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Iran emerged from years of economic isolation on Saturday when world powers began to lift crippling sanctions against the Islamic Republic in return for Tehran complying with a deal to curb its nuclear ambitions.鉴于伊朗履行了核问题协议的承诺,周六,伊朗摆脱了多年的经济孤立这一状况,世界大国开始解除了对这个伊斯兰国家的经济制裁。In a dramatic move scheduled to coincide with the scrapping of the sanctions, Tehran also announced the release of five Americans including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian as part of a prisoner swap with the ed States.与经济制裁的解除相一致的,还有另一戏剧性的举动,伊朗宣布作为囚犯交换的一部分,将会释放包括华盛顿报驻伊记者贾森·礼萨安在内名美国囚犯。Together, the lifting of sanctions and the prisoner deal considerably reduce the hostility between Tehran and Washington that has shaped the Middle East since Irans Islamic Revolution of 1979.1979年伊斯兰革命以来,美国和伊朗之间的敌意影响了整个中东地区的态势,而这次经济制裁的解除和囚犯互相释放,很大程度上减轻了双方的敌意。The U.N. nuclear watchdog ruled on Saturday that Iran had abided by an agreement last year with six world powers to curtail its nuclear programme, triggering the end of sanctions.联合国核能调查机构周六宣布,伊朗正式履行了去年与六国(美囀?英囀?法囀?俄罗斯、中国和德国)签署的伊核问题全面协议,这促成了制裁的最终解除;Iran has carried out all measures required under the (July deal) to enable Implementation Day (of the deal) to occur,; the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement. Within minutes, the ed States formally lifted banking, steel, shipping and other sanctions on Iran, a major oil producer. Other countries are likely to follow.位于维也纳的国际原子能机构发表声明说,“伊朗已经开始执行伊核问题全面协议所要求的所有措施,全面协议自当天起正式执行。”几分钟内,美国正式解除了对伊朗这一石油生产国在、钢铁、航运等方面的制裁。其他国家有可能跟随此举。Tens of billions of dollars worth of Iranian assets will now be unfrozen and global companies that have been barred from doing business there will be able to exploit a market hungry for everything from automobiles to airplane parts.数百亿的伊朗资产将会解冻,而被禁止经营的跨国公司也将在此开发如饥似渴的市场,从汽车到飞机部件的需求。In an unusual move, President Barack Obama pardoned three Iranian-Americans charged for violating sanctions against Iran, while prosecutors moved to drop charges against four Iranians outside the ed States.另一不寻常举动是,美国总统奥巴马释放了三名伊朗公民,他们都是因反对美对伊制裁而遭到起诉的,与此同时,检察官还对另外四名逃亡在美国的伊朗公民停止了指控。The prisoner swap was the culmination of months of diplomatic contacts, secret talks and legal manoeuvring.互放囚犯是两国几个月以来在外交联系、秘密谈判和合法部署上的顶峰。来 /201601/422854They are the South Korean president’s closest allies. Choi Soon-sil, her long-time confidant, and Ahn Chong-bum have been by the side of Park Geun-hye for decades, offering counsel and advice. 他们是韩国总统最亲密的盟友。崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil,音译)是她长期以来的心腹,安正Ahn Chong-bum)则几十年来站在朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)一边,向她提供咨询和建议。But now allegations against them of corruption and crony capitalism are snowballing into the biggest political crisis of the president’s career, threatening to scupper her flagship policies and tarnish her legacy.但现在,有关他们腐败和裙带资本主义的指控越来越多,酿成了朴槿惠职业生涯中最大的政治危机,这可能会令她的主要政策化为泡影,并玷污她的“遗产”。Prosecutors are investigating claims that Ms Choi and Mr Ahn, senior presidential secretary for policy co-ordination, used their influence to coerce big conglomerates, including Samsung, Hyundai, SK Group and LG Group, into making multimillion-dollar donations into two non-profit foundations. 检察官正在调查如下指控,即崔顺实和负责政策协调的总统高级秘书安正范利用其影响力强迫三Samsung)、现Hyundai)、SK集团(SK Group)和LG集团(LG Group)等大型企业集团向两家非营利财团捐款数百万美元。The allegations have become the focus of a parliamentary audit which opposition politicians criticise as toothless and are hampering Ms Park’s efforts to reform labour laws and revive a flagging economy in her 18 months left in office. 这些指控已成为一项国会审查的焦点(反对派政客批评该审查没有权威性),并正在削弱朴槿惠在任内最8个月里改革劳动法并复兴增长乏力的韩国经济的努力。Ms Park on Thursday ordered a thorough investigation of the allegations, warning that anyone who committed illegal acts related to the foundations would face “sternpunishments.周四,朴槿惠下令对这些指控进行全面调查,并警告称,无论谁从事了与上述两家财团相关的非法行为,都将受到“严厉的”惩罚。The president’s approval ratings, at 26 per cent, are the lowest since she took power in February 2013. 目前,朴槿惠的持率6%,是她在2013月就任总统以来的最低水平。Since Ms Choi masterminded the creation of the Mir and K-Sports foundations, they have collected about Won80bn (m) from 53 companies in just a few months. It took a single day to approve their creation unusually fast for South Korea and they have won bids for big public projects despite their lack of relevant experience. 由于崔顺实策划了Mir财团和K体育财团的成立,它们在几个月内便3家企业收到了800亿韩元(200万美元)的捐款。它们的成立仅仅一天便获得批准——这在韩国来说快得非同寻常——并已中标了一些大型公共项目,尽管它们缺乏相关经验。来 /201610/473154

Paul Keating castigates Rex Tillerson over comments on China保罗·基廷批评雷克斯·蒂勒森对中国的Australia’s former prime minister says claims by US secretary of state nominee threaten to involve the country in war【简介】前澳大利亚总理称美国候选国务卿的提议将使澳大利亚卷入战争Paul Keating says there should be no naval commitment on Australia’s part to joint operations in the South China Sea. Photograph: Tracey Nearmy/AAP保罗·基廷称澳大利亚海军没有参加南中国海联合行动的义务。图片来自美联社Former prime minister Paul Keating has lambasted Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, saying his claim that China should be denied access to artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea threatens to involve Australia in war.前澳大利亚总理保罗·基廷怼上了川普提名的美国国务卿人选雷克斯·蒂勒森。蒂勒森声称应禁止中国进入其在南中国海建造的人工岛,而基廷表示这一提议是在威胁将澳大利亚卷入战争。He says Australia must tell the Trump administration “from the get-gothat we will not be part of such adventurism, “just as we should have done on Iraq 15 years ago他表示,澳大利亚必须从一开始就向川普政府说明,澳大利亚不会加入这种冒险主义;就像15年前我们应该就伊拉克一事上这么做一;。Tillerson, a former ExxonMobil chief executive, told his confirmation hearing in Washington overnight that China’s control and construction of artificial islands in waters claimed by neighbouring countries was “akin to Russia’s taking of Crimea蒂勒森是美国埃克森美孚石油公司的前CEO。在昨晚,他在华盛顿的听会上表示,中国在邻国声明的领土上建造并控制人工岛的做法;相当于俄罗斯吞并克里米亚;。Tillerson said China was declaring control of territories that did not rightfully belong to it, and it would threaten the “entire global economyif it was allowed to control access to the waterway.蒂勒森称,中国宣称控制了不属于它的领土,如果允许中国进入相关水域,将会威;整个全球经济;。“We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed,he said during his confirmation hearing to become America’s top diplomat.在他成为美国外交头号人物的听会上,蒂勒森表示:“我们将向中国发出明确的信号:首先停止造岛,然后禁止其进入这些岛屿。”“They are taking territory or control or declaring control of territories that are not rightfully China’s. The failure of a response [from the US] has allowed [China] just to keep pushing the envelope on this.“他们占领、控制或声明控制那些本不属于中国的岛屿。(来自美国方面)反应的缺失容忍了(中国)继续在这件事上挑战下线。”“The way we’ve got to deal with this is we’ve got to show back-up in the region with our traditional allies in south-east Asia,he said.他表示:“我们解决这个问题的方法是,援美国在东南亚的传统盟友。”Tillerson did not elaborate on how the US would bar China from the islands.蒂勒森明没有详细说明美国会怎样禁止中国接近这些岛屿。China claims sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea, and has built seven artificial islands on reefs and rocks, and outfitted them with military-length airstrips and anti-aircraft guns.中国几乎对整个南中海宣示主权,在礁?上建造了七个人工岛,并配备了军用长途飞机和高射炮。Keating issued a public statement on Friday, castigating Tillerson for his recklessness.周五,基廷发表了公开声明,严厉批评了蒂勒森的鲁莽。“When the US Secretary of State-designate threatens to involve Australia in war with China, the Australian people need to take note,Keating said.基廷表示:“澳大利亚人民应当警醒,美国的国务卿候选人在威胁将澳大利亚卷入对华战争。”“That is the only way Rex Tillerson’s testimony that a ‘signalshould be sent to China that ‘access to these islands is not going to be allowed and that US allies in the region should be there ‘to show back-up can be .“蒂勒森的发言只能作此解读,必须向中国发出‘禁止进入这些岛屿’的信号,以及该地区的美国盟友应该‘援’”“We should tell the new US administration from the get-go that Australia will not be part of such adventurism, just as we should have done on Iraq 15 years ago. That means no naval commitment to joint operations in the South China Sea and no enhanced US military facilitation of such operations.“我们应该从一开始就向川普政府说明,澳大利亚不会加入这种冒险主义,就5年前我们应该就伊拉克一事上这么做一样。这意味着澳大利亚海军没有参加南中国海联合行动的义务,也不会对美军的这种行动提供进一步的便利。”“Tillerson’s claim that China’s control of access to the waters would be a threat to ‘the entire global economyis simply ludicrous. No country would be more badly affected than China if it moved to impede navigation.“蒂勒森声称中国对该水域的控制会威胁‘整个全球经济’,这是荒谬的。航行自由受阻的最大受害国是中囀?”“On the other hand, Australia’s prosperity and the security of the world would be devastated by war,Keating said.基廷表示:“另一方面,战争会摧毁澳大利亚的繁荣和世界的和平。”来 /201701/488625

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