拍戏;Somebody said to me after Potter are you not going to take a break?; Radcliffe said during the upcoming Being Harry Potter hour-long special.“有人问我《哈利·波特完结之后何为不给自己放个假?”丹尼尔在即将放映的一小时特别节目《成为哈利·波特(Being Harry Potter)中谈到;I said no, I cannot afd to take a break: this is the time when the film world will be watching to see what we do next and we cant afd to be seen to be inactive. That fear of failure is something that will panic me a lot.;“我说不,我现在还不能停下来:现在正是整个影坛关注着我们下一步怎么走的关键时刻,我们不能原地踏步、不做出点成绩来我非常害怕失败对失败的恐惧鞭策我前进”Radcliffe added: ;Whatever opporties I get the rest of my life, 99% of them you can trace back to the fact that I got this amazing job when I was .“你可以说,我未来得到的任何一个机会,99%都要归功于我岁的时候得到的那份无论伦比的工作”;I still maintain that there is no place more fun a boy than a film set: it just great because it mad and there lots of stuff to play with and climb on - I loved it; it was great.;“我仍然觉得对于一个男孩子来说,世界上最好玩的地方是电影拍摄的片场——那里真的很赞,有很多疯狂的东西,还有很多能拿来玩的,爬上爬下的玩意儿我爱片场,那儿很棒Radcliffe recently starred as Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black and his upcoming films include Kill Your Darling, in which he plays Allen Ginsberg, and Horns.丹尼尔最近一次的大荧幕作品是惊悚片《黑衣女人(The Woman in Black),之中他饰演主角亚瑟·基普斯(Arthur Kipps)在新片《杀死汝爱(Kill Your Darling)中,他将作为艾伦·金斯堡(Allen Ginsberg)登场,另外,他主演的《角(Horns)也在拍摄中All 8 Harry Potter films, and Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter, will screen on Sky Movies Showcase HD from 7pm on Friday (November 9).全八部《哈利·波特电影和《丹尼尔· 雷德克里夫:成为哈利·波特将于月9日周五晚7点在天空电影高清台播放 1399

One of China top sites isnt sure whether it going to get the chance to stream The Big Bang Theory again. But there a bigger, government-controlled outlet that might be interested.一家中国知名视频网站不确定是否还有机会让《生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory)重新上线但国有传媒巨头中国中央电视台(CCTV)或许有兴趣一试Over the weekend Chinese authorities pulled from Youku Tudou, Sohu.com Inc. and other streaming websites a number of hits, including U.S.-made shows The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory.在刚刚过去的周末,中国国家新闻出版广电总局勒令优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)、搜狐(Sohu.com Inc.)等视频网站下线多部热播剧,其中就包括美剧《傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife)和《生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory)Speaking during an earnings call Monday, Sohu Chairman Charles Zhang said he believed the watchdog move was a onetime occurrence and that American-flavored shows werent necessarily out of favor.搜狐董事长张朝阳(Charles Zhang)在周一的财报沟通会上说,他认为广电总局此举仅仅是个案,并不一定是不喜欢美剧I believe this does not represent an overall policy change toward American TV shows in China, Mr. Zhang said. But he added that he doesnt know what prompted the move from officials at China State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.张朝阳说,他觉得这不代表广电总局对美剧在中国播出的总体策略发生变化但他也表示,不清楚是什么原因促使广电总局做出了这一决定Industry insiders say they think the move was meant to rein in a quick-growing industry that potentially steals eyeballs from official channels. There plenty of precedent. China media regulators have moved in recent years to tame the airwaves, telling China popular satellite broadcasters to cut down on dating and talent shows, to show more documentaries and even clamp down on stories involving time travel. But might the move also be a ploy to grab a highly rated show Beijing top official TV network?行业内部人士说,广电总局此举意在遏制增长迅速的视频流媒体行业,因为它们可能威胁到了官方电视频道的收视率这有大量先例可循近几年中国媒体监管部门对电视行业进行了整顿,要求各大卫视减少征婚和选秀类节目的播出,播放更多纪录片,甚至对穿越剧下了禁令但是,此举是否也可能是广电总局的一个计谋,为的是把热门剧集的播映权交给官方电视网络?Earlier this month, CBM, a company merly associated with China state-run broadcaster China Radio International, said on its website it had been hired by state TV broadcaster China Central Television, or CCTV, to create a cleaned up Chinese translation of The Big Bang Theory. In the online statement it said it would do its best to retain the humor [in the show] and bring a positive, healthy and clean version of The Big Bang Theory to the audience.本月早些时候,CBM影视译制机构(CBM)在其公司网站上称,CCTV决定引进《生活大爆炸并交由该公司进行译制,公司将“严谨并且最大程度保留《生活大爆炸的诙谐幽默,把积极向上的、健康的、绿色的《生活大爆炸带给广大观众”CBM以前与中国国有广播公司中国国际广播电台(China Radio International)有关联A person at CBM who answered the phone at its offices said the translation project was being carried out according to the demands of our client, CCTV.CBM办公室的一位工作人员接听了记者电话,表示翻译和制作工作正照客户CCTV的要求有序进行China Real Time likes a bit more proof than that. But CCTV didnt respond to request comment. China broadcast regulators also didnt respond.《中国实时报希望获得与此相关的更多信息,但CCTV和广电总局均未回复记者的置评请求We may still be a ways from saying The Big Bang Theory will be joining the placid anchors of Xinwen Lianbo soon, but you dont need to be as smart as the cast of scientists on the The Big Bang Theory to get the message that the government is flexing its muscles.现在说很快能在CCTV上看到《生活大爆炸可能还太早,但是我们不需要像《生活大爆炸里的科学家们那样聪明,就能感受到中国政府展示其“权力”的信号 959

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