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A burglar(窃贼) breaks into a house. He sees a CD player that he wants so he takes it. Then he hears a voice ;JESUS is watching you;. He looks around with his flashlight wandering ;What The HELL Was That?;. He spots some $ on a table and takes it. Once again he hears a voice ;JESUS is watching you;.一个窃贼潜入一户人家。他看到一个喜欢的CD机,他赶紧拿了。就在这个时候他听到有人说:“耶稣正在看着你。”他照着手电看来看去,嘀咕着:“到底是什么人在说话?”这时,他看到桌子上有些钱,他又拿了。那声音又来了:“耶稣正在看着你。”He hides in a corner trying to find where the voice came from. He spots a birdcage with a parrot in it! He goes over and asks ;Was that your voice?;. It said ;YES;. He then says ;What#39;s your name?;. It says ;MOSES;. The burglar says ;What kind of person names his bird moses?; The parrot replys ;THE SAME PERSON THAT NAMES HIS Rottweiler ;JESUS;.他躲到一个角落,想找出是谁在说话。结果看到一只鹦鹉,于是他问鹦鹉:“是你在说话吗?”鹦鹉承认了。 小贼说:“你叫什么名字?”“西”。小贼说:“什么人给鸟取这种名字?”鹦鹉回答:“就是那个给他的罗威那犬取名为‘耶稣’的那个人啊。” /201511/412699

Move over, humans, it seems animals need makeovers too. It#39;s all the rage in South Korea right now as pet owners are actually paying for cosmetic surgery for their furry companions!人类,麻烦腾点地儿,看起来动物们也需要化妆美容。主人花钱给宠物做美容手术在韩国已掀起一股热潮。Some of the popular procedures include tail shortening and ear trimming for dogs, to make them ‘cute#39; with pointy ears. Fat reduction is another popular surgery, along with stretch marks removal, wrinkle smoothing, double eyelid removal and even botox injections. These procedures start from and ostensibly run into the thousands.一些受欢迎的美容手术包括为剪短尾巴、修饰耳毛,变成“可爱”的尖耳朵。抽脂术也是很流行的美容手术,此外,去除妊娠纹、除皱、去双眼皮甚至是注射肉毒杆菌也很受欢迎。这些手术收费从60美元到几千美元不等。It#39;s not entirely surprising, given that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. This is the place where tourists become unrecognisable to the extent that they need special doctor certificates to return to their native lands after having work done on their faces. So it was only a matter of time before people started thinking of botoxing their pets as well.鉴于韩国是世界整容之都,出现这种现象也就不足为奇。到韩国的游客可以整容整到面目全非,必须出具医生的特别明才能回到本国。因此,韩国人想要给宠物注射肉毒杆菌只是早晚的事情。The dog in the before and after photos above apparently had plastic surgery done because his inner eyelids were pointing towards the eyes. After the procedure, his eyes look bigger, a feature that many pet owners love.通过对前后两张照片的比较,可以看出显然是做过了整容手术,因为它的内眼皮吊起来了。手术后,的眼睛明显变大了,这是许多主人喜欢的模样。According to one anonymous veterinarian, ;Plastic surgery for pets in the past were for medical reasons but the result also brought better looking dogs, so there is a growing customer base getting a plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons on their dogs.; Apparently, a few doctors believe that these surgeries are “medically safe” and ethical. They say it#39;s the ;owner#39;s right; to make their pets look beautiful.一位不具名的兽医称,“过去通常是出于医疗考虑才给宠物做整容手术,结果正好令更漂亮了,导致越来越多的消费者为了漂亮而给自己的整容。”的确,有的医生认为整容手术“符合医疗卫生安全”和道德标准。他们称让宠物更美是“主人的权利”。In fact, a few vets are actually pitching cosmetic surgery to pet owners. According to an article in Chosun Daily, a woman visited a vet to get vaccinations for her five-month-old puppy. The doctor, however, asked if she wanted to close the gap in the canine#39;s mouth which he considered unappealing from a cosmetic perspective.事实上,确有部分兽医给宠物主人推销整容手术。《朝鲜日报》的一篇文章指出,一位女性让兽医给自己五个月大的小注射疫苗,结果这名医生称从美容角度考虑,的嘴不大好看,问她是否愿意给小做口部缝合手术。Animal lovers in South Korea are horrified by the trend, which many consider animal abuse. Lots of them feel people have no right to inflict their distorted sense of aesthetics on helpless animals. Korean veterinarian magazine Daily Vet conducted a survey in which 63 percent of pet owners wanted plastic surgery for dogs to be banned. Many of them have taken to social media to express their disgust.韩国动物爱好者对这股潮流感到恐惧,多数人认为这是一种动物虐待。许多人认为人类无权将这种扭曲的审美观加诸于无助的动物身上。韩国兽医杂志Daily Vet做过一项调查,63%的宠物主人希望叫停整容术。许多人还在社交媒体上表达对该行为的反感。;Did the dogs say they want plastic surgery,; one person asked.“们说过它们想做整容手术吗?”有人问道。“I don#39;t care about people who want and get plastic surgery, but this is too much,” another wrote. “Are you saying because they look up to the owners, the owners can do anything to them?”另一位网友写道:“如果是人们自己想做并做了整容手术,我无所谓,但是给宠物做整容就太过分了。难道它们靠主人来养活,主人就可以对它们为所欲为了吗?”;What is the difference between this and forcing your own children to get plastic surgery,; another pointed out.还有人指出,“这和强迫你自己的孩子整容有什么区别。” /201510/402138


  BEIJING — Glaciologists in China and elsewhere have said for years that climate change is the main cause of glacier erosion, which threatens the water sources of much of humanity.北京——多年来,中外冰川学家称,气候变化是导致冰川侵蚀的主要原因,而冰川的退缩危及了许多人的水资源供给。Officials in the far northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang now say another factor is putting the fragile glaciers at risk: tourism.中国西北偏远地区新疆的官员现在又表示,置脆弱的冰川于险境的还有另一个因素,那就是旅游活动。The Xinjiang government announced this month that it was banning tourism on glaciers across the region, which is one-sixth of the Chinese land mass. Many glaciers are found in Xinjiang, and in the Tianshan range in particular, which runs east-west through the middle of the vast region.新疆自治区政府在本月宣布,将取缔当地的冰川旅游。新疆占中国陆地面积的六分之一。那里有许多冰川,尤其是在天山一带。这座山脉以东西向穿过这片广袤地区的中心地带。Officials want to ensure that tourists observe the glaciers from a distance, not atop the glaciers themselves, according to a report published on Thursday by Xinhua, the state news agency.根据官方新闻机构新华社在上周四发布的一篇报道,新疆官员想要让游客只能远观,而不能亲自登上冰川。The report said that, over the last 50 years, the average temperature in Xinjiang had risen 0.33 to 0.39 degrees Celsius a decade, or about 0.6 to 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly three times the global average. China has 46,377 glaciers, and about 47 percent of the national ice reserves are in Xinjiang, a rugged region of deserts, forests and soaring mountains that shares borders with more than half a dozen countries.这篇文章指出,过去50年来,新疆所在的西北干旱区的平均气温每10年上升0.33到0.39摄氏度,几乎是全球平均值的三倍。中国境内的冰川有4万6377条,而在新疆的冰川储量占了全国的47%。新疆地形复杂,拥有沙漠、森林和高耸入云的山峰,还与七八个国家接壤。The report said that “global warming, grazing, mining and tourism have accelerated destruction of the glaciers, and led to water shortages in several areas.”这篇报道表示,“全球变暖、放牧、采矿和旅游等因素加速了冰川消融,导致多个地区水资源短缺。”It ed Chen Xi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as saying that glaciers in the Tianshan range have receded 15 to 30 percent in the last three decades.文中还引述了中国科学院研究员陈曦的话,指出天山区域的冰川面积近30年来退缩了15%到30%。Scientists say the main cause of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from industrial coal use. China emits more greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide being the primary one — than any other country. The ed States is second in emissions.科学家认为,气候变化主要是温室气体排放造成的,而这些排放大部分来自于工业燃煤,主成分则是二氧化碳。目前全球温室气体排放量最大的国家是中国,排名第二的则是美国。The growth in China’s coal use has slowed as the national economy cools, but climate researchers here expect emissions to continue rising until sometime between 2025 and 2030.随着中国经济降温,国内燃煤用量的增长有所放缓,不过研究气候问题的本土学者仍然认为,中国的温室气体排放量会持续攀升,直到2025至2030年间达到峰值。Glaciologists have observed glaciers in retreat across western China. In Gansu Province, the Mengke Glacier, the largest valley glacier in the Qilian range, and two others have been retreating at an accelerating rate since the 1990s, according to a report by a local research center. That rate tripled from the 1990s to the 2000s, the report said. That has resulted in floods in recent years. In the long term, it said, there will be water shortages across the region.冰川学家在中国西部各地都观测到冰川退缩的现象。甘肃省的梦柯冰川是祁连山脉最大的山谷冰川,而根据当地一所研究中心的报告,梦柯与另两座冰川自90年代就开始加速消融。文中指出,自90年代至本世纪前10年,这些冰川的退缩速率增加了两倍,这也导致了近年来的洪患。长远看来,该地区将普遍面临水源短缺的问题。Provincial and regional governments outside Xinjiang have not announced bans on glacier tourism. In Gansu, such tourism in the Qilian range is popular. The July 1st Glacier, about 55 miles southwest of Jiayuguan, site of the western end of the Great Wall, draws many people each year. In Sichuan Province, tourists flock to Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park, and Yunnan Province has the popular Mingyong Glacier.除了新疆,其他省级与地方政府尚未宣布要取缔冰川旅游。在甘肃省的祁连山,这类旅游活动相当热门。七一冰川位于长城西端的终点嘉峪关西南55英里(约合90公里)处。这座冰川每年都吸引许多观光者。四川省的海螺沟国家冰川森林公园也有大批游客涌入,云南省则有广受欢迎的明永冰川。Officials in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, banned tourism to No. 1 Glacier near the city in 2006. But in recent years, tourists have gotten rides to the glacier with local herders looking to make money. A Xinhua reporter who visited the glacier in July described seeing tourists there taking photos and littering.新疆首府乌鲁木齐的官员在2006年禁止游客前往该市附近的天山一号冰川。然而近年来,想赚上一笔的当地牧民还是会带观光客前去一游。在新华网转载的一篇报道中,记者曾在去年7月实地前往这座冰山,并描述了游客在那里拍照、乱丢垃圾的景况。The Xinhua article from Thursday ed Li Jidong, a Xinjiang tourism official, saying that glacier tourism in the region brought in less than one billion renminbi, or 3 million, over the last dozen years.上周四的新华社报道还引述了新疆旅游局官员李冀东的发言,指出新疆冰川旅游在过去十几年的收入不到10亿元人民币。“The loss from shrinking glaciers,” Mr. Li said, “is incalculable.”“但是冰川崩塌、消融带来的损失是不可估算的,”李冀东说。 /201602/427026。

  Four in every 1,000 children aged 6 to 12 in China have autism, an incidence that experts say is higher than expected.在4岁至12岁儿童中,每1000名儿童就有4名患自闭症,专家说这比预期发病率要高很多。The figure has been uncovered in the first national epidemiological investigation into the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder.这个数据是由中国第一项孤独症障碍趋势调查显示的。Symptoms include differences and disabilities in many areas including social communication skills, motor skills, and sometimes intellectual skills as well as unusual responses to sensory input such as unusual sensitivity to light and sound, or sensory cravings.症状包括在许多领域,包括社会交往技能的差异和障碍,运动技能,有时知识技能以及感觉输入,如对光线和声音的异常感觉,或感觉的渴望异常。The investigation figures did not include those children who stay at home or those in special schools, as they had aly been diagnosed as ASD patients, said Wang Yi, vice-president of the Children#39;s Hospital at Fudan University in Shanghai, which led the project.这项调查数据不包括在家学习和在特殊学校学习的儿童,因为他们已经被鉴定为自闭症患者,上海复旦大学附属儿童医院的副主任王毅说道。More than half of the children in the project were diagnosed with autism for the first time, Wang said.多于一般的儿童是在这次调查中第一次被诊断为自闭症,王主任说道。;Such data obtained at the national level for the first time shows that ASD is much more serious than we imagined. The figure is close to the incidence rate of epilepsy among children in China,; Wang said.“这个数据是全国第一次调查自闭症的数据,明显要比想象的严重很多。这个数据接近全国儿童患癫痫的发病率,”王说道。The statistics were announced at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Shanghai on Saturday.这项数据在上周六于上海召开的自闭症国际会议上发布。China is not the only country with a high incidence of autism. Last year, the ed States#39; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said one in every 68 children in the US has autism.中国并不是唯一的自闭症发病率高的国家。去年,美国疾病预防与控制中心数据显示,每68个儿童中就有1个儿童患有自病症。A total of 127,000 children were involved in the Chinese project, started in May 2013.共有12万7千名儿童加入到这项调查,这项调查于2013年5月开始。Geraldine Dawson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University in North Carolina, said babies who later develop autism exhibit behavior suggesting that some symptoms emerged when they were just 6 months old, and that parents should be alerted.北卡罗莱纳州的杜克大学教授Geraldine Dawson,从事精神病学和行为科学研究,说道宝宝在后来出现的行为异常的自闭症病症早在宝宝6个月大时就有显露,父母应该提高警惕。 /201511/409044


  After 10 years as a necessary, but ultimately unwelcome, live-in son-in-law, Ma Xuedong divorced, and moved out of his wife#39;s family home.在马学东被当作一个必需存在、却十分不受待见的上门女婿十年之后,他最终选择了离婚,从妻子家搬出来了。The end of his unhappy marriage pleased the 37-year-old migrant construction worker, even though he had to scramble to find a place to live in Baoji, Shaanxi province. ;My previous life was too depressing,; Ma said. ;It#39;s a feeling you will never be able to understand if you have not experienced it.;尽管这名37岁的外来建筑工人在陕西省宝鸡市还要再找容身之地,但终结这段不幸福婚姻,他还是感到一身轻松。“我以前的人生太压抑了,”马学东说。“这种感觉如果你没亲身经历过,那就永远不能理解。”Ma speaks for many of China#39;s so-called live-in sons-in-law, who marry and move in with their wives#39; families, but never quite became an integral part of the family.马学东为中国很多所谓的上门女婿道出了心声。上门女婿,是指一些男人结婚后搬到妻子家里生活,但却从未真正成为家庭的一员。Their numbers are legion, a result of China#39;s decades-old gender imbalance, a historic preference for male offspring, and the desire of families to preserve a surname in danger of dying out in a household in which all of the children are girls.上门女婿数量庞大,是源于中国数十年来的性别失衡、中国自古以来重男轻女的思想、以及家人担忧如果全生女孩会有“香火失传”的危险。In a traditional view of marriage in China, a woman marries a man and lives with his family, or the couple lives in their own house, bought by the husband#39;s family, and their children take the husband#39;s surname.在中国传统的婚姻观中,女人同男人结婚后,应当与男方家人住在一起,或者夫妻住在由男方家庭购买的房子里,孩子应随男方的姓。This custom has been upended in two ways. First, China#39;s gender imbalance means many men, especially in rural areas, have trouble finding wives. By the end of 2015, on the Chinese mainland, men outnumbered women by 33.66 million, making it challenging for China#39;s left-over men to find a partner. Second, a poor man who cannot pay an expected ;bride price; may look for a family that will pick up the cost. These men may marry a woman with no brothers, move into the woman#39;s family home and allow their children to carry their mother#39;s surname.但是这种传统已经从两个方面被颠覆了。首先,中国性别失衡,意味着男性难找到老婆,尤其是在农村地区。截止2015年底,中国大陆男性比女性多3366万人,中国的“剩男”找老婆已经成为一道难题。其次,没钱的男人付不起礼钱,可能会找一个能承担结婚费用的女方。这些男人可能会娶个没有兄弟的女人,搬到女方家里住,让孩子跟女方姓。Even though the arrangement meets the needs of all involved, families and communities still look down on those who have no sons and opt for live-in sons-in-law to fill the void. In many cases, the resentment creates unhappiness.尽管这种方式满足了所有人的需求,但家人和邻里仍然瞧不起那些没有儿子而招个上门女婿来填补空缺的人。在很多情况下,由怨恨就产生了不愉快。Zhang Baotong, a social and economic development expert with the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said live-in sons-in-law should learn to get along with their wives#39; families and people in their communities.陕西省社科学院的社会经济发展专家张宝通表示,上门女婿应该学会如何与妻子的家人和邻里相处。;With the development of urbanization, more and more poor farmers will work and live in urban areas and some of them may become live-in sons-in-law as they cannot pay for houses and the other costs of marriage,; Zhang said. ;And our marriage concept should change with the development of the times to give full respect to the sons-in-law.;张宝通说:“随着城市化的发展,越来越多的贫困农户将会前往城市工作和居住,由于买不起房子且承担不了婚姻的其他费用,其中一些人可能会做上门女婿。同时,我们的婚姻观念应当与时俱进,对上门女婿给予充分尊重。” /201603/430317Five years ago, when I became dean of Nottingham University Business School, the inclination among many of my students to view me as a dinosaur was not only painfully manifest, but entirely understandable. After all, the vast majority of undergraduates are in their late teens, whereas I am, well, comfortably past that particular milestone.5年前,当我出任诺丁汉商学院(Nottingham University Business School)的院长时,很多学生都明明白白地倾向于把我视为老古董,这让我很郁闷,但我也完全可以理解。毕竟,绝大部分的大学生都还踩着青春期的尾巴,而我,好吧,已毫无疑问度过了这一时期。What is much more obvious to me now, as I hand over the reins to my successor, is the speed at which we all risk becoming “out of date”. Each of us might continue to contribute very effectively, yet the truth is that most of us soon find ourselves, to some extent, removed from the cutting edge of technology and development.如今,当我把院长的重任交给我的继任者时,在我看来明显得多的是,我们所有人加速面临“过时”的风险。我们每个人或许非常高效地继续做着贡献,但事实是,我们中大多数人很快发现,自己或多或少地脱离了科技和发展的前沿。As someone whose research has long focused on innovation and creative problem-solving, I consider this one of the most perturbing issues I encountered during my deanship. I also believe it is one that deans have a duty to address. It is a concern pertinent to business schools everywhere, because it is illustrative of a worrying acceleration in the uncertainty of students’ future requirements.作为长期专注于研究创新和创造性解决问题的人,我认为这是我担任院长期间遇到的最令人焦虑的问题之一。我认为这也是院长们有义务解决的问题。这与世界各地的商学院息息相关,因为它表明未来对学生要求的不确定性也在令人担忧地加速增长。I had responsibility for around 2,000 students in the UK, as well as oversight of another 3,200 within the business schools at the University of Nottingham’s campuses in China and Malaysia. Steering the curriculum so that it would best meet their needs in terms of content and delivery was among the most important elements of my remit.我曾对英国大约2000名学生负有责任,还对诺丁汉大学中国和马来西亚校区商学院里的另外3200名学生负有监督义务。从整体上把握课程设置,使之可以最好地满足学生在教学内容和教学效果方面的需求,是我工作职责中极为重要的一部分。As I increasingly came to appreciate, this is no easy task for any dean. A major hurdle – and I know from attending conferences that the successes and shortcomings with which I became familiar are shared by deans the world over – is the disconnect between one’s own experiences and the environment that students are preparing to face.正如我在工作中逐渐领会的,这对任何一位院长来说都非易事。主要的障碍是院长的个人阅历与学生将要面对的环境脱节,而通过参加各种会议,我了解到,我在工作中逐渐熟悉的种种成功和不足,也是世界各地的商学院院长们都会遇到的。This detachment exists even where the rise to deanship, unlike my own, has been meteoric. The pace of transformation is nowadays so rapid, so relentless, that the struggle to remain genuinely relevant to the “real world” is constant. Even many students may find that by their mid-twenties they are slightly distanced from the new actualities confronting teenagers. Dinosaurs are getting younger.即便一位院长很快就升到了这一位置(不像我是花了很长时间),这种脱节也会存在。如今的转型步伐如此之快、如此之残酷,以至于真正与“真实世界”保持联系成为一场持久战。甚至很多学生也可能发现,到25岁左右,他们已经与青少年面对的新现实稍有脱节。老古董越来越年轻了。How do business schools guard against this threat? Needless to say, complacency is not an option. A dean’s most significant contribution to the cause may well be to demonstrate that a truly meaningful culture of change, adaptation and improvement – as opposed to mere rhetoric – must start at the top and be all-encompassing.商学院的守护者如何防范这种威胁?不用说,故步自封肯定是不行的。院长对这份事业最重要的贡献,很可能就是用行动(而不只是言语)明,真正有意义的崇尚改变、适应和改善的文化,必须从领导层做起、把所有人和事都包括进来。Alternative perspectives are vital in this regard. Although, I felt authoritative confidence should be a crucial component of my leadership, I surrounded myself with a close team whose members were sufficiently self-assured and curious to provide me – and each other – with much-needed reality checks.就这点而言,不同的视角至关重要。尽管我当时觉得,作为领导的自信应该是构成我领导力的关键组成部分,但我让一个团队紧密包围在自己身边,团队的成员有充分的自信和好奇心,可以让我——以及我们彼此——提供亟需的现实检验。Similarly, the advice, perceptions and outlooks of those from beyond academia can be of enormous worth. In some ways this is the very essence of creative problem-solving: the acknowledgment that answers lurk everywhere. The chances are that every one of us, even if unwittingly, has dealt with a difficulty by redefining it in more expansive terms, discovering an analogous instance where it has been overcome and tailoring the solution to suit our circumstances. There is much to be said for shifting from the specific to the general and back again.同样,学术界以外人士的建议、看法和设想也可以非常有价值。在某些方面,这就是创造性解决问题的实质所在——承认可能来自任何地方。我们每个人在处理难题时,即便是无意的,也很可能先对它进行更普遍的界定,发现曾经解决过的类似问题,然后据此制定适用于眼下情况的解决方案。从特殊到普遍、再从普遍到特殊,这其中有太多值得大书特书的道理。It is also essential that academics continue to teach. It is not uncommon for senior staff to feel their research eminence somehow absolves them of this commitment, at least as far as undergraduate teaching is concerned. Some have lost confidence in their own abilities; others have forgotten the huge value of such work. The more you isolate yourself from the student population, the likelier you are to be seen as a dinosaur.学校继续授业解惑也是至关重要的。高级教职工感觉,他们在研究上的成功某种程度上使他们免除了这种职责(至少在本科教学方面),这并不罕见。一些人对自己的教学能力失去信心;还有些人忘记了教学工作的巨大价值。你跟学生距离越远,你就越可能被视为老古董。Perhaps above all, though, business schools would do well to remember the power of radical innovation. I have long believed this, even when I was confined to weighing in with supposedly wise words from the safety of the sidelines, and half a decade on a loftier perch has only reinforced my opinion. I have been able to see much more clearly how business schools serve their students and their stakeholders. I can only conclude that the vast potential afforded by radical innovation remains greatly unexplored and underexploited.不过,或许商学院最好牢记根本性创新的力量。长期以来,我一直相信这一点,即便在我还限于只能作为旁观者、安全地提出理应明智的建议时就是如此,而5年来身居高位反而强化了我的观点。我可以更透彻地理解商学院如何务于其学生及其股东。我只能得出一个结论:根本性创新带来的巨大潜能,在很大程度上尚未被发掘和充分利用。The fact is that the university sector as a whole is stuck in a rut of incrementalism. Multidisciplinary collaborations – not the neatly aligned alliances that proliferate today but imaginative unions that might substantially add to our epistemic base and reshape our overall approach – represent a route out of that rut. Business schools too easily overlook how strongly placed they are to take a lead in championing the radical over the risk-averse.事实上,整个大学仍然陷于老一套的渐进主义之中。多学科合作可以带领我们跳出窠臼——并非如今大量出现的那种整齐划一的合作,而是可能从实质上扩充我们的知识基础、并重塑我们整体方法的那种具有想象力的联合。商学院太容易忽视它们有多么好的条件去带头持冒险(而非规避风险)了。Of course, most of us will still become dinosaurs eventually. Such a fate is to some degree inescapable in a world of ceaseless change, irrespective of age, experience and attitude. But accepting the near-inevitable bestowing of personal Jurassic status is one thing; openly inviting mass extinction is quite another.当然,我们多数人最终仍将成为老古董。在不断改变的世界里,无论你的年龄几何、阅历多少和态度怎样,在一定程度上都难逃这样的命运。但是,接受几乎不可避免的老古董封号是一回事,公然地静待被整体淘汰则完全是另一回事。 /201601/420947

  The author, most recently, of “The Road to Little Dribbling” says he’s been ing “Anna Karenina” at such a glacial pace that “I have long since lost track of who most of the characters are.”前不久,《小溪之路》(The Road to Little Dribbling)的作者说,他曾以非常缓慢的速度阅读《安娜·卡列尼娜》(Anna Karenina),“我早就忘了大部分人物是谁”。What books are currently on your night stand?问:你的床头柜上现在放着什么书?I have so many books stacked beside my bed that I can’t be absolutely sure that there is actually a night stand in there. Those at the very top of the pile are: “The History of Modern France,” by Jonathan Fenby; “Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code,” by Matthew Cobb; “The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World,” by Oliver Morton; and the one I am most actively immersed in at present, a funny, moving, very entertaining memoir called “Flesh Wounds,” by the Australian writer Richard Glover.答:我的床边堆了很多书,我都不太确定我真的有个床头柜在那儿。放在最上面的是乔纳森·芬比(Jonathan Fenby)的《法国现代史》(The History of Modern France);马修·科布(Matthew Cobb)的《人生最大的秘密:破解基因密码的竞赛》(Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code);奥利弗·莫顿(Oliver Morton)的《再造的星球:地球工程学能如何改变世界》(The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World)。目前我最积极投入阅读的是一部有趣、感人、非常令人愉快的回忆录,名叫《肉体伤口》(Flesh Wounds),出自澳大利亚作家理查德·格洛弗(Richard Glover)之手。What’s the last great book you ?问:你读的上一本很棒的书是什么?While doing a short biography of William Shakespeare a few years ago, I all his plays over the course of one summer. (Actually, if I am honest, I didn’t “Timon of Athens.” I don’t think anyone ever has.) That was the last really ambitious ing I can recall.答:几年前,为了写一篇关于威廉·莎士比亚的短篇传记,我一个夏天读完了他的所有剧作(坦白地说,我没有读《雅典的泰门》[Timon of Athens]。我觉得谁也没读过)。那是我能想起来的最近一次最有雄心的阅读经验。Who are your favorite travel writers, and what is your favorite travel book?问:你最喜欢的旅行作家是谁?你最喜欢的旅行书籍是哪部?For their descriptive powers and command of material, I admire Paul Theroux, Jonathan Raban, Sara Wheeler and Colin Thubron, but for pure pleasure I don’t think you can beat the travel books of S. J. Perelman, though they are not so easy to find now. My favorite travel book of all is “In Trouble Again,” by the British writer Redmond O’Hanlon. It concerns a trek into a dangerous corner of Amazonia. It is sidesplittingly funny to begin with, but then grows increasingly dark and scary in a way that is both unsettling and unforgettable.答:从叙述能力以及对素材的使用上讲,我很喜欢保罗·泰鲁(Paul Theroux)、乔纳森·拉班(Jonathan Raban)、萨拉·惠勒(Sara Wheeler)和科林·休布伦(Colin Thubron),但是从纯粹的角度讲,我觉得谁也比不过S·J·佩雷尔曼(S. J. Perelman),不过,现在他的书不好找。我最喜欢的旅行书是英国作家雷德蒙·奥汉伦(Redmond O’Hanlon)的《再次陷入麻烦》(In Trouble Again)。它讲述的是在亚马孙地区一个危险角落的艰苦跋涉。一开始非常好玩,但是后来变得越来越黑暗吓人,让你既不安又难忘。Which genres do you especially enjoy ing? And which do you avoid?问:你特别喜欢哪些体裁的书?又会避免读哪些体裁?When I can what I want, I generally go for histories and historical biographies, though much of my ing is naturally dictated by research requirements. For escapist ing, I especially like the sea novels of Patrick O’Brian. I don’t consciously avoid any genres, but it is unlikely you would find me lingering in the section where they keep books like “Eat, Pray, Love” or memoirs of life with a pet.答:我能自己选择读什么书时,我通常选择历史书或历史传记,不过我读书大多是为了研究需要。如果是为了逃避现实而阅读,我特别喜欢帕特里克·奥布赖恩(Patrick O’Brian)关于大海的小说。我没有刻意避免阅读任何体裁的书,但我不大会浏览《美食、祈祷和恋爱》(Eat, Pray, Love)或与宠物生活的回忆录这类书。What is the last book that made you cry?问:上一本让你大哭的书是什么?I was one of the judges for last year’s Wellcome medical book prize, and the winning book, “The Iceberg,” by Marion Coutts, was the most moving book I have in some time. It is her account of the decline and death of her husband from a brain tumor. It is a harrowing , as you would expect, but also beautifully written and intensely powerful.答:我是去年惠康医学图书奖(Wellcome medical book prize)的评委之一。去年的获奖图书《冰山》(The Iceberg)是我在那段时间里读过的最感人的书。那本书的作者是马里昂·库茨(Marion Coutts),她讲述了丈夫得脑瘤后身体的衰弱直至最终的去世。你肯定能料到,这本书读起来令人痛心,但它同样写得很优美,很有力量。What was the last book that made you furious?问:上一本让你特别义愤填膺的书是什么?“The Ocean of Life,” by Callum Roberts, a marine biologist at the University of York in England. It is a very sober, nonpolemic look at how we are ruining the Earth’s oceans through overfishing and poor management. If nothing else, it will make you think twice before ordering mahi-mahi again.答:英国约克大学(University of York)的海洋生物学家卡勒姆·罗伯茨(Callum Roberts)的《生命的海洋》(The Ocean of Life)。它非常冷静地审视过度捕捞和管理不善在怎样毁坏地球上的海洋。至少,它会让你在点鲯鳅鱼之前再考虑一下。Tell us about your favorite poem.问:跟我们谈谈你最喜欢的诗歌吧。I am not a good er of poetry, but recently I happened upon “In Flanders Fields,” the celebrated poem of the First World War. I had never it all the way through and was astounded by how powerful and moving a few simple lines could be. I had always assumed that the author was British, but in fact he was a Canadian doctor named John McCrae, who wrote it just after the Second Battle of Ypres. McCrae died a short while later himself without ever seeing home again, which clearly adds to the poignancy of it.答:我不是很爱读诗,但是前不久我碰巧读到《在法兰德斯战场》(In Flanders Fields),它是关于第一次世界大战的著名诗歌。以前我一直没读过这首诗,所以我为如此简洁的诗句竟然有那么强大且感人的表现力而感到震惊。我一直以为作者是英国人,但实际上他是一名加拿大医生,名叫约翰·麦克雷(John McCrae),那首诗是他在第二次伊普尔战役(Second Battle of Ypres)之后写的。不久之后,他也死了,再也没能看上家乡一眼,这无疑增加了这首诗歌的辛酸。And your favorite movie adaptation of a book.问:你最喜欢哪部根据图书改编的电影?If by that you mean which movie is much better than the book (or books) on which it was based, I would instantly say “The Wizard of Oz.” If you mean which is most enjoyably faithful to the original, I would propose “The English Patient.”答:如果你是想问,哪部电影比它所依据的书还精,我会不假思索地说《绿野仙踪》(The Wizard of Oz)。如果你是想问,哪部电影最忠于原著,让人觉得享受,我会说《英国病人》(The English Patient)。Who is your favorite fictional hero or heroine? Your favorite antihero or villain?问:你喜欢的虚构主人公或女主人公是谁?你最喜欢的反派主角是谁?When I was young I had a period of ing J. D. Salinger’s books and wanting intensely to be a member of the Glass family, partly because they lived in a big apartment in Manhattan, which seemed terribly exciting to me as a boy from Iowa, and partly because their conversations struck me as so much more scintillating and profound than those we had in our house. I don’t think I especially identified with any of the characters, but just wanted to be taken into the family. I haven’t Salinger’s books since I was about 15, and I am pretty nearly certain I would find all the characters shallow and insufferable now, which is why I haven’t them again. The only villain that springs to mind for me is Captain Hook in the Disney cartoons of my childhood. He scared the daylights out of me. But I can’t think of a good literary choice offhand.答:我小时候有一段时间读J·D·塞林格(J. D. Salinger)的书,很想成为格拉斯家的一员。一是因为他们住在曼哈顿的一个大公寓里,对我这个来自艾奥瓦州的小男孩来说,这特别令人兴奋;二是因为我觉得他们的谈话比我们家里的谈话要精得多,深刻得多。我没有特别喜欢其中哪个人物,就是想生活在那个家庭里。大约15岁以后,我再也没读过塞林格的书,我现在肯定会觉得那本书里所有的人物都很肤浅,令人难以忍受,所以我再也没读过那些书。我唯一能想到的反派是童年时看到的迪士尼动画片中的钩子船长(Captain Hook)。他吓得我魂飞魄散。不过我一时想不起书中的哪个反派让我印象深刻。Which childhood books and authors stick with you most?问:童年的哪些书或者哪些作家陪伴你的时间最长?I was completely devoted to an imprint called Landmark Books when I was growing up. I don’t know whether anyone remembers this series anymore, but they were nonfiction hardback books, on historical subjects, written for children or adapted from adult books. They made you feel that you were taking part in a grown-up activity but at a level that you could handle. A good deal of what I know about American history came from Landmark Books. I used to spend nearly all my pocket money on either Landmark Books or, if I was feeling rakish, Hardy Boys books. I am hugely indebted to both.答:我在成长的过程中彻底迷上了一套名叫《里程碑图书》(Landmark Books)的书。我不知道还有没有人记得这个系列,它是非虚构类精装书,讲述的是历史主题,是写给孩子的或者是从成人图书改编来的。这套书让我感觉自己在参与一项成长活动,而这项活动的水平我应付得来。我对美国历史的很多知识来自《里程碑图书》。小时候,我几乎把所有的零花钱都花在这套书或《哈迪男孩系列图书》(Hardy Boys books,这套是放纵的时候买)上了。这两套书都让我受益匪浅。If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?问:如果你必须说出是哪本书造就了现在的你,你会选哪本?Goodness, that’s a big question. I remember in early adolescence ing “The Sot-Weed Factor,” by John Barth, and being so enchanted with it that I wanted to become a writer, too. At about the same time I had a similar experience with “The Grapes of Wrath.” I have never written anything like either of those books — never attempted fiction at all — but there was something about the magic and possibility of the written word that captured me.答:天哪,这是个大问题。我在青少年早期读过约翰·巴特(John Barth)的《烟草经纪人》(The Sot-Weed Factor)。这本书让我特别着迷,产生了当作家的愿望。几乎在同一时期,《愤怒的葡萄》(The Grapes of Wrath)让我产生了类似的感觉。我从没写过任何跟这两本书类似的书,也从未尝试过虚构题材,但是文字的魔力和可能性迷住了我。What author, living or dead, would you most like to meet?问:在世或死去的作家中,你最想见哪一位?William Shakespeare, as long as I didn’t have to tell him that when we’d finished talking he’d have to go back to being dead again.答:威廉·莎士比亚。条件是我不必告诉他在谈话结束后,他得再次回去安息。What was the last book you put down without finishing?问:上一本你没看完就放下的书是什么?Nearly ever summer when we go away on vacation I pack an old copy of “Anna Karenina,” and every year I manage to move the bookmark about 20 pages along before it is time to go home. I have long since lost track of who most of the characters are or what their relationships are with one another. I can’t pretend that any of them have ever interested me. At the rate I am going, I estimate that I will need approximately 74 more vacations to finish the book.答:几乎每年夏天我们去度假时,我都会带上一本老版的《安娜·卡列尼娜》。每年回家之前,我都会把书签向前移动20页左右。时间隔得太久,我早就忘了大部分人物是谁以及他们之间的关系。我不能谎称里面有哪个人物特别吸引我。按照我的阅读速度,估计大概需要再花74个假期才能把它读完。Of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?问:你写过的书里面,你最喜欢哪一本?I suppose that would have to be “A Walk in the Woods,” my account of a profoundly hopeless attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail in the company of an equally hopeless companion named (pseudonymously) Stephen Katz. The Appalachian Trail is physically very grueling, but it is also awfully hard to write about. Walking, even when it is going well, is an intensely repetitive experience. The whole time we were out there, I kept thinking: “All we are doing is walking every day. I don’t know how I am ever going to get a book out of this.” So the fact that it did eventually result in a book is to me a kind of permanent miracle.答:我猜是《林中漫步》(A Walk in the Woods),它讲述的是我在阿巴拉契亚山道(Appalachian Trail)的一次非常绝望的徒步旅行,我的旅伴是一个同样绝望的人,名叫斯蒂芬·卡茨(Stephen Katz,化名)。阿巴拉契亚山道非常折磨人,也同样很难描述。即便是在顺利的情况下,行走也是个重复乏味的过程。我们在那里徒步的时候,我一直在想:“我们每天做的事就是走路。我不知道这怎么能写成一本书。”所以,最后能够成书在我看来永远是个奇迹。Whom would you want to write your life story?问:你想让谁写你的人生故事?My wife. She is kind, and she was there.答:我的妻子。她很仁慈,而且见了一切。 /201601/424050

  There are few cities in the world that transform themselves as profoundly from season to season as Berlin. The purgatorial winter, with its lightless days and frigid nights, gives way to four months of balmy intoxication. Cafe and gallery culture spills out into graffitied alleyways; the parks fill with techno D.J.s, nudists and picnicking families; and young people arrive by the planeload from Brooklyn, Copenhagen and East London to take part in an open-air night-life scene that is equal parts “Paris Is Burning” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” But even as the hype of the last decade has made the city a magnet for tourists, Berlin remains a place for the strange and libertine, where the radical left still nips at the heels of neoliberalism, where snapping photos in public is often more taboo than smoking a joint, and where people seldom ask what it is you “do.”世上很少有城市会像柏林那样,在不同的季节中,出现如此巨大的转变。炼狱般的严冬,以及昏暗的白日与寒冷的夜晚,为芳香宜人令人沉醉的四个月让开了道路。咖啡馆与画廊文化蔓延到一条条遍布涂鸦的小巷中;公园内到处都是电音DJ、裸体主义者和野餐的家庭;年轻人搭乘飞机,从布鲁克林、哥本哈根和东伦敦远道而来,加入到这里的露天夜生活中,场面堪比《巴黎在燃烧》(Paris Is Burning)与《仲夏夜之梦》(A Midsummer Night’s Dream)。但是,尽管过去十年里的大肆炒作让柏林对游客产生了莫大的吸引力,这里依然是一座属于怪人与浪子的城市,激进左派仍在紧咬着新自由主义的痛脚不放,在公共场合拍照常常会比抽大麻更加忌讳,人们也很少会过问你是干什么的。Friday周五1. Volk on the Water | 3 p.m. 1. 活在水上的德国人:下午3:00Come summer, Berlin’s 122 miles of inner-city waterways turn into a thoroughfare thronged with kayaks, tourist vessels and the occasional party raft. A one-hour boat tour starting and ending at the Hauptbahnhof pier, offered by Reederei Riedel for 12 euros a person (about .75 at .07 to the euro), allows you to take in the city’s historic center while relaxing with brezel and bier. You’ll pass the Reichstag, Germany’s Norman Foster-redesigned house of Parliament, once burned down by the Nazis as part of Hitler’s government takeover and later bombed by the Allies; the old border crossing at Friedrichstrasse station known as the (Palace of Tears) where East Germans once bid doleful goodbye to their Western visitors; and Museum Island, which houses the city’s great collection of antiquities. Check out progress on the Stadtschloss, or City Palace, the massive, controversial project to resurrect Berlin’s imperial palace, scheduled for completion by 2019.夏日在即,柏林共计122英里长的城市水道变成了一条通路,挤满了橡皮船、观光船和偶尔出没的救生筏。里德尔游船公司(Reederei Riedel)提供从中央码头出发,航行一小时后再回到中央码头的航船路线,每人收费12欧元(按1.07美元兑换1欧元计算,约合12.75美元),让你可以一边惬意地享用扭结面包和啤酒,一边游览柏林的历史中心。你会途经由诺曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)重新设计的议会大厦——德意志国民议会(Reichstag),这栋大厦曾在被希特勒政府占领时惨遭纳粹焚毁,后来又遭到了同盟国的轰炸;东西两德的旧边界则位于弗里德里希(Friedrichstrasse)车站处,这里有一栋名为“泪宫”()的建筑,当年东德就是在这里与西德的来访者哀痛道别的;还有物馆岛(Museum Island),这里存放着这座城市里大量的宝贵古董。再去看看城市宫殿(Stadtschloss)的修建进度,这是一项引起诸多争议的大型建设工程,旨在重现柏林的帝国皇宫的往昔风采,预计将于2019年竣工。2. Orient on the Canal | 5 p.m.2. 运河上的市集:下午5:00Every Tuesday and Friday, the Turkish Market sps out along a stretch of the Landwehr Canal in the fast-gentrifying “Kreuzk” neighborhood, where the old leftist-bohemian district of Kreuzberg meets Neuk, an area long populated by Turkish, Kurdish and Arab immigrants. Residents descend on market days, as louche Australian graphic designers and matriarchs in headscarves haggle with men hawking their wares in a loud Turkish-German patois. Tucked among the produce, spices and textiles are unexpected delights: artisanal Dutch licorice; quark, a fermented dairy product, flavored with rhubarb or dark chocolate; and locally designed jewelry. Afterward, cross the Kottbusser Bridge for a drop-in at Hard Wax, a revered record store in a canalside courtyard that’s still a haunt for the D.J.s and audio geeks who fuel the city’s electronic music scene.在迅速实现“绅士化”的时尚地标克罗伊茨克尔恩(Kreuzk)附近,每逢星期二和星期五,土耳其市集(Turkish Market)都会沿着兰德维尔运河(Landwehr Canal)一字排开,古老的左派波希米亚区克罗伊茨贝格(Kreuzberg),与长期居住着土耳其、库尔德和阿拉伯移民的地区新克尔恩(Neuk),就在这里发生了交集。居民在市集开张的日子里蜂拥而至,品行不端的澳大利亚平面设计师和裹着头巾的女家长,在一片嘈杂的土耳其口音德语方言中,与摆摊的商贩们讨价还价。在一堆农产品、香料和纺织品之间,藏着教人意想不到的收获:手工荷兰甘草糖,奶渣(经过大黄或黑巧克力调味的发酵乳制品),还有本土设计的珠宝首饰。随后,穿过Kottbusser Bridge,去逛一下Hard Wax,这间备受推崇的唱片店就坐落在运河岸边的庭院里,依然是DJ和音频发烧友的必去之地,为这座城市的电子音乐加油。3. Neue Deutsche Küche | 7 p.m. 3. 德国新美食:晚上7:00Only in recent years has Berlin’s food culture begun to catch up with its other creative outpourings. The current bellwether is Nobelhart amp; Schmutzig, opened by the sommelier Billy Wagner, who previously helmed the Michelin-starred Rutz Wine Bar. Diners fill 26 counter seats that wrap around an elegant open kitchen, where the staff prepares a prix fixe 10-course meal of Nordic-inflected new-German cuisine (80 euros). Surprising, delectable dishes — like raw char filled with brown butter-braised b crumbs or celeriac soup poured over lamb fat jelly and green peas — uproot all notions of pork and sauerkraut. Reservations essential.直到最近几年,柏林的饮食文化才终于开始追赶其他那些创意泉涌之地。当前的业内佼佼者是品酒师比利·瓦格纳(Billy Wagne)开的Nobelhart amp; Schmutzig,他以前是米其林级餐厅Rutz Wine Bar的掌门人。餐厅内共有26个吧台坐席,绕着一间格调高雅的开放式厨房排成一圈,餐厅的工作人员就在这间厨房里,为客人准备一客共含10道菜的北欧风味新式德国美食(80欧元)。教人惊喜的是,这些美味佳肴,比如用生鲑鱼做馅的黑黄油焖面包渣,或者是羊脂冻配青豌豆浇芹菜汤,彻底抛弃了用猪肉和德国泡菜制成的所有传统菜式。一定要提前订位。4. Beau Monde Booze | 10 p.m.4. 上流社会的酒宴:晚上10:00Grab an exotic nightcap at Le Croco Bleu, a rakish cocktail bar that opened in 2013 in the cavernous former engine room of the 19th-century Brewery building in Prenzlauer Berg. The newest venture by Gregor Scholl, the man behind the cultish Westend bar Rum Trader, Le Croco Bleu has the feel of a postindustrial curiosity cabinet: teardrop crystal chandeliers, exposed pipes, disused machinery, taxidermied beasts and glass vitrines of aged liquors. But the cocktails are the main event. Mixed with alchemical precision, the monthly rotating selection features rare extravagances like the Prince of Wales, a heady mix of Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Dry Orange , DOM Benedictine and Champagne.普伦茨劳贝格(Prenzlauer Berg)有一栋建于19世纪的文创中心大楼B琀稀漀眀 Brewery,当中有一间洞穴状的轮机房,在2013年时被改建成了一间风格俏皮的鸡尾酒吧Le Croco Bleu,可以来这里要一杯充满异域风情的睡前酒。吸引了一群狂热信徒的西区酒吧Rum Trader,背后的男人名叫格雷戈尔·舍尔(Gregor Scholl),Le Croco Bleu正是他的最新产业,这里的气氛仿佛后工业时期的古玩店:泪状水晶枝形吊灯,暴露在外的管道,废旧的机械,用剥制法制作的野兽标本,还有陈列着陈年烈酒的玻璃橱窗。但是鸡尾酒才是这里的主角。这里对勾兑精确度的讲究堪比炼金术,酒单每月轮换一次,为客人呈献难得的奢侈调酒“威尔斯亲王”(Prince of Wales),这杯令人醺醺然的佳酿用皮埃尔费朗干邑1840(Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac)、干橙力娇酒(Dry Orange Cura愀漀)、法国廊酒(DOM Benedictine)和香槟酒勾兑而成。5. Modern Times | 10 a.m.5. 艺术的登时代:上午10:00What city experienced the 20th century with more ferocity than Berlin? See that history refracted in two starkly different art collections. Reopened in 2015, the refurbished public Berlinische Galerie houses works by 20th-century artists of the Berlin Secession, Expressionist, Dada and New Objectivity movements: the haunting Weimar-era oil portraiture of Otto Dix, George Grosz’s pen-and-ink prostitutes and automatons and Hannah radical photomontages, among other gems (entrance, 8 euros). Then, if you’ve wrangled a spot on the monthlong waiting list, fast-forward to the 1990s and beyond with a visit to the Sammlung Boros, a stunning private collection housed in a former Nazi bunker, which includes vivid installations by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei, the photographer Wolfgang Tillmans’ intimate portraits of ’90s club kids (and Kate Moss) and works by the Welsh conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans (entrance, 12 euros).还有哪座城市在20世纪经历过的暴行比柏林还多?这里有两组完全不同的艺术品,可从中一窥历史的痕迹。翻修后于2015年重新开张的柏林画廊(Berlinische Galerie),存放着在20世纪的柏林分离派、表现派、达达主义和新客观主义运动中涌现的艺术家的作品:在诸多珍品当中尤为值得一提的,有奥托·迪克斯(Otto Dix)令人过目难忘的魏玛时期肖像油画,乔治·格罗兹(George Grosz)的水墨作品与机器人,还有汉娜·霍克(Hannah H挀栀)那些先锋的蒙太奇摄影作品(门票:8欧元)。然后,如果你能想办法在长达一个月的等待名单上争得一席之地,不妨参观一下波洛斯私人收藏馆(Sammlung Boros),去往20世纪90年代以及更现代的时期。这是一间令人惊艳的私人收藏馆,坐落在一座战争时期的纳粹掩体内,馆内既有奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)和艾未未创作的个性鲜明的装置艺术作品,也有摄影师沃尔夫冈·提尔曼斯(Wolfgang Tillmans)为90年代的俱乐部儿童(还有凯特·斯[Kate Moss])拍摄的私人摄影,以及威尔士的概念派艺术家塞里斯·怀恩·埃文斯(Cerith Wyn Evans)的作品(门票:12欧元)。6. Stone Age Brunch | 1 p.m.6. 旧石器时代早午餐:下午1:00The paleo diet has taken hold in Berlin thanks largely to Sauvage. The restaurant serves up dishes like roasted bone marrow on rosemary-and-cassava-flour toast and paleo pancakes made with tiger nut, chestnut and cassava. Brunch is about 15 euros.旧石器时代的饮食已在柏林生根发芽,这在很大程度上都要归功于Sauvage餐厅。这家餐厅供应的都是迷迭香木薯粉吐司烤骨髓,或者用油莎豆、板栗与木薯制成的原始煎饼这类菜肴。早午餐价格约为15欧元。7. Artful Lots | 2 p.m.7. 惬意的绿化地:下午2:00In 2009, a group of ambitious gardeners took over a vacant lot in Kreuzberg and began its transformation into a social-urban-agricultural venture, Prinzessinnengarten, that is now one of the city’s loveliest green spaces. Compost beds burst with organic herbs and vegetables. There’s a wooded garden restaurant and cafe, a recycling center and spaces for workshops and community events, such as a recent collaboration with a refugee organization whose protests against German asylum policy have thrust the issue into the public eye. The creatively inclined should cross the street for a browse through Germanic art supply heaven. Planet Modulor, a multistory “creative department store,” includes a bookstore, a cafe and a 3-D printing studio that will transform your snapshot into a photorealistic sculpture.2009年,一批心怀壮志的园丁接手了克罗伊茨贝格的一块空地,开始将它改造成一处社会化城市农业的试验田“王子花园”(Prinzessinnengarten),如今则已成为这座城市里最为可爱的绿化环境之一。堆肥田上长满了有机香草和蔬菜。园内有一间藏身于树林花园的餐厅与咖啡厅,一处回收中心也可用于开展工作坊与社区活动,他们最近就与一个抗议德国难民政策的难民组织组织了一场联合活动,将这个问题推入了公众的视野。喜欢创造性事物的人,应该走到街道对面,浏览一下日耳曼艺术的摇篮。Planet Modulor是一间跨越数个楼层的“创意百货商店”,内有书店、咖啡厅和3D打印工作室,能将你的图纸转化为栩栩如生的实物模型。8. Fame on the Spree | 9 p.m.8. 河上餐厅:晚上9:00Fame, a restaurant inside a repurposed railroad storage facility that juts over the Spree, is the newest venture from the collective behind the techno club Bar25, which anchored the after-hours scene of the 2000s. Bar25 was shuttered as part of the controversial Mediaspree project, a city initiative to develop property once part of the “death strip” between East and West Berlin. The group wrested the site back from developers and opened Fame last May, along with a nightclub next door called Kater Blau. The electric-kool-aid-carnival-shack aesthetic prevails, and the restaurant’s Spree-side terrace alone makes it worth a visit. The rotating features dishes like mascarpone polenta with raw marinated Beelitz asparagus, and Argentine beef fillet in red wine reduction. Dinner for two with drinks is around 100 euros. Afterward, have a go at Kater Blau or any of the other clubs that line the riverbanks of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.Fame餐厅位于一间架空在施普雷河(Spree)之上,翻修自铁路仓库的建筑,是电子音乐俱乐部Bar25的经营团队最新开拓的又一项产业,目标瞄准了晚上8点以后的下班时间。Bar25在备受争议的施普雷媒体工程(Mediaspree)中关门大吉,该工程倡议在东西柏林之间原有的这块“死亡带”上兴建物业。这团队从开发商手中争回了这块土地,于去年5月开了这家餐厅Fame,同时还在隔壁开了一间夜总会Kater Blau。这间配备了各种酷炫电子设备的狂欢小屋所呈现的美学大受顾客欢迎,光是架空在施普雷河畔之上的露台就让这间餐厅值得一游。定期轮换的菜单提供的菜肴有马斯卡普尼干酪玉米粥配生卤贝利兹芦笋,还有阿根廷牛柳配红酒。两人份晚餐加酒水约为100欧元。其后,可以去Kater Blau或弗里德里希斯海因和克罗伊茨贝格的河畔上的任何一家俱乐部。9. Honor your Elders | 10 a.m.9. 向画廊中的长者致敬:上午10:00They may lack the grandeur of old masters collections in other cities, but the medieval and Renaissance European paintings at the must be some of the world’s most alluring. Organized geographically and chronologically, the collection includes works by Caravaggio, Rubens and Raphael, but it’s the eastern half of the museum holding the 13th- to 17th-century German, Dutch and Flemish works that will take your breath away. Inscrutable beauties gaze out from religious works by Lucas Cranach the Elder. The sideways glance of a Hanseatic merchant seems to one-up his detractors across five centuries in a portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, and Petrus Christus’s eerie Netherlandish maidens and demons evoke Bach, heavy metal and Alexander McQueen. Admission, 10 euros.这里或许缺少其他城市有的那种壮观华丽的老一辈大师作品,但是柏林画廊(Gem氀搀攀最愀氀攀爀椀攀)里的中世纪油画和文艺复兴时期的欧洲油画,一定是世界上最有魅力的收藏之一。这些藏品按创作地点和时间顺序排列,其中不乏卡拉瓦乔(Caravaggio)、鲁本斯(Rubens)和拉斐尔(Raphael)的佳作,然而它还只是这座物馆的东半翼而已,整座物馆里收藏着13世纪至17世纪的德国、荷兰和佛兰芒的作品,足以教你叹为观止。老卢卡斯·克拉纳赫(Lucas Cranach the Elder)的宗教画中,高深莫测的美女眺望着画外的地方。在路边对汉萨商人的匆匆一瞥,就让小汉斯·霍尔拜因(Hans Holbein the Younger)画出了一幅肖像画,在整整五个世纪里都遥遥领先于他的批评者们。而彼得鲁斯·克里斯蒂(Petrus Christus)笔下怪异的荷兰少女与恶魔,则教人想起了巴赫(Bach)、重金属和亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)。门票:10欧元。10. Bangkok in Berlin | Noon10. 柏林里的泰国公园:正午Every Sunday, in the sleepy western district of Wilmersdorf, a giant open-air Southeast Asian food market known as Thai Park unfurls across leafy Prussian Park. Thai women stir-fry over hot plates, pour milky, pumpkin-colored Ceylon tea over crushed ice, and huddle over great wooden bowls whipping up spicy papaya salad. Nothing costs more than 10 euros, but like many of Berlin’s best local hangouts, Thai Park is plagued by rumors of imminent shutdown, so visit while you can.每逢星期日,在懒洋洋的维尔默斯多夫(Wilmersdorf),规模巨大的东南亚露天食品市场“泰国公园”(Thai Park),会在枝繁叶茂的普鲁士公园(Prussian Park)内徐徐展开。泰国女人们在热铁板上煎煎炒炒,往碎冰块上浇上牛乳状的南瓜色锡兰茶,从堆放的大木碗里盛起辣木瓜沙拉。泰国公园里的任何消费都不超过10欧元,但就像柏林当地许多最好的游玩场所一样,这里也同样为各种即将关闭的传闻所扰,所以趁着还有机会赶快去吧。11. By Field and by Sky | 2 p.m.11. 田野旁,青空下:下午2:00In a city known for its unorthodox use of public space, two recent repurposings still surprise. Tempelhofer Feld, the grounds of the megalithic, bullet-pocked Nazi airport where American servicemen once airlifted goods to West Berlin during the Soviet blockade, is now a park. In summer, it transforms into a Teutonic sports-scape where locals engage in activities you didn’t know existed (inline-skate-hang-gliding, anyone?). Then, for a Narnia-like experience, take an elevator to the top of a parking garage in a shopping mall in Neuk. Follow the international cool kids, local families and graying ravers to Klunkerkranich, which sprawls across the roof like a slightly debauched summer camp, replete with bar, club, cafe, sandbox, arts space and a 360-degree view of Berlin.在一座以对公共空间的使用不循常规而著称的城市里,最近的两项改造工程依然令人意外。藤珀尔霍夫区(Tempelhofer Feld)是一座石头砌成、弹孔遍布的纳粹机场,美国军人曾经在苏联封锁期间,从这里将货物空运到西柏林,现在这里则成了一座公园。每逢夏日,这里便会化身为日耳曼人的运动乐园,供本地人开展各类你连听都没听过的活动。(单排轮悬挂式滑翔,有人听过吗?)然后,如果想要感受一下纳尼亚传奇般的体验,可以搭乘电梯登上新克尔恩(Neuk)一间购物中心的停车场顶层。跟着来自不同国家地区的新潮儿童、本地家庭和老年舞者们,走入Klunkerkranich,这所建筑横卧在天台上,就像一座略嫌骄奢的夏令营,里面建有酒吧、俱乐部、咖啡厅、沙坑、艺术空间,还可以观赏到柏林的360度风光。The newest addition to the Turkish luxury hotel chain, Titanic Deluxe Berlin (49-30-2014-3700; http://www.titanic.com.tr/titanicdeluxeberlin/default-en.html) opened this March in a newly renovated landmarked 19th-century building that once housed the costumes of the Berlin State Opera. Amenities include a 1,000-sqare-meter spa with a hamam and a restaurant run by popular local Turkish restaurant Hasir. Doubles in September start at 190 euros.土耳其豪华连锁酒店的最新成员Titanic Deluxe Berlin (49-30-2014-3700;http://www.titanic.com.tr/titanicdeluxeberlin/default-en.html)于今年3月份开业,坐落在刚刚经过装修的一栋19世纪的地标性建筑,曾经用来保存柏林国家歌剧院的装。酒店设施包括一座1000平米的水疗中心,内有一间公共澡堂,还有一间餐厅,由当地倍受欢迎的土耳其餐厅Hasir经营。9月份的双人间价格为190欧元起。Almodovar Hotel, a 60-room eco boutique property that opened three years ago in the Friedrichshain district, combines smart, pared-down design with a focus on environmental sustainability that stretches from the textiles to the lighting to the organic, vegetarian breakfast sp. Double rooms in September start around 100 euros.阿莫多瓦酒店(Almodovar Hotel)是一间共有60间客房的生态精品酒店,已在弗里德里希斯海因区开业三年,采用智能精简设计的同时,也将焦点放在环境的可持续性上,从纺织品到照明再到有机素食早餐。9月份的双人间价格为100欧元起。 /201510/402720。


  Talk about the pause that refreshes. UK-listed Coke bottler CCH pleasantly surprised the markets with its results last week offering an optimistic outlook for 2016. CCH shares, at one point down 15 per cent this year, have recovered completely.说到休息一下让人精神焕发呢!在英国上市的可口可乐希腊瓶装公司CCH上周发布了让市场惊喜的业绩,还提供了有关2016年业绩的乐观指引。今年一度下跌15%的CCH股价至今已完全复苏。Earlier doubts about CCH flowed from its emerging market exposure. Half of its volumes are sold in these economies. Almost a third come from Russia and Nigeria, where falling oil prices are weighing heavily. CCH’s Russian volumes have begun to fall.此前有关CCH的担忧源于新兴市场敞口。其销售量的一半来自这些经济体。近三分之一来自俄罗斯和尼日利亚,这些国家受油价下跌拖累严重。CCH在俄罗斯的销量已经开始下跌。Black markets for the naira suggest a 50 per cent devaluation. According to CCH’s estimates, if the Nigerian currency fell that much its net profits would be hit by 15 per cent. Still, CCH says its “established” markets in Europe (think Italy and Switzerland) are doing well, and price increases are on the horizon.尼日利亚奈拉的黑市价格暗示着50%的贬值。据CCH估计,如果尼日利亚货币贬值那么大幅度,其净利润将损失15%。尽管如此,CCH表示,“老牌”欧洲市场(比如意大利和瑞士)表现不错,正计划调高价格。CCH is in good shape as regards cash. Over the past five years, free cash flow has averaged 390m annually. Better operating margins, up a percentage point last year, will have only increased that number.现金方面,CCH状态良好。过去5年来,自由现金流每年平均达3.9亿欧元。更佳的运营利润率(去年提高了1个百分点)只会进一步推高这一数字。The company needs to use these riches. It could return more to shareholders: a 2 per cent dividend yield is not too generous. Or it could buy growth. Coke is creating a joint venture with SABMiller begun in late 2014, known as Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, which SAB would control.该公司需要利用这些财富。它可以向股东返还更多:目前2%的股息率不算太慷慨。或者它可以通过收购来拉动增长。可口可乐公司从2014年底开始,跟英国南非米勒酿酒公司(SABMiller)着手建立一家将由SAB控制、名为可口可乐饮料非洲公司(Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, CCBA)的合资企业。Anheuser-Busch InBev, which aims to acquire SAB, has considerable Pepsi assets — an uneasy fit. Buying out SAB would add a third to CCH volumes.有计划收购SAB的安海斯布希英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)拥有大量百事可乐(Pepsi)资产,这是一种令人不安的契合。买下SAB所持股份将为CCH增加三分之一的销量。Based on the latest data available for CCBA, and assuming a higher valuation multiple than CCH’s (given the difference in margins), SAB’s 57 per cent stake could cost as much as bn, thinks SocGen. Compare that with CCH’s market value of bn and a deal looks ambitious, even considering that CCH has relatively little debt.基于可获得的CCBA最新数据,并假设它有比CCH更高的估值倍数(鉴于两者在利润率上的差别),法国兴业(SocGen)认为,购买SAB所持的57%股份可能需要60亿美元。相对于CCH 70亿美元的市值,这笔交易看起来雄心勃勃,即便考虑到CCH的债务相对较少。Increasing the dividend is safer. An acquisition offers higher potential gains. CCH should make its preference clear, and soon.增加股息可能更加保险。但收购可以提供更多的潜在收益。CCH应尽快明确自己的选择。 /201602/428512


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