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You know, having a medical emergency will occur usually at some point in time during all of our lives. Hi, I#39;m Captain Joe Bruni. What I want to talk about is how to stop a bleeding nose.在我们的生活中总会在某时出现紧急情况。嗨,我是队长乔bull;布鲁尼。我想谈的是如何为鼻子止血。The first step is to have the person sit still and quiet while you perform the procedure of stopping the bleeding noise. Tissue can be placed into the nostril that is bleeding and serve as some type of absorbent packing type material.第一步就是在你为流鼻血的人止血时,要让他静坐着。把纸巾作为吸收物填到流血鼻孔里。Ensuring that you don#39;t place too much tissue in to cause discomfort and difficulty in removing the tissue from the nasal cavity. Then the nose can be pinched off at the cartilage region where the bridge of the nose is hard, and meets the soft, fleshy area of the nose.要确保你没有填入太多的纸巾,那样会导致不舒而且还会不容易从鼻腔中取出。这时鼻子的软骨区域就被收紧了,就是在硬鼻梁这里,而且还碰到了柔软有肉的区域。That will reduce blood flow to that nasal cavity. After five minutes to twenty minutes, the nose bleed should cease. After the nose bleed stops, then the packing material or tissue can be removed.这样会减少血液留到鼻腔中。大约5到20分钟后,鼻血应该止住了。鼻子不流血以后,填充物或纸巾就可以取出了。Another technique that commonly works and aids the pinching technique, is to place ice chips under the lip between the gum and the lip, as this will reduce the size of the capillaries and blood vessels leading to the nose.另一种有效的方法就是放几块冰到牙龈和嘴唇中间,因为这样会收索通向鼻子的毛细血管和血管。At no point in time, should the head be tilted back where blood can drain down the nasal cavity into the stomach region. I#39;m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we#39;ll see you next time.如果来不及采取措施,应该仰着头,血液会顺着鼻腔排到胃里。我是队长乔bull;布鲁尼。多保重,我们下次见。 /201112/164010。

Rope or Ox?绳子还是公牛? The man in the prison asked a new comer why he was sent there. The new comer answered,; I am out of luck, I think. A few days ago I was walking in the street when I saw a piece of dirty rope. I thought nobody wanted it and so I picked it up and took it home.;  在监狱里,一个人问新来的犯人为什么被关进来。新来的犯人回答说:“我想我真是倒霉。几天前我在街上走的时候,看到一根脏绳子,以为没人要了,便捡起来带了回家。”;But it is not against the law to pick up a piece of rope and take home.;  “但是,捡一根绳子带回家并不犯法啊!”;I told you I had bad luck, didn#39;t I?; the man sighed, ;The trouble is that I didn#39;t notice there was an ox at the other end of that rope.;  “我告诉过你我倒霉了吧?”那个人叹了口气,“麻烦的就是我没有注意到绳子的那一头还有一头公牛。”内容来自: /201206/185839。

Now that the ninth alleged Tiger Woods mistress has emerged, many are wondering why he went so far astray。  眼下号称是老虎伍兹情人的已有九位之多。许多人不禁要问,是什么原因让他如此堕落。  Was it the fame? The power? All that weightlifting? Because he's a guy?  因为名望?或是权力?还是大量的举重练习让他变成了肌肉男?又或是因为他是个男人?  Some psychologists say they have the answer: It was the money。  一些心理学者说他们知道:是钱在作怪。  "Wealthy people crave stimulus," Isreal Helfand, a high-end marriage counselor, told the Orlando Sentinel. "They are adrenaline junkies. The pursuit of happiness, for them, is more interesting than happiness."  富人婚姻顾问伊斯雷尔·海尔凡接受《奥兰多哨兵报》采访时说,有钱人渴望刺激。他们是肾上腺激素上瘾者。对他们而言,追求快乐要比快乐本身更有意思。  Every marriage has troubles, he said. But for the rich, famous or powerful, the temptations and opportunities for misbehaving are much greater. They can pop in on their private jet, get a pricey hotel room and fly back home within hours. And they are much better able to afford to divorce if they get caught。  海尔凡说,每一场婚姻都会遇到问题。但对有钱人、名人或大权在握的人而言,出轨的诱惑和机会要大得多。他们可以跳上自己的私人飞机,然后飞到豪华酒店开房,几小时后再飞回家。如果败露,他们也更经得起离婚的损失。  Sounds reasonable. Yet a look at recent research shows that rich guys are not significantly more likely to have affairs than non-rich guys. According to a 2007 study of people worth 30 million or more by Prince amp; Assoc., 50% of of the male survey respondents who were married said they'd had affairs. That's about in line with findings for the broader American population, according to sexologists。  听起来这有道理。然而最近公布的一份研究显示,有钱男性发生出轨的可能性并不比普通男性高很多。据美国调查机构Prince amp; Assoc。在2007年对身家3,000万美元以上的富人所做调查,50%的受访已婚男性承认自己曾出轨。这与性学家对更大范围美国人所作做的调查结果相符。  In fact, it's the rich women who are more likely to stray. The survey found that nearly three-quarters of the women surveyed said they'd had affairs. That's more than twice as high as the national average for women。  实际上,有钱女性出轨的可能性更大。调查发现,将近四分之三的受访女性说自己有出轨行为。这比全美国女性的平均水平高出一倍多。  Clearly, money can be enable bad behavior. But when it comes to infidelity, money has a bigger impact on women than men。  很明显,钱能让人做出不轨行为。但在不忠问题上,钱对女性的影响甚于男性。  Do you think wealth was the main reason for Tiger's alleged behavior? Is it harder to stay faithful with large wealth?  你认为钱是伍兹做出那些被指的出轨行为的主要原因吗?拥有了大笔财富,保持对婚姻的忠诚是否会变得更困难? /200912/91834。

Dressed in a stunning coat and hat, the Duchess of Cambridge greeted the more than three thousand people who came to see her on Christmas.穿戴着迷人的外套和帽子,剑桥公爵夫人向超过3000名专程来一睹她芳容的人们打招呼。Not since Princess Diana#39;s lifetime has the royal family seen a turn out this big for their walk to Sandringham Church for the traditional Christmas Day service at Sandringham in King#39;s Lynn, England. More than 3,000 on-lookers came to support Kate Middleton on her Christmas day as a royal family member.戴安娜王妃过世后就再也没见过英国皇室在这传统的圣诞佳节去桑德灵汉姆宫教堂做礼拜的路上有如此大的阵仗了。超过3000名行人在凯特;米德尔顿成为皇室成员的第一个圣诞节来到现场持她。 Dressed in a full-length modest maroon coat, black dress, tights and a hat by Jane Corbett, the 29-year-old beauty ; alongside her husband, William, and his brother, Harry ; looked thrilled to meet her fans and accept bouquets of flowers. There#39;s been much talk of a baby bump on the new duchess, however, we couldn#39;t see much beyond her Christmas coat ; perhaps she#39;s hiding the news?身穿端庄的红褐色长外套、黑色裙装和裤袜,头顶Jane Corbett礼帽,这位29岁的美人走在丈夫威廉以及威廉的弟弟哈里旁边。她看上去十分激动能够见到持她的粉丝们,还接受了好几束花。关于这位新的公爵夫人是否怀的猜测以来已久,然而,我们无法透过她这件圣诞外套看出什么端倪。说不定她是故意藏着好消息?The queen, Prince Charles, Camilla and several other members of the family were also in high spirits this morning. However, the Duke of Edinburgh missed the service, as he is in the hospital after having cardiac surgery Friday.英国女王、查尔斯王子、卡米拉以及一些其他的王室成员这天早上也精神十足。然而,很遗憾的是女王的丈夫爱丁堡公爵错过了这天的仪式,上周五做了心脏手术后他就一直住在医院里。 /201112/165969。

美国的可口可乐你爱喝吗?好莱坞的电影你喜欢看吗?在信息交流日益便捷的今天,世界各国文化的交流和融合已成为常态。以美国为代表的西方文化更是所向披靡,无处不在。因为当地文化在这样的全球化过程中受到冲击,很多国家都把这种现象称为“可口可乐化”。 Coca-colonization is a term that refers to globalization or cultural colonization. It is a portmanteau of the name of the multinational soft drink maker Coca-Cola and the word colonization. 可口可乐化(Coca-colonization)一词是跨国软饮制造商Coca-Cola(可口可乐)和colonization(殖民化)两个词的合成词,指全球化或文化殖民。 The term is used to imply either the importation of Western (particularly American) goods or an invasion by Western and especially American cultural values that threatens the local culture. 这个词多用来指代西方(尤其是美国)产品的进口,或者是西方及美国文化价值观的入侵,导致当地文化受到威胁的状况。 It gained visibility in the European Americanization debate with the 1994 publication of Reinhold Wagnleitner's book, Coca-Colonization and the Cold War: The Cultural Mission of the ed States in Austria After the Second World War. The expression also became a catchphrase of the anti-globalization movement. 该表达在1994年初现于欧洲关于美国化的辩论中,来自于雷纳德#8226;瓦恩莱特纳一本名为《可口可乐化与冷战:二战后美国在奥地利的文化使命》的书中。后来在反全球化运动中一度成为热门词汇。 /201110/158848。

Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to sonsBrad Pitt attends the "Burn After Reading" news conference during the 33rd Toronto International Film Festival September 6, 2008. Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to their sons but they will hand their good looks down to their daughters, research shows.Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to their sons but they will hand their good looks down to their daughters, research shows.In a study of family photographs, psychologists Professor David Perrett and Elisabeth Cornwell - now at the University of Colorado have found that while both father and mother can influence the attractiveness of their daughters, the couple's good looks do not necessarily contribute to the attractiveness of their son as an adult.Handsome men with masculine looks are likely to pass on masculine features, but not facial attractiveness.The theory suggests it is not unusual for attractive parents to produce a beautiful daughter while failing to pass on the same good looks to a son.While many celebrity mothers produce stunning daughters - such as Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson or Jerry Hall and her daughter Georgia - the same is not necessarily true of celebrity fathers.Sean Stewart, the son of Rod Stewart and his first wife Alana, would probably be judged less attractive than his model sister Kimberly."We can't see a strong relationship between the parents' attractiveness and the sons. If the parents are supermodels, the chances are the daughters will be lookers," Perrett said.Prof Perrett said it has previously been suggested that a woman could increase her own reproductive success by choosing a "sexy" mate whose genes would be passed on to male offspring, making them irresistible to the next generation.But the new study, published in the current edition of the journal Animal Behaviour, contradicts the theory.He said: " When we looked at women's faces, we found clear evidence that attractiveness passed from both father and mother to daughter. For the male line, we find that facial masculinity conforms to the rule 'like father - like son'. Masculine dads have masculine sons."But we did not find any evidence that facial attractiveness is passed from father to son. 一项研究表明,帅爸的好相貌能遗传给女儿,但不见得会传给儿子。科罗拉多大学的两位心理学教授大卫#8226;佩雷特和伊丽莎白#8226;康沃尔通过对一些家庭照片进行研究后发现,女孩的相貌一般会受到父母两人的影响,但男孩就不见得了,尤其是他们成年之后。研究发现,帅爸爸也许能将他的阳刚特质传给儿子,但他英俊的相貌却遗传不了。这一理论说明,帅爸靓妈能生出漂亮女儿但不一定能生出帅气儿子其实很正常。很多女明星的女儿都很漂亮,比如戈蒂#8226;霍恩的女儿凯特#8226;哈德森,杰瑞#8226;哈尔的女儿佐治亚,但男明星就不一定了。罗德#8226;斯图尔特和他的第一任妻子阿莱娜所生的儿子西恩#8226;斯图尔特就不如他们的女儿——名模金伯丽相貌出众。佩雷特说:“我们发现儿子的长相与父母之间没有很大联系。如果父母都是名模,那他们很可能会生个漂亮的女儿。”佩雷特教授说,此前有研究认为,女性可以通过选择“性感”的配偶来提高男性后代的质量,因为帅爸能将自己的这种优良基因遗传给儿子。但这项在最新一期《生物行为》期刊上发表的研究结果推翻了这一理论。佩雷特说:“我们仔细观察女性的容貌,找到了可靠的据明她们的漂亮脸蛋遗传自父母。此外,我们发现男性脸部透出的阳刚气质的确符合“有其父必有其子”这一规则:有阳刚之气的父亲会生出具有相同气质的儿子。“但我们并没有发现父亲的英俊脸庞遗传给儿子的任何据。” Vocabulary:looker:十分漂亮的人;美人 /200811/54892。